BSG: Who Are The Final Five?

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 18 Jun 2007
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So, so so fellow BSG spacecadets - who do you think the Final Five are? It’s too trippy to imagine that any of the crew we’ve come to love and know so well could possibly be them but it's obviously people we know well 'cos there'd be no point otherwise.

A recap of the moment the final five got explained:

During episode 6 - entitled “Torn” - Gaius Baltar had one of his usual kinky coversations with Number Six and asked her why there were only seven cylon models when she’s constantly been going on about there being twelve in total.

She told him that the Cylon crowd never talk about the other five who are secrets even to the cylons and Baltar got re-freaked that he might be one.

People who aren’t cylons:

Captain William Adama: Impossible. For starters he's the one who's partly responsible for the Cylons attacking in the first place which has cut him up to the depth of his soul. It could be the perfect excuse for him as a cyclon to have started the war but how he's responded to his responbility suggests that this isn't the case at all.

He's also so self aware and sure about who he is exactly that he'd stab himself immediately if he even vaguely suspected he was one.

Starbuck: No ways no ways no ways no ways. She’s had her iffy moments of not being fair in love, yes, but she has such strong and decisive prinicals and a such a strong sense of what she believes to be right and wrong that she'd rather die than be a cyclon.

She's also killed a zillion cylons as fiercely as she possibly can. I know without a doubt that she isn't  - sort of like you just know who someone is even if you don't actually know them type thing.

President Roslyn: If she were one she would never have gotten cancer.

I'm absolutely 300% certain that neither of these three are cylons.

People who could be:

Everyone else.

Here's my list of Strong possibilities:

1. Apollo - being Bill's son gives him the ultimate alibi. His being a cylon could also be seen as a result of his father's sins.

2. Tigh - he's turned even more alcoholically strange than he was before.

3. Dee - she put  up with Lee's fatsuit and his love for Kara as a result of feeling connected to his cyloness.

4. Gaius - he's a sneaky one - the fact that he's been so certain he is strongly suggests he isn't, which in turn suggests he is.

5. Lieutenant Gatar - his helping the Resistance was a ploy to ensure that he got everyone's trust plus his willingness to die and not stand up for himself suggests he knew there was no problem if he got whacked.

Who's your impossible's and can be's?


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