Celeb Q&A: Hlomla Dandala

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Celeb QAs on 18 Jul 2008
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Top 3 TV shows of all time:

MacGyver, National Geographic - how boring is that?! - and you know, the old Magnum PI’s. I’m very much an ‘80’s child. MacGyver and Magnum - they were just really cool guys. Shows nowadays don’t grasp me like they used to. Maybe I was more impressionable then as well.

Fave TV theme tune of all time:
Knight Rider.

Your take on the remake coming out soon:
I’m a little worried - generally when they do that they don’t make the show as well as they used to.

Which do you choose? Boxers or briefs?

Summer or winter?
I like both.

Japan or France?
Japan - the women are sexier and the technology's better.

Fame or bucks?

Left or right-hand side of the bed?
Depends if you’re lying on your back or your stomach. If I’m lying on my back, I’m lying on the right-hand side and if I’m lying on my tummy I’m lying on the left-hand side.

Truth or dare?

The most daredevil thing you’ve ever done:
What haven’t I done?? I shouldn’t say this out loud but I rode from one city to another in half the time it should take - on a motorbike.

News or sport?

Your most memorable acting scene ever.
The first scene I did with Bianca on Isidingo many, many moons ago. It essentially changed my career. You’d never seen an inter-racial relationship on TV before and after that white fathers trusted me with their daughters.

There was immediate chemistry between actors – generally you work very hard as actors to create that chemistry but it was there the moment we walked on set.

Your best fictional character from any movie, book or show:
Lestat - the vampire Lestat from Inteview With The Vampire Chronicles. He lives life and does it. They tell him: “You can’t stand in the sun,” and he does it.

Your hangout spots:
It used to be the track, a lot - I’ve only recently discovered there’s more to do than being a moto-head.

Ferrari or who?
Team: Ferrari. Driver: Hamilton.

Hamilton is talent - he’s basically taken a car that hasn’t been spectacular - Mclaren's okay but not spectacular - and he’s done very, very well. If he were to drive Ferrari when they’re on their toes I think he’d be untouchable.

I’m looking for new places to hang out. I’ve just started playing rugby again and it’s quite a thing.

Fave musician:
You can’t have a favourite because it changes every hour. Right this hour I’m listening to Thandiswe and I’m enjoying a lot. I’m feeling very, very Xhosa today and she’s capturing that very well for me.

A possession you don’t have that you seriously want:
Other than money? ... I don't know ... Oh! ...

... no - I don’t really want it. I was going to say a guitar but no, I’m happy with the world.

Actually ... a Formula 1 car.

No no - I don’t want that. What I really, really want is a 1098 : the new Ducati.

What’s on your bedside table?
A lamp and six books. One of them’s 'Live, Love, Pray' - my wife put it there, I think she hopes I’ll read it.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A leopard. A loner, strong, can stand his ground but fights only the fights he needs to.

Your best thing about playing Derek on Isidingo?
To play a lead on a soapie on South Africa, it’s the pinnacle – you’re in a very good position. It’s a sad state of affairs actually *laughs*. It was my first job when I finished ‘varsity - I remember going to my first meeting for a cast reading and the PR person was there and said: “We’re going to make you big.”

I was like, “What? I’ve come out of ‘varsity, I’m wet behind the ears, I don’t know my head from my toe, “ and she said, “Don’t worry about it - we’re going to make you huge,” and she did.

Soap is some of the best training ground for honing your skill - especially on a soap where they care about performance and skill and the writing’s way above average.

The best thing about playing Jacob on The Cross?
Wearing a suit every day that you don’t have to pay for. He’s slick and there’s a bunch of people who ensure he remains slick - I wish I could take them home with me.

Also, I like what it stands for - I like the idea of a Pan-African show - especially now in an age where if you’re Zimbabwean and I’m South African it’s okay to burn each others houses. I think a show like that and more shows like that are necessary so it’s nice to be part of something like this now.

Hlomla's biography.

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18 Jul 2008 02:56

Wife? The woman is very forgiving.

18 Jul 2008 03:49

What’s on your bedside table?
I think he meant Eat, Love, Pray.

He is so perfect for me. I would love to be on that Ducati with him

18 Jul 2008 03:58

He's married?

18 Jul 2008 04:02

Wife? The woman is very forgiving.
true that @ TheLady

18 Jul 2008 04:06

ewe to Candy mos Rene.

18 Jul 2008 04:09

say that again TheLady, why is this interview so subtle and modest. Where is the sensational stuff, this too sweet!

Marriage, his infidelities, illegetimate kids, his promiscous ways? haybo who's interested in his career? The answers as so calculated & not risky. Not even a word about your 4 daughters by 4 different women, Hlomla u cud have done better than that, 

What did his mfundisi dad feel about the whole infidelity? and when did he get back with Candy? Haikhona TVSA why so easy on him? you know how much TVSA ladies are dying to get answers to those difficult questions they been having for this man?

Is the wife trying to get him holy with that praying book?

18 Jul 2008 04:10

LOL @Cande

18 Jul 2008 04:21

uhlengantoni Hlehle??
amayeza akwa Dandala ayasebenza bathong, this woman will never leave Hlomla.

18 Jul 2008 04:22

Oh, I thought he and Candy were divorced. Thought maybe he got married again.

18 Jul 2008 04:26

ewe to Candy mos Rene.
i thought they got divorced???

18 Jul 2008 04:27

Thought maybe he got married again.who wud endure all that quadruple babymama drama? so its better to go back to the devil he knows.

Thobeka Jeli
18 Jul 2008 04:30

the wife can try get him holy but i can try to get him in my bed and give him a boy  he did have four  girls by different women is that so ? his lips is to die for but  ndiyazi ukuba he is married but ke not happy cause if he was happy why have four children with different  mantombi

18 Jul 2008 05:42

hayi nam am disappointed at the interview MamaOyedwa.....who wud endure all that quadruple babymama drama?.......for uHlomla I WOULD my dear, only on condition that there is a GUARANTEE/ASSURANCE that he wold never stray again, which is close to impossible....however, without that even he can forget it!  Owu kodwa guys that boy is fine...

18 Jul 2008 08:21

18 Jul 2008 08:21

Japan or France?
Japan - the women are sexier and the technology's better.

Well, yha...

18 Jul 2008 08:22

Japan or France?
Japan - the women are sexier and the technology's better.

Now he wants an Asian child.

what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 08:26

this dude is talented in mannny ways'    '

Brown Shuga
18 Jul 2008 10:26

I should really watch Jacob's Cross....it feels like I"m missing out. I only saw the first 2 episodes of the first series....
He's a good actor.

ayzo neh
20 Jul 2008 08:27

He's a good actor. n good player. n good fertile man. n good lookin. he wants good woman from Japan for a 5th good girl. everythin seems good 4 Hlomla i like that......................

sweetie my baby
21 Jul 2008 02:09

@Ngqesta, Cnglemother
Please note: This article is a Celeb Q & A, which is not the same as an interview. 

tvsa said this loud and clear, so no scandal mo!

21 Jul 2008 07:56

@ SMB....tvsa said this loud and clear, so no scandal mo! .....*sigh sigh*

21 Jul 2008 08:00

All i can say is the brother is so fine & the more he gets older the more he becomes smooth like purity (a baby's food). No wonder these women cant keep their tights closed. He is a magnet.."Umazibuthe".

21 Jul 2008 08:53

Shame guys, Jacob Makhubu is for your eyes "ONLY", no more, no less.  

Sorry guys.......................................................................

21 Jul 2008 10:00


21 Jul 2008 10:07

thanks sweetie my baby, blame it on english girl LOL! but Q&A needs to be spiced up a little bit. No church typa questions to any celeb.

22 Jul 2008 05:21

Can't agree more with you myname. Brother man is FINE. I would not  leave him too if I was mis candy. I mean candy is not that good looking, where will she ever get a guy as hot as mr jacob.

22 Jul 2008 09:30

I really dont care who says what...I have admired Hlomla's acting (and looks) for a very long time and no matter what the press say...to me he will always shine.
And if he is back together with Candy, who are we to judge?
To me he is epitome of a "Man's Man"...Almost Complete
Shine Hlomla Shine

22 Jul 2008 09:47

bondamzekwayo bakumabona kude injani imvuko namhlanje

22 Jul 2008 09:48

yazi ndandimthanda uhlomla ngokuya wayesenza  u all u need is love

22 Jul 2008 09:50

molweni bahlali ndize apha nje ndi bethwa yintlungu yoku valwa kwenye ye blogs nge xa yoku nuka kwekaka.ndishiye brown sugar eyinxibele i bhutsi eyingutyula usisi shem.hi sugars 

22 Jul 2008 09:52

nto kaHlomla amadredz la wawachebelanina?

22 Jul 2008 09:54

ingathi iyaqala ukubanda le iblog baphi na ondazekwayo

22 Jul 2008 09:59

hazi ubufundisi babungakufanelanga nto kadandala kaloku sikwazela kwezothando

22 Jul 2008 10:00

kodwa shem ubhuti usemhle

22 Jul 2008 10:01

noba azikho ezo dredz

22 Jul 2008 10:01

@zozozo mibanda nyhani mtshana baphi na abahlali bangalali ,nibathanda hureee more than ma sunday dish

22 Jul 2008 10:01

khawutsho eyona nto yayingayo lanqubo yosindiso wawu actor kuyo yayizama ukusibonisa ntoni?

22 Jul 2008 10:04

@ nanto: uthi abalelanga na abahlali?

22 Jul 2008 10:04

ubuti li romani bethu phaya ku all u need is love ndandi mbona waye yenza into yakhe ubuti ndizive nam ndise mathandweni nam

ayzo neh
22 Jul 2008 10:10

How was Zwai after him? 4 sure he was charming as well neh?!

22 Jul 2008 10:17

not at all do u call that charming come fresh bunti

17 Sep 2008 05:33

uHlomla does have a baby boy y'all...It's not gals only.The boy was born last year.

Lesgee under gee
27 Oct 2008 03:46

I love hlomla's fine ass but hai, buti, you must tone it down with the babies....... but otherwise, you are a cool guy!!!!!!!!

27 Oct 2008 06:44

He's got a 5th child with Candy now.

27 Oct 2008 08:09

And yes he does have a boy.

19 Nov 2008 13:11

Hlomla is a man, men are morons and we cant live with them without them wondering away to lust for other peoples women

28 May 2009 11:55


28 May 2009 12:02

For sum reason...i lost interest on this guy...:-((

28 May 2009 12:12

I lost interest on him when he/his daddy joined cope

08 Jun 2009 18:49

he just doesn't do it for  me, well neva did. Tony (sthandiwe msomi's husband), Suffocate from Rythm City those are my kinda guys. Strong black man

20 Apr 2010 14:51

hlomla is alive n kikin wheda u lyk it or nt. ukuba nezingane ezinigi kusho ukuba inzala bantu. and he's fine with them he hasnt ask any1 4rom all those who r complaining to feed them 4 him. he's got money he's workin'. so TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!! IT'S YOUR CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WATCH HIM IF U WANT MORE OR DONT IF U DONT WANT TO. HE WONT EVEN KNOW, BECAUSE HE DONT KNOW U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW NICE????? TRUTH IS GOOOOOOD!!!!ENJOY. and DASH what does politics have to do with acting? its about entertainment love, it's not alwayz about politics. if u're addicted to it then dont bother comment at all. this interwiew is hlomla's not his dad. U ARE CONFUSING THEM. TOBILITIOUS hold ur comment also 4 TONY AND SUFFOCATE'S INTERVIEW and " STRONG SOUTH AFRICAN MAN"  WE BURIED THE WORD BLACK LONG AGO DURING APARTHEID ERA. TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

20 Apr 2010 14:53


Nokia 5110
20 Apr 2010 15:05

 @ quade we couldn’t careless whether u said hi or not , why are shouting at an old article kona .Talk about digging the dead .

16 Feb 2012 13:34

white fathers trusted me with their daughters heheheh i like this 1

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