Another happily ever after

Written by Moagisi from the blog Bringing good TV back! on 14 Apr 2009
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Chwayi: How bt they make getting thru HIV so easy dnt they. Every1s gettin bak 2getha, seriously wud it happen so easily in real lyf. I don’t think so. 

Me: Said the same thing, make-ups galore! Mayb it’s turning HIV to HI Victory. I guess the time span is inferred & they only have so many episodes. Oh, spoke too soon. (As all hell broke loose in the Moloi household and mended relations came undone). 

Ashes to ashes 

It’s the day of Mirriam’s funeral (Theki’s wife). A tear falls down Theki’s face as he throws soil into his late wife’s new home. After the graveyard, Lebo tells Lihle as they are kneeling down to wash their hands in the basin at the gate, that she should have spoken to Mirriam sooner because she had noticed that Mirriam was sick months before she died. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. 

Tefo is busy telling a klomp mense that Mirri’s death certificate said that she died of pneumonia, “but we all know what killed her” he adds. Ow Tefo, what happened to patient confidentiality tog. I know not to go to Masakhane Clinic now. Anyway, one woman says that this was the third AIDS related funeral she has been to that month. AIDS ya bolaya bagolo. Ha se papadi. 

Theki is talking to Sol under the tent about the sad reality that is his life right now and says to Sol that he threw away his wife just like he threw away the condoms Sol used to give him. It’s really so very tragic how we seem to always learn the biggest of lessons the hard way. And when it hits it whips you about like a tornado through the veld. But you know all is never lost with Sol and he asks Theki to please (yes he said please, this is Theki after all) come and see him at the clinic. Time see about the future in a much more responsible manner Theks, for your children, as Sol said. 

Mihlali talks to Sol

Remember it’s about both the infected and affected. Little Mihlali is in Sol consulting room and they are basically talking about how she can cope with the situation at home and the fear of losing her parents and becoming like the poor AIDS orphans she sees on TV. Sol reassures her that her parents will be around a long time and gives himself as an example of someone who has been HIV+ for many years, married (I didn’t know), happy, laughing with friends and is still going strong. That testimony could give many people hope. 

This was odd, and maybe a little unreal 

There must have been something peculiar about Dineo and her body language as she bent over the sink washing dishes; because her dad suddenly got the hunch that she was hiding something. Of course we could have told him what it was, but her washing the dishes wouldn’t have said that to me at least. Maybe I’m being silly. Maybe its parental instincts, something some of us are intent on not developing anytime soon. Such supernatural feelings. 

Anyway, Dineo sits down after much hesitation and tells her father that she is afraid to tell him because she has let him down. She finally comes out with it and tells her dad that she is HIV+. Moment of silence, then dad reached across table for D’s hand and told her that everything was going to be alright. 

Wow! Don’t’ think he even blinked before he said that and it sure made me feel that I could tell my mom about the one time I stole a sweet from her bag. All I’m saying is that daddy didn’t seem very disappointed at all, nothing about her not focusing on her studies and riding in bedrooms with boys like I know many parents would. Even Zimele threw a tantrum. Zimele, the Papa Madlesa himself. I mean I was like hey Dineo want to tell him how you got it and who you passed it on to too? Then I thought maybe there isn’t enough time in a 26 minute episode for such dramatic reactions. Busi concurred: 

Busi: wtf? He didn’t even shed a tear for a daughter who is a star pupil, 'virgin' regular dream child. You hear that as a parent & you are totally cool? Whatever man. That’s when I realised they were seriously pressed for time.

Looking back…over my shoulder 

Bulela is on a mission to trace the source of his misery after someone at the funeral started him thinking on how the virus is passed on from person to person. He is leaning against the wall and Dineo is leaning against the same wall a few meters away. Zakes walks over to Dineo and says to her that he has noticed that Bulela is not talking to her. Dineo says that she really feels bad for Bulela because all this has cost him his scholarship to America. Zakes goes over to talk to Bulela hoping to reconcile the three of them, but all Bulela wants to know is what Zakes meant when he said to him that there are things he doesn’t know. Zakes declines to tell him, saying that although part of him would like to tell him, he also thinks it would be cruel to do so. 

Mr Cele asks the class to figure out an equation that would give them the answer to the question. Very fitting wasn’t it? Fully. Class ends and Mr Cele asks Bulela and Dineo to stay behind. He hands to them both their dismal test results, 55% for Dineo and 43% for Bulela. He gave them the whole exam time is nearly ripe and they could both get straight A’s, pull up your socks, this is your future talk. “What future?” Bulela says. 

The Truth and Reconciliation without the Commission 

Another highlight of yesterday’s episode was all the TR and no C behaviour. It was make up heaven. 

Bulela made up with Dineo 

Bulela comes after Dineo after leaving Mr Cele’s classroom. He tells her how in all his pain he forgot that she is also going through the same thing. Dineo says she would hate herself too if she was Bulela and Bulela tells her he does not hate her. He strokes her cheek, she smiles shyly and he proposes they go to the spaza and talk some more. They hold hands and walk into the sunset. 

Dineo is still going to the UK to study by the way, if anyone was wondering. Lucky for her, as she told Bulela, the UK doesn’t require HIV tests for visas. She tries to suggest to Bulela to apply but Bulela tells her that he has already made up his mind about going to Wits and helping his mom with the baby when it comes. In their conversation Dineo tells Bulela that Lulu was the one who infected Zakes and she got it from her sugar daddy. ‘Who is this stupid sugar daddy who is sleeping with children and infecting them with HIV?’ asks a disgusted Bulela. But Dineo answers that she does not know, but suspects that sugar papa is from right there in Soul City. 

Lebo and Zimele made up 

Lebo is lying on the bed in a pink lacy number, silky pink gown and no doek. I note this because we are used to her wearing those pink fleece pjs and the doek. I have a pair just like that and they sure keep the cold and predators out. The lacy bits served their purpose because her and Zimele started reminiscing about the good old days when they first fell in love, then started kissing and sunk out of shot. I don’t know what they got up to but Zimele said something about last night being wonderful the next day and was even offering to buy Bulela an mp3. Must have been good. 

Lulu and Zakes made up 

Lulu and Zakes also made up over a skafteen of chocolate cake. She baked it especially for him too. This girl sure knows the way to a man’s heart. She tells Zakes that she misses him and they soon melt into reconciliatory hugs.

When men gather, excuses are plenty 

All the while the ‘Men only’ meeting is carrying on and it was good to see Theki in attendance and even offering to tell his story so that others can learn from it. The issue of polygamy and multiple sexual partners came up of course. But I was glad Sol said that men often use the issue of polygamy as an excuse to sleep with every Magdeline, Precious and Beauty. I’ve had these arguments with male friends. In fact had one last two weeks ago. In polygamous relationships, as Sol put it, the man was responsible for looking after and protecting his wives and children and everyone knew their wives. But now men want to creep in dark and call it tradition. AIDS ya bolaya I say. 

If cake could speak… 

As the men spoke Zakes was burying his head in the blue skafteen. Only Zakes could eat a chocolate cake like it’s a heep of pap and gravy. Gosh. I’m not saying there’s a way to eat cake but Zakes’ way just wasn’t it. He should have been at the men’s only meeting instead. On a brighter note, I liked Lulu’s response when Zakes said that Zimele had messep up their lives. She confidently, and with a twinkle in her eye, said that her life was not a mess. Victory is claimed. Living your life like its golden, living your life…. Zakes, you should too and it should be easy for you considering. 

All the kings horses… 

Mihlali unwittingly helps Bulela put together the missing piece of the puzzle when she tells him that Lulu was their fathwer’s makhwapeni. I knew the big confrontation was only an ad break away. 

...and all the kings men… 

Zimele arrives home from the big meet. Before he gets a chance to get into the yard Zakes runs over to speak to him and apologises for breaking the shop window. He tells Zimele that he did it out of anger and Zimele extends a hand to Zakes, they shake on it and separate in peace. 

..couldn’t put the Moloi’s together again. 

Bulela sits on the sofa facing the door filled with rage, and waiting for his father to come in so that he can unleash. Zimele walks in, all smiles and Bulela’s mp3 in hand. But Bulela does not care much for it and starts shooting verbal bullets. He asks (more like shouts) Zimele about him being Lulu’s sugar daddy. Zimele is taken aback by this and literally steps back to find a wall to lean on. Bulela’s raging temper brings his mother and sister out from where they were in the house into the living room. 

Zimele, struggling with words, replies that what he did with Lulu is his business and has nothing to do with Bulela. Bulela shouts back that it has everything to do with him and asks Zimele how he could infect both his wife and son with HIV. Lebo tries to calm Bulela down telling him that his father did not infect him. But Bulela insists that he did and maps out to them how it got to him. Lebo, devastated, grabs Bulela and hugs him protectively while shouting at a distraught Zimele that she has taken a lot his S*&t (in vernac) up to now, but this one, she just won’t be able to deal with. Jo! It was one heck of a scene. 

Chwayi: I love hw nine of em wanna take responsibility 4 having unprotected sex…lets jus blame it on da shoo shoo shiga daddy…lol (damn songs in my head).. 

Me: Lol! Haai, no one wants to srutenize. So it means Lebo left Zimele? 

Chwayi: Ya me thinks it was the last episode, 2 bad coz it was only my 2nd…oh wel, lebo mustv left hm coz she cudnt 4giv hm 4 her sons stupidity lol… 

Me: Ha ha! Couldn’t forgive him for her sons stupidity (laughing face)! I know, irony of it all. 

At the end of the episode: Four months later… 

“Lebo gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. The baby is HIV negative.” There was no Zimele in the happy pics of Lebo and her three children. Guess he was in sad pics somewhere else. 

“Lulu was offered a job in a top city restaurant and is training to become a pastry chef.” Go Lulu, you always were the bell of the ball. 

“To his surprise Zakes passed matric.” (Surprise? Did they not have faith in the boy?) “He applied for a place at a soccer academy and is training hard to become a professional soccer player”. 

“Dineo achieved eight distinctions in matric and is now studying architecture at a London University”. She also sends Bulela, who is studying medical science at Wits (we saw the monumental stairway), photos of her standing next to the royal guard to prove it. Aww… 


14 Apr 2009 11:25

Side order - A notice that ran across the bottom of the screen during last night's episode:  

"Since the making of this story people living with HIV are now welcome in the USA. For more info contact the US Embassy”.

It ran three times during the episode. They really wanted us to get the message. Vital information though, especially after our debate last week. 

14 Apr 2009 11:29

have been waiting all morning for this Moagisi, lemme go an read

14 Apr 2009 11:30

Good work SC, i guess. but haiye some things are not real there?

sweetie my baby
14 Apr 2009 11:36

very nice. please, please, pretty please find a new show to blog about, your commentary was KILLER!!!

14 Apr 2009 11:36

That notice was very insightfull...but im suprised it was all fixed in one week????.....a ke understande

"turning HIV to HI Victory"...... a feel so blonde...i ddnt get what the scrutinize tag line was about...good one...i hope im the only one who ddnt get cos its a good msg!

I hope the nation has heard and seen...i certainly have been affected by the msg than never b4.

14 Apr 2009 11:59

Tx sweetie my baby, will shop around and see what's good. Really enjoyed this! 

@Cande, I also think they could have done a bit more with the life after HIV part of the story, and I doubt that there are that many people are so quick to understand in real life, e.g. Dineo's father. Also, are they all each other's only resort? I mean after all the betrayal that went on amongst them, are they saying no one wants to move on to the next best thing? Or is it one of those birds of a feather things...

14 Apr 2009 12:02

Great recap.. and please do what smb suggested... your talent is too good to be wasted, find another show and blog about it. ...please please please

in all of this, my heart went down to Mihlali, i couldnt imagine what was running through the poor clild's mind ... and Lebo was too good so was Bulela

sweetie my baby
14 Apr 2009 12:07

i mean it!! kana i watched a total of 1 episode of this show, but kept up with your blog religiously... it was so much juicier, ha ha ha!! consider rhythm city -  it's full of spice - although it's a bit demanding, as it plays every day....

14 Apr 2009 12:22

Hi everybody, am new here.
Soul City commisioned a wonderful series, i think it was just what the doctor ordered : ) Sadly, I feel they made light of the situations especially cause I know 1sthand what the disease does to families. Youngsters contracting HIV is terrible especially two youngsters in matric with their whole lives ahead of them. 
They should have showed the struggles they would have went through having to deal with such a diagnosis. Secondly, the dad infecting the whole family that was total melancholy. 
In a real life situation the whole fam would have went for counseling and the mom would not have been so forgiving.(To get intimate with a man while pregnant and after discovering that he slept with a whole list of whores?) Nope, doesn't ring true for me.
Otherwise, i do feel that the nation needs to see more of such stories, more of the sugar daddy vultures who devour young women and toss them aside once they are done. & the impact it has on families, because contrary HIV devastats a family for a lifetime and its effects are felt long after thye sufferers are gone.

14 Apr 2009 12:49

it was not just a story, it is about real issues, real people. it makes you sit and think, phew.

14 Apr 2009 13:04

Soul City was a blast it showed all angles and the realities of how this deases travels and how it can travel in a circle of people you actually know. I for one think that our society has come to understand this virus though I am concerned that Soul City should have tried to make people aware that you can be in a relationship with someone who is HIV positive. Nowadays people are okay that someone has the virus but its another story when they have to be in a relationship with someone who has it aspecially if they are not +. I think Soul City should at least included a character who didnt have a boyfriend but who already knew that they had the virus and show the realities of what people with it go through if they want love from people who dont have it. I'l be glad if they can consider that in the next season of Soul City and i hope the next season is soon. I cried on the last scene, it was so touching and for a moment there i fell sorry for Zimele. Like Lebo said it is never good to judge people.

14 Apr 2009 13:45

What an happy ending ,sorry Zimele bra u decided to lose your family because of your selfishness.

14 Apr 2009 13:59

Hey all, hope u all had lovely holidays

You know what happened last nite was what we all feared, but i guess it can happen in our lives, what hurts most is that Bulela was indeed infected by his dad. ' What crushed me was when he said ' u robbed me of my future' imagine those words from a son to his dad, i doubt he will ever find it in his heart to forgive Zimele.

As for the new addition in the family ' baby boy' i am so glad that he was HIV free atleast....

Cake does wonders, we see how Zakes and Lu were able to reconcile and now they just have to take care and live positively...

At least Dineo and Bulela are still together and hopefully their dreams of making changes in Soul City will materialise...

The end.............

But it was a beautiful ending, but i dont understand what happened to Zimele, can somebody fill me in there....
They did not say anything bout him after four months

14 Apr 2009 14:10

They did not say anything bout him(Zimele) after four months 

The biggest assumption is that he and lebo divorced, but then again maybe he passed on?

14 Apr 2009 14:27

Noh, Virtous, wa tla wa e baya kgang. You said it best. I think a lot of us would have like to see the story line furthered with the 'now what' angle. 

(To get intimate with a man while pregnant and after discovering that he slept with a whole list of whores?) Nope, doesn't ring true for me.

Totally agree, too soon for me as well, but I guess in tv years its long enough.Maybe they'll delve into the 'now what' in the next season. Otherwise, it has been confirmed to me that that was indeed the final episode of the 9th season, but we figured that much out already.

14 Apr 2009 14:29

Thanks Maogisi (oh thank Gaad u cant hear me pronouncing ur name)....Ke a leboga ausi ka di nice articles. You were a star! (BTW here is ur * on ur forehead)

Ok the last part was so touchy shame. I even saw Zimele's tears, ag man! Beautiful stuff & well done SC crew!

Mondays wont b the same without u!

14 Apr 2009 14:31

it was not just a story, it is about real issues, real people. it makes you sit and think, phew

Ndiyangqinelana nawe apha ke sana.

14 Apr 2009 14:43

Sad that it ended soo soon:(

14 Apr 2009 14:47

and please do what smb suggested... your talent is too good to be wasted, find another show and blog about it. ...please please please ....i so agree with you BA...great recap as always Moagisi

I guess the SC people were just delivering a short and sweet message to this ignarant country of ours...cos the season was realy short

14 Apr 2009 14:47

is there a point of studying when you know you will die in less that 10 years???

thats a Question an HIV positive friend of mine once asked

14 Apr 2009 15:03

Ooh, mmh...aah...welll...

Ooh ok, got it. If you think about it, I could be as (ooh, let me not jinx myself), one could be as fit as a fiddle and studying some grand degree at some Ivy League university, and get hit by a falling Teasers neon sign and...DIE. So ja, I say study on!

14 Apr 2009 15:05

is there a point of studying when you know you will die in less that 10 years.

No one knows how long they will live negative af nee .... there are many HIV+ ppl who have leave beyong 10 yrs and many HIV- who have died before then ..... your friend need not to put the end date in his life... we all gonna die and we all dont know when, otherwise we could all be asking ourselves the same question.

14 Apr 2009 15:06

Yes there is a point in pursuing ur dreams/ studies  Monchooza..

With HIV u can live for a very long time as long as you take care of yourself, and its not like cancer whereby u are told u only have so much time to live....

So yes, do something with your life, you can still have a family, hubby / wife and kids, the only diffrence would be that u are living with the virus and thats it.....
Stay away from alcohol and drugs and prolong your life...
HIV its not the end of the world and u can live positively and even longer than somebody without...

U cant just sit and do nothing with yourlife just because you are told u are sick, NO, if u do that u will die so soon, 'depression also and deniel can kill' u will just be miserable doing nothing rather than focusing on things that can make your life meaningfullll

14 Apr 2009 15:06

after all this information, we still turn a blind eye and shag/davaz around. what is wrong with us mara. Re fela monate wa sebakanyana, heee? Muthu kha pfe please.

14 Apr 2009 15:12

but they did show Zimele at the end, with his wife and kids smilling at the young boy.

14 Apr 2009 15:16

great series, even better public service announcement; the only thing im not happy about is the way Zemele was tossed aside. lets face it people, this show was yet another feminist story line...yawn!

14 Apr 2009 15:31

Oh skinkl, can you just surprise me for once my friend and not be so blindly pro-male. Zimele had it good for a long time, there's only so much a woman can take. Let's be fair now. Lebo did all she could, even dug out lacy bits that rekindled the flame (momentarily). And take that yawn back!

Zimele wasn't in the pics Cande, he most likely got the toss.

14 Apr 2009 15:31

but they did show Zimele at the end, with his wife and kids smilling at the young boy.

SOL (thanks to stro) hayi wena Cande. Athe which SC were you watching???

14 Apr 2009 15:32

I enjoyed it and I think there's nothing wrong with the way they ended the story, all they were trying to do is to let people know that after being infected there's still life and it doesn't mean partners should plit up because they're HIV positive but they must work together in making it work with HIV.

14 Apr 2009 15:34

it doesn't mean partners should plit up - sorry I meant split up.

14 Apr 2009 15:36

this show was yet another feminist story line...yawn!
disagree it was not feminist at all, cause it showed how young gals make mistakes and go for older men. No one is holding guns against their heads to sleep with these men its a personal choice, circumstances and all.
Truth be told,  a majority of men have cheated on their wives more than once, and more often than not they bring the disease into the family. 

14 Apr 2009 15:36

Monchooza tell your friend that HIV is just a desease nothing more nothing less. I think other bloggers has made it clear to you that nor you nor i nor he knows when we gonna die so why put your life on hold for something that you dont know when its gonna happen.

@ Cande: Zimele wasnt there when Lebo was holding her baby, only Mihlali and Bulela were there.

14 Apr 2009 15:39

They did not say anything bout him(Zimele) after four months
Kuyacaca ukuthi ubesebhodile

14 Apr 2009 15:40

True that Virtous, i agree totally. It the mentality that rules most man that it is okay to have a squad of girlfriend and makhwapheni's and whateva. As soon as man can learn to stick with one parter than we would see the statistics go down, kodwa singathini ke bantu into esuka emandulo.

14 Apr 2009 15:42

is there a point of studying when you know you will die in less that 10 years.

Why 10 years? I know someone who found out about her status in 1996 when her hubby died. She only started ARV's in 2006-her CD4 count is ok.So since te hubby passed away in 2006 I can only assume that they had been infected in 1994 or before that. If she had given up in 1996 she wouldn't have seen her kids grow up to work and have kids of their own and the last born is 20 now.

Imagine 10 years go by with you sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, regretting the decision not to study.

14 Apr 2009 15:48

OHK, it must have been my black & white TV

14 Apr 2009 15:50

Ha ha! Oh, Cande!

14 Apr 2009 20:35

Nice recap Mo. Can't wait for the next season. Stumbled across Soul city the episode when Zakes and Dinny did the nasty and never looked back. Last time i'd watched it was around 2000.

Was also surprised by the turn of the American laws. Can an episode of soul city have that much influence in one week or was it something they instigated a while back and only announced now for dramatic effect.

15 Apr 2009 06:41

Obama must have had something to do about, coz last year those entry laws were still in place!  Viva Obama!!  Eish Monday's episode was rushed & wishy washy. but overall..props to soul city, it rocks. Friend of mine was dishing out some gossip bout a scandelously promiscious acquintance - at the end she says 'Clearly she doesn't watch soul City'  now thats what I call having an impact.  AMANDLA SOUL CITY, WAY TO GO COMRADE MOAGISI...(neva mind me, what with upcoming elections in an electioneering mood) :)

15 Apr 2009 07:35

Was also surprised by the turn of the American laws. Can an episode of soul city have that much influence in one week or was it something they instigated a while back and only announced now for dramatic effect.

Maybe at the time SC was shot, which was sometime last year around August/ September, the laws were still unchanged and after the new administration that only came in January things then changed.

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