Bridget Masinga: Loud & Fabulous!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 18 Apr 2008
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First of all, I just wanna say I don't buy this whole Bridget & AK on Breakfast thing...for some reason, I still think it's all a big stunt and that Sbu is still coming to Y in May. I'm not sure, I just happen to believe that theory nami. 

Right now, we have Bridget on Breakfast and her appointment (whether permanent or not) caused quite a stir with the YFM masses and they didn't hold anything back in expressing their misery (me exaggerating kancane) on the YFM breakfast blog (

Wondering what the hell was going on, I caught up with Bridget to try and find out what the deal was but ja noh, her lips were sealed.
There's also something about the way everyone at Y is responding to this DJ Sbu thing that makes me suspicious....
Anyway, here is the little that Bridget was willing to share with us:


Brown Shuga: So gal how did you end up doing Breakfast when we were expecting Sbu? 
Bridget : This business is really funny. When you think you have it
figured out it throws you a curve ball. In this case I guess that curve ball was me on breakfast! .

BS: Did you have to think about whether or not you were ready for
breakfast when the job was offered to you or did you just go YES!?

Bridget: With every offer you have to consider all the likely angles and weigh out all the possibilities. I have never been one to back down from a
challenge and in any case the only way you can ever truly know if you
ready for something is to just do it. With that said, its been quite an

BS: And having read the Y listeners' reaction to your show, how do
you feel about that decision now?
Bridget: People will always have something to say. You can never be all things to everyone, you must try and be yourself and those who appreciate will, and those who hate, will. Some of the criticism I have listened to because I thought it was constructive and hence I have incorporated some of it to my work, and some of it was just....well...I could think of creative words but I’d rather not. 
When it’s all said and done, we’re all growing, and learning - and being in the public eye, I do understand that some people are going to be nice and others… not. It comes with the territory, really. I’ve learnt to deal with it.

BS: Good to hear that. I read through some of the comments left on the blog and I had a lump in my throat. How was it for you to read such horrible comments when all you were doing was a "job"? 

Bridget: You know at the end of the day its about my job. I have a mandate to deliver on, I have shows to produce everyday and I do the best I know how. Sometimes you want to defend yourself, and gosh knows I wanted to scream a few times, but the Y listener has an opinion and in truth, I’d rather have people with opinions then not. I have been in entertainment for years now and I have learnt to deal with these things. It’s not to say the comments don't sometimes get to you, but you just carry on doing what you have to do.

BS: So true! I have to say though, the one thing I agree with from the comments that were made is the laughing. Why do you laugh so much when you're on air? 
Bridget: Because that's me!! My personality is loud and bubbly. There are frills and thrills! 
Radio has been stereotyped, with everyone expecting the same sound, the same voices saying the same thing. But I am lucky that Y is about letting you express yourself...the operative word being yourself. The guests I have asked to co-host are people with character, and if they make me laugh, I have to laugh. I am serious when I have to be, but have fun when I have to be. And the comedian week was meant to be all about laughs, so I was keeping in step with the theme. 


YFM DJ's being expressive!!!

BS: So if this is a permanent move and there is NO SBU like we are made to believe, why is the slot being hosted by you and AK at other times? 
Bridget: Y has always been a trend setting brand. We always aim to push
the envelop and if someone says it can’t be done, we want to know why not?? The combination of Ak and I, why not?? 

BS: Hmmmm, so what can we expect from Breakfast with Bridget and your thousand & one ideas? lol
Bridget: If you come with expectations, you will not appreciate it for what it is. Expect nothing, and come prepared for everything, that's what I tell my Young Black and Fabulous guest every Sunday. Catch Bridget on Y week-ends 12-3pm

(The whole weekend slot thing is another reason why I don't believe this breakfast thing coz I don't understand Y a radio station would want us listening to the same voices 7 days a week)

BS: And your response to all the people who are still comparing the YFM DJ's of today to the likes of Khabzela, Fresh & Bad Boy T? 

Bridget: I have the privilege of knowing these gentlemen, and they are awesome people. They also play a big role in shaping the person I am every day. All I’m saying is let's learn to just get along. Change is a hard pill to swallow, but change is also inevitable. That's all I have to say.

BS: Enough about radio, so when is the big day Mrs Khati? 
Masinga Khati, to you! Lol! the big day will come....that's all I have to say.

BS: Is it gonna be anything like fabulousity we saw from Thandi and Milan's wedding? 
Bridget:  It was a lovely special day and I hope the lord blesses them with happiness but I don't want to be compared to anyone but myself. All I can say is that it will be memorable. A day of celebrating old love, new love and future love.

BS: Well said. You did the Marie Claire "nude" shoot last year and your
particular picture was HOTT. What did you think of Ntsiki Mazwai's
picture in this year's shoot?
Bridget: Anyone willing to show their support for such a great course deserves to be applauded. Its a beautiful campaign and I wish both Marie Claire and the personalities involved a long and fruitful relationship. 

The Marie Claire pic (2007)

BS: Dodgy answer Bridget but I won't pressure you. Do you think people understood/understand the message behind the whole thing?
Bridget: I have hope that the South African public understood the campaign and that if someone out there didn't they were enlightened through discussion and knowledge.

BS: So is it true that you have a friend called Uncle D'ill D'O?
Bridget: Shoo, you read everything! I have the real thing that's why I don't need Uncle D'ill...(hint hint, wink wink)

BS: Hahahah you lucky thing!! And when you aren't busy with the rea' thing", what are your favourite TV shows at the moment?
Bridget: I’ve just woken up to the fabulousness that is Greys Anatomy. Huge Desperate Housewives fan, CSI Miami rocks, and oh my gosh, I cant get enough of Idols...

BS: I so feel you on Grey's & DH! Are there any show on TV you think are a waste of airtime?
Bridget: you want to get me into trouble. Everything on telly has its audience therefore no show is a waste of time. 

BS: The one thing you SO have to do before the end of 2008?
Bridget: Oh gosh, just one?? Hmmm, let me think about it...

BS: Heish, u so stingy with answers yazi! Who's your favourite to win Record of The Year at this year's SAMA's ke? 
Now you trying to get me into even more trouble! The artists ego is a fragile one, and I don't want to offend it by revealing my personal choice....ha ! – phela they know where I work.!

BS: Hawu, kanti is it only the Y listener who has a voice, not the DJ? lol I'm just asking for your opinion, you are entitled to it maan, the artists can wait! At least least tell me one thing that we don't already know about you?
Bridget: As I always say, if I told then it wouldn't be a secret. It would be
common knowledge and that would take the fun out of it. Don't you

BS: Not everything we don't know is a secret! Sjoe, haai, I give up gal but thank you so much for your time and all the best for Bridget on Y, as well as Breakfast With Bridget, regardless of how long it lasts. 


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17 Apr 2008 23:47

HEY BS, i missed this...!

Bridget looks great maan, qha she is really stingy with answers...

18 Apr 2008 00:04

5 may 2008 sbu starts, his clause ngu khozi did not allow him to start immediatly. check out LIVE this today to get the scoop. Ta'

18 Apr 2008 01:03

Sbu will start at Yfm on May 2 but because its a Friday the show will begin Monday the 5th. Ok Bridget is cool I love this gal but Breakfast is just too much and truth be told she aint good yet especially for Breakfast.....! My only problem with Yfm is the CEO......Kanthan seems clueless of what he is doing and as for silly comments tjeeeeeeeeer...!!

18 Apr 2008 01:24

That 2nd last photo!!!

All the gals are wearing sexy boy shorts...and the dready girl is wearing andapene!!!!

Why is Bridget so stingy with answers,I actually enjoyed checking out the pic's than I did reading the interview,No Offense BS o zamile ka nnete.

18 Apr 2008 03:06

wow! does the job spec to be a dj on YFM say: no cellulite acceptable, only model look-alikes?
eish, they look hot

18 Apr 2008 03:14

I'm sure Bridgette is fabulous as a person but she totally sucks as a breakfast show DJ. But the prospect of Sbu taking over doesn't excite me either so for me it's goodbye Y breakfast.

18 Apr 2008 03:34

Im sorry ya'all but she SUCKS big time as a dj-being loud has got NOTHING to do with being opinionated-In fact I listened to AK holding the fort last week and he had it in him-especially with Mapaputsi in the mix..

Id rrather listen to Whackhead and crew,or Cebo and Douglas Mosadi,hell,I would even listen Chomane just to avoid lot of hot air excreted through the wrong end.....

Lady D
18 Apr 2008 04:51

BS,this interview is sooooo empty like Bridgette's bf show content.I mean she is jsut saying nothing to you,you've asked her soo many questions but she jsut answered but few aowa.Well i gotta give it  toher,she is beautifull but her bf show sucks big time.No content,no formatt ,no features aowa that's just digracing and the radio industry.

19 Apr 2008 00:17

What is this I hear about Bridget being beautiful? Have you guys completely lost your minds? The gal is average, below average if you ask me! But to call her beautiful is just so unfair to her....

Brown Shuga
20 Apr 2008 11:55

Tjo Lady D

<<<What is this I hear about Bridget being beautiful? Have you guys completely lost your minds? The gal is average, below average if you ask me! But to call her beautiful is just so unfair to her>>>  LOL haikhona Kandi, let's just agree to disagree, okay? In my eyes she's a very beautiful woman.

20 Apr 2008 12:25

Shame just don't like the poor gal...But its true...she is average but she has a good body!

21 Apr 2008 04:36

Abouit her looks i also don wana comment ! She has slight strech mrks check de Claire photo very well,She is a nice person i know her but  de breakfast...?I also did get any of her answer @ALL ,

21 Apr 2008 08:02

She is average but her lips are sexy ,the girl with dreads her underwear is terrible who is that she is out of the league! It like a man underwear TJO!

21 Apr 2008 10:02

WOW julle, and I thought that I was the only one who thought Brigdette was being rude...otherwise, its who she is and she feels comfortable with her character. 


22 Apr 2008 07:29

In person she's nice shame,but on radio she sucks big time.The laugh,the voice,the pronounciation of  words,hell nooo!Kaloku nathi we did go to model c schools and have white friends,QHA....

22 Apr 2008 08:57

Kanti yini engafuni ukuthetha nje lomntana, yena i think she has got a great body that i want badly, i was gonna say she is beautiful but the way she talks irritates me so bad i cant see her face anymore!!! as for her bfast show andazi zihlobo zam' im a garreth listener in the mornings.

23 Apr 2008 09:26

Bridget is one of the most beautiful ladies in Mzansi and her body is so fiiine and you gays must keep your opinion to yourselves cos she is far better than abo Somizi of this world.......

24 Apr 2008 00:10

you gays must keep your opinion to yourselves cos she is far better than abo Somizi of this world.......

Is this supposed to be a compliment? I'm not getting it!

24 Apr 2008 00:25

hehehehe i think even AK and Daddy are just as a different way. Dedde is loud in a perverted arrogant way. AK just in a i think i'm funny but really i'm not way. Bridgette is just plain annoying esp with that laugh. i hope YFm gets saved soon

24 Apr 2008 00:34

AK just in a i think i'm funny but really i'm not way. 

Yeah, someone must tell AK he's not a comedian..nxx!

24 Apr 2008 01:31

I don't really listen to the radio especially YFM, not that I'm against, but I think the girl is cool maybe she shud work out on her accent a little bit.


24 Apr 2008 02:26

What did you think of Ntsiki Mazwai's pic in Marie Claire >>
what she wanted to say was,
"WTF was that?"

24 Apr 2008 02:33

LOL ngwana!!!

24 Apr 2008 07:20

@sipy: so what if she has stretch marks? what does that have to do with anything? honestly some comments are stupid and unneccessary . would you rather they had air-brushed the photo? the campaign had nothing to do with beauty and being fake like that.

25 Apr 2008 05:17

@sipy: so what if she has stretch marks? what does that have to do with anything? YAH YOU HAVE A POINT..................

28 Apr 2008 04:39

28 Apr 2008 06:55

Bridgette neh? You know when they say "Ämadlozi akho aya gugidela" or "Ugezile" (Excuse my bad Zulu cos I'm Tswana.) or we will just call it "Pure Luck'', that's what this girl has. It started when she was crowned 1st Princess in Miss SA(don't remember the year). Ok well for that tittle I guess her confidence,bubbly personality and no comb look got her that. But anyway she was refreshing and entertaining. 

On her personality I can't say much.Cs I've never payed attention to that. But on radio? Damn! I change the channel/station! I can't stand her voice. She actually made me tolerate Ntate Glen Lewis on Metro.I guess Unathi's mellowness has made him tone down.
Yeah, maybe if they pair her up with someone mellow like Mo, she can start speaking better. Not AK. He is IRRITATING!! But to tell the truth most of them on Y are irritating(Rude Boy n Sanza) so let's not shoot Bridge. She probably learns from them.

 I think she'd make a better TV personality with her bubbly personality. It would rather be fun to watch her especially if they give her the best fashion stylist.

I love the pics maar eish ''UANDAPENDE''!

28 Apr 2008 08:55

Le hairstyle yokuqala iyang' disturber sis' Brigdet. Love the bodies though.

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