The Characters of Heroes *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

Written by tarynb from the blog Taryn's Heroes on 21 May 2007
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I thought I shall start this blog with a basic outline of the main characters for "Heroes". It is always nice to have a reference point incase you cannot figure out who is who and how they are all interelated.

Some people may think that knowing about the characters, and certain aspects about them could be perceived as spoilers, if you are one of those people... I think now may be a good time to stop.

Personally, I do not think that there is any spoilers in here, but you never know who may get offended...

Ok, so you've decided to stick around.... Great! So let's get right to it... 

Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman)
A father who works for the Primatech Paper Company, which is actually a cover operation for an organization that investigates people with superhuman abilities. 

Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere)

Mr. Bennet's adopted daughter, a high school cheerleader who lives in Odessa, Texas, and has a healing factor.

Simone Deveaux (Tawny Cypress)

An art dealer and galley owner whose skepticism and complicated romantic life are tested. 

D.L. Hawkins (Leonard Roberts)

An escaped criminal who has the power to alter his physical tangibility and phase through solid objects, both inanimate and organic. 

Isaac Mendez (Santiago Cabrera)

An artist living in New York who can paint future events during precognitive trances. He also writes and draws a comic book called “9th Wonders!” which has also been shown to depict the future. 

Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka)

A programmer from Tokyo with the ability to manipulate the space-time continuum. 

Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg)

A Los Angeles police officer with the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. 

Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar)

A New York Congressional candidate with the ability of self-propelled flight. 

Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia)

A former hospice nurse and Nathan's younger brother. He is an empath with the ability to absorb the powers of others he has been near and recall them. 

Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey)

D.L. and Niki's son and a child prodigy, Micah is a technopath, allowing him control of electrical signals, which gives him control of machines and electronic devices. 

Niki Sanders (Ali Larter)

The wife of D.L. and mother of Micah. A former internet stripper from Las Vegas who exhibits superhuman strength when her alternate personality, Jessica, surfaces. 

Mohinder Suresh (Sendil Ramamurthy)

A professor of genetics from India who travels to New York to investigate the death of his father, Chandra. Through his investigations, he comes into contact with people his father listed as possessing superhuman abilities. 

Sylar (Zachary Quinto)
The main antagonist in season one, a serial killer who hunts super-powered individuals in order to take their abilities.


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