Thembi's Story (12 August)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Special Assignment on 12 Aug 2008
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On Special Assignment tonight (12 August):

Episode Title: Thembi's Story
Date: Tuesday, 12 August, 2008
Time: 21h30
Channel: SABC 3



Tonight Special Assignment investigates deliberate infection with HIV and the law.

The ducmentary covers the story of Thembi, who's laying charges against a former boyfriend for deliberately infecting her with HIV. She has proof that he was HIV positive since 2005 but lied about his status. She's currently in the window period.

It takes a look at the law currently and how difficult it is to prove that someone was deliberately infected by another person.

It poses the question “Do we need new specific legislation?”



11 Aug 2008 13:04

Can't believe this situation hasn't been legally declared a crime yet! Whether she's HIV positive or not he needs to be charged with attempted manslaughter.

Brown Shuga
11 Aug 2008 15:10

But how is she gonna prove that she asked him about it and he said no? 
It's her word against his.

11 Aug 2008 15:20

LOL @ attempted manslaughter.. Shame poor woman!! I always say to my Gal friends, never trust a man and a condom is a way to go..Pity she has to suffer if it turns out she is indeed positive.

11 Aug 2008 15:26

21h30...I missed it :-(

11 Aug 2008 15:30

No FD it is tomoro I already made a reminder as i want to c what really happenened. Apparently she is not the only one

11 Aug 2008 15:32

But this girl knew in 2005 that this dude is H/positive...And?

11 Aug 2008 15:35

Hey Moli :-) you here! Thanks, i just saw the time and they're saying tonight, u see

Brown Shuga
11 Aug 2008 15:36

I wanted to say she must read Tizozo's blog about having her own stash...but it would be so insensitive so I won't say it.

11 Aug 2008 15:39

U said it Shugs it is btn the lines LOL
Hi FD I am not going to stay long I am exhausted

11 Aug 2008 15:39

Tis a mistake FirstDVD, ngomso @ 21:30

11 Aug 2008 15:47

LOL, you just said it BS...
Haiye issues around HIV/AIDS dinzima, mina ndiyoyika...
I attended a a course in Woodmead last week, and our facilitator has documentaries that show uguthi the HIV virus was created and that a lot of international companies has invested a lot of money on the treatment surrounding it that the global economy will just collapse if HIV + people had to be cured and not take ARV's anymore.
Mina andazi, that is what he told us..
I just wish people could be more careful about SEX these days..
Thembi looks familiar, i wonder ngowaphi..will definately watch tomorrow evening

11 Aug 2008 15:59

I wonder iqhamukaph? MOLILO, i'm going to check..?..Now before i ZZzzz i'm also exhaused today

12 Aug 2008 01:23

Yho!! kodwa naye, why ebeyishaya scoon? maybe this guy was wrong for doing this but she should have insisted on protection, and it is really her word against his.

12 Aug 2008 02:24

we had a similar case in our country but the guy won because there was no evidence that  could link him to have infected the lady. the lady says she slept over at the man's house from a night out only to find in the morning that she was penetrated and she didnt have any clothes on. when she searched the man's house in the morning she found ARV pills. its a really complicated issue.

Golden Star
12 Aug 2008 02:44

Will defnitely watch but I must say I don't know where I stand... we must just be careful

12 Aug 2008 05:23

Poor gal... Hopefully she isn't HIV + and her story teaches others to take charge of their lives... Even when you don't suspect the person has HIV, use protection. BUY your own condoms and insist on them. There is absolutlety nothing wrong with someone walking away from you with a hard totolozi because you didn't want to have unprotected sex. It is your life and you will feel the pain if you get the disease. 

I have heard of stories of men who still insist to have unprotected sex. A galfriend of mine has an HIV + friend who is in the modeling scene and she is beautiful!! AND she always has to fight with guys about using protection; and she is protecting them. They walk out on her all the time because she says she wont have sex without a condom. they isnist that she thinks that they have AIDS and become all aggresive that she would think they would give her AIDS; and she is not ready to disclose her status to them. AND when she asks them that what if she has HIV; they say she is too pretty to have it and they know she doesn't. Obviously they all think that HIV + peeps are all sick looking and they can tell with a naked eye... *shaking head*

12 Aug 2008 08:11

good people ,dont be naive or ignorant. A pity party wont change anything for this lady. whether they find the man guilty or not is immaterial. Let us be responsible for our own lives and well-being. It is better to be safe than sorry!!

12 Aug 2008 08:59

Guys I'm currently working in KZN, and the pregnancy that is happening in this place - shocking..

that tells you that people still don't use condoms, and when you talk about KZN being the most infected province  people get offended, don't get me wrong HIV is everywhere but the way girls get pregnant in this area haikhona people.

i went to a youth gathering on saturday for women's day celebration and the majority were your 12,13,14, and 15 year olds and you know what they discussed - teenage pregnancy - in this day and age bethunana.

12 Aug 2008 14:38

What happened to this story? I missed 7 minutes of my comedy show (cheaters) waiting for it!!? and then the repeat on circumcision started!! Nee maan! SABC 3! Don't do this! Don't send wrong release dates... Nx!

12 Aug 2008 15:56

I was so disappointed as well I wonder what happened...........nx nx nx

12 Aug 2008 16:01

Im also pisse Segololo, and by the fact that I want to sing Gospel is not repeating..nx nx nx

12 Aug 2008 16:06

Switched to SABC3 after muvhango and came across this voice "Muntu died of circumcision", WTF?!! Double checked the channel, NOTHING! Otherwise, cheaters on 'e' bezibuya there.

13 Aug 2008 02:28

Eish i stayed up to watch this! SABC 3 must get its act together...Anywhoo when is this piece scheduled to air?

13 Aug 2008 05:53

Hello Crew

it was quite dissapointing to find out that the schedule programme was not aired, but anyway lets hope that SABC3 will screen the Doc next week. I was really looking forward to this documentary.

18 Aug 2008 06:40

HI GUYS,i feel soory 4 thembi.we hav 2 use condoms guys 2 be protected @ we have 2 check our status.

18 Aug 2008 11:39

ohh no! wat the hell this guy think he is doing because he is destroying this beautiful girl's life.the must be no hearings, he must be in prison  for his whole life

01 Sep 2008 08:01

what  if the  girl did want condom ?and  yah maybe this  guy didn't  tell her about his status he wanted to  use a condom and she said no .

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