Musicians: How To Get Onto LIVE!

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 18 Mar 2010
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Following a flood of requests from musos about how to be featured on SABC1's LIVE - we've been in touch with the show to find out everything you need to know about having music videos featured, as well as in-studio performances.

How to get seen and heard:

For music videos: the show requires artists to drop-off music videos at the Urban Brew Studios in Jozi (see details below).

Videos need to be clearly marked with all the relevant information about the artist i.e. artist name, contact numbers, record company (if applicable), contact person etc.

To be considered for the LIVE performance stage: you can drop-off a CD with your music. When doing so, you need to make sure that you clearly mark the single you are pushing to make it easy for the show's team to know which single to listen to.

If the track is currently getting airtime on radio, please include information on all these details too - especially if you're a new artist.

With new artists who have not been on radio, the show has a qualified team of producers who make the decision on whether the track is hot enough to merit a live performance in studio, as the performance slot is reserved for the hottest artist’s and music.

The address to deliver videos and music to:

Urban Brew Studios
No 28
Harley Street
Ferndale/ Randburg

The show prefers videos and music to be hand delivered by the artists but if you aren't based in Jozi and don't have anyone who can drop-off for you, you can send the show your videos and music via direct/door-to-door courier.

They musn't be mailed by post to ensure that they're delivered directly to the studio.

You can courier videos and music to the same adress.

The show's selection criteria for videos is based on the following:
  • The video needs to be shot on at least a 3CCD Camera.
  • Audio for Beta must be stereo.
  • Audio levels must not exceed 0db.
  • Audio for DV must be stereo.
  • Audio levels must not exceed -12db.
  • Videos need to be graded.
  • Videos must not contain any offensive material (sexual scenes, swearing etc).
  • Make sure the video is not strobing.
  • Videos need to be good quality.
Kindly bear in mind that if an artist's video does not meet the necessary requirements and standards, the show won't be able to broadcast it.


And that's it. If you're submitting - we hope to see you on air!

PS: As previously reported on TVSA, LIVE will be going through presenter changes soon. Season 9 was scheduled to end mid-February but will continue indefinitely until the new Season 10 premieres - date still to be confirmed.


18 Mar 2010 10:45

Tjooo Makisto, are you sure you are not Mzwakhe?

18 Mar 2010 10:58

lol, maki let's not forget that television is business like any other. Live has to cater to a certain demographic. Every show has it's target audience. I doubt any of LIVE's major AR pullers would want to watch Mzwakhe ( I'm assuming this is the Mbuli guy) on Friday night primetime.

lady gaga
18 Mar 2010 11:13

hai makisto le mzwakhe wa hao, tjo asimufini thina.haaa!!!

18 Mar 2010 11:22

lol LG i think they once showed him thou (Mzwakhe) lol

18 Mar 2010 11:30


18 Mar 2010 11:39

I suspect or alledge that an artists has to know someone on the show = presenters or production crew, who can put in a good word for you.

But with Silkour, because he's Bonang's ex, he's forever on the show>>

@ Maskito
, well said. i remember Kelly Khumalo was 4ever on the show during Andile's season.  

And I don't know what Khanyi Mbau was doing there. she has nothing to deliver!!

18 Mar 2010 12:02

makisto, wat's this about thembi and that denim dude? are they engaged? pls tell

18 Mar 2010 12:13

makisto you make some substantial points there. the way live delivers it's as if they're targeting people who are getting themselves ready to go out on a friday night (judging by the artits and music featured). i don't remember ever watching live while getting ready to go out. i'd rather be listening to the radio or a house cd to get myself in the mood...for that matter by the time live hits the screen i could be out there gallavanting already. each time i watch live it's because i'm at home on a friday night and most probably have no intention of going anywhere so when it comes to AR's they will really be losing nothing if they could have a balance, as you put it, with the type of music they feature. i wouldn't mind seeing ringo or hugh masekela on the show cos as much as it is a friday night, if i wanted to be dancing to oo kelly khumalo and trompies i wouldn't be sitting in front of the tv at that time of the week

18 Mar 2010 12:35

Lately I can't make heads or tail of what's going on on Live, the show seems so unstructured. It still cracks me up when Touch calls other music shows "cheap" LOL.
Am so looking forward to a new format and presenters and I agree that more local music would be good.

18 Mar 2010 12:47

also think it's time bonang found something else to do, that high she's forever on is just plain irriating now. i'd rather have the cool andile back

lady gaga
18 Mar 2010 12:57

makisto my love u can say whatever darling, i just dnt like that guy and im not gonna try and impress u and say otherwise. akere u also said u love him and his music and i was not judging that i was only saying not for me so , ke eng problem ya hao.

as for i Live, i dnt have i problem with whats being shown or done rite now (i think so) so yeah. whether there's change or not im still ok!!! Much love.

18 Mar 2010 13:44

I am going to audition (One can only hope it's open for the public) to be a presenter on the show and I can see that every presenter pushes their own agenda and I have my agenda too = 85% local music + performing goes with interviews + balance and relevance+ all artists shall be treated equally>no favours! 
Makisto, have you ever heard the saying: Don’t wish what you asked for because you might just get it and find that it is not always as you perceive it to be.

Da Diva
18 Mar 2010 13:46

Andile Mseleku(Wendy's sister has Passed way tyo that's very sad.

18 Mar 2010 14:01

what i have noticed mina is that...its only girls that dont like bonang, all the males i know love and like that i am guessing its a girl issue that most girls have against Bonang. i think she is super sexy, hyper and very interesting

18 Mar 2010 14:12

its only girls that dont like bonang

I love Bonang a fact i have a girlish crush on her....she's the best that ever happend on SABC . The gal is sizzling H O T T.

18 Mar 2010 14:56

I hope thi will not change and be about Bonang ... i wonder real why people have so much hate towards her.

Apparently she cancelled a tell-all cover interview she was going to do with Drum magazine about how she first experimented and how she got hooked as well as how it ended her relationship with Silkour but chickened out at the last minute. It is also alledged that she felt that she wasn't ready and therefore, wants the rumours about her being high first disappear and she will do it later plus, she's still struggling with quiting.

tjo makisto .... i dont think something like this would have happend... all i know is what Cheesa said  "about finishing her shoot with Drum and I thought its an article about her website and bag thing"

She will be on the DRUM cover, i cant remember correctly if it will be April/May cover and it is about her Website and hand bag launch .

18 Mar 2010 15:06

@TVSA news deck plz tell how do I get this info because m doing a project abt live television show my email addrss is

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