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Generations Teasers - March 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 25 Feb 2010
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Monday, 1 March 2010
Episode 3024

All is not moonshine and roses now that the Zondo's have arrived. Dineo gets a response regarding the job interview she went for. Ntombi's speechless when she hears where their houseguest is working.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Episode 3025

Senzo breaking the news doesn't go quite the way he hoped it would. Khethiwe can't voice why the NGO project freaks her out so much. Kenneth makes a phone call - he seems to be up to something nasty.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010
Episode 3026
Please note: Tonight's episode starts 5 minutes early to make time for the build-up to the game between Bafana Bafana and Namibia. The build-up starts at 20h25.

Zachariah decides to spill the beans regarding the clippings he found. Ruby catches her resident thief in the act. Dumisani loses his temper and seems to lose his mind at the same time.

Thursday, 4 March 2010
Episode 3027

The tension hangs thick in the air in the Shabane residence. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed at the shebeen. Worked up Senzo shocks Ngamla with what he has to say.

Friday, 5 March 2010
Episode 126 3028

Khethiwe wants to enroll for self-defense classes. Daphne tries to be the voice of reason but will her husband listen? Kenneth has to cover his fury when he hears who's behind Dineo new job.

Monday, 8 March 2010
Episode 3029

The big dinner is on but no one's looking forward to it. Jason loses it when he hears the same tired story he's been hearing for weeks. Trust old Jabulani to put his foot in it at the worst possible time.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Episode 128 3030

Zachariah is more determined than ever not to give his blessing for the name change. Instead of taking the extended olive branch, Senzo breaks it to piece. Dineo's stunned when she gets an unexpected job offer.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
Episode 3031

Ngamla won't reveal what the plan is he has up his sleeve. Paul spots an innocent moment and is jealous as hell. Ntombi realizes Karabo made a huge mistake by staying away so long.

Thursday, 11 March 2010
Episode 3032
The night at the Three Towers obviously went down well… Sharon's in for a surprise with Samuel's article. A charged midnight-meeting at Ezweni proves that the tables are now turned.

Friday, 12 March 2010
Episode 3033

Zachariah seems to have had a sudden change of mind. Ruby is unsettled when her stock figures don't add up. Sara's worried Khaphela may be moving too fast.

Monday, 15 March 2010
Episode 3034

How is Jabulani going to talk his way out of this one? Is the shattered photo an omen for Paul? Ngamla covers about the real reason the Zondos changed their minds.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010
Episode 133 3035

Dumisani is furious when he hears he'll be spending the long weekend alone. Queen's baffled by what seems to be a roundabout goodbye. Zamani has to grin and bear it when angry Kenneth lets him have it.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Episode 3036

Ntombi gets off a phone call to her father with good and bad news. Sara's doubts about going down to KZN are finally appeased. A broken-hearted Dineo breaks down and sobs.

Thursday, 18 March 2010
Episode 3037

Dumisani's taken aback to hear his better half has taken up defense classes. There's uproar at the shebeen when Jabulani charges in, screaming blue murder. Ajax has a plan of how to beat Spiros at his own game.

Friday, 19 March 2010
Episode 3038

The poker playing lessons get underway… Khaphela's taken aback when someone hitches a last-minute ride to KZN. Jason and Senzo get home and realize they have a crisis on their hands.

Monday, 22 March 2010
Episode 3039

Things get hectic when Paul and Dineo have it out. Ruby proves just what a big heart she has. Ngamla arrives back home and is shocked to the core by what he finds.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Episode 3040

Horrified Ntombi thinks her husband has lost his mind. Rethabile realizes there's more to the self-defence classes than meets the eye. Dumisani shows his nasty side again.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Episode 3041

Khethiwe arrives back home only to announce that she's moving out. Jabulani reels in shock when he hear what the commotion is about. Jason decides to go into work, with disastrous consequences.

Thursday, 25 March 2010
Episode 140 3042

It's crunch time for Senzo who has a very difficult choice to make. Khaphela can sense he's not hearing the whole truth and it worries him. Everyone at Ezweni is stunned to see Karabo who is in for a shock herself.

Friday, 26 March 2010
Episode 3043

Ntombi desperately hopes her lie doesn't backfire on her. Kenneth fishes for information and is incredulous when he gets it. Paul does something he's been wanting to do for a very long time.

Monday, 29 March 2010
Episode 142 3044

After being swept up in the moment, reality finally sets in… Ruby's idea to visit Karabo is not met with a warm response. Ngamla's furious when he finds out he's been lied to.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Episode 3045

Sara's stunned to hear the ceremonies were almost cancelled and even more so when she hears why. Rethabile doesn't seem to realize she's playing with fire… or does she? A surprise visitor shows up at the Moroka house.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Episode 3046

Khethiwe wonders if moving back was a mistake. Paul is cagey about whether or not there are problems in his relationship. An impromptu meeting at Ezweni gets totally out of hand.

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25 Feb 2010 15:18

First Yay Now lets read

25 Feb 2010 15:24

Finally Karabo!!!! back from your holiday.

Da Diva
25 Feb 2010 15:44

Mmh top 5 Neh let mi read kuqala

25 Feb 2010 16:00

I think this month is a bit interesting , well done, Khethi also does something of her abusive relationship.

25 Feb 2010 16:05


25 Feb 2010 16:14

im the 7th, yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GUD THINKING KHETHIWE, DEFEND YOURSELF GAL1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Feb 2010 16:39

8 YEY, nw ima read

25 Feb 2010 16:42

Top ten...yeah!!!!!!! Finali karabo is bek!

25 Feb 2010 16:49

yippi i made it to the top 20

25 Feb 2010 16:55

I thnk sbu is gon catch senzo nd jason in da act.

25 Feb 2010 16:55

I thnk sbu is gon catch senzo nd jason in da act.

25 Feb 2010 17:49

Reply from: xolanipat 2/25/2010 10:55:22 PM

I thnk sbu is gon catch senzo nd jason in da act.

chances of that happening as as slim as chances of you winning the

25 Feb 2010 17:54

Finally Karabo is back,l hope its not too late

25 Feb 2010 18:14

Hi all even if its 2 late 4 karabo and paul what can we do coz i heard that mr T might be coming back on gen nd i wish he does come so karabo might be with the love of her life nd live that stupid mashaba man who wants to shag or continue where thomas nd kenny left off (dineo).

25 Feb 2010 18:57

Miss Jackson, Tau said he will never go back on Gen, remember he died. he said that on shift early this month.

25 Feb 2010 19:24

wow! I think Paul will let Dinny down gentle after all, guys

26 Feb 2010 07:31

................ one thing for sure................... generation is the best local soapie .......

26 Feb 2010 07:49

Paul is so in love with Dineo,I think they are going to kiss. Are Khaphela and Sarah going to last? I don't think so!

26 Feb 2010 08:52

well done khethi...ur so called abusive relationship dsnt  worth it and as 4 usara i think the uncertain issue pertaining bra khapz being rash is becoming tired,nanny needs to wake up n get a life.Paul!!! ur disgusting!

26 Feb 2010 12:08

heyy guys im not really new i jus read and go but i decided to comment today.
Khetiwe should restrain from the fake sweet poison Dumi..

26 Feb 2010 13:17

paul and dineo.....
boring....they make me wana vomit.....Paul-c c cc cc,ddnt thnk he wud be that kind f man

26 Feb 2010 16:51

Karabo at last. Wat were u wytn 4 ol dis tym? Go khethi go!

26 Feb 2010 21:12

Basop, i almost made it to top 20.

26 Feb 2010 22:05

MA'M RUBY HAI, SHE'S THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO GENERATIONS.SHE IS SO FULL OF HER SELF AND I LIKE HER WHEN SHE THROWS HER WEIGHT for ntombi,she is good and i love her and i also love her stuborness.She's the only person who can face s'busiso

27 Feb 2010 10:06


27 Feb 2010 12:31

Thats shameful of Paul, Welcome back Karabo missed u dear.

27 Feb 2010 14:40

Hey tari hw would u feel if that wil hapen 2 u . One minute u gone nd ur friend takes over ur boyfriend. Karabo had her reasons to go on holiday and we wil soon find out. Chow

01 Mar 2010 07:47

Good morning all....

01 Mar 2010 10:11

I know that Kari will tell Paul to move out because it's over, every blind person can see that Kari is so over Paul.

Lady NA
01 Mar 2010 10:21

OMG, Karabo was gone to long, Im not suprized Paul is inlove with Dinny...
As for Senzo telling his Parents his gay, we dont know whethe the accepted him or not. What about Gamla as well.

01 Mar 2010 14:33

01 Mar 2010 15:02

Paul and Dineo sies! that is not

rough rider
01 Mar 2010 15:28

thank god Karabo is back, but i thnk she is late

01 Mar 2010 16:07

Paul and Dinny..not ayoba.......Welcome back Karabo!

01 Mar 2010 16:19

hey guyz, letz hope it stil da karabo we knw, nt new one lol! phela mehlolo cn happn..

01 Mar 2010 16:57

I think its the karabo we knw i can feel it in mai blood even if shes late is for her own good probably one day shel get over him we all the mashabas are like dogs on heat and dineo has turn into Brooke.

02 Mar 2010 08:17

Good Morning all.....

02 Mar 2010 08:30

welcome Karabo dear.  i think Paul will ask Dinny to present that talk show with him as a permanent job, queen should've alerted Karabo anyway karabo is a tough cookie she'll handle Dinny and Paulie (i hope)

02 Mar 2010 09:06

dineo im so sorry because you seem to go through many moments of  weakness......but you need a man like paul tom make you feel like a real woman. karabo im so so so sorry the guy is gone in a not so ubuntu way!

Da Diva
02 Mar 2010 09:29

Morning every1 i dnt knw why Zondos nt happy 4 Senzo and critisizing everything eyenziwa uSenzo no maan thats so unacceptable.

02 Mar 2010 10:12

Hie guys. Please can somebody explain to me how Senzo's parents being Xhosa but he speaks Zulu. I mean these people raised him and he should be speaking Xhosa right? Anyway, let me read this month's teasers

02 Mar 2010 10:18

@Krystal....Good question!!!!

02 Mar 2010 10:20

Morning Da Diva......

cool one
02 Mar 2010 11:09

Krystal, This is TV...(LOL)

02 Mar 2010 11:15

wats up with the zondos

02 Mar 2010 11:20

hi guys, but Krystal has a point, but u Senzo used to speak Xhosa when he was acting in home affairs i wonder why he didnt use it hear & as for his parents, they dont sound like real Xhosa's to me or they cant act...

02 Mar 2010 11:20

i well like to see mr t back with karabo

02 Mar 2010 12:42

@blackiekagiso...isnt he dead?

02 Mar 2010 12:46

@vee05....Thami was on Home Affairs?

02 Mar 2010 13:34

Karabo,we missed you dear.It seems you will only grace our sreens by monthend.we still have a long way   to go.

02 Mar 2010 13:47

eish that Zondo man doesn`t appretiate wat Senzo has worked hard 4, & S`bu does, so this is a competition4 the zondo`s & Dhlomo`s, plus S`bu has an advantage of being a biological father, Karabo pls come back Dineo is a vulture she out there 4 ur man while u busy galavanting.

02 Mar 2010 14:50

to lovebry on home affairs 1, he was lesedi's husband

02 Mar 2010 15:37

Lol....vee05, are you sure?

Da Diva
02 Mar 2010 17:45

Senzo waznt Lesedi's husband i think he waz working with this wedding planner(4gotten her name) if i'm nt mistaken and i think in H.A. He waz too small 2 b Lesedi's hubby...

02 Mar 2010 19:43

Hey diva he was lesedis husband (sendzo)

03 Mar 2010 07:20

Yes!he was Lesedi's husband and Nandi the wedding planner is the sister.

03 Mar 2010 09:06


03 Mar 2010 11:14

When is Karabo going to be happy mara mo bophelong? Paul must just behave himself and le ena Karabo must just come home. Phela every man has needs, if u know what i mean.

03 Mar 2010 12:44

Kenny is jealous of Dinny and he will always be.Imagine him saying that Dinny used his surname to get the job.

03 Mar 2010 14:21

@Sizola...why hasn't she changed her surname vele since she claims that Kenny ill treated her?

Da Diva
03 Mar 2010 14:30

@Lovebry thats impossible darling let me make an example Minister of Home affairs dvorced many yrs bt she's still Nksz Dlamini Zuma as well as Winnie Madikizela Mandela... So i think once u married and change yo surname its hard 2 get bk 2 yo Original one.

03 Mar 2010 15:13

Hey guyz remember those people u have mansion are using their surname (madikizela-mandela) and (Dlamini-zuma) nt only their husbands surname only. By the way she not gona change it since shes after paul.

03 Mar 2010 15:19

@Da diva, I believe so too.....most people dont have the time. There is too many people who still uses their ex husbands's surnames. I think you signed for all that when you got hitched:) Kenneth en  wa gaafa.

03 Mar 2010 15:34

@Da Diva...was referring to Dineo in Gen, her situation?! I believe for most politiicians its a norm and are doing it for political reasons for example to become MPs, Ministers and part of the NEC (National Executive Council) of their respective political parties. Correct me if I am wrong.

Da Diva
03 Mar 2010 16:14

Okey Lovebry i understand what u saying maybe that's why Dineo ddnt change her surname bcos of Mashaba( well known buznessman).... Of topic did an ordinary married wife change her surname after dvorce i neva heard of that.....

03 Mar 2010 17:01

@da diva...neh they dont hey bt if my partner was a horrible man like Kenneth i wud definetely change it :-D

Da Diva
03 Mar 2010 17:16

@Msjackson.... She wont change her surname bcos she's after tl tl tl tl tl tl kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa... Eish u people are amazing i neva thought of it that way lol.. Lovebry what if u have children with that man who ill treated u, cant u remain in their fathers name just 2 get the house, car and everything and if u are in Dineo's position with no Matric, no qualification nothing at all- ngyazibuzela nje.

03 Mar 2010 19:04

Dineo doesnt have a matric?lol

03 Mar 2010 20:15

@Da Diva..u are worse lol...oh my word hahahaha

03 Mar 2010 20:24

@ Sizola you are just being a hater.
i think i an now accepting senzo ans jason's relationship.i'm not saying it is right but wat can we do.
i senzo's dad zachy

03 Mar 2010 20:36

Khethiwe doesnt want to work on the POWA project because its too close to home,she doesnt want to face reality.Senzo is Xhosa in real life,no idea why his character has to be Zulu especially if raised by Xhosa parents and yes he was on Home Affairs as Lesedi's husband

Da Diva
03 Mar 2010 21:52

Kenneth Mashaba u are a selfish, devil bastard why u cnt give little D a break maan nx... As 4 Dumsan i dnt knw how 2 dfscribe u... Guyz do you think in dis world are there any women who can tolerate abuse just like Khethiwe?? And why is she avoiding dis POWA project is she afraid 2 expose Dumy or what....

03 Mar 2010 22:16

@DA DIVA Khethi cant wrk on th project bcz sh is being abused by Dumi. Dumi seems 2 hv bn abused as a kid. Th way he acuses khethi 'its ur fault u got hurt, I didn want 2 do ths or tht, why do u MAKE me hurt u, I jst want u 2 luv me' al ths kak is th abusers' language 2 make th victim feel guilt. And yes thr r many wman wh live lyk her sum evn worse thn tht. Bahlala benama-blue eyez, their men cheat n cum bek 2 bleksem thm. U shud visit th rural areas if u want 2 c a woman tht is being abused

04 Mar 2010 05:37

Ja!khetiwe has done very wel by standin up 4herslf...i supose sh daznt want 2c dumsan al d tym...dinny,sh z confuzd by daznt knw wat 2do actualy nd u knw sh nids sm1 2tyk a gud care 4ha,m jst long 2c karabo bck,so we l b able 2discover paul z minds

04 Mar 2010 07:07

I'm glad Khethiwe saw the light, Dumisani won't change even if you prayed.Icouldn't believe it last night the boy is crazy...real man don't hurt woman and pretend to love them.

04 Mar 2010 07:39

hey genlovers!Dumisani wanted to kill khetiwe last night,I hope khetiwe runs away this time or goes back to Siqalo.......Paul and Dinny seem to be getting there.Dineo is going to get the editorial job at Ezweni and Karabo is going to come back to a new member of staff who happens to be her husband stealer! GENERATIONS CERTAINLY IS THE BEST IN MZANSI.....................

04 Mar 2010 08:25

Good Morning all

Ms Blue
04 Mar 2010 09:45

I think Mfundi  shud have chose other people to play the part for Senzo's parents bcoz their Xhosa is so not ayoba....u can even tell with thier accent....yhu bayasimosha isixhosa sasekhaya.

Da Diva
04 Mar 2010 10:14

Morning lovebry!!! @chix i guess u got a point here on Dumy being abused in his early childhood so i think he can cough it out so that kuzosizakala abantu abaningi... Abwt women who are abused in rural areas why they dnt report it coz i'm sure they knw their rights its just da stupidity... And u Khethy its serves u right coz unenkani futy u dnt want 2 report yo man ekukipitisayo yaaz u degrade us as women nx.

04 Mar 2010 10:26

Miss Blue unyanisile sana andiyazi latyobdyowushini ayenzayo umama kasenzo yes u zachariah yena uyasithetha kakuhle hayi u daphney uyabhampula shame goed...

04 Mar 2010 10:51

I love they way Khapela and Sara handle their relationship. Bra Khaps you know how to treat a woman. Dumisani; i will send you to Bra Khaps for lessons.

Zacharia and Sbusiso are so stubborn, they just like to fight and dis is not good for Senzo. I think Senzo must tell both of them everything including that he is Gay.

I wonder if Sbusiso really love Senzo as his son or he is just looking for a heir since he doesnt have one. Zacharia is hard to please, are you protecting  Senzo's best interest or yourself as you raised him.

Kenneth and Dumi are the Angels of the Devil.

04 Mar 2010 11:13

I also think Usbusiso i wrong for wanting to meet with senzo's parents now that he wants him to change the surname.....he should have wanted to meet with them as soon as he found out senzo was his biological that he could thank them for raising him and also he should have asked the parents permission to change senzo's surname...but because he is damn stupid...he chose to do all the talking with the child instead of the parents

04 Mar 2010 11:38

i think that the zondos agree to the name change because they find out that senzo is gay and the zach wants nothing to do with him. "senzo is a sensitive boy..." they say a mother always knows. and i think that sibusiso is going to find out because of the "jason goes to work, with disastrous consequences" thing. maybe the mother finds a stack of condoms or something. they seem really nosy. and paul is going to bak dineo. oh yes he is. FINALLY. isn't there a law against letting midgets procreate? god.

04 Mar 2010 11:44

Most women stays in an abusive relationship because of depending on the husband for security, money, etc...........I just dont understand Kethy story bcos she is got all the money and properties nogal......................o ya makatsa.......

04 Mar 2010 11:52

Poor Khethi, What kind of a man Dumi is? Karabo???where were you???

Is Paul and Dineo Ayaba na??????

04 Mar 2010 12:08

Morning good people.Oh plis Khethikheti you have to go back to your flat. You can't be abused in the name of love. Also I think its time you share this with your friends or family they can help. i mean even a kid can read from her eyes when pretending to be enjoying life with boyfriend. what is she going to say to coleagues at work today with blue eyes. Sorry gal and wakeup

04 Mar 2010 12:09 English please

04 Mar 2010 14:58

Tazteeq its actually xhosa darling sorry just got carried away it pisses me off that mfundi uses people who are not xhosa's to speak it there like Ajax moer he pisses me off when he speaks xhosa maan cause his BROTHER SPEAKS ZULU AND THEIR ABUSIVE DAD WAS SPEAKING ZULU hayi maan and now its Senzo's mom you can see she had mastered the words but with another accent nxA!

04 Mar 2010 22:19

What is wrong with Khetiwe?  Dumisane almost killed her last night.  He is a rutheless bastard. Why don't she just go back to her flat, or is she afraid of leaving Dumisane?  I think next time she won't be so lucky.  Karabo must just stay away so that Dinni and Paul can be together.  I loved  the   look on Kenneths face when dineo told them about the job that is was offered. He finally can't pull strings to get rid of her. He thouht  he would make life difficult for her, but he actually did her a huge favour. 

05 Mar 2010 06:55

Why do women stay in abusive relationships only 2 catch a wake up call while in hospital with bruised faces and broken ribs and dignity or worse in mortuary? Khethi knows dat Dumi is abusive n he'll neva change,so what is she stil doing der? She's clever,inteligent,rich,pretty, can she let Dumi make her feel worthless? I give up!

05 Mar 2010 07:22


05 Mar 2010 08:59

Good morning all....

05 Mar 2010 09:41

hey peeepz long tym no c!!!i have missed you all !!! i cant wait for Dineo and Paul to be AYOBA , And karabo can stay wherever she is for all i care

05 Mar 2010 09:43

yazi guys its easy for u 2 say dat khethiwe must leave dumisane yaz when you in an abusive relationship its not easy to walk away! nami im in dat situation ,and i cant walk away ,i dont knw whats stopping me

Da Diva
05 Mar 2010 10:28

@kamirion why are u staying in that relationship gal, what are u waiting for or you want 2 go bk in yo family in a wheelchair or coffin, no maan i dnt buy it why iz it difficult 2 leave a bastard... Khethiwe u are very disgusting nx i'm even afraid 2 col myself a woman.

05 Mar 2010 11:11

kamarion i was in the same situation darling there is nothing difficlut just think about how long is this thing going to continue walk away while you still can walk girl you will find someone who will appreciate you for who you are and worth i did and i'm happy yes i know you love the dude and me too i still love him deeply but i cant go back there again now i can wear shorts and sleeveless tops cause am done being beaten up and its so amazing my new man is treating me like a queen well maybe its the fact that he is way older than my ex but atleast am getting good sex as compared to the abusive one and most off all the best attention ever i could ever ask for.... he doesnt even raise his voice and hates arguing if we do have a fall out he just kisses my forehead and apologises even if i was the wrong one so girl please walk away and dont look back....

05 Mar 2010 11:19

paul thanx for offering dineo work ,bt watch out ur brother ne!.ketiwe wat u ar waiting 4 go live dumisani alone gal.karabo watch out dineo,senzo change ur surname boy u are the only guy of dlomo al things of him ar urz.generations u rock bt kenneth must die he's boring

05 Mar 2010 11:59

We al at sum point get involved wt a bastard wh either abuses u physically or emotionally. I 2 ws in an emotionally abusive rltnsp, my ex usd 2 tel me hw gr8 other wmen luk, hw gud thy wr in bed hw sexy. He belittled me n I blvd tht. Evrytym I thot of walkn away, I wud thnk wh wil luv me whn I hv so lil gud in me. Thn I wud stay wt hm unhappy n mistreated. U get usd 2 being abused so much tht it stops feeln lyk abuse, it bcums a norm. 1dy I lukd at myslf in th mirror n I saw beauty, I thot 2 myslf tht if I cud c beauty in me, so can th next persn. I broke up wt my x n stayd single 4 a while 2 rebuild my strength n self esteem. I met my nw husband n he treats me lyk a queen. He is th first 2 tel me evrydy whn I dres 4 wrk tht I luk gorgeous. I hv neva had th courage 2 tel hm wht lyf ws lyk b4 hm bt he feelz evry void in my heart as if he knws wat kind of monster I ws wt b4 hm. By al ths, I am tryn 2 make u undstnd tht u don stay bcz u cant leave bt bcz th abuser feeds u crap lyk he is doing u a favour by being wt u or makes u feel lyk u owe hm. They alwaz find a way 2 make u feel lyk u nid thm. Damn bastards.

05 Mar 2010 12:29

Now this is getting hectic!!!!!!

05 Mar 2010 12:35

Ladies, I really do not know what to say and whats worse is that I cant apologise on their behalf. I really do feel bad and disgusted that they are still men out there mistreating women like this in this day and age, its appauling.

05 Mar 2010 15:19

The look in Dumisane's face and a pretentious teardrop makes me wonder if his wife really dissapeared just like that...

05 Mar 2010 15:19

Kenneth has to find a partner or something go to jim bcause his loneliness incresaes his cruelty, he wants to destroy other people. Zenso choose what you want you are a big man now. 

05 Mar 2010 15:33

Khethi,leave the bastard alone

Da Diva
05 Mar 2010 15:44

Guyz i think both Sbusiso and Zondo's are wrong... Why Sbusiso ddnt bother himself 2 meet with Zondo's at first just 2 thank them 4 raising his son... Zacharia u cant say Sbusiso iz nt good 2 b Senzo's father bcoz like it or nt He iz that's a Fact...and with yo Blessings or nt Senzo can change his surname since u are nt His God.

Da Diva
05 Mar 2010 15:48

True Waitress Mashaba nids 2 do something otherwize uzofa... He he he what waz he asking 2 Ntombi, a dinner or what this man haz a problem a Big one...

05 Mar 2010 16:19

Hi mabloggers its been a long tym not blogging. My IT has a stress and he cut all of us on internet but anyway am back.

If Khethiwe can cough out this abuse to someone else then she will leave Dumi, but now she's scared and on top of that Sbari will say "i told you about lo mlisa". 

I realy like Paul and Dinny I wish they can stay 2gether so that Karabo when she came back she must be alone cos Paul was also alone, in real life you cant live a man for more that a month and expect to find him alone, come on Karabo.

I hate this Zach guy is boring he's attitude is boring me, i dont want to speak about that monster by the name of Kenneth. I mean Dinny make a mistake by falling pregnant but she need a break through. That shows that man are very weak y cant he let her work for her self and see if she can or what. Kenneth is stupid abantu bathi "phila ngiphile uzoba impumelelo yami" y cant Kenneth let Dinny to prove her self.

05 Mar 2010 17:02

Hey buhle open your eyes dineo can nt do anythng without crying in pauls arms come on. Evry time she has a problem she dnt solve them alone, she mourns about it and goes to paul, shes weak and pathetic she needs a break and to wake up.

05 Mar 2010 20:55

CHIX good for u for getting out of that toxic relationship,Im sure that bari wa itjhapa nou.SOME MAN ARE WICKED.

08 Mar 2010 08:12

Man like paul i can nt believe the nerve of that man. When ngamla was away kenny kissed ntombi, paul preached his brother about that kiss pretendng to be virgn mary kantsi bayafana they are cheaters. As for litle dinny making sure that queen nd prince are not in karabos house so she can play good house wife all cosy dam that litle slut.

08 Mar 2010 08:18

Good Morning all!!!

08 Mar 2010 08:51


08 Mar 2010 10:12

If Dineo sleeps wit paul then this girl has no morals whatsoever mnxim! disgusting maan. Kenny is the bad guy but i think he is better off being, i mean he doesnt hide it everyone knows but pretending to be nice and then do something like what D and P are doing. When Kenny kissed Ntombi its better becoz he has never tried to be Ngamla's friend, but the slut pretended to be Karabo's friend and now that she is over the grief. I dont like what Kenny does but lets face it he doesnt pretend to be something he is not. Mfundi please we watch the show with our kids, its family soapie. 

We have seen gay pple but Dineo no, no, no i dont watch BnB becoz of that Brooke Logan and now you are bringing us another one - Look at this:

Brooke slept with Eric, Ridge, Thorne; (Father, son and son);
Dineo slept with Kenneth, Thomas, now it will be P (Father, son, uncle).

What is this keeping it in the family. Change this story line.

Da Diva
08 Mar 2010 10:24

Hi all, @tari ofcourse its Paul and Dineo mh mh mh eish Dineo iz a mahosha nw She wants 2 tastes all the Mashaba's nc nc nc thats a disgrace bt though i liked her when she told Kenny that she has accepted the job at ezweni and she is nt relying 2 Mashaba's oh dd u noticed Mashaba's face lol

08 Mar 2010 10:48

Guys What if Dumisane and Berlinda murdered Bridgette his ex wife?  They found blood in the car she was driving.  I think he has something to do with her dissapearence and he can't control  himself hurting the woman in his life.  He is a dangerous man and i hope khetiwe get's out before the she also dissapears.  I hope the plice finds something that links Dumisane to Bridget's dissapearance.  Karabo must come back i want to see fireworks between her and Dinny.  What if Kenneth offers Dineo her old job back.  Will she turn him down or  will she be the competion for Mashaba Media?

08 Mar 2010 14:23

hi i think senzo should tell both families that he is gay and he will see who is going to accept him.

08 Mar 2010 14:48

goodday lovely people,i fully agree w u Bgirl he should tell both of them and c who's gonna accept him as he is

08 Mar 2010 14:52

Zach's not ma favourate actor in Gen his attitude's so boring i think they shuld jst go bek where they came frm & that Kenneth is also a nerve u knw why cnt he let Dinny do it on her own

08 Mar 2010 16:46

ka nnete Dinnie is a pure slurt..u slept with KENNY who z probably ur father hu abandoned a pregnant Ruby,u slept wyt hs son,ur haf broe n nw u r bout to sleep with ur uncle!wats wit u mashabas?Fela wena Dinnie ikelelle coz all those men dont stick round or ain meant to.f u dnt stop bein vulnerable u shall 4evr be a victim ya amadoda.laba bantu!ngeke u bheke impilo yako kuphela e zandleni c'abanga nje nge mtwana o sa qedhi u ku zalwa.
@amazulu:li nga khathazeki ukuthi ngi moshi isizulu,ngi ya funda,too bad a ngila ye umuntu o ngi fundisayo.ngi funda e tv ku thandaza wa se muvhango no Ntombi wa se generations.

08 Mar 2010 23:16

i am loving every minute of generations.i cant even miss an episode.someone pliz tell me why karabo is coming back i wish she had just stayed a little longer she is always meddling in peoples affairs.i dont like her at all

09 Mar 2010 06:24

Why a most of u people blaming Dineo.This thing that is happening between Dinny and Paul was bound to happen.They say man likes women who a vulnerable so Dinny is a damsel in distress&Paul shows his a man in need.STOP BLAMING DINEO remember it takes 2 to tango.

09 Mar 2010 08:06

Good Morning all...

lady gaga
09 Mar 2010 08:41

ha ha ha u bab'Mkhulu JB ne Trifle.........,meaning i ja ne!!!!

09 Mar 2010 09:45

Missed My Kari-Kari Like crazy. Thank gawd she back. But dam a tat bit too late seeing that the man snatcher has snatched her man. :-)

09 Mar 2010 09:47

Uyazi I Like bab'mkhulu Jb...always starting trouble...

09 Mar 2010 10:50

oh my Gooosh what was Ruby wearing

09 Mar 2010 11:23

@Tazteeq..but the guy was being honest and Sbu never said it was secret lol

09 Mar 2010 11:36

lol @ the disability part.......

09 Mar 2010 11:51

i like uncle JB.. he spices up Generations, guys its a question nami i heard rumours it true that Karabo ebeyothwasa... pls dont bite my head ke putso fela!! kuthiwa ubonakale somewhere e natali.

09 Mar 2010 12:06

It's a lie I attend the same Church with her she went for Hysterectomy

09 Mar 2010 12:41

did she publicly say that phela that is somehow private, ok people we don`t know where Karabo was.

09 Mar 2010 12:43

what is hysterectomy?

lady gaga
09 Mar 2010 12:55

u karabo was on sick leave due to the Hysterectomy, not all the other nonsense please!!! she even stated that on Twitter!

lady gaga
09 Mar 2010 13:17

pride, is the removal of the womb (correct me if im wrong)

09 Mar 2010 13:25

@lady are right, a uterus...

09 Mar 2010 13:44

i miss Generations, i wish i coul dwatch it online!!!!!

09 Mar 2010 13:47

@mbarly...where are you dear?

09 Mar 2010 14:00

Sh had an op 2 remove her womb. I hate D n P's affair. So my gues is Paul wil play th blame-shiftn-game wt Karabo. I cheated on u wt D bcz u wr gn 2 lng n Dny ws thr 4 me n my novel. Bull *bleep!* Paul

09 Mar 2010 15:03

shame Karabo, hope she has fully recovered! i missed her on Gen. . people like Dinny r not true friends!! yena uPaul is just like all other man, the minute u r out of his sight he grabs anything that is wearing a skirt! uKenneth yena is so jealous of Dinny, hope she performs well in her new position and show him that she can do well without him!!

09 Mar 2010 16:32

thanx lady G. hope she is better now.

10 Mar 2010 07:40

i wonder how karabo with react when she find out dinny is working at ezweni.  watch this space

10 Mar 2010 09:06

Good Morning all...

10 Mar 2010 09:55

Dinny has innocent face, but she is a slut. This is the time she was suppose to build her dignity but she is moving from son to dad, from dad to brother. She is very dangerous.

10 Mar 2010 09:56

exactly what is it that Kenneth wants from Dinny??? i really enjoyed it when she aburigwaad him from her office...classic

as for Khethiwe and Dumisani..bayabhora..just like those teenage adults Sara and khaphela.

kanti why is Queen not given a bigger role to play...instead of her being the nobody she is..

sbuda and zakes are so immature

Da Diva
10 Mar 2010 10:53

Halloween Mashaba is a rat now dd u 2 how he ates papers tl tl tl tl tl... I wish Sbusiso angathola some dirty thing ngo Zacharia.

lady gaga
10 Mar 2010 11:14

u welcome thatohatsi my luv!!! and yes she is ok now since she's back on the set shooting !.

10 Mar 2010 11:59

i jst loved Sbuda & Dinny's reaction against tht Kenneth bcz his full of himself m jst hoping Dinny will not accept his offer bcz his jealous of her nothing else!

Hurry Sbuda jst uncover those dirty laundry zika Zach odikayo,i thnk his also full of himself wht he sayz must go hay his a real bully

Lovely pps lets stop blaming Dineo bout their affair w Pman,it takes 2 to tango so noPaul is to b blamed nyway where r u K its been long nw uzode ushiywe ngoku

10 Mar 2010 12:09

Did Dineo really have to complain when Paul didnot return her calls.i mean really now.

Da Diva
10 Mar 2010 12:17

@andyz i dnt think D will accept da offer since she'7 already signed the contract. Unless if she want 2 wrk near I liked Ntombi ystday whn she gives Zacharia that look... Tyo it waz like she said u cnnt talk 2 mi like that.

Da Diva
10 Mar 2010 12:24

@Tshilo... No she ddnt have 2 complain coz she's nt Karabo

10 Mar 2010 12:48

@Da Diva that exactly my thought.i wish Dineo can jola le Jason.

10 Mar 2010 13:21

10 Mar 2010 14:11

eish guys its been like three weeks without watchin Gen and im so hurt its because of this zesa *bleep!* (well im in Zim so we call electricity zesa as in Zim electricity supply authority,wch has changed to Zim electricity sumtimes available) wish i could also watch it on line. is there a patient sumone hu can gimme sum sooo behind but i know dinny and Paul kissed

Da Diva
10 Mar 2010 14:25

@btp sori my love u've missed a lot i wish i can help u bt dont worry u'll catch up sn. @Tshilo no love how can u even wish dat?? What about Senzo mh mh mh thats will b unfair........ Dineo is a slut she cnt leave without a man nx.. FATHER-SON-UNCLE Tyo she's a horse.

10 Mar 2010 14:34

how well karabo react when she find out abought dineo and p kana she helped dineo when no wann cood anyway abought senzo in did he was lesedis husband in home afears called david

10 Mar 2010 14:38

Dinny is not a slut put urself in her shoes.

10 Mar 2010 14:51

Dinny is not a slut but urself in her shoes.

10 Mar 2010 14:54

lol @ mathaz

Da Diva
10 Mar 2010 15:20

@btp true Dineo iz nt a slut bt she iz worse than a slut infact i dnt know which name will suits her.... Come on she's a young beautiful lady why cannt find herself a man nt following MASHABAS.

10 Mar 2010 15:23

Yeah sure, DaDiva. Dineo cannot "live" with a man, but can "leave" with a man. LOL

10 Mar 2010 15:34


11 Mar 2010 07:42

Good Morning all!!!!

11 Mar 2010 08:32

Morning All!! ithini into yakho kanti Matha why r u copying btb's post? uyayayazi ukuba yi-plagiarisim lento uyenzayo? uDinny yena shame yikatikazi elihule khonukuba sekuthiwa amnqabele olohlobo amadoda lonto imnyanzelisa ukuba asele ewagqiba onke amadoda akwa Mashaba!

11 Mar 2010 09:57

I am so glad the night at 3 towers wasnt Dineo & Paul. I dont get it, now that Tau Mogale is gone  everyone is saying Karabo & Tau had this connection, honestly i did not see ""this connection"" 2 people in love, who also had their ups and downs like everyone. Karabo's relationships start out nicely as though they will be separated by death but problems always creep in. I love Karabo i hope they give her relationship that will last like Ntombi & Sbu. 

Zondo, i dont know its like he is in those school plays and the wife hhayi andazi ndithini,

11 Mar 2010 10:12


11 Mar 2010 12:51

do u want 2 say something Condomm?

rough rider
11 Mar 2010 15:34

Mrs Zondo charms me specailly when she saiys 'oh thixo' njenge gundane. Sbuda u are creative

11 Mar 2010 15:47

Afternoon lovely peeps!!

@Tshilo... tht's ma wish 2 bt Jason's already taken by the handsome Senzo

ukhe umbone uSenzo xa ethetha suka  ankonke uyanndika mna yaz whn doin tht bt shame his so cute

i thnk i lyk Sbuda & Makhumalo abade bacace ba they r acting unlyk uZach hay i dnt lyk elakhehle 

11 Mar 2010 15:50

Hie, Please can Sharon change her hairstyle. 

lady gaga
11 Mar 2010 15:56

thanx detaky, its been tooo loooong now. hai change asseblief sister!!!

11 Mar 2010 16:04

usenzo udliwe e 3 towers izolo...ha ha ha ha

11 Mar 2010 16:23

same goes for dineo....haistyle oooohhhh

11 Mar 2010 18:12

Rethabile and  Gladys niyasbhora!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Mar 2010 18:56

i think the best couple they can have is JASON and DINEO. it is way better that jason and senzo

Da Diva
11 Mar 2010 22:23

@Rayj why Dineo and Jason if i may ask/ its bcos they are gayz..............

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 08:42

Morning all, Guyz i've heard ppl said Generations iz boring...NB: I LOVE IT 2 MUCH,and i watch da other soapies like Isidingo,Muvhango, Rhythm City my problem is the last time i checked their blogs there are only less than 60 replies, bt here in Gene we are abwt 2 reach 200 within 2 wks... So guys plz LETS PROVE THEM WRONG BY REACHING 500 BY THE END OF DIS MNTH!!

lady gaga
12 Mar 2010 09:09

ijuuu mkhaba wa Rethabile ingathi wu lo wami, bt then again im not on TV. so do somthing gal.

i dnt blame Paul bafwethu, u karabo phushed him to where he is!

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 09:39

Wow Lady gaga mh mh... She ddnt pushed him, do u mean if u offered a job overseas u wont take it bcos yo "man" will cheat with yo so called friend...... No Paul and Dineo are Wrong.

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 09:49

@Tazteeq let mi tqy darling bt i'm nt Good.... Sara wanted 2 make a dinner 4 Khaphela and Queen, then she went 2 market and bought everything only 2 find out that she dont knw how 2 cook then called Khethy 4 assistance so it went well... Sharon told Ntombi abwt Sam's article then They gave it 2 1 of their work colleags 2 go through it and it seems as if it waz a good article.... Then Dlomo has finally found the Zacharia's dirty and invite him 2 his office... Guyz help plz

12 Mar 2010 10:05


12 Mar 2010 11:15

@Rayj...i think the best couple they can have is JASON and DINEO. it is way better that jason and senzo. I don't think that it will ever work, Dineo is too self centred and likes them old and rich.......

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 11:28

SO TRUE lovebry!!!!!

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 11:33

I cnt wait 2 c Zacharia 2nite with all his pride bt keep on saying i'm A RELIGIOUS MAN.............

12 Mar 2010 11:53

eish igenerations this days iyangibhora I'm just surviving because of this local dramas Society, Home Affairs. Is it true yeste was the last episode of Home Affairs no man kume bayiqhube this is not fair!

12 Mar 2010 12:29

wats wrong with Diny mara,how could she do tht to Karabo who was thr for her in her dark days????y cnt she go find a man sumwhr far from the Mashabas

12 Mar 2010 13:43

@ Focus...maybe some men can see right through her and the Mashabas cant seem to do that.

12 Mar 2010 15:20

hi can some one tell me gore this house ya ga karabo and p e mo leineng la ga mang and what well hhappen if the relationship is over

12 Mar 2010 15:22

@ focus, Karabo has been gone for a very long time now and that doesn't seem to bother her, if Dineo was not around Paul would have gone to someone else. Karabo is being totally selfish here, What did she expect? You cant leave a man that long with no explanation and still expect him to wait for you. When he asks when are you coming back she is always not sure...........nahhhhhhhh,,,,she crazy!

Khetiwe ena must leave the bustard, psycho of her's

Da Diva
12 Mar 2010 16:11

@blackiekagiso i think they will sell it out coz i'm sure karabo cannt stand dis nonsence of P and D..... Maybe its time 4 Queen 2 stop following Karabo and starts 2 find herself a house with her little Prince.

13 Mar 2010 11:31

Thank you Sharon you changed your hairstysle. I hope you  are not going to stay for the next 5mths with that hairstyle.

Did you see Mama Ruby how he looked at Jabulani when he caught him stealing......

13 Mar 2010 12:43

But guys its not fair that when a woman is away for 2minutes the man starts piping thru the window, worse thing a wrong girls u cant even take home to your parents? "Hawu bandla, "Paul kona u Dinny pho"? Where are the morals guys mani?Mvundla exactly u mean to tell us that there is no happy couple? Rem. it was Ketty and Sbu ngesikhathi uNtombi esemahlabathini now this, i give up kanti yini ngani madoda, cant u zip up your zips, nine o little Dinny cant u be loyal 2 someone who helped u like usisi Karabo? She deserves better gents.

14 Mar 2010 14:39

True treaz... Paul ai urngo..

15 Mar 2010 09:00

Good Morning all

15 Mar 2010 09:32

Morning Everybody in this beautiful blog...........Please welcome me I'm new here........I can see u all enjoying this home plz make feel at home I promise to behave en being a gud gal............Luv u all

Sara en Khaphela............are making a cute couple finally Khapela find his perfect match.

Dineo and Paul............can't wait to see you together Karabo must get a life she can't just leave her man like dat.....dat pisses me off.

Sbusiso .........u stl rock my brother........i like you even you doing the wrongs. but i'm so feeling for u when you find out that your so called son is a gay.

Khetiwe.............come on gal where is the real Ketiwe .......Don't let Dumi do this to u.......The Kethiwe I know would stand up for en don't let any *bleep!* near so why can't you do it to ur moron boyfriend. Wake up gal.

Thnx ppl

15 Mar 2010 10:30

Oh! I thought we had a "JadaPinkett" before?

15 Mar 2010 10:43

Welcome JadaPinkett

15 Mar 2010 10:44

You are right Condomm

Da Diva
15 Mar 2010 10:47

Hey JP ungazodlala ngathi la

15 Mar 2010 11:39

Hi all i think this thing between paulie and dinny is wrong couldnt paul find himself another woman instead of his brother's ex wife who happened to sleep with her step son and fell pregnant hayi!!! mfundi please we know its a soapie but this in so unreal.  i cant believe how sbusiso would defend jabulani like that he knows the type of person he is. wait until his laptop dissappears

15 Mar 2010 11:44 why his laptop?

Da Diva
15 Mar 2010 11:49

That's true Buligirl bt nothing we can do what iz done iz done lol................................. Bt hey did u c Jabulan's eyes when Ruby cought him last Friday tl tl tl i wonder uzothin...........

Da Diva
15 Mar 2010 12:13

@Buligirl... Sbusiso har every right 2 defend his uncle, 1st of all when Ruby hired JB she ddnt tell Sbusiso bt now because he's stealing her whiskey she decide 2 run 2 Dlomo with those Accusation mh mh mh...she waz wrong and I 4 one i cant stand that nonsense.... And As U all knw BLOOD IZ THICKER THAN WATER!!

Da Diva
15 Mar 2010 12:16

har=has plz 4give mi phela 2day is a Payday so my mind is elsewhere lolololololol

15 Mar 2010 12:46

Hahaha my friend phela (da diva)angifuni ukuzigqamisa okokuqala there's some new blogers so i don't want to confuse them.........Condomm yes we had JP en m stl  i was jst teasing u guys beside it's been a long time so i wanted ur attention en thnx for giving it tme me

15 Mar 2010 12:47

@lovebry....i think buligirl means  ,JB is going to steal sbu's laptop

15 Mar 2010 13:08

Good day people.  Long tym no blog

Does Khethi think she can defend herself from Dumi. The monster will slaughter. She shud just leave and stay as far as possible from him

15 Mar 2010 13:34

well he will steal the laptop since he has a couple of days to come up with the money he still owes that mean looking man who always comes to Ruby's i dont know if you remember how it went walky walkies when sarah owed those women from her stokvel. History might repeat itself. eish Da Diva you are funny hi!hi!hi!

15 Mar 2010 13:53

@thanx Pride :-)

15 Mar 2010 13:54

gud day plp ah generetaionz is sumthing esle m telling u .udineo no paul ayokho lento.

15 Mar 2010 14:08

molweni bangani bani,, iyuu its been long and bzy months for me,, i MISSED U ALL VERY MUCH,i can see tht we have new babies as usula IM PROUD OF U GUYZ .

Paul and DINEO, I dont think im gonna love your relationship not sure if its just a fing since both hava a lack of sex, haha sorry mann i dont like it at all, 
Mam Ruby mushaye u Uncle Dumisani kusho mina,, nxx xxx
Mr Zondo,, so supprised tht nawe unama secrets , hahaaaha 
Khethiwe sana move on with your life just go back to your falt, before Dumie become worste,and worste.
Karabs maybe uyabuya this week, 
Senzo and Jason, your characters nikwenza kubaleke umzimba wam, mannn

15 Mar 2010 14:36

i smell a fish.Qaqamba and Jp back on the same day

lady gaga
15 Mar 2010 14:39

hey qaqamba, hey JP *WAVING*

15 Mar 2010 14:50

hi Lady g- how are you, i guess this will make you smell a karapau LOl

ukhethiwe hasnt started the karate yet, but already useyadelela uzakubethwa u Dumi.

Karabo is already back, i am not sure when she will apear on your screens,

lady gaga
15 Mar 2010 15:02

HALALA!!!!, maud my friend im so happy to hear from u sthandwa sam. hope u philile sisi!!!

15 Mar 2010 15:18

@qaqama..Senzo and Jason, your characters nikwenza kubaleke umzimba wam, mannn.....In a good or bad way?!

15 Mar 2010 15:31

hahahaha Jada Pinkett attention seeker, how are you doing gal?

15 Mar 2010 16:20

Bigmama my love m doin great thnx gal.....phela kade ngakucgina le khaya uyazi nawe uFB usangibambile but thisis stl my home...........Lady gaga how r u my love long time missed u gal mwa............


16 Mar 2010 02:09

Hey Thz Gen thing!!!!! Im patiently waiting for Karry'z arrival!!

16 Mar 2010 08:10

Good Morning all

Da Diva
16 Mar 2010 08:30

Morning lovebry!!!!!

Da Diva
16 Mar 2010 10:01

@Tazteeq he find that he had an affair long time ago and he's paying isondlo 4 more than 18yrs and his wife knw nothing abwt this.

16 Mar 2010 10:26

Morning guys what do you think of Khetis shirts?

16 Mar 2010 10:55

hoooo I love khthi`s shirt ti bits, as 4 paul I hate u no dineo, argh ajax u yazisola manje hayi that spoilt brat. I love ruby when she is angry hm.

lovely L
16 Mar 2010 10:57

@Buligirl Khethi's shirts dey just looks soo wrong to me, cnt wait to see Karabo though

16 Mar 2010 11:16

I think Khethi is jealousy of Sara & Sibari's relationship, but why i hate it when 2 man compete for 1 woman is  that wha Khethi was hoping for or is it that Dumi is abusive and that is why Khethi thinks a relationship with mkhulu will workout.

16 Mar 2010 11:24

Dineo is taking over everything that belongs to Karabo, i mean can you imagine someone taking your man and working at your company who knows may be she will move in again under the pretence that she is going through a rough patch. 

Paul & Dineo might think they have something good but wait until they move in together, then the cracks will start to show. You can never be sure until you move in together  or are married. Paul try and work on your relationship with Karabo b4 you decide to jump ship

lady gaga
16 Mar 2010 11:37

guys hai no khethi and those shirts. they r not made for her or maybe its a size especially the one she wore yesterday. i also have and love those shirts and they suit me shame thank you, yena hai no beli wrongo qhaa!!!

Jada Pinkett sthandwa sam, ngiyakuthanda ne!!

16 Mar 2010 11:49

guys,i'm starting to see a pattern here.first Kenneth ,then Thomas ,then back to Kenny and then back to Thomas again ,then it was almost back to Kenny then it became Paul.Phew.the way i see it Dineo is all for everything Mashaba and she is trying to pull a Brooke Logan on us.but we all know she is gonna ruin this like she always does.or at least i hope so ....coz she can't snatch some1 else 's man and get away with it! uWrong!

16 Mar 2010 12:47

Remember how Senzo first appered on generations.He was like a lost son.U mean Zach just left him to come looking for real parents.Things just dont add up

16 Mar 2010 13:45

Hope something will be done with Rethabile's hair before Good Friday!

qaqamba.........molo sana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Mar 2010 13:59

@ lady gaga........i agree with you regarding those shirts on Khethi, they are nice but not kumlamuwami umabuthelezi. 

@ Purchase.....i think Senzo came to Jozi under the pretence that he was looking for work, that is why Zondo snr allowed him. I am so glad they went back to kapa or wherever, becoz the acting was baaaaaaaaad.

Rethabile needs a hair do, dress code and uyaphapha, i used to get annoyed when mlamuwami asked for uxolo when she first appeared but Rethabile yena, i think she is just too plain for me.

Ayaandaaa (in Zamani's voice).....what's up wit him not sure if he did the right thing by quitting rapping.

16 Mar 2010 14:08

LOL LOL LOL LOL Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa Khafo! i totally agree wit you....Rethabiles hair is soooooooooo "tribe", not ideal for any office job neva mind a womans head.

paul and dineo wont and see. senzo and jason...they must break up nje..tok about total boredom.

Sarah bakithi isono nje..lighten up woman otherwise your friend wil take yo man...(mhmmmmmmm...that wld add some spice tho). Queens cute boyfriend must come back.


16 Mar 2010 14:20

I wish she fall in love with Dumisani, so that she can teach him a lesson. Khetiwe is so soft for him.

16 Mar 2010 14:38

16 Mar 2010 14:44