Meet SABC3's New Continuity Presenters

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 30 Jul 2007
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I don't usually pay attention to brand related TV things - they're always full of marketing bumph, which irritates me a lot.

As far as I'm concerned the rubbishy mumbo jumbo of channels going on about brands, target markets and outward image distracts and undermines what TV's crucial aim should always be - ie. providing excellent entertainment.

That said, SABC3's been in some serious need of direction and oomph for a long time so on Thursday I decided to hotfoot it to a shindig they held to launch their new image to see what was going down.

The situation is that starting tonight (Monday, 30 July 2007) - just after 3Talk and during it I think - the channel's launching a new look and feel based on a new tagline: "soul and substance."

Obviously it's packed with spin but the thing I like about it is how they've conceptualised it - it's eventually dawned on them that us viewers are actually human and can't be classified according to LSM's.

They didn't mention this insulting term once and they also didn't stereotype us into boxes according to demographics. Instead they said that they believe that people who watch their channel are all different but also united by a similar mind-set and that they'll be focusing on this as a way of delivering their content.

As part of their new image they're introducing 5 new continuity announcers which is cool, but also sucks. Irene Bester, Robyn Poole and Graeme  Richards won't be announcing anymore - which is understandable - obviously they can't be around for forever.

The thing that freaked my brain out though is that, get this - Irene's going to be doing the wardrobe for the new presenters and Robyn's going to be doing their make-up.  Not just overseeing it but actually doing it.

How crap is that?? I mean it's essentially saying that they'll now be glamming up the very people who took their jobs.

I just don't see that there weren't other jobs and things they could have been offered instead that could have used and respected their experience - things like getting them to run presenting workshops for future hopeful presenters. I'm thinking something along the lines of subsidised presenters courses through SABC3 covering things from presenting to make-up and wardrobe.

I don't know what's what with Graeme properly 'cos I didn't understand what exactly he's gonna be doing - all I know is he's got a guest part in Starship Troopers 2 that's filming in Cape Town.

As for the new fodder of five - they've each got a years contract for a salary that they're happy with. I asked about what they're getting of course - I didn't ask exact figures in case some of them were getting more than others - this is why everyone (except Khanyi) refuses to discuss paycheques - but they were all in agreement that they could live on it comfortably.

Like previous presenters they'll be writing their own links. Here's who they are: (To find out more about what they've done previously, click on each of their names to see their profiles.)

Dennis Tau

Dennis's fave SABC3 shows:
'Til Death

Jason Greer

Jason's fave SABC3 shows:

(Robyn's defs got her work cut out for her with those eyebrows)

Liesel van der Westhuizen

Liesel's fave SABC3 shows:
Going Nowhere Slowly
The Amazing Race

Thuli Zulu

Thuli's fave SABC3 shows:
Special Assignment

Zinzile Zungu

Zinzi's fave SABC3 shows:

Will & Grace
Sex & the City

To slap up some of the celebs who were at the shindig, please go to my Gold gallery: SABC3 Re-launch.

You'll see there's a pic of Robyn - Irene wasn't there - she's just had a second baby so she was busy. Graeme was there but I didn't get a pic - he looked so much taller and thinner I didn't recognise him until after I'd left.




30 Jul 2007 00:39

Hi Tashi, great atricle. Thuli needs to tweez her eyebrows, they are way too thick. It will be disturbing to see them on TV

30 Jul 2007 01:11

Huuuuu, Zinzi's chest!!!!! It is rather full! Liezel looks like a bubbly person... 

30 Jul 2007 01:58

And they all Love Heroes!!!
I also cant cope watching peeps with disorganised eyebrows on TV. I stare at them and miss whatever they're saying. Sad, but true.

30 Jul 2007 02:52

maybe it will be more lively with fresh faces

30 Jul 2007 03:02

>>And they all Love Heroes!!!<<

Anybody else find that a little odd?  It's almost like they were under contractual obligation to say that. ;)

30 Jul 2007 03:26

Zinzile & Thuli are hot!!! Sisters better represent...

30 Jul 2007 03:48

I love Zinzile, it would be a pleasure to see her on my screen after of course she has done what Lungza prescribed. Why were we not told of these auditions? where and when did they happen?

30 Jul 2007 03:50

Thuli looks like Lebo Mathosa, mahle amehlo akhe.

30 Jul 2007 03:55

I love them all...look so refreshing!

Anton & Steve
30 Jul 2007 04:14

They all seem cool. Will be watching...

@ Tashi Tagg

What will happen to Sheila Bengu? will she still be around

30 Jul 2007 04:15

Hey Peeps, What happened to Sheila Bengu is she going to continue as a continuity?

Dennis: His smile is really disturbing but he does have a potential to be cute (lest the colgate smile!)

Jason: Who is he?

Liesl: Poor Afrikaans poppie looks very dorf

Thuli: I hope you dont wear that on air babes it looks hideous

Zinzi: Only person that looks interesting as lond as it is not a carbon copy ka Mpho Sono

30 Jul 2007 04:34

I'm tired of seeing the same people on TV. Why didn't SABC announce that they were holding auditions........

Anyways i like Zinzi- the rest are .....well we'll just have to see

Xhosa Girl 101
30 Jul 2007 05:35

Liesel looks odd.....

Thuli is beautiful; she's the same girl who used to be on classic fm - Great voice as well! I read about her on Elle Magazine some time back..

Zinzile is also beautiful; she is the lead actress on Nomzamo, sabc1. She is a great actress.

The boyz - Andazi.... ???

30 Jul 2007 06:41

Hehe. Nice one Tashi. It looks like the job requirements for SABC3 continuity presenter include stuff along the lines of looking good for the camera, but most importantly - YOU MUST BE A HEROES FAN! 
LOL, it kinda looks like they were each required to say that!

30 Jul 2007 07:21

WOW, i didn't think Zinzile was this young... Whatever u eat girl, kip on eatin it!!!
I like her so much and she's beautiful

30 Jul 2007 07:31

@tizoz: i hope u Sheilla wl nt be our contunuity presenter cz she is juc booooorrrrrrriiiiinnnnggggg!

30 Jul 2007 08:07

>>Anybody else find that a little odd? It's almost like they were under contractual obligation to say that. ;)<<

I also found it very odd. 

30 Jul 2007 09:42

VI 2 the P aka VIP
30 Jul 2007 09:49

Obviously it's packed with spin but the thing I like about it is how they've conceptualised it - it's eventually dawned on them that us viewers are actually human and can't be classified according to LSM's.

I can't agree more with you on that. We all just want to be entertained and how much is in our bank accounts should not matter.

Gr8 article Tashi.

Tshisa gal
30 Jul 2007 09:52

udennis kodwa is not too bad looking??he has some potential of ukubacute!

Brown Shuga
30 Jul 2007 10:56

I love Penny without the hair in her face, she's beautiful. 

Zinzi's also my favourite out of the lot

Brown Shuga
30 Jul 2007 10:59

P.S. Did they give you guys scarfs when you got there?

30 Jul 2007 12:18

They did - it was freeezing outside before the thing actually started - except were so thin and uncosy they did zilch.

>>What will happen to Sheila Bengu?<<

Sheila got whacked at the same time as Brian earlier in the year so she hasn't been around recently. I was also under the impression she was still on somewhere and that I just hadn't seen her.

Re- everyone answering Heroes so suspiciously - grrr, I can kick myself for not asking them for their best moment so far - it would have seperated the Hiro's from the Sylar's purfectly.

30 Jul 2007 12:32

<<XC Liesel looks odd.....>> ....

thats so tru...maybe its this photo used but looks like she had more that two of sungthin sungthin ..or maybe she was too excited LOL

Thuli  beautiful;BUT on the profiel there's a much ebtter photo,  here she's so dollyish ike an extra in a sci-fi film

Zinzile  beautiful; I didnt even recognsies her from nomzamo...and please ladies leave her front alone, its gonna be eyecandy on 3

(BTW-tash..I dont know what happend to my original reply-- censorship???..LOL)

30 Jul 2007 14:25

 Just saw the new look on TV. I hate it already.

Brown Shuga
30 Jul 2007 14:32

Geezzz that was quick!! LOL

31 Jul 2007 00:39

 It's that bad! I just remember a pink haze, and a hovering blonde head talking things about Heroes...

31 Jul 2007 01:40

I saw a blue background and the blonde head saying something abt something..damn forgot to listen to her lol!

31 Jul 2007 05:21

okay I hate the new SABC3 look and flirty breathless presenter , i think it was Liesel. Gosh they must bring back tehmature presenters and really the new look irritates the titts offa me.

01 Aug 2007 02:32

Thuli is beautiful  I know her  uthanda ifrozen yoghurt  yaseMarcels eHyde Park

03 Aug 2007 02:45

Zinzi's my fave, I guess it's b'cos I really loved her on Nomzamo, she's beautiful. I will have to watch the rest, I donno much about them except for the Studio 53 guy, his drealocks look really good.

06 Aug 2007 12:44 Hi Im neil (djcell) and Im admireer of these presenters :) feel free to email me any time at djcell37@hotmail.come and add this to msn to for 24-7 music info................

07 Aug 2007 03:25

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing all the presenters - just one actually and I wasn't particularly impressed but that might change when I see the rest... Dennis is cute though.

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