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Written by TVSA Team from the blog Episode Teasers: Dr. Phil on 25 Sep 2006
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Dr Phil IV
Monday, 25 September - Friday 29 September 2006
Channel: SABC 2

Monday 25 September

Love, Lies And The Law

You've heard it all before "Just do it may way," "If I want it done right, I'll have to do it myself".

Dr Phil looks at control freaks, and how their behaviour can destroy a marriage.

Tuesday 26 September

"I'm A Slave To My Spouse"

So you constantly have to compromise to get along with your mate? Do you feel like you have to give up a vital part of yourself to be in a relationship?

Dr Phil talks to controlling guests, and the loved ones who feel trapped by them.

Wednesday 27 September

More Annoying People

Are you experiencing irritation overload with a friend or loved one? Does he or she cause scenes in public and make you the butt of bad jokes? Dr Phil advice for dealing with pesky people.

Thursday 28 September

Competition Freaks

Winning isn't everything but for some people, it's the only thing. Dr Phil's guests are competition freaks who must always win, come in first place or be the best at anything they do.

Jennifer and Judy are twins who have been competing with each other since birth. They battle to be the prettiest, thinnest and best looking, and they constantly sabotage each other. After 46 years, can they end this vicious cycle of one-upmanship?

Then, 18-year-old Alice says her mother, hates to lose and turns everything into a competition - from playing board games to dating. Her competitiveness has even put a strain on their relationship.

Then, meet a father who is teaching his kids that there is "no place but first place". and his wife who fears the kids are learning to be sore losers.

Friday 29 September

Social Tabbos: Is This Normal?

From the mildly offensive to the downright ridiculous, you've seen full-grown adults engage in behaviour that crosses the line. But where exactly is the line?

When does a charming eccentricity cross over into a way of life that's inappropriate and abnormal? Dr Phil examines the socially taboo.


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