Idols East Africa - Starts Sunday

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 05 Apr 2008
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I just got an SMS from one of my moles saying they've been browsing DStv channels and found an Idols East Africa Channel on 198 that says the show starts on Sunday - 6 April, 2008.

I've checked it out and it's all set up and says it's ready to happen as from 18h00.

I've browsed the schedules and see it's also going to be on Africa Magic - at 19h00. The 198 Channel must be the Extra auditions etc.

There hasn't been a smidgen of news about it so I had no clue it was starting - have you seen it promo'd or heard news?


05 Apr 2008 13:09

its not truly idols east africa, more like idols africa.
auditions in kenya, tanzania, zambia, botswana, zimbabwe, malawi uganda.

at least we can see it on africa magic.

sweetie my baby
06 Apr 2008 10:24

i'm watching it now, and am so disappointed in how BORING it is! none of the vibes and hilarity of idols east africa, or even our own idols here! the contestants can't sing - but even the way they can't sing is BORING. the judges.... oh, gaaaaad! flat flat flat flat. bring back idols west africa, NOW!!!!

sweetie my baby
06 Apr 2008 10:25

none of the vibes and hilarity of idols east africa

sorry - actually meant idols WEST africa...

Lady D
06 Apr 2008 10:32

Sweetie my baby,i am watching,aowa,this is just soo boring.I dont even want to talk about the jugdes.But hey,they just started maybe they will get better with time.I cant take this anymore.

This people cant sing,not even a single went through.Unbelievable

Lady D
06 Apr 2008 10:36

Who are the judges?What do they do???

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:05

Heheheheeh the gal in teh Kelly Khumalo hat heheheheh LMAO

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:06

The cute looking judge in the white shirt looks like the hip hop artist Scar from Botswana....

The female judge, whooooo eye make up bathong! Tjo Tjo Tjo

06 Apr 2008 11:15

It is Scar from Botswana, but sho the judges are lifeless!!!!

Okay my daughter sings irreplaceable betther than that, yho yho

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:22

ROFL at the guitar boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: Stand on the sign please

Guitar Boy: Why?

Judge : Coz I say so...What are you gonna sing?

Guitar Boy: I don't want to sing, I"m here to change your world? You are here to do a job? You are not a man to look away when another man looks at you.... The camera guy is doing his job, you think Jesus Christ was crazy
I look at her...I look at you, my mom is broke I came for my mom

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:25

LOL and there's a guy who's auditioning with lyrics written on an A4 paper Hahahahhahahaah I'm loving this Idols!!!!!

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:28

Judge: You sing like you're crying.
Gal: Is that a yes or a no?


06 Apr 2008 11:32

ROFLMAO at the wig man!!!!

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:46

Scar, Scar,Scar, Scar, someone get him off that high horse he's riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brown Shuga
06 Apr 2008 11:56

The guy who sang Neyo's So Sick did a good job, and they say no??? He  just needs a bit of work c'mon!!!

06 Apr 2008 23:51

yawn... more stuff we cant relate to.... BBA now Idols Africa... 75% of Dstv subscribers are SOUTH AFRICAN dammit.... u r starting to piss the local market off, by side lining us with the emerging markets.
What about a BBSA?

07 Apr 2008 01:46

Hayi man guys.....I watched a bit of it yesterday.........BORING BORING BORING, the judges are dull, the contestants have no talent whatsoever. My highlight was that boy who was playing guitar from the back, he just would not stop talking, he told the judges that he was not there to sing but 'to change the world'........that was when I realised that it was time for me to give up.............oh how I miss Dede.

07 Apr 2008 03:15

@ BS...The cute looking judge in the white shirt looks like the hip hop artist Scar from Botswana.... 

Gal u know yo yena!

07 Apr 2008 03:17

Scar, Scar,Scar, Scar, someone get him off that high horse he's riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt the same way BS!!!

07 Apr 2008 23:15

And damn Scar is FIIINEEEE i wud not mind having him for lunch today.....
But I must admit they are boring for real.....
The was a girl who was singing IRREPLACABLE.....Yhuuuuuu nkosi yam
She was like those old cassets when you fastforward you will hear this squeeecky sound damn it was BAD....
And when a girl said she was going to sing LISTEN by Miss B my man (Scar) asked her "r u sure u wanna sing that song?????"
But i'm wondering if people from Kenya really know what IDOLS is they would not embarass temselves like that.......
And why do Judges let them sing that long heeee??????????????????????

08 Apr 2008 17:38

what's the web add for idols east africa peeps??????

08 Apr 2008 17:43

guys i've been watching the idols east africa,peeps in the east africa cannot sing,i know we got lot of talent in sa we can blow those 3 boring judges awyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

09 Apr 2008 06:49

09 Apr 2008 10:48

thanks mtshanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

10 Apr 2008 02:23

Idols East Africa beats all comedies this season!!! LMAO
It's amazing how much "Faith" people have in themselves and their ability to sing... NOT!
But of all the judges, Scar is the bomb!!! He is real!

Fluffy Head
10 Apr 2008 02:36

Some funny quotes from Idols last night (or the Dar es salam auditions)

Anywho the judge I think the Scar guy, the one from Bots who's assumed the Simon Cowell/Randall said...
"You are finishing us man, that are ending us for real" LMAO, I LMAO for real at home. Cause the way aneshori ngakhona especcially since people koteng can't speak English and the athi - you are ending us...That is just way too funny.

Conversation between scar the and lady judge.
Scar: Not another Neo song man, you must be joking....he can't even sing
Lady Judge: For starters man Neo can sing
Scar: That boy can't sing man
Lady Judge: As if you can sing any better.

I was like, ouch!!!!, that must have hit home for real for the guy on the horse....sho bana mamodimo...

The cameras will bare witness.
Am I the only one who thinks they put through the people who could speak English only, even if they sang like goats with a throat infection.????

10 Apr 2008 02:56

i think Scar is trying too hard to be rude..he is overdoing it and its boring..
he's my homeboy but eish...naah...

10 Apr 2008 07:05

The judges are wack! No originality. The guy on the left of the girl tries to act like Randy from American idols, he even looks like him a bit. The guy on the right of the girl tries to act like Randal/Simon..hai...why cant we just be original.
Granted most of the contestants cant sing, but the judges are so harsh...the lady judge should try to be more sympathetic...bring the woman touch to the show!

12 Apr 2008 08:17

I have comment directed to the lady judge. all i wan to say if she has runout  of bad comments abt contestants that cant sing,she can say anything else but not mock e church.I haerd her pass a comment to one guy that he cant sing and she told him that his voice was gud for e church choir....lady no,,,,,,for her own info,she must know that most successful american artists started in e church,,,,e best singers come from e church.....jus don dis e church lady,,find other words not e church

12 Apr 2008 08:28

And e other thing,kenya has no talent at all,sometimes it ends up boring when e judges have to go for an hr of watching without a POSSIBLE candidate...............

Can someone agree with here?The judges allow too mch time for a song instead of  cutting off a contestant if they notice immediately that they cant sing,it will save time.

Idols east africa shld spice it up more so that viewers can enjoy....get a few tips from american idols.....east africa can be such a big yawn....

Does anybody know which email that can go direct to e judges

18 Apr 2008 06:22

Guys.........did anyone see that Kudzai girl from Zimbabwe, the busty bootylicious sister with a very deep and warm voice.....and the attitude to do with it. i love her, she just needs to come out of her shell completely

19 Apr 2008 04:56


Idols is boring,the judges are up to *bleep!*. It's like they are not well versed with what it takes for one to be an AFRICAN IDOL.Sometimes they just give credit to the people who do not deserve to be credited just because they look beautiful , or handsome, without a good voice.

I also want to suggest that they should speak to contastants who have difficulty in understanding our foreign language ENGLISH in their venecular language coz not all of us are good in english,eg in the case of the guy who sat down when they asked him to stand on the idol sign.AFRICANS WE ARE AFRICANS NOT ENGLISH,SO WHY ARE WE AFRAID TO SPEAK IN OUR OWN MOTHER LANGUAGE AND AVOID ALL THE EMBARASSMENT!!


19 Apr 2008 09:58

I agree with u Nkosie Zim people rock .
I beleive the winner will be from there.......................
Angela irritates me she is always complementing people on their looks and clothing, I was so irritated when she said the twins looked cute, who was she fooling right there.............................nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Scar is no longer himself they have toned him down, and Mister "well well" must find another line that one is overdue

06 May 2008 11:10

hey guys .. i am in south africa and a fan of any idols .. i did not catch .. west idols .. but i have watched east african idols . every freakin audition!! i must agree that zim was great .. but then we are just saying that and agreeing with the consensus that it is because they speak english bettewr than the rest of the auditioned countries. i disagree because .. i just love the natural tone that people in places like Lusaka have. Africans truly have beautifull voices. isnt it a shame that the judges seem to expect everyone to understand and speak english as fluently as they do. they almost come accross very discriminating against their own people. they seem to think that the people not fluent in english cannot understand basic principles of body language and laughter!! 

on a happier note .. i still love the judges to bits. i have never seen or heard of them before.. but they are whack!! they are better than our south african judges .. jees that was misery!!!! randall is a jack asssss .. as least TK .. is entertaining.

omw .... the guitar dude .. what the freak  was that .. he def takes the cake for most undesirable person to be near to with your children.!!!! 

have a great week

06 May 2008 11:11

oh sorry and .. i think i have missed the east africa show ... been so watching the auditions on 198 .. i think i have probably missed teh entire show.@@@ oh dear .. please tell me it aint so !!!!!

idol fan
08 May 2008 14:33

those ppel cannot sing at alll.... they are just embarassing themselves. and dont even talk about those JUDGES.... my gosh

idol fan
08 May 2008 14:36

i am watching it now and dam those ppl cannot sing.... the judges  keep saying the competiton is tuff...DAMMIT they let one person go thru...WHAT TUFF COMPETITION IS THIS.... it takes up a blady channel on DSTV....MY GOD,I PAY TO WATCH THIS *bleep!*.... THE JUDGES *bleep!*..... WHO ARE THEY TO BEGIN WITH ...GEESSSS SCAR NEEDS TO GET A LIFE AND GET OFF THE HORSE HIS RIDING COS DAM HE JUST THINK HIS THE *bleep!* .....and the other dude... shoooo.... not even going to go there... LOKL

idol fan
08 May 2008 14:38


Ms lol
08 May 2008 15:48

Scar is the only reason i watch this show. I got all my girls hooked on him not da show. Pls lord tell me his that rude coz if its just 4 show hell NO!!!

idol fan
09 May 2008 08:09

OH MY GODms lol..... what the fcuk u thinkg....he makes me sick..... he has no idea what his doing .... no-one good enough for him...i wonder if the bugger can sing himself...i highly doubt that

idol fan
09 May 2008 08:14

why teh harry does the female judge keep taking her hair out her face,,,what freaken hair,,,.... she aint got no real gf stop that cos it

09 May 2008 08:19

Those judges are just bad bad bad!!! do they eva say yes to anyone!!!

Judge: You sing like you're crying.
Gal: Is that a yes or a no?
 ROFL!!!!! hhahahahahah

idol fan
12 May 2008 05:45

i just read the write up about the judges....what is ANGIE doing there with no mussic experience.... only one karaoke competition she yet she tellls pplk they sound to karaoke word,,..... think before u say anything angie.... cos u making a fool out of yourself.

21 May 2008 07:00

There isn't a decent website about Idols East Africa - What's up with that???

21 May 2008 07:04

@ Lady D.........try

21 May 2008 07:35

Iyho, have u seen the actual show. Its held in some dingy 'hall', dark, an audience that is just not convincing. Hai, they realy didnt do justice to idol's africa. Its terrible!

Celeste Matthews
01 Jun 2008 12:46

This message is for Trinah. You said your family and friends are ever sooooo proud of you and your talents. Well I agree you make me proud to be an African, proud to be black and proud to come from humble beginnings to rock Idols East AFrica. The light will be shining on you for a long long time.

Keep singing for peace in Africa , peace for Our Continent and peace for Our People. Loads of best wishes accompany your career from Celeste, Alf & Matthew Wannenburgh in Muizenberg Cape Town South Africa we're watching you.

06 Jun 2008 02:15

I think we should give idols east africa time coz i feel they are doing a damn good job.  Thumbs up to Zim yo guys you are good keep up the good singing. The real idol will come from Zim Im very positive.  Angie I love you Scar you are boring.  Trinah well done. Mhkululi and Amara go on guys!!

06 Jun 2008 02:21

I am only sad they decided to discontinue channel 198. They could have repeated from the day they all went to Nairobi. But anyway we will watch the Sunday and Monday shows or are there any extra shows besides the 2?

17 Jun 2008 05:23

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