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RGB 's Last ride

Written by Toodecent from the blog IN THE ZONE on 08 Oct 2007
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So folks the once was most anticipated show on SABC 1 Mzansi for sho is coming to an end on Wednesday..huuuiweeeeeeee. Anyway I heard from my reliable sources that the show was commissioned for the second season and hopefully when it comes back obviously that will be in 2008eita Hola it will be much more interesting and our celebrity world will be broadened by then and Trevor will be much cuter than ever hopefully married but I don’t think marriage will stop you TVSA vultures ehehe LOL from wanting to lay your hands on him. Ok enough about that lets look at the last show and what the upcoming final show will have in store for us..

When the first episode was to be aired it was obvious and predictable that we will have Khanyisile Mbau-Mthembu in studio and oh yeah we had her there but what was boring is that we didn’t get the juicy info that most of us anticipated but only got to hear about Chris Brown (shame boy) I hear she will lay charges ehehehehe.. Now that was the start and with the last episode to air this is a million dollar guess that nomakanjani either DJ Sbu or Zola 7 will be the studio guests and I predict its 90% possible Sbu appearance and 10% Zola appearance. 

So can they not become predictable on the last show and have something interesting…? 

Last week bat lo nkhinya what was up with the Chaka Chaka and son interview? Was there any gossip about it.? I fail to understand gore what was the motive behind it SA entertainment industry families or something? They will have Sbu and IF they have him ... I wanna know from you what you think they will ask him...Hopefully this will make producers change their script and become unpredictable. I want to know why he released an album ka di backdoors and if really he has hit platinum who bought the album cause the single was played on air on the day of the release date which its yet to satisfy my wanna dance for good music ego that I have… and who is he dating? Ok enough ka Sbu.. 

Sbu                                       Zola   

This is my studio guests interviews wish...Cant they have Kelly,Khanyi,Rapulana,Mfundi, Duma, Brickz, Cleo, Elle,Zolla,Speedy,Queen, Chomee, Katlego(Palesa), Andile Somizi,Jabu Pule, Malcom X and Arthur all in studio at the same time? As for the questions and interviews I will leave them to the bloggers to generate them for you and the events that will turn out….

Recent Interview… Brickz when asked are they still dating he said my wife kante whats the difference between paying Lobola and walking down the altar? Maybe they can actually tell us what is happening there..

Speedy was on the Sunday paper not long ago aout his feelings about Kelly which I think its a stunt imagine Trevor saying "Speedy I have her here and Prosper akekho la kule studio she is all yours"..ehehehehehe! Uzothini..? And maybe he will explain why all these articles ...Eish basukela omunye mtwana...Kelly u rock but not your music..

Kelly Khumalo

Rapulana recently quit Gen and now he quit Muvhango so imagine both duma and Mfundi in there with their man and they both exlain what is going on in their stes and le ena then must tell us if he wants to die as Pheko who gets killed by Ndalamo or he wants the Stefano ‘s technology to bring back Buti Tau wa Khethiwe..? 

Cleo must tell us the secret of making hits and share it le Kelly that would be interesting..? 

The beat Maestro DJ Cleo

Chomee and Queen must tell us who puts Owami in bed during the night more oftern cause the little girl seems to be working for 999 too and then the boss should tell us why all this stunts with his crew in studio.. 
Andile telling us who is the best dancer Somizi or Chomee ehehe… and who has the best video. 

Born a true Entertainer  

Malcolm in Studio and he should tell us the progress of getting that ankle tracker for Jabu and another thing I wanna know is did he really go that long without *go bofolla molala as Shabba would say?* if so ka Khanyi then how long will he go when he manges ngwana wa tshwenya…? 

Eish that’s my dream RGB last episode anyway what are your thoughts..?

Am out.. 

Bathong I googles the pics..!!
Sbu and Zola from TVSA..
Jabu from Kickoff
Kelly from ProKelly 
Cleo and Brickz google
Rapulana TVSA


08 Oct 2007 06:27

It seems like just yesterday we were watching the first episode of RGB and now its over just like that.

08 Oct 2007 06:31

i would them to ask Shuffle if he's sure music is the way to go.

08 Oct 2007 06:33

TDC, eeeeeeeeehhhhhhh, ur reliable source, is it eeeeehhhhhh, perhaps, one of the eehhhhhhhhhhh, tabloids..............i remember seeing something about a 2nd season for RGB on the tabloids...............

hihihihi......... im kidding my outhi....

08 Oct 2007 06:36

Sdakamiswa yes u did see that on a tvtalk magazine but I saw knew long before that day... ! Connections baba..!

08 Oct 2007 06:40

They should have all the has beens to explain ukuthi bakuphi and benzani . Vinoliah Mashigo, Ntokozo, mercy Phakela, Nestum, Junior, Refioe Sesane nabanye that I haven't mentioned

08 Oct 2007 06:47

I have gone from falling asleep on my couch watching RGB to marching to my bed and sleeping properly  – a stiff neck is no child’s play! Hope they replace it with something interesting! Nna ke sharp!

08 Oct 2007 06:51

TDC ufuna ku Bhome i studio..........hi hi hi hih

08 Oct 2007 06:53

Mina i dont want to lie i did not enjoy the show at all, i watched like three episodes i did not finish even one of them.
- mara because many people enjoyed they must bring it back asap.

Miss K
08 Oct 2007 06:57

@Amazing, i like your idea sisi. 

I saw Kelly with Andile and Ntsiki Mazwai @ Nambita Soweto last night. The brother looked fine, eish i-weave ka Kelly ingathi ithengwe kwa P.E.P boutique, Ntsiki looked....hay i don't know the proper english word.

08 Oct 2007 07:01

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii goood riddens

08 Oct 2007 07:02

@Miss K, ku qhubeka ntoni nge nwele zala mantobbazana azibiza iSchlebs zalapha e Mzansi. Its not just Kelly but Chomee, Khanyi nabanye, they all have dodgy hair. 

Hayi ke yena u Sister ka Thandiswa, she should just get herself a degree and start looking for a proper Job. This entertainment thing doesn't seem to workin gfor her. Thixo wam, akandi bori uza ngamacala.

08 Oct 2007 07:08

RGB was a great idea that wasn't conceptualised well. The show could have been a a great success. The market for a show of its callibre is huge ( otherwise TVSA wouldn't exist) but they didn't handle it really well. 

Personally the only reason I watched is Trevor.

08 Oct 2007 07:41

did u guys hear about hte storm tonite????

08 Oct 2007 07:55

Whats up ka storm kele..?

and bathong what is happening kaTHIS story..?

08 Oct 2007 08:04

there's some emails circulating saying it's gonna be so bad blah blah blah but on the news the people from the weather forecast say it's gross exaggeration! bare there'll be some winds and rain but nothing as bad as those emails made it out to be!

08 Oct 2007 08:04

Tlo o ntseye tlhe Kele!!!

08 Oct 2007 08:05

Kele please tell us more about this storm coz my ma just called to tell me about it. Gr8t article TDC n u rite i'd still want Trevor (marriage my foot in his case hi hi hi)!!

08 Oct 2007 08:09

lol @ spice!

08 Oct 2007 08:11

nimvile umakhulu u Yvonne esithi uyitrendsetter eish lo mama..............

08 Oct 2007 08:15

Thanks for mail kele... bathong this storm thing is it true? Boss just told me about it too but he says he doesnt believe its huge as they say!

08 Oct 2007 08:19

what storm kele I hate the storm pliz write an article about start  writing now kele pliz

08 Oct 2007 08:27

Why sbu or zola?

08 Oct 2007 08:28

guys every1 is leavin in this hell hole except for me the storm is true sit back and relax guys as for wena tdc and yo boss he wants yu to leave at 5 nt now sheim ma babe !!

08 Oct 2007 08:57

hehe, i got hte emails tsa storm, the ppl here at work wanted to go ask management for us to leave work early, i think its just a gross exaggeration too!

08 Oct 2007 08:59

Ok guys..i know they said we musnt panic but this ish happening out here looks real. Am in PTA and laready whether has changed..hope its steady anyway....Nna am out of here!

08 Oct 2007 09:03


08 Oct 2007 09:05

I'm in Germiston, and its pretty sunny here, bt i know it can just start...oh well, i'm also out, all de best everyone!

08 Oct 2007 09:09

yinyani nale yale weather? bt i can c its black outside nkosi yam i dont even have a motorbike heee. I also got the email. Back 2 da topic thanks TDC bt i wont lie i was watching RGB since started bt now i have 2 go back to MR. KEEEENNNNNNNNEEEDDDDYYYY KENEDY. At least my man is there Batista. SABC1 bakhe bayeke ukureplace ngento eborayo. We need something hot chilly pelepele u know moss

08 Oct 2007 09:09

ok tdc i didn't hear the full broadcast of it on the news...apparently the emails are slightly exaggerated but there will be a storm's basically everywhere spice...all of south africa...i think they only exaggerated the part about the tornado but we shud all be bracing ourselves for a storm...

08 Oct 2007 09:14

Y o nshayisa moya, Kele???

08 Oct 2007 09:17

i hate thunderstomrs iyandoyikisa

08 Oct 2007 09:27

Dat was quick!! I cannot blv that it's their last show this coming Wednesday. Where will i ever c that cute face ka Trevor anyway he's one of the reasons I watched RGB not forgetting Lelo sana.

08 Oct 2007 11:52

I thought they said RGB is ending on the 24th October.

Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 12:04

uthanda kabi ukulalela ngendlebe eyiOne Cande gal.....

08 Oct 2007 12:08

Ooh man, we going to miss you guys on our screens....
I can't wait for next season of RGB and i hope it comes back bigger and better...
Please BS ask Trevor to go on facebook so i can see him again.

Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 12:14

YHO, that would be suicide....Trevor on Facebook??? If you can get Kaizer Jnr there then I'll see what I can do ngo Trevor hi hi hi hi

08 Oct 2007 12:17

I just found Trevor there.

Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 12:24

Please check just how many "male" friends he's got hi hi hi

08 Oct 2007 12:29


Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 12:33

Exactly!! You wanna be a statistic? Send a friend request...hi hi hi hi
ooh bathong I'm joking...maybe he'll notice you...LOL

Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 12:39

Cande, we are so off topic, let's take this outside...Sorry TDC.

08 Oct 2007 13:31

I would love to see Mr Mbeki (Our presie), Jacob Zuma and Manto (hehehe) on RGB...I want to know kahle kahle what's up with them...where do they have fun (where do they drink etc) and I wonna see JZee and Tbos doing the Mshini the meantime I would thelela(pour) Manto My 10 yr old (u know what)!!! 

Aint nothin wrong with dreamin!

Brown Shuga
08 Oct 2007 13:59

uyageza Bridget...he he he

08 Oct 2007 15:46

this is a good dream, shame RGB is boooooooooooring, they started with a bang but fell flat as weeks progressed....the presenters just don't cut it, it's like they fear these E-list schlebs they interview, really now!!! we wanted the juice only got cold coffee YUK!
oh by the way HI GUYS

08 Oct 2007 16:03

cold coffee, instead of juice, i'd also b complaining. Ya mara this whole rgb tjhang was a big joke nd dineo, love, u have a face 4 radio,. hhay' kabi. Oh nd i actually enjoy listening 2 u more wen ur on radio

09 Oct 2007 01:45

hi hi hi so early am already LMAO @Gucci reply ehehehe that would rock! And nina no i2 yekelani uTrevor eish!

09 Oct 2007 03:35

hi hi hi so early am already LMAO @Gucci reply ehehehe that would rock!  @TDC
Yes TDC that would rock like JACK DANIELS ON THE ROCKS!! hihihi.

uyageza Bridget...he he he @Brown Shuga
I know ur'e talking to me *shaking head*

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