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Generations Teasers - August 2010 (Continued!)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 16 Aug 2010
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Hi everyone! We've reposted a new article for this months Generations teasers - the first one has gone huge, making it difficult to read and we can't find out why it's happened. It has to do with a post that's stretched but we can't work out which post it is so we're posting the teasers again to make it easy for you to chat here more easily.

On Generations this August, 2010:

Monday 2 August 2010
Episode 3134

Ajax can't help feeling bad although he isn't quite sure why. Senzo realises he inadvertently cut off his nose to spite his face.

Khethiwe is stunned when she's barred entry from her own flat.

Tuesday 3 August 2010
Episode 3135

The trip to the hospital delivers something totally unexpected. Patricia points out why falling pregnant might be a good idea. Dumisani's very secretive about the shopping bags he brings to work.

Wednesday 4 August 2010
Episode 3136

Ace is on a snooping mission. What is he going to find? Samuel is missing the bar but would rather die than admit it. Sara decides it's time for a change.

Thursday 5 August 2010
Episode 3137

Khaphela tries to put his foot down but doesn't get very far. Ngamla's at a loss for words when he receives an unexpected invitation to dinner. Prince's attitude is getting worse by the day.

Friday 6 August 2010
Episode 3138

Khethiwe's increasingly bemused by Dumisani's strange behaviour. Senzo gets his back up and unwittingly puts his foot in it. Ruby is stunned when a young stranger suddenly breaks down and cries.

Monday 9 August 2010
Episode 3139

Sara is touched when she's greeted by a special surprise. Queen and Lungile don't realise their conversation is being overheard. After months of keeping a lid on their anger, the ladies finally have it out.

Tuesday 10 August 2010
Episode 3140

Instead of being angry about the stunt Jigga pulled, Ajax comes up for him. Ace gets a phone call and is pleased by what he hears. A vengeful, calculating Kenneth is up to no good again.

Wednesday 11 August 2010
Episode 3141

Khethiwe is stunned to see why Dumisani called her over. Zamani has had enough of being charitable and puts his foot down. Just when things seemed better, Prince proves he's far from okay.

Thursday 12 August 2010
Episode 3142

Keketso takes a hardline stance because of her concern for Ozzie. Worried Sara reveals what the gynae said to her. Dineo's not impressed when she gets used as a scapegoat for another's problems.

Friday 13 August 2010
Episode 3143

There seems to be a slight hitch in Kenneth's ominous plan. Queen lashes out at the wrong person and for all the wrong reasons. Ajax has no idea that disaster is brewing right under his nose...

Monday 16 August 2010
Episode 3144

Khaphela's excitement about having a child only makes matters worse. Jigga gets the fright of his life when he arrives at Siqalo. Zamani's playful mood vanishes after a shock discovery.

Tuesday 17 August 2010
Episode 3145

Dineo fumes when Karabo gets the better of her without even being there. Officer Pokane reveals what really went down when Jakes was killed. Khethiwe lies about the contents of a letter she receives.

Wednesday 18 August 2010
Episode 3146

Horrified Paul wakes up to his worst possible nightmare come true. Prince is singing a different tune all of a sudden. Upset Sara excuses herself when the baby talk gets too much.

Thursday 19 August 2010
Episode 3147

An emotional moment between two brothers brings a smile to Jigga's face. Queen finds a note on her desk and gets very worked up about it. The staffers at Mashaba are shocked by what the police have to say.

Friday 20 August 2010
Episode 3148

Khaphela overhears a heartfelt conversation and is touched. Ace manages to push all the right buttons during his visit to Ezweni. Kenneth's delight turns to panic when he reads what the newspaper says.

Monday 23 August 2010
Episode 3149

Khethiwe and Dumisani make the most of an intimate moment albeit for different reasons. Sara's shocked about what it says in the note she finds. Zamani arrives home to a den of chaos.

Tuesday 24 August 2010
Episode 3150

Ajax hates having to be the bad guy but knows he has no choice. Paul is in for a shock when he arrives in the foyer. Ruby's unimpressed to see who gets down and dirty on the dance floor.

Wednesday 25 August 2010
Episode 3151

Khaphela proves just how determined he is to have a child. Gladys is delighted about an amazing opportunity that comes her way. Keketso gets asked out on a date ... well, kind of.

Thursday 26 August 2010
Episode 3152

Sara's confession about the muti only makes things worse. Dineo fumes when Karabo manages to do what she could not. Dumisani receives another unexpected and very unwelcome delivery.

Friday 27 August 2010
Episode 3153

Having a murder charge over your head will put a strain on any relationship... Patricia is stunned when she's taken to task for trying to help a friend. It's not only Ajax's priorities that have undergone a major change ...

Monday 30 August 2010
Episode 3154

Jigga's homework reveals a surprising fact about the boy. Queen is gobsmacked about Prince's shock request. Ntombi is stunned to find a sobbing Sharon, and even more so by what she says.

Tuesday 31 August 2010
Episode 3155

Oblivious Samuel unknowingly rubs salt into a very raw wound. Dumisani resorts to desperate measures to get Ace off his back. Khethiwe's put on the spot and isn't sure what to do.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


17 Aug 2010 00:02

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))
*wow! i cant wait 4 todays episode...i wonder wat is dis better thing which karabo gets.hmmmmm!.... is't sex?....."suka" cant be., i've seen lungile's vuvuzela through those transparent pyjamas, its not big ,neither its medium,myb she jst gets a lala-by kiss,who knows.but  i like the talent from them in real life.

*SK, i agree wif u boy,but not all of ' em, i thnk  zamani must get a transfere to muvhango to play  zamadzuri there...yes zamadzuri namanje.

NTOKO..unfortunately, toyota fortunarz are for  tuners(musicians) like vuvuzwela. otherwize vuvuzwela likes yo text

*SEXY-D,hay maan sisi, i blog abt generations not genereychiefs, b-coz im vuvuzwela dznt mean i mst toot about those skinny sport guys,but  like yo concern ,jah! SHARZ has trown her self to that human b-ing..or you are  jela.....

17 Aug 2010 00:23

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! )) 


17 Aug 2010 00:37

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))

out for a date?? haybo..with whom...maybe with ace ,who knws..i hope she can get rid of dat nurse dress-thing ,she looks like a hanging iterm inside dat dress...neh!!!! ewe maan
if i was keketso,i would rather remain naked instead of wearing dat nurse dress,yhoo! hay hay hay !!!! "not naked maan" ..... the dogs .....the dogs....but i like the talent from the gal ,shame!

17 Aug 2010 00:40

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))

*hmmm!! i wonder wat does that thug want from poor-sexy JIGGA!!! YHO! I hope its not a BLOW-JOB..."sukah" it cant be, that thug dznt look lyk a sexual active human b-ing. shame jigga-majika. will u aford to blow dat dirt?..u beter blow vuvuzwela instead.

*Hay maan C NAZO a,k.a DRAMA-GAL!!! havn't u heard abt zone 14? yes u did ,dnt deny, well...jst wtch it if u wnt drama "u drama-queen" or try muvhango.
if u wnt romance,well...kulungile! jst focus on LUNGILE & his rich cow "KARABO"
so, wat else do u wnt frm GEN? otherwise i like yo input,but put it in ,not aside ,neh!!! ewe maan tyhini.

17 Aug 2010 04:27

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))

oh no! TVSA staff!!! come on now...vuvuzwela  dont understnd u at all, u say "THE FIRST  GENERATION TEASERS BECAME HUGE,AND MAKING IT DEFICULT TO READ?" haybo maan!..... i think u can read it easy when its huge  nje!  are you sure you read it with both eyes? or you culd not afford to read futher when u came across dat episode about "capella getting a child"...well me too, i got dificulty to read futher ,i became so "very" astonished.

imagne  madala-khapela and gogo-sarah in the maternity ward!!! waiting 4 a child, wow! dat child would cry non-stop yieling "gogo, ngifuna umama the way ,thanks TVSA STAFF for leting me know the problem,
never mind about other blogers ,they will here from their boss (vuvuzwela)

Im joking- im not trying  2 disrespect TVSA  staffeishh bathong! i also want a job there.imagine vuvuzwela be-ing TVSA C.E.O .hmmmm,i wuld buy a navara and drive it around this blog.

17 Aug 2010 05:07

((4fresh soapi-indaba ..? just milk me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))

2 all the daily blogers>tazteeq, c nazo,mash-potatoe,cha cha cha-dance,gugulethu,ntloko,matha-bela,bigmom, Good morning and gudbye guys, vuvuzwela was working a nite shift, bloging alone...where are d security guards?wow! gugule2 did you quit? the way ,who wuldn't quit...,guarding an ATM machine 24hrs for R400 per month. (guarding milions for p-nats...) u did it rite gugs...just quit sisi,,thyini ba tsameka ka wena!

Guys keep da comments coming i will be back at 20:00 for my last nyt shift
remember no insults,TVSA did ask  me to spy those who are rude,,
 "you get rude! i block you & kick you out and away"....right? .....right....okey
im going to sleeeep...

17 Aug 2010 07:58

@ definitely need to sleep & sleep tight!

17 Aug 2010 08:19

morning guyz
and paul ba **********hottttttttt********1
atleast paul learned few things from karie ,m taking of my shirt.........mmmmmmmmmm.that was so sweet 
jigga jigga this child hai man uyinkinga suka........
why dont you give that skelem hiz stuff

17 Aug 2010 08:20

@vuvu sleep tight

17 Aug 2010 08:20

hahahahahhaha hahahahhahahahahhaha hahahahahahahah Vuvuzwela you are wicked...kwa kwa kwa kwa

You nee to get some sleep love, but we love you here!!!

17 Aug 2010 08:33

im in top 10.

17 Aug 2010 08:44

morning all mabloggers.

17 Aug 2010 09:53

hahahahahahaha Vuvuzelwa u are too hot for this room shame u will definitely get promotion loyal spooky blogger i only know people who are obscessed wid soccer never thought one could blog in the middle of the night without any response ay ay ay u are addicted :-)

17 Aug 2010 09:54

hhayi!! ..and then wssup vuvuzwela??

17 Aug 2010 10:55

Hey Tazteeq - all your posts are still here - we haven't removed anything, just started a new article as we do for Big Brother. Your posts are still in Part 1 of August here: Generations Teasers: August 2010.

17 Aug 2010 12:18

@ Taqteez

"I WANT MY PREVIOUS POSTS BACK! NOW!!!!!!!"..................LOL

Man your post made me laugh neeeeeeeeeee thanks you made my day......................

17 Aug 2010 12:49

crying out loud,making noise at the office hahahahahaha itsuuuuuu @vuvuzwela what do u think Taqteee, don.t get worried i've already called the Kenny the sangoma man u'll find it. 

Mash 2010
17 Aug 2010 13:09

Sleep well Vuvuzwela. I cant wait for tonight's episode. I just want to see what is going to happen in Durbs

17 Aug 2010 13:27

Bathong i wanted to watch the entire soapy live i went to each and every hotel in dbn searching for paulitjie but no luck plz Maud help i am so desparate to take those fotos wanna be the first one to break the news to little Dinny kwakwakwakwa

17 Aug 2010 13:32

by the way that Jigga guy is so cute i think yesterday he had a proper bath ayi phela befana ne street kid samampela as for u Khapela mention that child thing one more tym today o tla bona masepa i will smack u on ur 4 head khanda lebhasi  lentenempandla le

17 Aug 2010 14:39

@Ntoko GPY nkare ke a bona 4 head ya Khaphela bathong

Guyz mina I love u ALL keep those comments coming Vuvuzwela keep vuvuzeling *wink*

17 Aug 2010 14:52

@ntoko for a while there i thought Paul was undressing ,

17 Aug 2010 15:03

yes he was

17 Aug 2010 15:38

Generations  was really boring last nite shame.  Maybe it is the fact that Karabo ebengekho, andazi. **ezicingela ngaphakathi**

17 Aug 2010 15:54

But seriously u guys, Mfundi pls give us a break with this baby issue ya Khaphela le Sara, haw bathong! Baya bora eish.........
As for the scene ya Dineo le Paul,ay ay that was just embarassing, m not sure whether its coz i was wit gran or they just didn't do it 4 me,,,,,,

17 Aug 2010 16:12

bathong what's happening with Ajax and Jigga........

Mfundi plz start afresh and bring new actresses and actors to bring back the old generations, this one its depressing, generations need a new life

17 Aug 2010 16:29

S.K, l will agree with you again, that Dineo and Paul's scene was too embarrasing, that was more like pornographic, and the lines hayi l give up....

Mash 2010
17 Aug 2010 16:51

I woulnt mind watching that scene of Paul & Dineo again. I loved it. Thats what I call romance.

Mash 2010
17 Aug 2010 20:40

ag shame paulie, you'll learn a hard way to never mess with kenneth mashaba. Karabo pls come back, i miss you

18 Aug 2010 00:34

<<The Rural-brite-Rat is in the blog.......just call the cat and see if i care--i'm ready to die for generations>>

# Damn! i will make sure dat i milk da goats as early as i can..i cant a4od to miss the prince playing hide & seek with da! as if its an intresting scene to watch...boring neh!!! ewe rat...okey.

# dat boy is irritating  the rat like "hay maan...nxa".....mayb he want somthng...hmmmm!...cant little-chrisie please give the boy atlist a  "piece" from her cake.!!!  n'karabeng hle bathong!

# like sarah, i (da farm-rat) will xcuse my self too...i heard enaf about capachino..oops..capellas'child saga. haybo!!!..its endless story like glen aglioty's sono wa etse!...nyani maan.

18 Aug 2010 00:54

<<The Rural-brite-Rat is in the blog.......just call the cat and see if i care--i'm ready to die for generations>> 

Blogers, i believe u have read the "likes" of vuvuzwela.. yes u a rite...
i had to stop the name b coz i'm facing the court-civil claims for using da name; there is an insane dj who claims the ownershp or copyright , wateva, over the name b coz i  used it on my new album so i had to drop it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,damn!!!!!! mara why ba2ng!

but im proud to use and xpose my rural b-ground..why not? clever moos ,and i have technlgy inside my rondavel ,gape, i hav life like keneth mashaba

bad news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Aug 2010 01:05

<<The Rural-creative- writer-Rat is in the blog.......just call the cat and see if i care--i'm ready to die for generations>> 

wow! the RAT has been reading the whole august article with out  fear of   da cat,but i never com across mamruby's name whats up? mfundi...hay maan, give da fat lady a chance,,tjo!  i miss her when she sings in dat lousy shebeen ,,wow! with a voice like RAS-DUMISANI

18 Aug 2010 02:15

<<The creative-Rural- writer-Rat is in the blog.......just call the cat and see if i care--i'm ready to die for generations>> 

The rat runs faster and sit next to mash..yeah! its true,dat paulineo 's romantic scene was  so "very" smart , but only in da history of porn movies,i wonder why  do u like it. hmm!... maybe u are the porn king in making..

tjo..! let me run away from you! who knows! ...the porn people can even 'f**k  the  rat to serfisfy themselves sexual they dont mind. tjo!!!!!  baleka rat baleka(run)

18 Aug 2010 08:12

Morning y'all

U guys that scene ya Paul and the prostitutes is so not gonna work (well hopfully), Paul was just out and even a blind guy can see that He was drugged. The photos should tell. Those prosties didn't do well for me shame i'm sorry. It was so fake and boring.

18 Aug 2010 08:30

'M wit u there S.K. Paulie was a dummy. There ws no action

18 Aug 2010 08:30

u leshano

18 Aug 2010 08:35

Ya right S.K. Who would buy such ? Who would allow a person to take pictures knowing very well for sure that what he's doing is not right. But ke Generations as in generations Dineo will buy the set-up. Let's wait and see.

Cecilia Rabuthu
18 Aug 2010 08:48

Morning Beautiful Bloggers

It's been a while since I checked your comments cause I've been very much busy, and yes I agree with u S.K the scene was completely fake and boring.  Paul shows that he was drugged cause he couldn't even control himself, his eyes closed

18 Aug 2010 09:44

morning guys phela he was sweaty and had what we call amabedroom eyes, i also think that scene was rubbish.

18 Aug 2010 09:44

Hi bloggers, can we all agree that the recent crap of drama and actors on Generations is so not cool? Firstly, the POWA campaign has killed the usual story lin that we used to enjoy, and the departure of Karabo aka Connie Ferguson is also confussing the script writers.
Recently we are been fed with a lot of nonsense, Dineo's dress code is so boring and makes her look like Paul's daughter.  The baby talk between Khaphela and  Sarah is also disgusting, generally Generations is going down the drain.  The recent crop of actors (jigga and his buddies, and their sister nurse) are so confusing and boring. Maybe the writers should give the constable a more permanent role, she is good to look at.

18 Aug 2010 09:44

The prostitutes were faking it and acting, that was boring and Paul was drugged, so what is the point of taking photos, even the little will see that her man was not into those things.  That scene was boring........

I liked the scene with MamRuby and Dineo, that was a good scene, i get annoyed when they fight, but Dineo you have been wit Paul for what 3 weeks and can hardly stay away from him, what a slut, you want it everyday, behave yourself little one.

Queen, please give her something better to do or say, that was so childish.

Kethiwe. you almost told your bhubesi that Ace was at the office, careful was you say otherwise you might wake up in hospital, Dumi is Panjo phela.

18 Aug 2010 09:51

. . . bhubesi!!!

18 Aug 2010 10:40

Guys you right PAul scene was too fake and as for Mom Ruby and her clothes I couldn't agree with you more.

I can't believe Dineo tjooooooo o maratong seriously............

18 Aug 2010 10:56

@ Ladyjay, maratong maybe obsessed that she took him away from Karabo.

18 Aug 2010 11:36

the scene was completely fake and boring. Paul shows that he was drugged cause he couldn't even control himself, his eyes closed.....
 dinny  will see that the photos are fake

m tired of watchn bra'khaps and mam'sara ,there are very old to have a baby
andazi why bengayiboni lonto

i miss karie and lungsta

18 Aug 2010 12:18

it was  too fake especially  when they chose a sotho speaking lady as a  waitress (room service) in Dbn it was too obvious i may not make sense but in kzn u know the lingo abo ehhene in Khethy's voice kwakwakwa same applies wid ppl from JHB abo mara e a Paul should have suspected from than as a durbanite a min that lady walk in the room from the first tym.

18 Aug 2010 12:23

I think Paul was battling to breath,maybe he's gona be uncontious and they gona take him to the hospital and a min. he regain contious he will recognise the face of the first lady who brought him drinks and he will add 1+1 together and cum up wid 2

18 Aug 2010 12:27

If Dineo can buy that, i'll definately say Generations is gone,dead and buried. Wonder where Mfundi got those so called prostitutes, they suck! 

M not sure if u guys noticed but when that prostie brought whisky and wanted to steal the access card,She paused 4 a moment so m not sure if she forgot what's next...Nx sies man

18 Aug 2010 12:28

@ntoko - on the Sotho lady i disagree with you , we have a branch in Durban and there are people speaking Sotho there.
beside thefake photos paul can be everything but sleeping with two strippers, no thats not him everyone will see that.

u Khaphela asiyeke yena, if he things he waisted his years doing nothing , manje usezosibangela umsindo ngomtwana.

18 Aug 2010 12:33

the worst is not over yet, it looks like Paul is going to be arrested

18 Aug 2010 12:36

@ Maud
Arrested for what though? M  tryna figure out

18 Aug 2010 12:42

Or maybe when Paul wakes up,he will beat one of the prosties to find out who sent them and he get arrested or something. 
"Kenneth's delight turns to panic when he reads what the newspaper says.
" .........Just thinking

18 Aug 2010 13:57



18 Aug 2010 14:08


18 Aug 2010 14:12

Yes Paul is gonna get this prossie thing is gon sky rocket into something else, jus watch guys...Kenneth is not that dumb, there is a bigger picture to it all...kikikikikiki

18 Aug 2010 14:15

Welcome are very welcome...

Ditch the upper case though, its tantamount to shouting in the house....kiikikikikikikikki

18 Aug 2010 14:38

Karabo is about to exit the show, why not give her a story line that we will never forget instead of sending her away with that new boyfriend.

I need to understand the Jigga story, why did he have that picture with Ajax and now they are talking about Jakes, please help us understand soon, we have tried to figure it out on our own bu failed. I thought Jigga n Ajax were brothers but no it looks like another is a beggar and anaother is a good samaritan.

18 Aug 2010 14:40

There were times when i didnt want to miss Generations for a reason and now its jus routine, Mfundi do you want your show to lose viewers, i beg you call a meeting with writers and tell them to bring us back otherwise i will bring my own exciting show and all your viewers will want to watch my show, see

18 Aug 2010 14:47

ee there is also murder?

18 Aug 2010 14:56

Did you bloggers know that TAU MOGALE is coming back on Generations as his twin brother... If you didn't just keep your eyes glued on your 37cm screens.
Hmmmm, l am tempted to say more, but time is not on my side, l will be back...

18 Aug 2010 15:11

@Bigmama, the 37 cm screen, is it the small one or the big one, i dont know about centimeters my friend LOl, when i was at scholl i left before they can start teaching  us the alphabet (c)

18 Aug 2010 15:12

meant to say school, dont even think about correcting me

18 Aug 2010 15:40

Generations lost its edge long time ago, pls kill off the Dumi character, his nausiating and wat message is Queen's handling of a naughty child sends out, huge fail.

18 Aug 2010 15:45

Welcome Mandzoro you are very welcomed to this family............

18 Aug 2010 15:45

Halala in jerry pele's voice welcome home mandzoro but stop shouting there are babies on board kwakwakwakwa (((hides)))) 

Maud i was just saying choma i am not used to hotels o ke wabona ke motho wa mo khokhong  kwakwakwakwa

18 Aug 2010 16:49

Hello everyone i was given a paid leave 2 stop blogging by TVSA but its over now hahaha just kidding life is hectic i hope you're well kind peeps take care dont anything that will cost u your lives i still need ya'll in this ya'll.bless you

18 Aug 2010 19:18

He ppl the tau mogales story is long overdue wen wil we see him. Paul and dinny deserve wats cuming 2 dem i jst hate dem.. Kenny i dnt knw wat u dng bt keep up de gud work. Do not mind my spelling am chating.

18 Aug 2010 20:10

tjo tjo tjo! Paulie wa Modimo, wat was Kenneth thinking mara yeh? I`m so hurt it feels real & true

18 Aug 2010 23:06

generations is so boring bathong,all the storylines are boring,  people this is serious , this soapie sucks!

19 Aug 2010 07:13

Hi, guys, i've been away 4 a while but its good to see that "the show is still on"

I knew u Paul can be stupid but to tyr & hide the body? Ayi ayi ayi, Mfundi, no, no ,no baba!

19 Aug 2010 07:56

hi guys did you notice when Paul phoned 10111 someone ansewered Kwazulu Natal Police doesnt the phone call go to a call centre.  I'm doing my best to be loyal to GENERUBBISH but i dont know if i can take it anymore the story line bathong!  please get rid of Sarah, Khapela, Zamani, Ajax, Khetiwe, Dumisani, AND PLEASE NO MORE BABY TALK I DONT BELIEVE BLACK PEOPLE GO AROUND TELLING EVERYBODY THEY ARE PLANNING TO START A FAMILY.

19 Aug 2010 08:06


the phone actually doesnt go to a call centre when you calling from a landline. It goes to the nearest police station.

Why it said Kwazulu Natal and not Umlazi, we cant know. :-)

As for uMalume Khaphela, if he feels so strongly about babies, how come he doesnt have any at this late age??? I mean, he passion should've pushed him to make one all those years ago.  But instead he left his wife emakhaya and came to live at Taus - the first, and the second. hayisuka maan!

19 Aug 2010 08:19

Guys someone please recap last night's episode for me, i didn't manage to watch it!!!!

19 Aug 2010 08:24

Hay ngeke @ the storyline!!! Kenneth's plan with Paul and the actual execution was such an anti-climax!! It's so lame shem. The whole Generations house nje needs spring cleaning

19 Aug 2010 08:40

paul hide the body? ha ha i cant's wait to c 2nite what the police have to say at mashaba

19 Aug 2010 08:51

thanks Carino

sexy d
19 Aug 2010 08:51

morning all paul why did you hide the body now this makes you look guilty

kenneth o na le pelo mpe sis man

19 Aug 2010 08:52

eish that body of the prost was scary. it looked real. but paul hiding the body. . uh uh !!!

19 Aug 2010 09:04

@Tazteeq kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa..That’s the most brilliant summary I have ever heard…and as if you were reading my mind I didn’t want to hear about Jigga…kikikikikikikikiki…thanks love..

Paul is in trouble ne??and Dine-Whore???

For some reason I don’t feel sorry, I hate their relationship…maybe im just jelous..kikikikiki.

19 Aug 2010 09:07

@Gugulethu I'll try ma love...
Paul woke up in the morning with one of the prosties dead next to him. He panicked so much that he called 10111 bt just when the lady answers, he had flash backs of him strangling the gal so he dropped the phone. He was so confused that he took the body and wrapped it with carpet..
Princie is kinda back to normal,insisted on staying wit his mom..
Khethiwe was fishing some info from Dumi to find out if he has seen or heard about Ace's visit.
Officer Pokane came to tell Jigga he did a good job coz that man did mention the others involved and have arrested some.
Sbuda,Ntombi,Khaps le Sara were at the Restaurant and they were going on and on abt babies and Sara left...irritated i guess to cry somewhere...LOL
Paul got to their flat,confused nje and he just stood there.Dineo as usual was looking for some action but Paulie's mind was left back at that hotel and went to shower.
Ajax bought Jigga new soccer boots i think (stand to be corrected)

Ay gal i tried, hope u get the pic....

19 Aug 2010 09:11

It wasn't Paul who killed her,u saw that man who came and claim his cash from Ace ??? i believe it was  him and Paul was framed for a murder , Paul was druged in such a way that we could hardly move his hand u saw him on tuesday so when he had that little film in mind about how the gal died it was something that he thought it could have happened it wasn't real,  remember later on when Ace was telling Mashaba the guy kept a camera at his place that makes me wonder how this guy fit in if he wasn't there as well,Phela they can't reveal everything otherwise the entire storyline will be obvious, mmmmhhh!!! But surely the truth will come out

19 Aug 2010 09:12

I wonder where did Paul hide that body.............

I really don't think it was Kenny's plan hore ho shwe motho. I think something didn't go according to the plan, remember that guy Ace was talking to about the tape guys something is not right here.

19 Aug 2010 09:18

Tazteeq and SK goodone aikonah guys you'll definitely concentrate kwakwakwakwa

19 Aug 2010 09:23

But u guys even though Gen is boring,i really felt the scene yaPaul and i think he did very well in doing it,the way he panicked and froze infront of Dineo. Dat guy was there,think that guy got selfish and wanted to chow the money alone so decided to kill the gals. One of them manages to escape and kill that one. Now he didn't know what to do with her and just put her at Paul's bed. Tha's why he rushed to take the money...

M just thinking guys nothing concrete here...LOL

19 Aug 2010 09:24 shizzy kwa kwa kwa kwa

19 Aug 2010 09:25

hi guys i have been missing you all,your comments and your jokes especially you Ntoko,Maud,big and Tazteeq.

19 Aug 2010 09:30

S.K I think killing one of the girls was part of the plan so Paul will be arrested & go to jail so Kenneth will win back Dineo. Remember he got the camera from the girlz...

19 Aug 2010 09:38

Huny u know i don't think so hey,why did that guys have bruises? and why didn't he bring the camera with him? If that was part of the plan,then it was definately not Kenneth's plan. Kenny is ruthless i know but Murder?????????

19 Aug 2010 09:45

@ SK
I agree with you that was not part of the plan why didn't he bring the tape with. Paul is in deep s**t for something he didn't do and what happened to another prosti.........

19 Aug 2010 10:17

hey guyz 
-i'm with you on that,something did'nt go right on the plan.
that tsotsi killed the gal, and the other marhosha ran away with the camera.
poor paul i dont understand why  he (paul) didnt report it to the police.....oh udom man suka...

19 Aug 2010 10:27

But guys u should understand that Paul was in shock,he just didn't know what to do.He was gonna do the right thing if it wasn't for those flash backs,he was drugged so he not sure what happened. Poor Paulie shame. Yazi it felt so real tjo.

19 Aug 2010 10:32

Remember the marhosha's said they will use that to catch in more money as Kenny is desperate. Paul killed the gal, and that Tsotsi had a fight with the other marhosha as she refused to give back the camera, she wants Kenny to pay more money. Now she is on the run and will threaten Kenny to go to the papers iwith the full story if he doesn't meet up to her demands.

19 Aug 2010 10:49

19 Aug 2010 10:59

Ace asked that guy what had happened to his face. I think he got that when he was fighting with the prosts. Thats why he didnt hv the fotos. Something went wront. But not sorry for Paul. he should hv reported the matter. He will be implicated hence Having a murder charge over your head will put a strain on any relationship...

19 Aug 2010 11:04

Hate Dine whore'n Paul's relationship

19 Aug 2010 11:15

But how did Paul kill her and why coz he was just gone......This is really confusing yeses

19 Aug 2010 11:33

he didnt kill her , those flash back, Paul was trying to find the posibility being , is that possible that he might have killed her, and yes that was Kenneth's plan to frame Paul for this murder

19 Aug 2010 11:42

i am now confused, because Paul was drugged, then there comes some flashbacks, where he was strangling that prost. confused, help me!

19 Aug 2010 11:46

This is what I think:
The mahoshas were not too sure of Kenny's plan. So they in turn hired their own 'bodyguard'. Remember, the mahosha who drugged Paul first checked the coast before putting whatever in the drink. The body guard sensing that these mahosha might slip up and not pay, decided to fight with them resulting in one escaping with the camera leaving the other to be killed by the 'bodyguard'. The flasback of the strangling proves paul was still drugged and could somehow see what was happening. not sure of himself and what the hell was going on decided to leave his hands clean by escaping and do  God knows what to the dead body. The surviving mahosha is scared so cannot surface and come back to claim balance from kenny/ace. The bodyguard knew this. so he went to collect the balance himself. Just thinking. . . .

19 Aug 2010 11:48

Ok maud,so do u think Ace knows about it? If he does, y didn't he ask about the murder or the gals from that guy..?????????? M so puzzled right now

19 Aug 2010 11:57

But i thought that guy was Ace's connection coz Kenny asked if Ace can organise some prosties so Ace called Panyaza. Ace even told Kenneth that he trust Panyaza (this name kills me) GBPY,being that guy who had bruises. Panyaza is their boss i think and became selfish...well just a thought

19 Aug 2010 11:59

HEEEPPP HEEEEEPPPP HURRRAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz 4give me guys i had to shout I wanna dedicate my heeeppp heeepp hurrraaaayyyy to Bra Mfundi its been a long time since my fellow lovely  bloggers had to crack their heads trying to figure out ur storyline Bhuda hurrraaay u had them going for a change...I love u Guys always

Plz Note : Never ever show us iskhafu saka Sam ....Khaphela and Sara mentioning that baby issue plz dnt make me say a little prayer everyday before i watch generations kwakwakwa

19 Aug 2010 12:06

U are 100% correct the reason why he had those bruises he had more than what Dinny and Karabo had not cat but lion fight....My lovely Kennitjie is not a killer he knew the pics only will convince Dinny so its was that guy who wanted all the pennies(meaning cash) cos i know urs dirty minds will galavate manizwa a word pennies

19 Aug 2010 12:06

Ay cha shame,Mfundi reali had us going yoh...M so confused.

19 Aug 2010 12:11

@SK- if Ace ask about the murder , then we will loose interest , as for now we are looking forward in knowing the truth. the plan was not about Dinnie to see Paul with the mahoshas, but to proof to the police that Paul was the last one seen with this mahosha

19 Aug 2010 12:15

LOL....Poor Kenny,this time around...Lmao

19 Aug 2010 12:16

Eish joh...angsazi

19 Aug 2010 12:21

Hi guys what happening with other prosti did she ran away, i think she will testify against Kenneth,but i think Kenny didn't know other prosti is dead.Remeber when Ace ask the "Guy" what happen with ur face.

19 Aug 2010 12:44

@Tazteeq.....Paul did not kill the marhosha.... those flash backs were what He thought may have happened...he doesn't remember a thing uPaul so he is still rying to crack his head into remembering what happened??? 

Murder is part of Kenny's plan...otherwise with the photos of Paul and two prostitues it wouldn't have been strong enough to destroy Paul and Dinewhore's relationship...

When Kenny was panicking about why they haven't heard anything....he thought that the guy hadn't killed the lady because he knew that Paul would call the police (knowing he is an honest guy comapred to him) so the police would have called him to inform him (Kenny) that his employee is a murder suspect!!!

19 Aug 2010 12:55

Tau Mogale is coming back! maybe'll start watching again once he's around.

19 Aug 2010 13:08

yes maud, which would bring us to who then would give the pictures to the police. the bruised guy?

19 Aug 2010 13:10

I also love Tau Mogale i think they must bring back ppl abakwazi uku actor wid Ngamla that man got what it takes in acting but since the entire soapy lost Vavavava Vooommm uNgamla u bored that's why he's got tym to talk about babies i hate leyo part nxah! especially Oupa and Ouma aba xcited wid baby issues by the tym they both reach 70 the baby will be 10yrs that put a pressure to that child to call someone Daddy who's old enough to be ur great grabdpa *(((((hides)))) mean no harm kwakwakwa

NELLIE ville
19 Aug 2010 13:18

maybe,if ,but.....nope i wont crack my head over this.i'll just read ur comments,so what's next what happened?

19 Aug 2010 13:31

how about the escaped mahosha , scared for her life being in danger, just thinking loud.
i think the bruised guy was suppose to kill the mahosha but unfortunately the mahosha fought back, the question you should ask is did the other mahosha knew about the plan of killing her friend or not, if not where was she when the killing happen, just asking.

19 Aug 2010 13:31

Mina m done thinking m tired...LOL

19 Aug 2010 14:25

@S.K I still think it was Kenneth's plan all along to murder the prosties, with the bruise on panyaza's face maybe the prostie gave a fight of her life. Remember when the galz had a meeting with kenny they promised to deliver camera back to him, now all of the sudden kenny is mad that pamyaza did not bring the camera when he mate with ace to get paid. @ maud I think the other prostie knew the 1 who was killed was to tjatjarag wanting to paid up front all the money and other said said relax we trust kenny. I must say the living seem to be very close to ace.

19 Aug 2010 14:29

yaa think so 2 , i am waiting for the day Ace ajikela u Kenneth kuzofiwa

19 Aug 2010 14:29

why is Ace so angry with Dumi? if i may ask

19 Aug 2010 14:53

he wants khethiwe

19 Aug 2010 14:58

Maud Ace is been investigating any dirt regarding Dummy maybe he's got something to blackmail him wid so that he can win Khethy back , Who knows ???? lets watch 2night on SABC1 4 SURE hahahahaha

sexy d
19 Aug 2010 15:03

Ace can try anything but khethy is destined to be le malome khaphela..

19 Aug 2010 15:06

@lailai is that all it is? i dont think so

19 Aug 2010 15:06

The other prostie, will come back wanting more money... She will use that camera to blackmail Kenny.
l wonder if Paul left the dead body in the hotel, because they is no he could have passed through security with it.
l have never seen him so scared in his life in Gen, l guess he is also leaving with Karabo... Did you hear that he resigned as well?

19 Aug 2010 15:16

Shoooooo..................... I have read all your comments guys but I still believe that Paul did not kill anybody.................we 'll just have to wait and see.neh

19 Aug 2010 15:26

haa wena ngiyakwazi bigmama , unjalo

19 Aug 2010 15:35

Mina i think the other gal(prosties) killed her friend in a sense of wanting all the money to herself only but Kenneth's plan was to kill the prosties. When Panyaza came to finish the job he found one dead try to kill the second one unfortunately she fought and run away......................................................................

19 Aug 2010 15:36

Hi bloggers. I am Theoza. i really enjoy your comments hence i signed up so that i can reply also, please welcome me.

I think Kenneth knew about the killing and he doesn't want Paul to end up in jail but to put a strain on their relationship. This Panyaza character surely lost the camera to the surviving mahosha and came up with an excuse, since knowing the plan, that Ace and Kenneth are not going to use the photos anyway.

The storyline on the Jigga fellow is really boring and as for SK, Ajax, Zamani should be done away with.

19 Aug 2010 15:41

Paul resigning? How far tru is it. Why Kenneth's delight turns to panic when he reads what the newspaper says. I think he was not not expecting blood shading but only want to prove infidelity of his brother but things turned out differently coz of greedy

19 Aug 2010 15:43

@Ladyjay you are so rite kenny did not kill anyone but some did kill for him. That one will never get his hands bloody dirty, uace usane-kwaal kakkhethiwe pheal dai man loves u kety... @BigMama I will nt be surprised uMfundi is really killing generubish ngalobugreedy bakhe man

19 Aug 2010 21:42

@ Theoza. Hi, Welcome...I think Kenneth did what he did to prove Dineo wrong about Paul.....Kenneth wanted Dineo to think Paul he cheating on him.....After what Ntombi said to her about work conferences and their dirty parties..she would have beleived what have she saw on the pics that was taken by those two chicks who spiked his drink...Zamani should  just lighten up and stop making a big fuss about Jigga because he keeps on saying the same thing about child welfare which bugs the hell out of me....for Queen she should teach her young boy some manners...

20 Aug 2010 07:35

Morning y'all
Guys i never thought Kenny was capable of this u know, i really thot he never knew about the murder. Damn this is bad...Questio remains then...Where is the other prostie?

sexy d
20 Aug 2010 07:50

morning all

phindy a.k.a rabbit
20 Aug 2010 08:23

hi every1, ya shame i feel bad 4 paul u knw, u kenny yena is smiling he's ruthless, heartless and a real bastard.

phindy a.k.a rabbit
20 Aug 2010 08:23

hi every1, ya shame i feel bad 4 paul u knw, u kenny yena is smiling he's ruthless, heartless and a real bastard.

20 Aug 2010 08:43

@ Huny
It seems like we were wrong about Kenny he was smiling last nyt that can only mean that: that was part of the plan. I thought he will suprised or shocked when the police talk about murder shooooo he is a real bastard.......

20 Aug 2010 08:46

Kenny might be ruthles nd heartles but he makes generations nice i say keep it up kenny no one messes with you paul and dinny deserve whats coming 2 them i hate them with passion

20 Aug 2010 08:47

kenny how can u do that 2 ur lil'bro
u yinja man sis

sexy d
20 Aug 2010 08:52

Dineo fumes when Karabo manages to do what she could not i think karabo will pay bail for paul that is why dineo will be angry..

20 Aug 2010 09:00

@ LadyjayYhu!!! Mina I'm not surprised at all with kenny. That man will do anything to get what he wants. @Kennie same here mvundla must not create a story line to remove zamani, ajax, sam, khaphela no sarah wakhe the baby talk is overrated now. skhulu aka sbu and makhumalo use to sizzle the screen but now they have lost their touch we need back the vava-voom-voom.

20 Aug 2010 09:03

I wonder what will make kenny panic could it be the other prostie or there's a witness who will able to solve the mystery.

20 Aug 2010 09:16

I think the other prostie is still out there and Kenny don't know about it.

20 Aug 2010 10:03

i am so dissapointed in paul ,tell someone but no one will believe him ,kenneth u are so cruel..........

20 Aug 2010 10:03

I am loving Keneth right now...its about time we get some real action around there...everybody was starting to be too nice..some of love love the bad guys...

20 Aug 2010 10:14

I think we are seeing very little of Paul's scene most of the scenes are all boring i wish they would show that part more.

20 Aug 2010 10:18

That's how Mfundi operates,the very nice scene u only see it beginning and end of the episode and puts the rubbish in between them. That's what u gonna get till the Paul scene is over.LOL

sexy d
20 Aug 2010 10:24

@mabrr did you notice his smile when they told them that paul was going to be questined for murder kenny is more than cruel i cant even think of a name that would describe him better..

What the hell is Ace up to cant wait to see what he got on Dumisane

20 Aug 2010 10:24

Eish......... Yah neh.Kenneth Mashaba will stop at nothing to get what he wants but to frame someone for murder.......He is heartless.

I also don't like Paul and Dinny's relationship but to let his brother go to jail for something he didn't do shoooo......

Dinny my darling your Mom was right Paul cheated Karabo with you so  there is nothing stoping him from cheating but in this case it's not cheating it's a JAIL>..............

20 Aug 2010 11:45

like i said Paul never killed a prosti

sexy d
20 Aug 2010 11:55

@ntoko we know that but who will believe him now cause he could have just called the cops the moment he realised he just woke up with a dead person and also rolling that body and throwing it only god knows where its a crime..

20 Aug 2010 12:25

I agree, he should have atleast told someone. Now that he's gone for questioning, it will be very hard to believe him. Also he should have picked it up that Kenny is involved when he asked him about the trip. He was so specific about what he was asking...a bit of fun...and why the sudden interest...ay Paul naye

20 Aug 2010 12:43

Hi guys what is going 2happen after Kenny found the camera, there is mashaba news nee hhmm and like the way mam Ruby told Dineo about the Mashaba's.

20 Aug 2010 13:24

the same way u get a man it`s how u gonna lose him Mam Ruby this is so true it happens in real life, I feel sorry 4 Little Dinny she was just starting to enjoy herself inlove again, as 4 Kenneth I`ve got nothing to say but Y the hatred 4 ur own blood.

20 Aug 2010 14:04

guys what's the story behind dis jigga boy and for khaphela he is too excited hope he does get disappointed

20 Aug 2010 14:43

To all mabloggers as for me and MamRuby we will serve u this weekend u're all invited maybe we can discuss this situation of Denny and Paulie drinks is on me have a nice weekend(((gives mamRuby a call)))).

20 Aug 2010 14:53

shame on sara

20 Aug 2010 16:16

u Sara akazali and its not about the age, thats when she will decide to get muthi ,then Khaphela will be so furious and divorce her.

20 Aug 2010 22:27

Hi mabloggers: I think Paul n Dineo deserve what's cumin to them. As for Dinny dinny she has a nerve askin for Kenny's help. I think it's abt tym she sells her Ezweni shares n get her man a lawyer if she loves him the way she claims she does. I just love Kenny & his ruthlessness.

Cecilia Rabuthu
21 Aug 2010 10:48

Hi Bloggers

It's clear that Kenny knew that the prostitutes r going 2 be killed.  Yesterday he said 2 Ace the girls should have been killed both.  It was his plan that once they're killed Paul will be framed 4 murder.  So nna ke nagana gore he knew about the girls (that they r going 2 be killed) n now he's sacred that one of de girls is having a camera with her, which she might take 2 de police or print de photos then take them 2 de newspaper.  Kenny should really be worried or else he could get into trouble

21 Aug 2010 12:00

I think Kenneth's plan will backfire on him big time, the gal that is missing is up to mission ... uzokhoka hayi nje kancane. 

If Dinny Dinny found out that Paul was with prosties she will dump him like a hot potatoe without getting the facts straight, maybe Karabo will save him.

21 Aug 2010 15:31

Khaphelas bastard how can he behave like this he thinks hes de only one whos hurting shame poor sarah now i understand why khaphela married sarah 2 make her a baby machine and i miss karabo alot.

23 Aug 2010 08:02

Kenneth's plan will backfire, big time and it wont be pretty.

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 08:08

sis khaphela should be ashamed about his behaviour how can he treat sara like that did he marry her cause he wanted the baby and not for love give sara a break she is not the one who told you to wait all these years before you can make a baby

@Theoza or sell her shares and pay for paul bail..

23 Aug 2010 08:34

Morning Guzy

23 Aug 2010 08:43

Sure thing sexy d. Dineo must bail for PAUL to prove she loves him as she claims. She never saw that one cuming. As for this ruthless bastard, all my money is on him getting caught or something, or atleast blackmailed for millions...Nx 

23 Aug 2010 08:45

Morning guys but Kenneth said the pictures would prove that Paul was unconsious and couldnt have done it.  I dont know if i heard correctly. 

23 Aug 2010 09:15

Kenny is in big trouble seriously and I can't wait for Karabo to do what Dinny cannot do.

Khaphela is not Mme Sarah's fault that you don't have a child you should be worried about the fact that you are getting old without a grandchild not a child of your own please Madala give Mme Sarah a break here.

23 Aug 2010 09:37

Hi 2 all mabloggers thats me.

23 Aug 2010 09:45

Hi everyone its been a looong time i must say, i missed you all so badly. i think Karabs will be the only person who blvs paulie wen everyone doesn't... and that will make him realise that she was thee woman for her.  

wat made me think that Karabo was gone 4eva? mhh dont know!!

23 Aug 2010 10:18

Well its called true love my dear. Karabo le Paul still love each other.

23 Aug 2010 10:49

Yeap i was gona say da same thing Bongazinhle,Karabo is not gone yet but she's gona make a sad exist like Bonga and SK said , She will either stick to Paul during the bad tyms or bail him out by the tym Paul realise how much he loves Karabo then she will leave , 4give and 4get Dinny will never sell her shares don't tell me u expect a gold digger to dig from her own mine naaaahhhh u must never, no more fancy couch.....hahaha

23 Aug 2010 11:23

Dineo shame, i feel sorry for her. What is Paul going to see at the foyer?

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 11:34

@S.K  dont feel sori for her i think its time dinny got what she deserves..

Maybe she will grow up and be independent and stop falling around the mashaba guys..

23 Aug 2010 11:53

True that hey...She must learn to live without a man in her life, her mom was right,she doesn't wanna listen nje

23 Aug 2010 11:54

<<The creative-village-Rat is back in the blog.......set up a trap and wach me when i munch dat cheese and jump "the heck"  away>> 

damn! ..what   "in da rat species"  is going off wit ths gererations?... 
boring-ajax,  the "not-so-talented" jigga and the poor-ugly- zamani to cause a caos in todays episode???....hmmm!'t all best  the  Rat shld wach? ...haybo! it cant be.

23 Aug 2010 12:09

Oh sarah poor thing let me say u didnt enjoy ur marriage so far its been babies since ever and now thes muthi to make urself fertile mmm why dont u see that kaphela wants u 2 be a baby machine start talking instead of keeping queit.

23 Aug 2010 12:20

awu bantu Sarakie shame, ubani manje oze nomuthi?

23 Aug 2010 12:21

They must not let Officer Pokane to handle the case otherwise Paul is in deep *bleep!*, that woman can confuse you like hell with her questions.. 

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 12:41

@Holiday that is so true..

23 Aug 2010 13:15

The way Kenny threw Dineo out the house, he should atleast pretend that he feels something fo rhis poor brother but as evil as always.

23 Aug 2010 13:41

<<The creative-village-Rat is back in the blog.......just feed me with a RATEX-piece of bread  and watch me getting fat like mam'rubby>> 

hmmm! "puzzled the Rat" any 1 to tell sarahfina the reason why im a Rat?,huuh!
its b-coz my mom used a muti for fertility..then gues what she conceived!....oh!  yes u are right....she conceived me(the rat)

wow! the blogers dont understand wat im tryng to say...right? okey
i mean: by using a baby-muti u will jst conceive snakes,rats...(u name all the reptiles)

23 Aug 2010 14:01

<<The creative-village-Rat is back in the blog.......bring yo cat and watch me f**king it live>>

oh hay maan!  vinc. who wuldn't  kick the bich (dinie) out and away! huuuh?

i wish keneth was a Rat like me ,i wuld advise him to use his sharp-Rat teeth to grind dineos' under wears into small particles,making holes here and there.

Lobby the girl
23 Aug 2010 14:16

hey Guys,

been a silent blogger, but im back now..

Lobby the girl
23 Aug 2010 14:19

Eish man this is confusing indeed, shame poor Paul, Kenny should punish Dinny not Paul, he forgot that le yena once had an affair with Paul's wife, so the slut here is Dinny not Paul..

23 Aug 2010 14:40

hey gys i hate Lungile Mabena< from what i read to Drum Magazin that he iz abusing his wife by beating her and its been happening4 8years now, and his wife also said Lungile is having an affair with 1 of Generations actrees.<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

23 Aug 2010 14:44

sorry about wrong spelling

23 Aug 2010 14:46

Aw shame, gone are those days where u have to let that happen. U cant possibly let anyone even your husband to hit u...No to that

23 Aug 2010 14:48

<<The creative-village-Rat is back in the blog.......bring yo cat and watch me f**king it live>>

WOW!!!   the Rat cant stop wondering where "in the Rat-world" is that  skinny keketso-nurse-thing!....oh no maan! may be she is on strike, jst like other real nurses...neeh!.. ewe rat...okey.

23 Aug 2010 14:51

@Nomhla sthandwa, there are two sides to every story, and nowadays we talk about abuse just like AIDS, you choose to sleep around without protection, or you just protect yourself.
So the woman choose to stay in an abusive relationship for that long.

Its just like Primrose Crous who is staying with a cheating man and thinking that prayer will change him, kodwa chances are he might bring him AIDS or other illness...

23 Aug 2010 14:52

Can't wait for living to prostie to back & make demands on kenny now that will be a very hot scene but only if mvundla & crew will creative.

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 15:07

@Huny that will definately teach him a lesson

23 Aug 2010 15:15

@sexy d and Huny, some people are priveledge to get away with murder, and Kenny might be one of them, he can pay the prostie enough to target Paul, she might be a witness and say Paul tried to kill her as well because he did not want to pay back for their services...

23 Aug 2010 15:42

Greetings pips...Generations is such a bore; even watching it is painful...but hey, before someone says switch the channel if you do not want to watch; I just need to say that, Mfundi should just should kill off Ajax's crew(Zamani, Samuel, and their pet project Jigga)...What happened to Senzo and Jason...(Yawnnn). Somebody save us from Khaphela and Sarah. How long have they been married?...2 days and already we are stressing about a baby! Really now, we are not that silly to follow such amaturish scripts. We know it's a sopie but a little of intelligence would not hurt!

23 Aug 2010 15:49

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......munching cheese while relaxing on the trap>>

hmmm! ...thats a Big truth  i ever read from the Mama..

by the way ,the Rat is not tryng to be sexy,neither im geting huny,but when that pro-stitute makes a u-turn,demanding cash from the babaric-mashaba I wont be so impressed,thats GREED..maara why bathong!

23 Aug 2010 16:09

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......challenging any brave cat in the pet industry>>

hahahah "allow the Rat to crac up" , wow to those  RACIal comments..oops..comments from very good,...u  creative like a rat.neeh! ewe maan.

But the Rat is so sorry, theres nothing to tell about    "jaysenzo" 
if i was a gay-rat i wuld tell, hmmm! its a pity.....dont u sink?.oops "think"
eish maan!  this world cup mathatha, ao wa itse!

23 Aug 2010 17:27

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......chilling cosy down and inside your mealimeal bag, chating with yo cat>>

ag shame maan nomhlaba! u must be tromatised after reading such a sad story abt lungile mabena' mosadi(wife) neeeh!...ewe tyhin' sisi! 

Punching a woman is as cruel as poisinig me(the Rat) with a ratex,
despite setting stupid traps next to da meal-meal bag, wow !as if im intrested on munching  meal-meal,why not next 2 da cheese....huuuh?

just hav a look at lungiles eyes and tell "the rat"  what do u see!! oh yes.. u are right....(he looks like a  physical and sexual-abusive husband) imagen him abusing me(the rat) sexualy..yhoooh! i wuld leave him with a  biggest drop in the history of all STDs.....andidlali kalok' sana mna.

23 Aug 2010 17:50

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......chilling cosy down and inside your mealimeal bag, chating with yo cat>>

damn!!! where are the other blogers,,,how culd you leav the rat alone?...any way you jst did it already...."you stingy blogers"....cant you blog with da rat once more? huuh! or u ran out of  data shame! ba2ng

okey...jah well!....
the rat agrees wth dat loby the girl 'herself" ,but  hay maan sisi ,cant u pls save dat sympathy of yours! yes maan u have to ,

paulineo deserve all the evils of keneth mashaba,i wish they were rats..i wuld send them email with a ratex virus,jst to destroy the "heck" out of them
neeeeh! ewe maaan ... nete ke nete!

23 Aug 2010 18:15

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......chilling cosy down and inside your mealimeal bag, chating with yo cat>>

sory!  ms jackson,,the rat doesnt nod the head at all...but i like your concern.

sarah mst make da kid as soon as she can, they are geting older than drakensbrg mountains if u can hav a the way.. who doeznt want a famly! huuh? 

even us (the rats) we want more baby-rats....and that's a reason why there are so many rats at your home. ms jackson

23 Aug 2010 18:27

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......chilling cosy down and inside your mealimeal bag, chating with yo cat>>

hmmmmm!  the rat agrees with a  holiday..that black-lip cop " officer phokwane" is so "too much" inteligent

jst imagn her ,cooking paul with questions such as:

{tell me mr mashaba " why did you f**k a prostitude to death,are you heavlly armed like a donkey...huuuh!}

23 Aug 2010 18:34

woow!  let the RAT goes.......i smell a cheese from the next door house!

good bye ! BOGGERS....

sorry to those who feel offended... it was not on my will...the RAT just blog for fun

23 Aug 2010 18:36

Being the good woman that she is karabo will help paul despite what happen btwn them and it might coz problems btwn her and lungile even though i dnt trust that lungile guy he makes her happy shem.

sexy d
24 Aug 2010 07:56

morning all

phindy a.k.a rabbit
24 Aug 2010 08:17

morning all! im not sure if i miss heard or smthing mara bail ya R250 000, hell of a lot id rather rot in jail. sbusiso u did a good thing hey nor did dumisani i dont know why the man daznt feel for others.   

Cecilia Rabuthu
24 Aug 2010 08:20

Morning Bloggers

Yes, obviously Karabo will reach out 2 Paul cause he really needs her help right now.  I wonder how will Dinny react when Karabo wants 2 help Paul.  As for Khapela running 2 KZN leaving Sarah alone, well maybe he thinks running away will solve whatever problems they're having

24 Aug 2010 08:50

Honestly this RAT thing is running on my not funny anymore and it spoil the whole generations blog.   

24 Aug 2010 08:52

How could Kenny be so heartless after everything that Paul has done for him when he was sick and the world turned their backs on him he was the only one who believed that he will pull through and he did.

This is the thanks he get from him.I wish this whole thing back fires badly. Sibusiso did a great thing Karabo would have done the same.

24 Aug 2010 09:12

Hahahahahaha I am reading the Rat's comments i rest my case Nqamakwe u such a killer but tell me in pvt what is ur occupation u sound like a scientist or someone more than the word intelligent that's scary.....huh?

24 Aug 2010 09:23

I believe Karabo paid for his bail if not surely she will refund Sibusiso as soon as possible.... As for u Mashaba a leopard will never change it spot ,Paul was there for u when ur WHORE left you, he should have let u rot in hell while u were walking like a crab lolufudu lolu I hate u for making ur brada suffer like that u better read my comments and do sumthing otherwise i will join the strike and guess what will happen i will never pay for my DSTV and my TV licence hahahahaha

24 Aug 2010 09:38

Sbu used the companys money not his. Khaphela is a coward he runaway 4rm his problems thats so not like him.

24 Aug 2010 09:47

I think Khaps is being childish really cant he see that sarah is old did he marry her because he was running out of time and didnt want to miss out on having children.  I just love Patricia i wish they would give her a bigger role.  I didnt want to say anything but this rat this is also getting to me no offence.

Lobby the girl
24 Aug 2010 09:57

Morning Guys,

Khaphela didn't runaway, remember Sarah'conversation on the phone with Khaphela's cousin..she said he is on the meeting with maybe he is going to ask advice from the elders what to do..

24 Aug 2010 10:08

I wonder what khapela said to his family because the person who ansewered was rude.

Lobby the girl
24 Aug 2010 10:19

Maybe he told them gore what the doctor said gore is going to be difficult for them to have a kid due to Sarah's age and Sarah makes the situation worse cause she doesn't want..
and i think Khaphela is the one who would come with muti to cure Sarah
Bathong Lekgotlo is really irritating wa tseba, so tjatjarag shem o ka re ke lentlorwana..lets see how long she will last...

sexy d
24 Aug 2010 10:57

khaphela how can you do this to sara you always give advice regarding people but u can even fix your problems guess the saying of doctors cant heel themselves its true stand up and act like a man..

I have never seen a person so hearless like kenneth mashaba how can you be so cold towards your brother or wena the saying ya gore blood is thicker that water you dont it sis man you should be ashamed..

Lobby the girl
24 Aug 2010 11:03

But bathong Sarah, did u hear when she was talking to her frtiend like saying Khaphela didn't even say goodbye..i loled..

24 Aug 2010 11:08

honestly l didn't want to say anything but l second all of you bloggers who say gundi is irritating...He needs to tone down a little bit.

24 Aug 2010 11:15

Haibo mabloger kodwa nimuzwile umam Ruby.... " Dineo wats happening the news paper says Pauls ubulale umahosha" that killd me lol did she just had to say that word mara Ma Rubs. as for this Jigga kid mina uyangibora, he is very slow uyanwabuzela nje. Mfundi umthathaphi lomfana?

24 Aug 2010 11:23

Shame Khaphela ke could he do that to Mme Sarah.

@Buligirl- I agree with you Patricia ke SKHOKHO./////////

24 Aug 2010 11:32


Some people come to blog to irritate.  Just ignore any comments that offend and lets just pass our comments.

24 Aug 2010 12:04

Hu shame khaphela get's to my last nerve for umkhulu ongangaye to act so childish, that person who answered his cell was so rude asking usarah ukuthi ufunani that was so stupid. mvundla & crew do something before igenerations iphela itaste. cant wait for ukarabo to be back. ukenneth one day the chicken will home to roast one day.

24 Aug 2010 12:52

Well we can only take or ignore so much. This RAT thing is irritating.M not even reading wats there cos its just too much for me thank u.............
Even tho Sbusiso used the company funds,it was still his call and he did gud.As 4this senseless abused bastard,Paul is no Milton wena man. As for Kenneth gettin busted,i dnt c dat happenin unless he's leaving Gen. I think i agree with u BigMama that the prostie will get what she wants n testify against Paul instead.

phindy a.k.a rabbit
24 Aug 2010 13:02

ppl u are so predictive and i lyk dat!!!!!!.  i dnt lyk ppl who alwais suceed in their evil plans jst lyk kenny its abt tym he got caught and pay 4 this

24 Aug 2010 13:53

was it chrissie who a sa akekho when patricia was knocking at sarah's door then princie,Ajax, Zamani, all the boring people had better watch out here comes a pro.

24 Aug 2010 14:29

Big up to Chrissie, I think she just about had it with ppl who just appear on Gen and say nothing, and I don't think there's anyone who can tell a child this little to say a line!!!!!!!

I do not like Dumi either but he had a point, it's not practical to take company's money and bail out an employee let alone bailing out an employee's boyfriend???????

Kenneth should neva get caught, let's face it bloggers he makes Gen interesting, it is unfair though what he is doing to Paul, but as for that slut of his ex, it serves her well  unfortunate for Paul he is caught in the line of fire.

Buligirl I agree Patricia can act. I love it 'cos she always come up with tangible ideas, we're  blacks, we're SA's so umthandazeli is visited by so many women who can't seem to fall pregies, LOL!!!!!!!!!

Some of the dialogues in Gen are irritating if you think about them,like the questions of the relative who answered Khapisto's fone, not creative they shud ask  Rat to write their scripts.

24 Aug 2010 15:40

wow,paul is in trouble and is about to fear his challenges

24 Aug 2010 15:40


24 Aug 2010 15:57

Sarah is boring cause she's acting like a teenager..........Gen is boring this month!!!!!!...........I don't they will even get an award for the best soapie next year and including actors and actress.i wish i cud meet people who write the script because they are writing"shit".i think Mfundu Vundla should hire some brand new writes cause his soapie is kinda like boring this year.they are doing the same story lines.anyone can tell me"wha happened to Jason and Senzo?" cause i don't think they still have internalizations according  to their characters,they don't even look gay anymore.

24 Aug 2010 16:13

Hi guyz i'm new here will u pls welcome me


Lobby the girl
24 Aug 2010 16:25

Welcome GYP..feel at patient the bloggers are still debating on Blaq's corner..they'll be back now,now

Mash 2010
24 Aug 2010 17:07

Welcome GYP. Rat I think you should slow down a bit my dear.

24 Aug 2010 22:39

APPOLOGY:  the creative writer-Rat apologizes  to da  irritateds-but jst read the heard lines at list and see if u wont read futher...of coz u will...

                                      There's a rat in khetiwes' jersey:
wow! wat a lousy jersey was khetiwe wearing at ezweni!! ,if its not gogo sarah who knitted that jersey,then it must be big mama,or  who ever in the old age group.

24 Aug 2010 23:29

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher...
u cant!!!!

                          The rat  fondles khetiwes' cleavage:

hmmm! the lady was so sexy with that cleavage, no wonder why ace turned on,  tjooh! i just wish kethiwe didnt  pump those  boobs just like that sowetan msh*za   hmm! let me feel,, oh yes!...i told you....

25 Aug 2010 00:07

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher...u cant!!!!

    SIKHO yiells  " sies i smell a rat" as the rat gives him/her a hug:

u are rite wena maan!  why did  sarah crie her wig off!..childish neeh?
who "in the rat speices" would cry out loud for an ugly-madala like khapela! hay bo!
                                   Jaysenzo dont look gayish?

oh come on!...  i disagree now..these days, the gays dont wear g-strings.
i dont know in your area,hmm!.. mayb they do...but in my village they can "even' heard cows,milk goats etc.. let aside (setting  traps for the rats)...can u b-liv't????.

25 Aug 2010 00:44

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......munching cheese while relaxing on the trap>>

                                       its RAT   vs  RABBIT  a.k.a  pindly

oh yeah!! u  heard it rite , ke R250.00O ka nete! That is the cash price of magosha if you  wanna buy her to own...but  if u choose to kill her you will also pay the same amount.

25 Aug 2010 01:06

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher...u cant!!!! 

                                  Rat on a Huny-moon!!

my darling! the person who unswered that cell phone was a sangoma per4ming rituals on khaphelas body so that he can jst score a goal(child) no matter wat.

25 Aug 2010 01:29

<<The creative village-Rat is back in the blog......munching cheese while relaxing on the trap>>

                      Rat  ShaKes   SK,   saying  "aSKies if i SucKs"

the rat wuld also like to advise you  to get used,strong  and ignore the rat.b-coz i'm a RR rat (ratex-resistant rat) you can ask my sister "big mama" if u disbelieve....she tried all da tricks in da book but in we are friend(hehehe!)

25 Aug 2010 01:53

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher!!!!


response was a bull:...says buligirl

yeah well...its true bulie, there was a voice-over,the poor chrisie in her real life doeznt even hav a clue abt what is going on ,who is dis gogo!...the rat suspects  that she's always crying when ever she sees keneth mashaba during shoot-outs ...the reason...
(hay uyayazi nawe tyini)

25 Aug 2010 02:10

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher!!!!

            Mash plays a speed cop "on the rat planet" (slow down rat)

generations is too fast loosing the rail, how culd u advise the rat to slow down!!! huuh? what are u going to watch in future if u dont alow the rat to comment for a change!!!

but i took the advice my blogga please dont call da cat..will u?

25 Aug 2010 02:25

APOLOGY--the creative writer-rat says sorry if u get so offended.
try my head lines and see if u will call da cat or read futher!!!!

Disgusted-Matha and lobygirl get a rat apology

my bloggas i said im sorry,so lets jst blog abt generation now, tog hle bathong!!! not abt a  rat....

but gals u didnt have to hate me dat much,swearing at me,calling me names..maara why!

25 Aug 2010 02:58



oops.. i 4got to welkom that GYP, okey...the rat welkoms you,,,
wow!... i wonder what is the meaning of this GYP abbrevation!!, 

bathong, I hope its not one of these latest rat poisons... "wondered the rat"
do i the way!

phindy a.k.a rabbit
25 Aug 2010 08:52

welcome GYP this is ur new sweet home...... khaphela showed hes a gud man by coming back and facing the hard tyms with his wife.  cant ace give dumi some space to breathe haibo! .........kenny uzobanjwa manje surely u not thinking straight by suspending ur bratha