Stalkers (13 April 2010)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 3rd Degree on 11 Apr 2010
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On 3rd Degree this Tuesday:

Episode Title: Stalkers
Broadcast date: 13 April 2010

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She was beautiful, kind and an award-winning journalist.

Friday 23 October 2009 was to be a big day for Shadi Rapitso, one of 3rd Degree’s producers. This was to be the day she would wrap up her first big investigation for’s flagship current affairs programme.

But a day that began with such promise, ended in horror and pain. Shadi was brutally murdered by a neighbour who had been stalking her for months, a man whom she had repeatedly told to leave her alone.

When he finally realised he would never get her, he slit her throat. If he couldn’t have her, no one would.

3rd Degree investigates stalking and its terrible consequences.

3rd Degree is on on Tuesdays at 21h30.


11 Apr 2010 23:34

how sad...will be watching

12 Apr 2010 09:49

tjo! this is horrible...

12 Apr 2010 10:08

Eish i saw her photo, the lady was beautiful shame

12 Apr 2010 10:29


12 Apr 2010 11:00

I googled the story - the guy sounds insane... like those people that can play your mind... He is on R5000 bail after saying they were lovers an he got upset when he saw her with another man... He works for the SABC and is back at work...  

12 Apr 2010 11:07

eish i remember this story.....sad indeed.....will be watching

12 Apr 2010 11:13

Is he still on bail???  I don't understand why the SABC did not fire him coz he's sure guilty and the justice system should not waste our money by dragging his case.  I know the SABC would say that he did not fail to perform his duties thus they could not fire him, but how about suspending him at least???

12 Apr 2010 11:13

this is horrible.. the more you read, the more you get a chill down your back especially when the guy that allegedly killed her was assessed by a pshychologist... and the psychologist seems to paint a pic of a man who was played, and defended his love. but Shadi's friends tell of a sick man who cried and stalked her.. *smh*

the boyfriends tale

12 Apr 2010 11:18

Mathaz as much as you would like to believe that this guy is guilty, but you know how it goes, innocent until proben otherwise.

12 Apr 2010 11:30 

he came to her flat crying and begging her to be his lover on wednesday and she died on Friday?

baby e
12 Apr 2010 12:21

when my ex asked for his photos which i didnt take, i was super scared . my friends even the police thought i was overeacting when i said what if he kills me because i felt he was insane. 

thing is these killers who are normally depressed act normal to deceive people and i will kill when everyone thnk things are fine.

13 Apr 2010 11:29

the book I would suggest that you give to a stalker

If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?
By Cynthia Heimel

Review: says are packed with uncensored advice that's both sensitive and saucy. For instance, Heimel explains what to do to get the right man: "Nothing." The right man will adore you, she writes, even if you have "greasy hair, spinach in your teeth, and your skirt on inside out." Why accept anything less?

14 Apr 2010 12:55

Tjo guys i watched da show last nite nd damn abanye abantu abanambeko, hw can u kill umuntu ngoba angakncanywa... tjo tjo tjo dis world has turned into sumthin else.. nd u knw wht makes things worse is dat his out on bail

14 Apr 2010 13:33

people like that have always been around Smirn. for me what's worse is that people who are supposed to be doing right by the community, people who took vows to protect us, your police, your judges etc...they're the ones that are letting us down now. how is it that this man was granted bail after having admitted to what he did? is the fact that he's so delusional he believes he caught his "lover with her boyfriend" now make what he did okay? kanti what is wrong with these people?

14 Apr 2010 13:38

eish ....said story indeed.... so scared of stalkers, it is so so  emotional draining to be stalked ... nc nc nc 

14 Apr 2010 13:40

the pain in Shadi's mother so nbearable

14 Apr 2010 13:46 speechless

Honey Bee
16 Apr 2010 13:01

People are crazy out there!

16 Apr 2010 13:07

this episode made me realise how my brother loved me, after watching this episode he phoned me and said Sis, if someone can do this to you, ngambulala ngezandla ,ningancwatswa the same day. you dont know how did it feel inside

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