Richard and Tatiana, still together????

Written by Dee from the blog BBA 2: THE AFTERMATH on 29 Nov 2007
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Ok ...ok...I know BBA 2 is over and done with but im certain that I'm not the only one who still wants to follow the progress of the BBA2 winner, Richard Bezuidenhout's marriage to his Canadian wife,Rickie. As much as I didn't want to entertain his relationship with Tatiana in the house, I couldn't help but adore the love they shared....BUT I hoped (like many other fans) that his wife will take him back after the show, I really hoped she will Juna (Code's girlfriend) did....but it appears that things are not progressing as we hoped...which is rather sad!

The Gazunga boy

Just for an is the latest on the Gazunga boy according to the Bongo Sun (Tanzania) dated 27 November........

All is not yet well between the BBA 2 winner Richard Bezuidenhout and his wife Ricki as the row between the two is still simmering despite Richard's assuring words that everything was okay.

Question marks on the reunion of the couple began recently at a special party organized at the Millenium Towers to welcome and congratulate Richard for his victory. But the euphoric atmosphere was dampened when Richard went to the party alone, prompting invitees to ask each other: "Where is Ricki?".....

Our reporter managed to talk to one of the invitees who said everyone was shocked because they thought the couple could come together. "It was a shock to many of us. At first, we thought it was planned to surprise the guests and that Ricki was perhaps hiding somewhere. But as time went on and on without Ricki showing up, we were disappointed,” said the invitee who did not want to disclose her name.

She added: "When everybody was eager to know the whereabouts of Ricki, someone who was sitting close to Richard came and said she heard Richy saying he was still working to iron out their differences. There are some misunderstandings between the two, I think."

Some people told The Bongo Sun that they think Ricki is hiding because of she was shy of people following what had happened to them. "Maybe she is too shy to been seen in public with Richard after the unfortunate episode. Let us give the two some time and maybe the shyness will disappear," said Angel when she was asked to give her opinion about the situation.

Other sources told The Bongo Sun that they have authentic information that Richard was still contacting Tatiana, whom they described as the source of all misunderstandings between Richy and Ricki. "I read this information on one blog which said that Richard has been calling Tatiana and he has done it in several times," said one source.

He was supported by his friend who said it was true that Richy and Tatti are keeping in touch, though he didn’t want to agree that that was the reason why Ricki is feeling insecure with her marriage.

In another development, Richard has admitted that he sometimes feels ashamed of his actions during the BBA session though he believes that people will forget about it and focus on the present and the future.


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