SCD 4x04: End Of The Road For Uyanda

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Strictly Come Dancing Episode Recaps on 22 Feb 2008
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Marketer and socialite Uyanda Mbuli was the third "celeb" voted out of Strictly Come Dancing 4 on Thursday night, sparing us more of her wooden dancing.

Her dance-off against Brenda Ngxoli was a no-brainer for the judges, although Tyrone Watkins deserves to have his head examined for voting to keep her in the show. Your credibility is at stake, Tyrone.

His vote made no difference, however, as Salome, Dave and Lilian all voted to keep Brenda and send Uyanda packing.

On an evening where dancers alternated between the Paso Doble and the Viennese Waltz, it was Isidingo star Emmanuel Castis who impressed the most with his Paso Doble version of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Receiving a perfect 10 from Dave Campbell and Lilian Phororo, he achieved a total of 37/40, the highest score since Tamara Dey's perfect 40/40 in Season 2.

Kicking off the evening with a Viennese Waltz were Trevor Noah and Hayley Hammond, who scored a solid if unspectacular 29. After making the early running in the competition Trevor seems to be falling off the pace somewhat, despite not doing anything patently wrong.

His score was still good enough for third place, however, behind Emmanuel and Tanya van Graan.

Next up was Uyanda and Ryan Hammond, whose Paso Doble was reminiscent of a scene out of a marionette show - the way stiff Uyanda jerked about like a wooden puppet on a string was painful to watch.

For the third consecutive week she was bottom of the pack, with a mere 22 points. This time her marketing skills clearly failed her, as her rabid fan base (who would possibly be a fan of a marketing person?) seemed to desert her for the first time.

The third couple of the night were Ashley Hayden and Muntu Ngubane, who were solid if unspectacular with a Viennese Waltz. They scored 26, which put them second from the bottom, but were saved from a dance-off against Uyanda by the public voting.

Then came the scorchingly hot Paso from Emmanuel and Lindsey Muckle, which had Lilian hot and flustered and Dave beaming so hard he looked a certain candidate for a coronary.

Emmanuel's girlfriend, model Tanya van Graan, continued her rapid rise up the ranks with yet another classy performance, scoring 32 for her Viennese Waltz.

Brenda Ngxoli and Quintus Jansen went last, and managed a creditable 28 points for their Paso. Despite not being in the bottom two after the first round, Brenda is clearly struggling for fan support, ending up in her second consecutive dance-off after the round of public voting.

The end is nigh for the actress, it would seem.

Emmanuel has raised the bar for this season - it's all-out war from now.

This was how the judges voted in the first round, before public voting:

Emmanuel: 37
Tanya: 32
Trevor: 29
Brenda: 28
Ashley: 26
Uyanda: 22

TVSA blogger Segololo attended the live show last night - look out for her coverage of the event, coming on Monday.


21 Feb 2008 22:56

Halellujah Uyanda is out but I agree with u Tyrone need to have his head examined I was shocked to hear him say he is voting for Uyanda, maybe he was also a member of the fan club. Or he was promised something; there r many posibilities. Sbuda is Uyanda's friend, u know him with voting now we all know y she was there till now, hope all Uyanda's suppoters will now vote for Brenda.

21 Feb 2008 23:28

I agree with u Snogabe, Uyanda's fans should switch to Brenda, the public obviously dont like her much!! But she is a character that 1 i love it when she speaks Afrikaans in that "Kaapse" accent!!

21 Feb 2008 23:54

The greatest news to start off my Friday!!!! Uyanda should have just volunteered to leave the show and not wait to be voted off.....survivor, my foot!

21 Feb 2008 23:57

@ Toxic survivor, my foot  LMAO!!

22 Feb 2008 00:07

HAPPY...Uyanda is out,who hayikhona sisi!!!Shame uBrenda.

22 Feb 2008 00:10

Loved Lindsay and Emmanuel's Paso!!

22 Feb 2008 00:28

Shame girl its clear u cant dance nhe............. its a pity i cant watch u ............ en plz do a favour stick 2 ur job, Dance is never ur hobby even when u were 2.

22 Feb 2008 00:32

mean 2 say ............en plz do me a favour stick 2 ur job, Honestly dance was never ur hobby since u were 2 years old

22 Feb 2008 00:38

Thank goodness Uyanda is out yhini bantu! It was painful to watch her last night eqine ethe nqi (wooden dancing I agree).
Brenda we're watching you.....stop talking too much maan nawe,however I'll vote for u

22 Feb 2008 00:42

I was so impress with Emmanuel's Paso too, it was way perfect. As for uUyanda I kept of closing my eyes as if she was gonna fall or miss the step - did'nt enjoy her performance at all (@ Toxic survivor, my foot  I culd'nt say it better). ohh uMaBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I still want to see her perform I like her she is an true actor.

22 Feb 2008 01:16

I hope Ashley recovers quickly....i am so looking forward to her samba next week. I want her to win this Season she is so good

22 Feb 2008 01:21

Shem but i guess she wasnt good on previous shows just had many public votes, was looking forward to MAYBE chatting to her on next weeks show. I have my money on Hayley anyway.... I know she will scoop another championship now with Trevor. I just hope that Breanda is not next....

22 Feb 2008 01:38

Haleluja inkosi iyaphendula!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayanda was beggining to annoy me........FINISH!

22 Feb 2008 01:58

Ges we all glad that Mrs. South Africa is gone!!!! My vote is on Emmanuel and Lindsy They are very creative and... that dude it a true perfomer.

22 Feb 2008 02:08

I miss Hayley’s hoottt hot hot body...

Uyanda neh! *sigh* Not a moment too soon, actually 4 episodes too late... I bet you she is going to list dancing as one of her elusive credentials...
 *sigh* til fade...

22 Feb 2008 02:10

Good Riddance...Oh kodwa can the public hate UYanda so much? ..quite scary !! 

22 Feb 2008 02:17

LMAO Jordan!!! and i both-i lurrve me some Ashley!!

22 Feb 2008 03:12

Eish i have been waiting to exhale for 4 weeks LOL

22 Feb 2008 03:14

Finally Uyanda uphumile.  uthambe okwentsimbi LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Feb 2008 03:36

There was not even time to say her goodbyes and share her expiriences..Shame man......

The greatest news to start off my Friday!!!! Uyanda should have just volunteered to leave the show and not wait to be voted off.....survivor, my foot!
he he he ROFL.

after what she said yesterday i ralisd she is not the media's favourite..everyone wanted her out

22 Feb 2008 05:08

She said she is not dancing to impressed the judges. What was that suppose to mean. Thanks god she is out.

If i was her i shouldnt have repeat for the do or die part. couse she knew is was out already she should have voluntee to quet.

I told traver last week that he must passop for emanuel not to forget muntu 

those r my 3 favourates

kiki X
22 Feb 2008 05:57

Guys, u have no idea how loud i screamed when Ayanda ooops i mean Uyanda finally made a grand exit.......i really couldn't wait for her to leave. why don't viewers vote for Brenda mara????

My favourites:
1, Trevor
2, Emmanuel
3, Muntu is a great teacher, instructor watever they are called.

22 Feb 2008 11:13


Brown Shuga
22 Feb 2008 11:22

I'ma copy+paste my reply from the other article:

Yes, it was time for Uyanda to exit but well done to her on being such a good spot. Honestly guys, I can't dance to save my life but given a chance, I would also jump to do SCD. It's all about fun & entertainment really, not about her becoming a Pro.

22 Feb 2008 12:42

thatha MABRRRR heeeee nisamkhumbula kwi TSHA_TSHA xa emane esithi "stretch those arms" Shem u_Uyanda makaxole maan ulhalha ubizo lwakhe lukwiMarketing

23 Feb 2008 02:43

UJes'uyalalela aphendul'umkhuleko letha konke ku Jesu ngomkhuleko.Aaaaah!

23 Feb 2008 03:26

LOL at Peaces, so I see you're a Hlengiwe Mhlaba fan.............LOL

23 Feb 2008 07:23

Nonny are you a celeb?.............i realy wana know????

23 Feb 2008 08:02

Me2 hey coz evriwer i go is 'nonny' was askn myself that this m0rnin!

23 Feb 2008 08:03

Me2 hey coz evriwer i go is 'nonny' was askn myself that this m0rnin!

25 Feb 2008 01:57

TV presenter and socialite Uyanda Mbuli was eventually kicked out of Strictly Come Dancing on Thursday after surviving two dance-offs. 

i've been waiting for this for so long. i hope my gal brenda wins this one

25 Feb 2008 02:01

Teardropz and faraimagic, I'm not a celeb, I'm just a normal shlama, I mean a normal person hey but ke u can call me a scheleb anytime............LOL.........

25 Feb 2008 02:35

LOL @Nonny normal Shlama oh kodwa wena *shaking my head* the an ubnormal one he. he haai suka?

 then the celeb thingie wud one actuall y admit Live like that ..imagine yes im a celeb my name is so & so ...nah ,mense i think the whole purpose of usernames is 4privacy or something along those lines 

anyhow im not opening a can of worms..back 2topic Uyanda's hairstyle very nice an unique..i just love their outfit do they get 2keep them after the show?

25 Feb 2008 06:36

At long last Uyanda she is out. I was starting to get irritated by her performance on the dance floor.

26 Feb 2008 03:11

Come on you guys Uyanda was not that bad..... Stop hating da sista ha ha ha .....

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