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Written by TVSA Team from the blog All My Children on 30 Aug 2010
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Coming up on All My Children this September, 2010:

Wednesday,  1 September 2010
Episode 9354

Ryan demands that Greg leaves Pine Valley forever and rips up the adoption papers.

Greg later meets Dixie for a drink and accuses her of poisoning him, but before Greg can prove anything Ryan bursts in and downs the scotch, which contains a dose of David Hayward's truth serum.

Jack demands Jonathan and Erin tell him where Lily is, not realising that Lily stayed on the train and, because Jack took her things, is now stranded in Manhattan with no money and no cell phone.

Krystal tries to convince Babe that she can't fix her husband or her marriage by getting pregnant with another baby. Zach is thrilled to hear Kendall admit how much she cares about him and the two fall into bed together.

Thursday,  2 September 2010
Episode 9355

Zach wakes Kendall up in bed and won't tell her anything except to say he's got a surprise planned. She finally gets him to admit that he wants to remarry her, and then she asks him the same question.

The two marry onboard the ship with the captain officiating, saying their own vows.

J.R. overhears the tail end of a conversation between Krystal and Babe and hears Babe say she's not going to let Little Adam stay in that situation - but doesn't hear her tell Krystal how she wants to save J.R.

J.R. later goes downstairs to find his family has staged a mini-intervention. Ryan tries to convince Dixie to let Zach tell Kendall what she knows about Greg so she won't give up her baby. Dixie heads over to the mansion at Babe's request.

Friday,  3 September 2010
Episode 9356

J.R. rails against the women in his life: Dixie because he believes she chose her unborn child over him and Babe because he believes she plans to take Little Adam away from him.

Babe seeks Kendall's help in dealing with J.R. and the two women share a momentary bond as Kendall admits how much she wants this baby.

Tad is more determined than ever to find out what kept Dixie from her family for all those years.

Monday,  6 September 2010
Episode 9357

J.R. is horrified to realise what has happened with Kendall as Babe discovers what happened to her - then Kendall is rushed to the hospital. Zach makes it clear to Dixie he will not stand in her way.

Di attempts to rekindle a relationship with Tad. Greg is there for Amanda after she has a nasty confrontation with Irene, whose father died as a result of Janet's actions at the ball, but he has his own agenda.

Tuesday,  7 September 2010
Episode 9358

Zach hatches a plan. Erica and Ryan both urge Kendall to wake up from the coma but although she can hear them, she's not able to respond. Babe is horrified to realize that she was the one J.R. had meant to kill.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010
Episode 9359

Jonathan comes close to finding Lily but trouble finds her instead. Erica and Ryan try to decide what to do for Kendall. Babe confides in Josh after hearing J.R.'s confession to a comatose Kendall.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

No All My Children today because of the SA Reserve Bank: MPC Report.

Friday, 10 September 2010
Episode 9360

J.R. believes the worst after finding Babe and Josh together, not realizing that Josh is encouraging Babe to turn her husband in.

Lily faces three young toughs in New York while Jonathan searches for her. Erica and Ryan choose to save Kendall's life at the possible expense of the baby's.

Monday, 13 September 2010
Episode 9361

Zach spends a moment just embracing Kendall in the hospital, and Ryan convinces Erica to leave them be.

After telling Kendall how much he loves her, Zach returns to the hall where he announces that he and Kendall are married - and that they're not taking the baby.

Babe kicks Josh out while she tries to talk with J.R. She admits that initially it was about taking Little Adam from him, but swears she loves him now and will keep his secret if he seeks treatment for his alcoholism.

Amanda is thrilled to announce to Jamie that she is planning to be a surrogate mother, and is upset at his lackluster reaction.

Dixie threatens to expose Erica's role in Josh's life, but Greg counters by telling her that she'll destroy her own daughter by ripping her from the only family she's ever known, and destroy Josh by letting him find out his own mother had him aborted.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Episode 9362

Erica realises that Dixie knows the truth about Josh and wonders what she'll do with that knowledge. Zach tells Erica and Ryan that Kendall would put her baby's life before her own, therefore he will not consent to the caesarean.

Jamie yells at Babe for constantly covering up for J.R.'s drinking and encourages her to stop him before he really kills someone.

Dr. Madden tells Tad that baby Kate survived the car accident to be born prematurely. He also goes as far to tell him baby Kate died while Dixie was in surgery and now Dixie is in denial about her death.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Episode 9363

Babe decides she can no longer keep lying for J.R. and knows she has to do the right thing for Kendall's sake.

Adam meets an angry JR in the jail house; JR wants to give "no mercy" to the one(s) who put him through the pain and sorrow - Babe.

Erica uses emotional pressure to keep Ryan from killing her daughter. Tad asks Dixie if Kate is still alive.

Thursday, 16 September 2010
Episode 9364

Erica and Ryan are determined to do whatever they have to in order to save Kendall as Zach fight for Spike.

As the court hearings begin, Babe, Joe, Zach, Ryan, and Erica testify before the judge. Meanwhile, Erin, Simone, and Danielle give Kendall a little touch up.

Friday, 17 September 2010
Episode 9365

The judge makes his decision regarding the guardianship of Kendall Hart Slater and the unborn child. Dixie scolds Greg for bringing Tad into their dispute over Kate. Pine Valley Hospital faces an emergency evacuation.

Jonathan is caught in a mess in New York, but with the help of Aidan, he gets out of it. An angry JR faces a judge regarding the charges against him.

Monday, 20 September 2010
Episode 9366

J.R. faces a request to do the right thing and admit to what he did, but his reaction could cost him everything. Derek orders Zach to open the door to Kendall's hospital room.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010
Episode 9367

Dixie tries to convince J.R. to take responsibility for his actions, but Ryan is more interested in threatening his life. After refusing David's offer to help her find Kate, Dixie goes to see Tad.

Zach continues to block access to Kendall but allows Julia into the room, which leads to Erica trying to force her way in and ending up at the end of Zach's gun.

Terry does his best to seduce Lily but is interrupted by Jonathan, who then hits his head during an altercation with Terry. Ryan continues to worry whether or not he's making the right decision choosing Kendall over the baby.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010
Episode 9368

Dixie informs Tad that Kate is alive, but he doesn't believe her until she tells him what she and Zach learned about Erica and Josh. He's shocked to learn she signed the papers to give their daughter up for adoption.

Babe encounters stiff resistance at Fusion, but is luckily saved by Erin; later she slaps Josh, thinking that he is hitting on her. David messes with Greg's mind in order to find out the whereabouts of Kate.

Stuart visits J.R. and attempts to save him in his own way - he handcuffs the two of them together.

Thursday, 23 September 2010
Episode 9369

Tad has no sympathy for Dixie or her story about trying to find Kate and tells her that she was wrong not to trust him.

Bianca returns to Pine Valley for Kendall but tells Zach that she refuses to pick a side. Adam struggles with himself, to free his son or not and asks Krystal what he should do.

Stuart takes J.R. around town to view his family in hopes of learning something, and J.R. gets a chance to see how much everyone in his life loves him.

Greg faces a deadly David in his hotel room, but is saved by Amanda's arrival. She tells him she'd changed her mind about being a surrogate mother, but he changes it back for her.

Friday, 24 September 2010
Episode 9370

Erica is upset with Bianca after learning that Bianca refuses to tell Zach or anyone else what to do where Kendall is concerned, and, alone, asks Josh about the experimental surgery - only to learn that it's too late.

Tad demands answers from Greg about where Kate is, and warns Greg that he made a mistake in not checking into Tad's past to know who he was dealing with.

Julia holds Zach at gunpoint, but his willingness to die for Kendall changes her mind. Dixie tells Di and Del the truth about Kate, but Di has no sympathy for her half-sister.

Monday, 27 September 2010
Episode 9371

JR wants Babe back and tries sincerely to continue their marriage. Ryan admits to Bianca that he is in love with Kendall again, but realizes that it is too late.

Stuart comforts Erica with a childhood story of his dog, but his efforts are futile. Jack agrees to Aidan's plan of telling Jonathan and Lily that they can be a couple in Pine Valley, nonetheless, when he and Reggie depart, Jack reveals that it is just a scheme to get his daughter home.

Lily and Jonathan enjoy a hot day in New York City. When Jonathan has a headache, Lily is the one to soothe his pain.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Episode 9372

Babe begs J.R. for help after falling in the icy lake. Kendall's condition gets worse. Julia and Jamie share a kiss at the beach.

Aidan and Erin, en route to find Lily and Jonathan, are stranded because of car issues.

Krystal talks to Bianca at the park. Ryan convinces Zach he's on the same side as him.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010
Episode 9373

Adam tries to convince J.R. to take back the plea agreement, but is proud of his son for wanting to do the right thing. Tad and Dixie follow a lead to find their daughter.

Erica begs Greg to save Kendall's life, but he's plotting to take Amanda and leave town. Julia stops Jamie from further going on, kissing is their limit.

Thursday, 30 September 2010
Episode 9374

Greg begs Josh to leave Pine Valley with him. Erica pleads with Kendall to recover as her condition worsens. Tad and Dixie realize they're stranded.

Jamie and Julia tag team to get Dr. Greg Madden to leave Amanda alone. Aidan hires Di to take over for one of his employees.

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