Episode 7: The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Episode Previews: America's Next Top Model 4 on 08 Jan 2008
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Coming up in tonight's ANTM:

Episode 7: The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge

Broadcast date: Tuesday 8 January, 2008 at 21h00
Broadcaster: e.TV

Tyra Banks loses her cool, screams at one of the wannabes and throws the mother of tantrums. So what exactly pushes Tyra over the edge?

During elimination the girls are challenged to read lines off a teleprompter. One model doesn’t even bother trying and quits. After the judges encourage her to continue, she does but afterwards walks away dejected.

The final blow comes during elimination when it’s time to say goodbye to the remaining contestants she laughs and jokes around. Tyra is left fuming that someone who has been handed a golden opportunity to improve her circumstances in life considers the competition a joke.

So, she decides to tell her exactly what she thinks of her negative attitude.



08 Jan 2008 01:34


Im so pissed off with e-tv!

08 Jan 2008 01:51

thank you Aunt Tyra that girl doesnt belong there. Go Street Fighter go LOL

Option Strict
08 Jan 2008 01:57

Why are you pissed Princess1984

08 Jan 2008 04:54

i saw the shorts 4 dis episode, and i was scared. yhooooo she must hav really pissed off tyra, cos shes a sweet down 2 earth person, to make her shout like that. Princess, i kno wat u mean!! enuf already

08 Jan 2008 05:05

Guys I haven't managed to watch ANTM since that incident where one of the girls fainted I have no idea who is still in the running but ill definately watch this one tonight 

08 Jan 2008 05:10

Hayi suka I saw the shots ka Top Model, u Tyra uyathanda ukubaxa. Undidika finish.

09 Jan 2008 02:57

no guys u Tyra is right that girl was strating to iritate me with the im from the getto story and my grandmother this and that i mean she was only given a chance because the felled sorry for her ,her attitute suckes .

she must just go back to the getto where she came from ,u can take the horse to the river but you cant force it to drink ,she was on the wrong show anyway ,she must go to the Oprah Winfrey show or the TYRA Banks show

09 Jan 2008 03:24

Yarley i disagree with you on this one ok maybe tiffany's attitude was out of the way but for tyra to yell at her like that was way beyond wrong, This poor girl is from the ghetto this was a  tough challenge for her and she just didnt have enough confindence she needed support not to be yeld at utyara should apologies to tiff she doesnt know tiffany's  backround I mean we all know its not easy in the ghetto and she tried  all her best  to gather the strength in her but bieng in the precences of models like tyra can really freak the hell out.

09 Jan 2008 07:34

mna i think all those judges are stupid.....okay but they just make me angry the way bethetha ngayo about ezi model wanna be's . i mean all the gals want is to be models not degraded and made to eat *bleep!*. They dont realise they are dealing with people with feelings. Watching the show is enough to put me off modeling (not that i fit the criteria) but joe even in the real world you dont have to agree with everything people say just coz you want a job. utyra was pissed with that gal because she didnt cry after being eliminated how duh is that. not everybody is gonna cry and show the world how sad they are just coz they didnt get what they wanted. uTyra is a drama queen engena zifeelings.

i absolutely hate the way those judges speak with and about the gals

09 Jan 2008 08:36

i like the way the judges talk to the girls it makes the show interesting ,this season is boring i dont connect with the girls like i did the last season ,i dont remember thier name

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