Binnelanders Teasers - August 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Binnelanders Teasers (2007 - 2010) on 29 Jul 2008
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On Binnelanders this August, 2008:

Episode 461
Friday 1 August 2008

Frankie is furious when she finds out the raid was part of a con that Neethling probably set up. Kitte wants to play with the boys and their bikes. At has real reason to be concerned about his son's safety and sanity.

Episode 463
Monday 4 August 2008

Frankie receives another cry for help from Neethling; a quadriplegic millionaire asks Franz for help; Toeks makes a shocking discovery when she goes to the ATM; and Lorenzo fears for the life of his goldfish.

Episode 463
Tuesday 5 August 2008

Frankie and Toeks are still struggling with their cash flow and Frankie desperately tries to sell the statuette again. A highly upset Stefanie finds out about Rian Malherbe's proposal for Franz. Mikey the gold fish with his lucky stones finds a new home.

Episode 464
Wednesday 6 August 2008

Jennifer has to make some tough life choices. An unexpected date causes turmoil for Stefanie, and Neethling contacts Frankie with disturbing news.

Episode 465
Thursday 7 August 2008

Frankie worries about Neethling. Lorenzo tells her about the diamonds. Malan wants to do business with Rian. Toeks' gambling becomes a problem. Franz sees a relationship developing between Stefanie and Rian. Donald meets with Frankie to get his diamonds.

Episode 466
Friday 8 August 2008

Gideon is furious when he finds out about Frankie and is torn between finding her himself and phoning the cops. When Franz only brings Stefanie frustration, she decides to take risks in her business and personal life. Malan convinces Rian his website can work, but at the same time finds out what Rian really wants with her. Toeks' debt keeps piling up and Kitte becomes more and more suspicious.

Episode 467
Monday 11 August 2008

The diamond dealers finally make contact with the housemates, but they know as much the cops do. Chris and Jennifer get some discouraging legal news. The noose is tightening around Toeks' neck, and she's feeling the pressure. To Franz's discomfort, Rian makes no bones about his intentions with Stefanie.

Episode 468
Tuesday 12 August 2008

Lorenzo, Gideon and Quinton make plans to free Frankie, but first they will have to get rid of an undercover cop; Kitte gets a call from the bank and is furious with Toeks; and Stefanie tells Franz that she is giving notice.

Episode 469
Woensag 13 August 2008

Gideon and the boys plan a rescue operation for Frankie and Neethling. Janie is clever enough to see through them and Lorenzo is forced to tell and cooperate with her. Stefanie admits in an emotional moment that she loves Franz. Donald wants his diamonds, and he wants them now.

Episode 470
Thursday 14 August 2008

Lorenzo saves the day when he has to do the diamond drop on his own. Toeks is hopeful she'll be able to keep her secret from Kitte long enough to gamble her way out of dept. When Franz realises he's going to loose Stef, he finally takes action.

Episode 474
Friday 15 August 2008

Franz and Stefanie decide to give their relationship a go, but Stefanie doesn't know how to break the news to Rian. Rian, in the meantime, is full of hope about the operation and a new life. Toeks reaches breaking point with her gambling addiction.

Episode 472
Monday 18 August 2008

Rian insists that his procedure should be done the next day; Frankie is worried about Gideon's feelings for her; and Malan makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 473
Tuesday 19 August 2008

Franz is going ahead with Rian's procedure, although Stefanie's concern. An angry Malan threatens to tell Rian about the relationship. Kitte is supporting Toeks and wants to pay her overdraft and other debt, but she refuses. Matron's husband Gert has lost his job and she is quite worries about his lack of dealing with the situation in a practical matter.

Episode 474
Wednesday 20 August 2008

Everybody is impressed with Matron's go-getter husband. Everybody that is, except Matron. Frankie joyously strips the boys of their dignity and their clothes in a final farewell poker game. Rian is convinced he is regaining feeling in his legs.

Episode 475
Thursday 21 August 2008

Gideon and Frankie have mixed feelings when saying goodbye. Ingrid pleads with Franz to break it off with Stefanie before more damage is done. Toeks is not impressed to find out someone has paid money into her account. Gideon tries to patch things up with Franz while Rian drops a bomb on Stefanie.

Episode 46
Friday 22 August 2008

Kitte sells his motorbike and spends the money on his and Toeks' overdue honeymoon. Matrone is horrified when she learns that Kitte has asked Gert to cover for him at work. Daleen is excited when Tertius breaks up with his girlfriend, but ends up bearing the brunt of his aggression.

Jennifer convinces Stefanie to be honest with Rian. The whole truth is revealed and he transfers himself to another hospital. Franz must decide between Gideon and Stefanie - she is shattered by his decision.

Episode 477
Monday 25 August 2008

Stefanie receives a tongue lashing from Malan regarding Rian, but a job offer from At. Despite Matrone's wishes, Gert accepts Kitte's offer. Kitte, however, is unsure of Gert's attitude towards the doctors. Tertius apologises to Daleen and a cellphone incident bonds the two of them closer together. Toeks and Kitte depart for their honeymoon.

Episode 478
Tuesday 26 August 2008

While Stefanie tries to decide whether to accept At's job offer, Franz realises he should tell Gideon the truth. Gert alleviates his boredom as stand-in for Kitte by pretending to be a patient. Daleen has the solution to Tertius' accommodation problems.

Episode 479
Wednesday 27 August 2008

Ingrid an Jen try desperately to convince Chris not to refuse At visitation rights over Daniel.Stefanie accepts At's offer to work with him and comes under his influence, much to Ingrid's concern.Daleen draws Tertius unwittingly into her plan with Toeks' flat while Toeks and Kitte are on honeymoon.Matrone feels she is losing authority over her staff because of Gert's influence.

Episode 480
Thursday 28 August 2008

At warns Jennifer not to get involved and Chris asks her to start a new life with him elsewhere; Matrone confronts Gert about him interfering in her work; Gideon tries to humiliate Stefanie in public.

Episode 480
Friday 29 August 2008

Jen and Ingrid are trying their best to solve to tension, but when At hears about Chris's plan to move overseas, he is livid. Chris does not want Malan to see his nephew. Gert lectures Matron about managing human resources. Suzanne visits Tertius and wants them to continue their relationship. Daleen is very upset with Suzanne's newest effort. Franz confronts Gideon about his remarks about Stefanie.



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