Happy Birthday From TVSA, Madiba!

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Admin on 18 Jul 2008
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[This article was originally published on Madiba's 89th birthday, on 18 July 2007. We decided to revive it this year, as it says all we need to say.]

Today is the 90th birthday of the greatest South African of them all, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and from all of us at TVSA we wish him a very happy birthday and another 89 more.

Although he's better known as a cultural icon of freedom and equality than a television personality, Madiba has made numerous iconic appearances on our boxes over the years.

Our first image of him after his release from prison in 1990 was the live television coverage of his first steps as a free man in 27 years, when he exited the Victor Verster prison in Paarl before travelling to Cape Town to address a rally.

He made history on 10 May 1994 when he was sworn in as the first black president of South Africa, and once again the television cameras recorded every moment.

Another iconic image was when he stood next to Francois Pienaar, cheering as the Springbok captain raised the World Cup in 1995, signifying the greatest bonding moment in our nation's history.

Since he stepped down from office in 1999 he has still made numerous television appearances, although as of 2004 these have been kept to a minimum.

If you're an avid TV watcher, however (which we know you are), you may well have spotted him in numerous local and international drama series.

Some of his appearances have been pretty small, and you may have missed him. So we're going to bring you up to scratch on Madiba's secret passion: television acting.

To celebrate his birthday, here are some examples of his work:

1. Prison Break II

In his feverish pursuit of the escaped Fox River cons, Mad Agent Mahone kept a whiteboard up in his office with various clippings and diagrams to help him figure out how to catch them.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted Madiba on that board in this close-up from a recent episode:

The plot thickens, does it not? What's that damn Scofield up to?


2. Heroes

In this iconic scene we see Hiro back on the underground in Tokyo after teleporting back following the nuclear blast in New York.

Spot Madiba on the side, and note the intensity of his gaze. Clearly he knows something we don't - his gaze is almost as freaky as that of the mysterious Haitian.

Could Madiba be Sylar?


3. Idols IV

He thought he could out-fox us on this one, but our ever-snooping cameras spotted the man himself hanging out in the crowd at the recent Jozi Idols auditions.

The dude in the brown jacket is clearly the life and soul of the party, but Madiba doesn't need to impress anyone - a thorough professional.

We can't wait to see whether he got through to the next round or not, but if not don't worry, Madiba - you're still our Idol...


4. Rhythm City

Here's sweet Thembi chatting on the phone in this new "daily drama" from e.tv. No sign of Madiba, is there?

But what is Thembi looking at so avidly on her laptop screen? It's like she's seen a ghost, but no, folks - it's no ghost. It's - you guessed it - Madiba!


5. The Real Goboza

Finally, this isn't a drama show but we thought you'd get a kick out of it anyway - in the middle of an interview our very own Brown Shuga is surprised to find herself being watched by a familiar face that has just emerged from the darkness of the night.

She gamely continues her interview, ignoring the extreme pressure of Madiba's piercing stare. We hear later that he was just trying to freak her out so she would fluff her lines.

That's some sinister *bleep!* he's up to - we love it! Dark, baby!

So there you have it - some iconic moments from Madiba's budding television career.

We wish you the best, Mr. President, and allow us to say we can't wait to see you in the new season of Battlestar Galactica. We hear you kick some serious Cylon ass!

Imini emandi kuwe, Madiba!


18 Jul 2008 00:04

(singing in my Stevie Wonder voice) happy birthday 2 u, happy bir..thday, happy birthday 2 u...happy birthday Tata (in my Somizi voice)

18 Jul 2008 00:17

HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY TATA...We luv u!

18 Jul 2008 00:53

Happy 90th birthday Madiba, may your day be filled with lots of love and joy.

18 Jul 2008 00:58

This article is awesome..Happy 90th Birthday Madiba

18 Jul 2008 01:03

That's some sinister *bleep!* he's up to - we love it! Dark, baby!LOL! Oh cool man, you have said it all guys. Happy bedfday Mr Mandela! That old man is so awesome & cool!

18 Jul 2008 01:17

Happy birthday Mr Mandela

18 Jul 2008 01:21

Happy Birthday Tata.........

pastor chic
18 Jul 2008 01:22

Happy birthday MADIBA.........................

18 Jul 2008 01:24


tha - bang
18 Jul 2008 01:27

Happy bday Madiba , a ture mzansi icon.

18 Jul 2008 01:28

Happy Birthday Tata!!!!

18 Jul 2008 01:35

LOL...trust Madiba to bring the black/white element to colour TV he he he! Have an awesome one tata, hope you let your hair back and have a jol....we'd better see your antics on the next RGB!!

Thobeka Jeli
18 Jul 2008 01:42

happy!!!!!  tata i just remember my tatomkhulu shame they share the same year  if ebesapila i will love to tell him  that ubaluleki but akhakho so ke i"M TELLING UMANDIBA that ubalulekile  and uyathandwa  lilizwe lonke   happy happy pppyyy

Brown Shuga
18 Jul 2008 01:49

tl tl tl tl tl tl

18 Jul 2008 01:50

Happy B day Tata... en so I’ve heard, Nandos is giving away a free meal to those sharing a birth day with Madiba,

18 Jul 2008 01:56

I have no words to say, but happy birthday tata. You Rock.

Thobeka Jeli
18 Jul 2008 01:57

khumandi to be mandiba cause yena u tya ibirthday for inyanga yonke but thina it is just for one day shame on us  came to think  of it  why abantu did"nt show that much to THABO bday  i mean it was just  for one day that ndava it is THABO bday  poor guy  shame kuye  nakum  but ndiyamthanda mna u thabo  kodwa uyandika sametimes

18 Jul 2008 01:58


18 Jul 2008 02:03

Happy Birthday Tata.  

Happy Birthday to my two cousins also who share this day with this great man

Thobeka Jeli
18 Jul 2008 02:03

@vesa ndiva lengoma ka stevie w hayi yiyasto  good one  andiyazi eka somzi shame

18 Jul 2008 02:05

Happy Birthday Tata( in my best mlungu voice)

18 Jul 2008 02:11

yep yep yep it's the old man's B"DAY ..............HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHITSHO, NGQOLOMSILA, VELA BEMTHE.........may you see another 90 !!!

18 Jul 2008 02:13

Happy birthday Madiba!  I'm looking forward to seeing this article again in a year's time. ;)

18 Jul 2008 02:18

Happy Birthday Dibas !!!!!

18 Jul 2008 02:28

Happy birthday tata may you have happy many more to come!!!

Fluffy Head
18 Jul 2008 02:30

You Dared:

You dared to dream
To dream of a South Africa where black and white live in harmony
A time where we all have the same opoprtunities afforded to them
And for that
I was inspired to dream,
To dream of a better life for myself, my neighbor and my kids

You dared to speak out
Speak out against inequality
Freedon of expression was your ultimate goal
And for that
I speak out everyday with authority
Speak out a message of empowerment and peace-keeping

You dare to fight
Fight against the barriers that had the African children fighting against each other
Peace defined your core existance
And for that
I fight, I fight against the issues that the African child stand against today
Ignorance, illeteracy, unemployment and poverty

You dared to stand tall.
Ridiculed by your country men you called on the world
To support your own dream
And fro that
I'm inspired to move forward with my dream
Take over the world one soul and street at a time
Now I belive I can't do everything but I can do something

I salute you
Madiba, Sopitsho, Ngqolom'sila
Vela bembhentsele
I salute you
May the Lord give you more years, atleast keep you alive till I meet you in person.

Love: Nandi M. aka.. Fluffy Heeeeead

18 Jul 2008 02:37

Min' emnandi Tat' Omkhulu....ndikunqwenelela imini emnandi ezele amathamsanqa nemininzi iminyaka ezayo..singing*Akumnandi kuwe* as my niece would proudly chant

18 Jul 2008 02:56

hapi befdai to you.........
hapi befdai to you..............
hapi befdai dear Madiba.......................... 
hapibefdai to youuuuuuuuuuu.................

o gole gole,
o gole gole.,
o gole gole Madibaaaaaaa..........
o gole goleeeee............

vees geluk liewe Madiba, 
omdat jy verjaar........ 
mag die Here jou seuning, 
En jy baie jare spaar.............


18 Jul 2008 03:01

Happy Birthday Tatomkhulu. iNkosi ikusikelele.

18 Jul 2008 04:39

Happy Birthday Madiba, hope you will see many more of this day. Siyabonga akekho ofana nawe after uJesu.

18 Jul 2008 04:51

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATOMKHULU MANDELA........and may you have many, many more to come...God Bless !!!

18 Jul 2008 04:56

Happy Birthday tatomkhulu anga uthixo angakwandisela apho uthatha khona. Siyabulela ngokusivisa ubuncwane ebomini. Zinga zingathi chuu intsikelelo ukuza kuwe.

Sohlala sikuthanda. Ulonwabele usuku lwakho wena khokho, sinyanya sesizwe.
Mni emnandi kuwe. Sikuthanda Sonke Emakhaya

18 Jul 2008 05:09

He is a father of many and an icon of the world. When we make a big deal about his birthday it's because we know what he has done. I can say for million that we were blessed when this man was born.

Happy birthday Madiba...Yem-Yem...Ngqolomsila...Vela bembhentsele...Isizwe sivuyisana nawe...

18 Jul 2008 05:12

Happy Birthday Madiba i so wish u could live forever, you are an icon Tata

18 Jul 2008 05:32

Love the tribute,  Happy besiday Vho-Mandela, Ri livhuwas zwothe zwe vha ri itela, ahu ne munwe a no gna vhone, vha vhe na duvha la vhudi mukalaha. ((((CH))))) and Mcwaaa!!!,,,,U R  a very powerful man, u brot bek Vutmi from "exile", Sup gal, lol.

I have never seen some of the "usernames" here, did the "new" guys sign up 2day or were they silent bloggers?? Newayz, dis family is big. 

18 Jul 2008 05:48

is Tata Madiba a blogga?, cos if he aint gna read my birthday wish then why bother writting it? just a question bantu, dnt bite ma small head off....

@ Awelani does it matter ukuba sisigne nini? just a q dnt bite my small head off nawe?

18 Jul 2008 05:54

Fluffy is your surname Mazibuko?

18 Jul 2008 05:59

I thank God for this wonderful man. I feel proud to be a South African with such a wonderful man as our father. 

Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus were all anointed sons of God. And Nelson Mandela is an anointed child of God.  

As the God sent Jesus, so He sent Mandela to us South Africans. When you are an anointed child, no one can kill you, no one can destroy you and no one can touch you. 


18 Jul 2008 06:05

@Sjura: is Tata Madiba a blogga?, - BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Thats what i always ask myself, with the radio stations saying you must call in, sms lines and the lot. Mina because I know the great man aint gonna see or hear or read any of these, I only send my wishes if they have no financial implications for me!

18 Jul 2008 06:34

Happy b'day Uncle!!!!!!!!! How many of u amabloggers are wearing black or white? I'm conducting a mini-survey...lol. Lemme read ur replies nou.

what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 06:47

happy b day dibas,i wish you where my step dad.i will give you hug every morning,le mba

18 Jul 2008 06:50

happy birthday madiba, you are the best.
love you!

18 Jul 2008 06:51

Happy birthday to you Madiba and my daughter Portia i wish you many many more to comes, my daughter always say to me ,its hard to celebrate a day with such a great and strong person, most people concetrate on him and forget about you, so i would like to say  happy birhday to everyone who is celebrating their day today.

Fluffy Head
18 Jul 2008 06:52

Toxic: No love...I'm Xhosa so its some ugly ish

18 Jul 2008 06:55

wish you where my step dad - LOL!

18 Jul 2008 07:01

Mukalaha ,ri vha tamela mashudu a mabebo, Mudzimu avha shudufhadze avha linde nau uvha tsireledza. Ri vha funa zwone!!!

18 Jul 2008 07:14

Hello Mathata...

what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 07:41

hallou(matsime VC)

18 Jul 2008 07:44

@sjura:@ Awelani does it matter ukuba sisigne nini? just a q dnt bite my small head off nawe?,,,,,R u a newbie?? I cud swear dat I have seen ur name in few blogs? Neway, daz my Q botha u?? I was just wondering "seeing" unfamiliar usernames and I didnt even C ur name b4 my reply, so wats up with ur Q??

18 Jul 2008 08:10


what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 08:37

funi...you killed m

18 Jul 2008 08:57

LOL @ mathatha ,happy b day dibas,i wish you where my step dad.i will give you hug every morning,le mba

i hope your dad and grand dad are getting those hugs every morning. Luther Vandross sings, if you cant be with the one you love, love the one you are with. hahahaha

18 Jul 2008 09:01

i wish you where my step dad - this is something a 10 year old would say....how old are you mathata/ Madealer/ DMaths...oh bantwini uyabona indlela endikubonga ngayo mntasekhaya

what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 09:03

i dont have one, poverty killed them

18 Jul 2008 09:06

poverty killed them - how can you be a diplomat and your father die of poverty ...hay mathata you should be ashamed of yourself

18 Jul 2008 09:18

LOL @ Mathata, i dont have one, poverty killed them

my sincere condolences to you, i just hope you didnt inherit that poverty. You need to pull up your socks, if you have any. LOL

18 Jul 2008 09:23

LOL @ u4me & Zolx.............leave Dmath alone guys, please, LOL.

18 Jul 2008 09:24

happppppppppppppy. tata oh bakithi it can never be said enough neh

18 Jul 2008 09:26

leave Dmath alone guys, please,- done...till Monday..its home time now. Bye guys..enjoy ur weekend. Dont OD (overdose on them drugs)this weekend Mathata di thata..till next week

Brown Shuga
18 Jul 2008 10:17

Wow, I missed this article last year....hope Madiba had a super day!!!

what aka mathata
18 Jul 2008 11:12

zolx,shame on you(desmond tutu VC)i dont c any wrong with poverty

18 Jul 2008 12:09

Happy bday madiba. A man that changed sa, an icon. Thank you!

Lady D
18 Jul 2008 13:01

Happy bday skeem sa ka!

18 Jul 2008 15:16

masego! masego! masego! may u live forever! I wish u were immortal + all those that hv taken the baton from you will be wise enough 2 remember that u gave 27 years of your life for them to know "freedom" + they stop running their mouths with stupidity!

18 Jul 2008 19:13

ZOLZ n ANDI01 i think you are jelouse of MATHATA,i   can C you all try all  tricks in the book just to hurt her or put her down,

for me i learn to be strong bcz of her,why cant we be happy for other people,for me ANDI01 if i were you i will be ashame of my self,why cant we be happy for other people

21 Jul 2008 02:13

@gaitesdi: ZOLZ n ANDI01 i think you are jelouse of MATHATA,i can C you all try all tricks in the book just to hurt her or put her down.....Not dat um defending any1, but dis guys are buddies and dis is what they do evrytym, they are the bestest of best frends.

21 Jul 2008 02:24

Thanks awelani, by the way do you notice anything similar between gaitsedi and mathata "writing skills", gaitsedi is none other than ma-drugs

if i were you i will be ashame of my self,  I am a (wo) man of great confidence, nothing and no one is capable of making me feel ashamed of myself. yes I know that I am not perfect, none is, being ashamed of ones self demonstrates signs of lack of self confidence and self esteem, symptoms that you gaitsedi or whatever ur name is possess.

21 Jul 2008 03:35

Thanks awelani, by the way do you notice anything similar between gaitsedi and mathata "writing skills", gaitsedi is none other than ma-drugs.....Ithi u ya dlala Andi. Do u think D-mat wud do dat, I mean register with 2 diffrnt names?? Naaah i dont think she wud do dat.

21 Jul 2008 04:33

Awesh babes read betwwen the lines, dont you see the use or lack thereof, of helping verbs and conjuctions. And also the fact that you have to read "gaitsedi and Ma-drugs", post twice before understanding it.

21 Jul 2008 04:33

Awesh babes read betwwen the lines, dont you see the use or lack thereof, of helping verbs and conjuctions. And also the fact that you have to read "gaitsedi and Ma-drugs", post twice before understanding it.

21 Jul 2008 04:33

Awesh babes read betwwen the lines, dont you see the use or lack thereof, of helping verbs and conjuctions. And also the fact that you have to read "gaitsedi and Ma-drugs", post twice before understanding it.

21 Jul 2008 04:42

tl tl tl tl tl tl....

ayzo neh
22 Jul 2008 09:58

shuu i'm late, happy belated birthday Madiba my freind, my father, my inspiration, my hero..... i wish i can squeeze u in the Bible so that every1 can c ur greatness!

ayzo neh
22 Jul 2008 10:00

20 May 2010 11:58

happy belated tata, ngabe siyini ngaphandle kwakho?? we came this far by your faith

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