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Welcome to Sunset Beach Sentinel, your resource for what's happening in Daytime's Hottest Location and Soap - Sunset Beach.

I apologise before hand for the poor quality images used in this blog, but because Sunset Beach being over a decade old, suitable and quality images were hard to find...

Edition 1: Episodes 01 - 06 Recap

Episode 01 - (19 September 2007)

Welcome to Coastal town, Sunset Beach on the West Coast. However the story of Susnet Beach starts a little more inland, with a little old story called, 'The Wizard of Oz.'

We meet Meg Cummings, the perfect Dorothoy, except with a bad fashion sense whose also from Kansas. However this version comes equiped with a laptop computer and the internet where Meg has been chatting to an online friend called, 'S.B' who as the viewer sees, is Ben from Sunset Beach. Meg's online nickname is 'Dorothy from Kansas' as if Dorothy could come from New York or Seattle, someone didnt tell Meg that less is more online, however she's from Kansas, we'll cut her slack.

Meg and her Kansas Attire
Nobody told Meg to leave 'Dorothy' style in Kansas!

Meg's wedding day, but Meg isn't all that into it, instead she's wondering if she's making the right choice. Her mother gives her soem useless advice which really doesn't help much. Needless to say, Kansas girl proceeds to get married, in a big do of a dress, but hey, this was 1997- big was in, or maybe in Kansas.

I dont think the "Its bad luck to see the Bride/Groom" on the day of your wedding day rule applied in Kansas, or someone didnt inform Meg. So Meg is going to see Tim Truman, her fiancée; but before Meg enteres the room she hears her Best Friend and Tim talking about thier affair and hows its not going to end. Yup, Karma's a bitch, hit Meg right before she even entered the room. So Meg 'borrows' or whatever Kansas justification she had, Tim's red convertabile and drives off leaving Tim, not at the alter, but waiting outside the church.

Meg must be a social online retard outcast, because she only had one Cyber Buddy, 'S.B' so Meg was on her way to Sunset Beach to pursue this S.B, without knowning what he, if it even was a he, looked like, where he stayed, his name, nothing. But hey- maybe it's something in the water in Kansas.

Tiffany Thorne
Tiffany, the Homeless Run Away Thief.

While you might be wondering what happened to Toto, Dorothy's little dog, in Sunset Beach, the story was split and Toto has the unfortnate storyline of living with a homeless teen runaway- Tiffany; which many The Bold and the Beautiful fans will recomment as Amber in her younger years, still as annoying tho.

Between Meg and Tiffany, both carry thes story of Sunset Beach, well at least help start it. There isn't no real reason why Tiffany's a run away, but I assume her parents thought she was as annoying as we were, hence they had an eviction night. Fortunately for the ungrateful Tiffany, fellow Sunset Beach resident, good guy, Mark - who works at the Java Web - takes care of Tiffany when he takes her to an abandoned old house where she can stay safe away from the hooligans and police, and god-forbid the Tourists. Which I need not say, Tiffany does not.

The All Around Mr. 'Nice', Mark

Upon arriving in Sunset Beach, Meg's first stop is Elaine's Waffle Shop, which ironically no one buy Waffles from, because its rumoured to be horrible. Meg's first experiance in Sunset Beach is to be accused of stealing tip money, but could we blame Elaine for accusing her, Meg was dressed like a homeless person (Kansas fashion evidently was a decade or so behind) so it was a natural assumption. However Lifeguard, Michael came in to alibi for Meg and prove she didn't steal the tip money- which was actually stolen by Tiffany.

Having spent so much time speaking about Meg and Tiffany, two characters I least like on the show, is driving me to want to jump of a pier. Sunset Beach isn't filled with The Wizard of Oz freaks, there's some other fun and strange people around there too.

Ben Evans 1

Ben Evans - Tall Dark And 'Got A Past Englishman (aka S.B. The Online Cyber Pal)
Ben Evans appears to be wealthy with a beach home right on the beach, but with a poor interior decorating sense as pointed out by Gerhard in the Forums. But we'll cut Ben some slack, afterall his continuiously written to have some repeated line, "I Love you Ben" or "I'll Miss You Ben" by some women. He also appears to have a very large surreal painting of a women in the middle of his living room, which is enough to drive you to logging online and forming chat buddies from Kansas.

Ben's basically a tall, dark and mysterious Englishman (as given way by the Accent). He owns the Java Web and a few other minor business ventures in Sunset Beach, but really essentially doesn't do much, which leads Ben to exploring the cyber world for friendship, romance and to pass the time. Which does explain when Meg left him an e-mail message saying that Dorothy is relocating from Kansas to Sunset Beach, (hmmm I wonder if this requires a screen name change to 'Dorothy now from Sunset Beach?), Ben (S.B) told Dorothy not to come to Sunset Beach and leave him alone. Confused man I tell you, and clearly having a shady and wierd past.

Aunt Bette and Annie

Annie Douglas- The Red Headed Schemer, We All Love To Love
Ben's best friend, actually seems to be Ben's only friend, Annie Douglas, his next door neighbour whom seems to have a thing for Ben, Men, and The Fun Side of Soaps. Definetly Sunset Beach's claim to fame with the best character no doubt. Annie is a spoilt little rich girl, whose living off her daddy's wealth, untill one day (the piolt episode) her Daddy comes into town and busts Annie for not attending Law School, dropping out and using the money to party and live the good life.

So he takes Annie's furniture away from her, cuts her off financially and this pisses Annie off. Whether its a motivating reason because of Ben's "wealth", Annie attempts to pursue Ben, who seems Gay, because his not interested in anything but friendship. 

Annie is Sunset Beach's most memorable character and the reason why Red Heads felt they had a place in the 90's, and Soapie Vixens were loved, not loathed, well we can only speak for Annie.


Eddie - The Sex Cop
With hardly anything information given about Eddie in the piolt, besides a few partial nude scenes in handcuffs needing to be 'unlocked' by Annie, Eddie is Annie's latest sex toy - and not relationship. Its evidently clear that Annie is just using Eddie for fun and to make Ben jealous. 

Eddie, is apparently easily mistooken for another female cop, Paula, according to Gerhard. Well when both are in uniform.

Paula Stevens

Paula Stevens - The Hardended Romantic Detective's Girlfriend
When talking about Paula only one word comes to mind, 'Confusing'. Which she clearly is to me at least. Paula's a cop, and at the time of the premeire of the soap, so is her 5 month boyfriend; Ricardo. However Paula yearn for her relationship to have more meaning that it does, and she thinks she is pregnant, she takes a pregnancy test, which Ricardo finds in the outside trash. Needless to say, Paula isn't pregnant - a relief for both her mother Elaine (who dislikes her relationship with Ricardo) and Ricardo who doesn't want to settle down just yet. 

Paula, by definition of her character typle - a cop - is supposed to be strong minded, head strong and a force (well she does work in the Sunset Beach Police Dept.), however her personal life, as seen in the episodes to follow begin taking over Paula, especially her relationship with Ricardo.

Elaine Stevens

Elaine Stevens - The Waffle Shop Owner
Elaine seems to be a pretty level headed, independent, good mother. She owns a Waffle Shop in Sunset Beach, which is hugely popular for 'dont eat the Waffles', apparently thier bad, but the coffee's not that bad- which equals a success for a coastal town shop. Also the mother of Paula Stevens. 

Elaine seems to be pretty into Sunset Beach History when she tells Meg the history of Sunset Beach and some legend that if you meet someone on a beach exactly at time when the sun goes down and the moon shines bright, your destined to become soul mates. Clearly didn't work for Elaine because she appears to be single. She really should get out more often!

Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Torres- Reformed Ladies Man Turned Police Detective
Ricardo, as of the piolt episode gets promoted to Sunset Beach Police Department Detective, which I think means his on the same wavelength as Bo Brady (Days of our Lives) except Bo isn't much of a Ladies man- considering his married to a horse, but thats for a Soap Dish article, and not for now. 

Ricardo was a ladies man, now reformed with his 'serious' relationship with Paula, however Paula is keen for the relationship to move somewhere, and Ricardo isn't too keen on it moving too fast... 

Ricardo seems to also be enemies or clash head with Ben Evans, the unsocial mysterious Englishman, probally due to the fact that it has something to do with Ricardo's sister...

Casey and Micheal 1

Casey and Micheal - Sunset Beach's Red Lovers
No they're not gay. Yes, It appears that they are. They do infact, live together, eat together, work together and spend all 24 hours of the day together, but they aren't gay, because Casey seems to have some love interest in a stubborn Chinese Doctor... and no that does not make him gay either! Casey and Michael seem to be Sunset Beach's resident, not only Lifeguards, but Heroes too. Casey saves Meg at the beginning of Episode 02 and wins some award, and Michael goes on in Episode 04 to saving a young women called Vanessa. Thier the best of friends, each knows everything about the other, and quite often are without clothing except for thier red costumes and red jackets.

Dr. Rae Chang

Dr. Rae Chang- Sunset Beach's OmniResidential and Only Doctor
After the first episode, you, just like what I thought might label this women a Resident Bitch, instead of Resident Doctor, but hey she doesn't turn out to be half the bitch her decade later counterpart, Cristina from Grey's Anatomy is. Infact after the first episode, Dr. Rae becomes more enjoyable to watch and less bitchy, more humane. 

Casey is head over heals in love with her, but she isn't interesting in all. Dr. Rae is the one who saves Meg in Episode 02 when she's brought into Sunset Beach's only one room Medical Clinic. After running into Casey again later, her and Casey then decide to buy a house and turn it into a Living Commune- 'Surf Central'.

Gregory Richard and Olivia Blake Richards

Gregory and Olivia Richards - The Alcoholic and the Rich Business Man
Don't let the picture fool you, after one scene in the piolt and later only seen from Episode 04, Gregory and Olivia aren't the happiest couple, infact thier on the brink of something huge- divorce rings bells, but not the Bells, Olivia- the alcoholic is drinking with her scotch. Olivia is an alcoholic, and turns to alcohol because it heals the emptiness she has and gives her more attention than her busy businessman husband, Gregory ever will. Which explains why viewers see in Episode 03 that Olivia is having an affair with Del Douglas, Annie Douglas' father.

Aunt Bette

Aunt Bette- The Gossip
Simply known as Aunt Bette clearly because she's Annie's aunt and that's what she's frequently addresses as, Bette is Sunset Beach's resident Gossip Columnist and also Annie's 'pillar of friendship' Aunt. She's also very good friends with Olivia Richards too. Unfortunatetly the first few episodes only has one or two scenes with Bette in it, in which she pursues Tennis to get the attention of her newest interest- her Tennis instructor.

After being told by Elaine about the Legend of Sunset Beach and about meeting your soul mate, Meg decides to visit the ocean - of course, having come from Kansas where there is No Ocean, Meg is facinated by the beach and it's people. The facination is so blinding, Meg leaves her very small back pack, which incidently is all her belongings on the road side. Okay we'll cut Meg some slack where the population where she was living was 16 Cows, 6 Humans, so crime must of been a myth. 

At the same time, Tiffany is concerned because the Toto looking dog, whose name escapes me - if it even was given a name- 'her sidekick' is not eating the cereal that Tiffany's eating, and turns out the money she stole from Elaine's isn't enough for the dog, so Tiffany plots to go out and make a plan. 

Opportunity presents itself in the form of naive Meg leaving her bag out in the open, and Tiffany runs off with it. In a dramatic display in atheletics, Meg spots Tiffany stealing the bag and runs after her- now we know Farm girls can run! After a hectic dramatic chase up onto the pier, Fate has a little laugh and on there, while getting her bag, Meg ends up falling off by a construction site into the water, and there Fate lived its promise at the far side of the Pier, as Meg falls, her soul mate- the Real S.B, is watching.

Anyways the real drama is, Kansas Farm Girl, probally can't swim - because Kansas has no rivers, dams, oceans or pools. That's not good.


Episode 02 - (20 September 2007)

After falling down into the ocean, Meg can count her lucky red shoes, that Casey and Michael were watching, and Casey dived in (visually amazing to watch him dive from quite a high distance into the ocean) to rescue Meg. After about 9 seconds under, Meg was rescued and saved, yet she still had some problems coming out onto shore. Meg clearly isn't used to the Ocean and should stay away!

Meg Drowning
Kansas girl, Dorothy making her mark on Sunset Beach, being the first drowned victim in a while. Look at her outfit, its a dead giveaway she's from the farm. No wonder everyone's no surprised!

He drives her to the Medical Clinic because Sunset Beach is so huge, the paramedics are taking forever. There at the Medical Clinic, which turns out to be one big room which is the Patients Room, the OR, The Waiting Room and Reception area in one, Casey meets Dr. Rae Chang, who has a bit of an attitude problem. They have a quarrel, but there was nothing but sympathy between them. 

After stealing Meg's backpack, Tiffany checks investigate to see what she's stolen. There she discovers hardcopy evidence of SB and Dorothy's online affair. There she finds all e-mails that Meg received from SB and sent to him. 

After being discharged from the hospital, with nowhere to go, Meg goes to the Java Web to find S.B and email him that she's in Sunset Beach. However there, which ironically is Ben's cafe and Ben is there too, Meg finally recieves S.B's email telling her to stay away from Sunset Beach and not contact him again! Devestated, Meg has no place to go or stay!

Meanwhile, Ben keeps on having flashbacks and is haunted about his dead wife Maria (or as the boat spells it- Mariah). Annie formulates a plan to come up with some quick cash, since the ATM called Daddy is withdrawing itself completely so she comes up with a boat scheme and involces Ben in it. Ben only agrees to finance 50% of it, providing she has the other 50% of it. This leads Annie to seeking financial refuage from her father, Del; which turns out to be hopeless.

After nearly dying and drowning, Meg once again walks the pier, alone in the dark. Seems like Farm girl doesn't learn quickly. No wonder Dorothy had to go to some Colourful World to learn her lesson! Anyways on thier pier, Meg calls her mother. She says that she is still looking for SB, but fails to mention that she almost died earlier. It is then that Meg's attention is caught when she notices that Casey works in S.B Lifeguard House, which allows her to assume Casey is infact S.B, after all he did save her. Meg obiously is ignorant to the fact that S.B is Sunset Beach and its probally used all over town as an abreviation! 

On her way home from seeing her father in her red convertable, Annie appears to be Car Jacked, which for me is a first time on Daytime soaps form the US! Clearly I could have given Annie some good pointers about getting out of the situation, but needless to say was dramatic.

Episode 03 - (24 September 2007)

Meg tells Casey that she has no money or place to stay as everything important was stolen, so Casey lets her stay in his apartment. Meg truely believes that Casey is S.B after seeing his a computer fanatic and spends his time online! Meg calls her mother and there Tim hears it and finds out that Meg is in Sunset Beach.

Tim - Meg's Fiancee
Meg's fiancée, Tim finds out Meg is in Sunset Beach.

Mark and Tiffany discuss that Meg and Ben don't know each other in a real life or who each other's real identiy is.  They didn't exchange photos and don't know their real names. So Tiffany decides to earn some money on this with a possible scam. 

After being attacked and managing to call from her 1950-brick car phone for help, Sunset Beach immediatly responds by sending Eddie out to asses the scene. It turns out however that Annie is not getting Car-Jack (Hijacked is the term we're used to in South Africa) but they are repossesors who have come to take Annie's car, as instructed by Del, which makes Annie furious. She pretends that thier just taking the car in for a service when Eddie arrives to keep up pretense, however later at Ben's house Annie confesses to wanting to kill Del. Ben witnesses the whole thing, and Annie complains about his intentions towards her. Annie tries to make a move on Ben, but it doesn't work.

Annie and Ben
Annie doesn't get her way with Ben unfortunately, it takes alcohol and beer to trap the English, not cleavage!

Ben is constantly haunted by eerie flashbacks of his ex-wfie and her omnious voice. 

There's nothing to feed Kansas girl Meg, so Casey goes to a snack bar for a supper for him and Meg. There, he runs into Dr. Rae Chang again. Mark mixes up their orders and because there's nothing else (oh how Fate's a real bitch in Sunset Beach), Rae is forced to go to Casey's apartment to return her one and get her real order back. However there Meg opens the door when Rae calls. Rae is upset, but she just leaves without even getting the food and makes up some stupid excuse about visiting!

Annie goes back to her Beach House and in her jacuzzi she relaxes while Eddie comes to her. First she declines his company Annie style by being rude, then she  sees Ben looks through the window being a Voyeur, and to make him jealous, invites Eddie to make love to her in the jacuzzi. 

A Great Fantasy
As you can tell by the Water, this is yet to happen yet, 'cos Meg would be drowning, coming from Kansas, I'm sure she doesn't even know what a Jacuzzi is... This would make a great Fantasy Scene, tho Annie should be going the deeds!

Tiffany breaks into Ben's apartment. She tries to find money or values which she can steal, however suddenly Ben returns. She then goes into hiding, while he puts on the alarm. While leaving his house, the alarm goes off and Tiffany looses printed e-mails that Meg received from S.B and sent to S.B. Ben finds sheets on a floor, so he knows his internet friend Dorothy is now in Sunset Beach.

Episode 04 - (25 September 2007)

Annie goes over to Del's hotel room with a gun, where Gregory and Olivia realize that Annie has a gun, and they inform Del about it. 

Del asks his mistress, which turns out to be Olivia - the two timing Alcoholic-Sounds-British-Whore, to runaway with him, but she doesn't know what to tell him. Then Del threatens to reveal their affair to Gregory forcing Olivia to choose him, in fear of what Gregory will do to her.

Casey and Rae accidentally buy a house together. Bette helps Annie get some money from her bank account. Meg and Tiffany share a talk in the boutique, blissfully unaware that its the same girl who robbed her and caused her to drown.. 

Vanessa and Michael
Vanessa and Michael meet, under life-saving circumstances, and unlike Meg, it didn't require the sea.

Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young newspaper reporter from a car that almost ran over her. Vanessa thinks it's not just coincidence and that somebody is after her.

Casey and Dr. Rae
Sorry for Meg, Casey seems to be needing a Doctor for some 'Complications of the Heart'.

Meg comes to party. She wants to spend time with Casey, under the impression that he is S.B. Casey and Rae try to discuss what to do with their house. 

Meg and Ben officially meet
Meg and Ben officially meet at The Deep.

Ben meets Meg on the party and offers her a job. She accepts it. Tiffany comes to party to seduce Ben, but Annie ruins her plan by a little drunken brawl. Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach to find his beloved Meg.

Episode 05 - (26 September 2006)

Afraid of him telling Gregory, Olivia promises to run away with Del, while Del makes plans for both of them to leave Sunset Beach.

Ricardo suggests Paula should move in with him, however Paula takes it seriously and does so. She informs her mother Elaine, who isn't too pleased with the idea. Later at Ricardo's she perfoms an Extreme Makeover: Not So Great Edition

Ricardo and Paula
That's all it ever will be... Sex.

Vanessa wants Ricardo to investigate the apartment break-in, but there isn't enough case to begin with. Meg, Michael and Mark want to rent a room at Casey and Rae's house, however Rae isn't informed that thier going to be her new roomates, which upsets her. Casey assures her all is going to be fine. Casey and Rae kiss. Rae is concerned that they won't like her.

Meg meets Ben on the pier when she sees him trying to break into his own, misspelt boat- Mariah (as in Mariah Carey- when it should be Maria). Ben is still having flashbacks about his dead wife. 

Meg and Tim
Happier times...

After Ben takes her back to where she's staying, Tim shows up at her door to astonished Meg. Tim tries to convince Meg that his relationship with Connie is over, but Meg refuses to listen to his excuses and declares what they had as over.

Annie and Del fight, and Annie comments on wanting to kill him. Del organises for Annie to be arrested and calles Ricardo, who informs him that he needs to come down to the station to open a case. 

Tiffany tries to seduce Ben and when he refuses, she suffers a small accident. 

A strange person, dressed like Marlena Evans during the Salem Serial Killings and Grim Reapeer arrives at Del's hotel room, opens the door and shoots him. 

Sean hears the gunshot and opens the door, seeing a woman in a black robe leaving Del's room. 

Episode 06 - (27 September 2007)

Del is shot and Annie arrives at Ben's to tell him the news interrupting Ben and Tiffany's little smash on game, where Ben is still assuming that she is S.B, while she leads him on. Ben clearly is immortal, because after being smashed with a Vase, nothing happens to him.

Annie arrives at the hospital very upset and emotional and when she goes to see her father, he goes into a relapse and Del dies. Later, while calling Annie's mother to pass on the news of Del's death, Bette finds Del's wallet in Annie's purse which is covered in blood.

Paula moves in to Ricardo's apartment. After he comes home, he tells her that he was only joking about it to a devestated Paula. She then finds comfort in Elaine and plans on removing all Ricardo's ex girlfriend's photo's.

 Bette calls Annie's mother Madeleine but she doesn't answer. She leaves a message on her answer machine telling her that Del died. Mark warns Tiffany to stay away from Ben, but she won't listen and enjoys the thrill of pursuing a possible scam. 

Gregory overhears Olivia confess to an affair with Del when she kisses him and speaks to him on his bedside.

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Wow CD you really are a fan, hey? Great job with your first SB article, as you know the time of the show does not allow me to watch so I will just have to keep up via your blog.

Can't believe Annie in those pics. I always loved good girl Meg back in the day when I caught the odd episode.

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