Jody Wins Idols4!

Written by Tashi from the blog Idols 4 on 10 Dec 2007
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The lowdown on Jody's win at the Idols 4 Finale last night:

From the press release:


After a close-run Idols season that saw 7 803 990 votes cast, it was Jody Williams who captured the most votes from the fans and was named their new Idol. The petite schoolgirl from Milnerton beat out her fellow Capetonian, 21-year-old Andriëtte Norman, in an emotional two-hour show in front of a capacity audience at the Ellis Park Arena.

“We are incredibly proud of Jody,” said M-Net's Head of Original Productions, Carl Fischer. “As the voting figures bear out, Season 4 was particularly closely-run because all the Top 10 contestants were very talented, so it’s a wonderful achievement to have emerged the victor.” (A statement on the 2007 voting statistics will be released on Monday.)

The two-hour Final Spectacular kicked off with the remaining 8 finalists from the Top 10 group - Dominic, Caroline, Yolanda, Carla, Björn, Daniel and Tender - who reunited for a medley of the AC/DC headbanging classic “Shook Me All Night Long” and The Kinks’s “You Really Got Me”.

Season 3 runner-up Gift Gwe returned to the Idols stage with “Back To You”, from his new album of the same name. Munro and Carla performed a sexy duet of Bryan Adams and Mel C’s “When You’re Gone”, while Tender and Caroline sang the apt “Missing You”, from Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan.

Then Daniel, Björn, Caroline and Dominic teamed up for a soulful version of the Bob Dylan classic, “Forever Young”. The girls of NKD, Idols 2005 finalists Deirdre Visser, Kesha Charlton Perkins and Nicky de Lange,chimed in with their radio hit “What I Believe”.

The stars of the show, Andriëtte and Jody, each sang three songs - one of their own choice and one of the judges’ choice. Andriëtte chose Allanah Miles’ “Black Velvet” and the judges chose Anastacia’s “I’m Outta Love” for her. For Jody they picked “Run To You” and she chose “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, both by her idol, Whitney Houston. They also each got to debut the new Idols single, “Love Is All Around”.

After the voting lines closed and while the votes were being audited, Andriëtte and Jody shared the stage for the first time, singing the moving duet “Tell Him”, made famous by Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion.

As South Africa’s new Idol, Jody’s life has changed dramatically in one moment. To start with, she walks off with a recording contract with one of the world’s largest record companies, SonyBMG, plus R100 000 in cash from M-Net. She also drives away in a new, customised, Citroën “Idols Edition” C2 1.6VTS. Runner-up Andriëtte’s face lit up when it was announced during the show that she, too, would get a Citroën C2.

Jody and Andriëtte are now both the proud owners of a PSK-915 Docking Station, a PSK-3807 Docking Station, a SSDP9797 Dual Screen Portable DVD player, a SSFF9200 Series MP4 Player and a Navig8 GPS System from JNC. In addition each of them get the Xbox 360, a R2 000 voucher from Look & Listen, a laptop with connectivity and hampers from Cardies.

Jody also won a Shure SLX2458 Uhf Wireless Handheld Microphone c/w SM58 Mic Capsule and free haircare and skincare products from Phree Edge and Tigi for a year.

One of the most exciting moments for the new Idol was a personal videotaped message from Céline Dion, congratulating Jody on her victory and announcing that she would be the opening act at all the shows of the Canadian diva’s South African tour in February next year.

Jody's single will be released by SonyBMG tomorrow, backed by her rendition of Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father”. Fans can already download “Love Is All Around” from the M-Net website at as of right now. Both Andriëtte and Jody’s versions of the song are available in various formats (including MP3).






10 Dec 2007 02:56

Yippeee a mini Celine Houston....  HOW BORING

10 Dec 2007 03:13

Wow white sockgal that is just cold! I liked that Jody gal but I honestly think Andriette had a richer voice and a recording contract would have done her good.

This turned out xactly the same as season 2 when poor Poseletso who had the best voice lost out on that Anke chick with an irritating voice!

As for Mara - those titties please that was a bit too much to handle and she was a little bit on Jody's side

10 Dec 2007 03:52

LOL!!!! Yippeee a mini Celine Houston.... HOW BORING

10 Dec 2007 04:12

@tizoz:  'Wow white sockgal that is just cold!'  It is my opinion and if it is cold... then well it is cold.  Just like Jody and the show...  because, in my opinion,.. it was ANYTHING BUT HOT. But then the whole series was one very lonnnnng YAWN with sporadical moments of what one can perceive as interesting.  My cold opinion..

10 Dec 2007 04:26

damn do we have to get technical now I was just kidding!

10 Dec 2007 06:45

Am happy for her. Good luck .......... Lol

10 Dec 2007 06:51

Glad its over!

10 Dec 2007 07:10

ANDRIETTE is my idol! she is way good!

10 Dec 2007 07:10

Neve watched Idols... Never heard this girl sing... very glad she won... very glad when someone gets a chance to move up in life...just hope you wont dissapear on us like the previuos idols... all the best for the future Jody

10 Dec 2007 07:22

Congratulations Jody, you did well my girl! I wish you and every other person in the top 10 all the success in life.

Congrats on the car, Andriette, that was a nice surprise!

Meme J
10 Dec 2007 07:26

OK, let me throw a cat among the pigeons!! Had mixed feelings about Jody throughout the season but think that as a pop idol, Jody is the deserved winner. ....................Munro was a great rocker, Andriette has a fab voice (and will doubtless get a recording contract) and I just loved Tender, who I hope will also get a contract. But, in terms of a pop star, it had to be Jody. And if you saw those clips at the start of the final two's tour to various SA centres, the fan fervour Jody whipped up was something else. So think she'll capture the Brit-Whit market, and that she'll sell records!! .................... It's about more than voice. Btw, just loved her opening Whitney number, and I think that's where u could see the potential pop idol, the moves, the interaction with the crowd, etc. .................... And hey Celine is Celine. Not my favourite, but her 'My Heart Will Go On' is one helluva love song :)

10 Dec 2007 09:30

Jodi congrats (this is now out of the way). I am not hating on this lovely lady but hey I really think is it Andriette she was the stronger one in this. But like I always say when it is your is your day.......I hope Jodie will take this a step further and not just be a has been....peace!

10 Dec 2007 10:07

Meme J: Missed the show as I was watching some E entertainment show featuring your gal, Paris buying tinkerbell bling h2O for over $12000 a bottle

Meme J
10 Dec 2007 11:45

Oh yes, I think I've seen that one. U see, that's what's so cool about Paris. A good heart, kind to her animals :) :)

Meme J
10 Dec 2007 11:51

Oops, forgot to comment on the Idols show. As an actual show, the beginning was really vibey:: the group Idols' performances at the beginning, when Jody and Andriette were doing their numbers, the clips, etc, but it sagged some in the middle. I found Gift's performance, and his song, very disappointing. Some of the other Idols finalists performances were good, and others, well, were a bit offkey. Believe Karin K was 'snubbed', according to a friend of mine in the Cape? Apparently linked to that whole murder saga!

11 Dec 2007 01:39

@Meme J: 'It's about more than voice.' For the voting audience,.. obviously it is not… in reality.. when you buy the albums… I don’t think so. You did not buy the Voice Training 101 album by Heinz,.. or did you?
'So think she'll capture the Brit-Whit market.' Yes, you are right about the Brit market… not so sure about the Whit market. Is it still in existence? And in the Brit market she will have some serious competition with the prop princesses who have individuality (Avril Lavigne for example) which Jody sadly does not have. So, no.. I don’t think she will become a high seller.
Different strokes.. and all that jazz… Taste, subjective…
'Btw, just loved her opening Whitney number, and I think that's where u could see the potential pop idol, the moves.' I heard Whitney,.. and gaadddd (been done before,.. been seen before) I grabbed a James Patterson novel, Cross, and by the time she finished, the Butcher slashed up the sidekick of the mob boss. That is how bored I was.
The show, the whole series,… was just very borrrrrinnnnggggg. A recycled version of everything that they have done before. And, I am not one of those snobs who think that reality shows are beneath them. Not at all. I am a Daughtry fan (still think he should have won), have all Kelly Clarkson’s albums… and Lemar… no love making session can ever be complete without Lemar’s Truth about Love.

11 Dec 2007 05:19

How many people do you see buying Jodi's Cd?

Meme J
11 Dec 2007 06:18

Heinz who???? ................... Have to admit that I'm a word ho! Thought Brit-Whit rhymed well!! And I'm still a Whitney fan!! And Brit had me from the 'Oops' ................. OK, if it's only about voice, why didn't Melinda Doolittle win the last American Idols? .................. Actually do think Jody has the potential to break into particularly the South African teen market, judging by the fan fervour she whipped up around the country, and if only a percentage of those who voted for her buy in, she's on her way :::::::::::::::: And let's be frank, who of the contestants was a break-out, showed individuality, or was an original? Andriette, great voice but in the context of the show essentially an Anastasia knock-off .......... Munro a rocker, but what was new?? Etc, etc. :::::::::::::::: It's what happens after the show: how quickly the recording company acts, the marketing, the material, etc, etc. .................... As I see it, in a show like Idols, they're looking for potential. And I still believe Jody has it!! At the end of the day, as you say, it's subjective ... and all that jazz :: jazz is not one of my favourites :)

11 Dec 2007 06:54

'Heinz who????' Exactly...

'Actually do think Jody has the potential to break into particularly the South African teen market, judging by the fan fervour she whipped up around the country, and if only a percentage of those who voted for her buy in, she's on her way ::::::::::::::::'
I think Jody is the flavour of NOW.  The teen market is fickle... she will be yesterday's news by next week.  That is what I think..

'And let's be frank, who of the contestants was a break-out, showed individuality, or was an original? Andriette, great voice but in the context of the show essentially an Anastasia knock-off .......... Munro a rocker, but what was new?? Etc, etc.'
To repeat myself,... the whole series was just one big BORE... nothing new,.. nothing exciting....  And the end result of the recycled event, a mini Celine Houston who, my cold prediction, will have a wonderful career which will last 4 wonderful months.  That is if she is that lucky.

Whitney,... obviously no part of my CD collection.  Jazz....  yes,.. all that jazz,  huge part of my CD collection.  That is why I like the word.

Meme J
11 Dec 2007 07:38

Eish, WSG! We are in a happy space today :) Think u need to put on some Spice Girls!!!!!! ................. Well, if NOW is the moment, Jody must seize it!!!!! .................... But u're missing an overview point: On any Idols (in whicheva country), u generally don't see individuality; contestants have to perform within format. As I understand it, within what's thrown at contenders, they're looking for talent, a spark, woteva ... someone who can take the ball and run with it, or carry the tune and soar with it. Anyway, don't think we're going to find common ground here, or hit the same note. Ha, ha. So you go jazz, and I'll go alternative :) :)

12 Dec 2007 06:03

Love you so much Jody, hope fully you won't disapear like the other idols.  plz behave girl there is too much coming on you way in the near future.

Uzi phathe kahle sisi.

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