SCD: The Biggest TV Suck-Fest Ever

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 19 Sep 2006
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Tamara and BrandonThat’s it. I’m so finished with this show that all I want is to forget that it exists because if I don’t I’ll go out of miiind!

Come next Saturday’s finale I’ll happily be watching something else as far removed from Strictly Come Dancing as is humanly possible because I’m not prepared to stuff up another Saturday night with the gloom and despair and frustration I felt at seeing Brandon and Tamara shoved out of the Finale the way they were.

Trust me when I tell you that I’ve had my many moments of being distraught at the way the voting public have made a Reality show go - like when they chose Heinz and Anke to win Idols (OMG let me not go there ‘cos I’ll have a heart attack on top of how I’m feeling right now) - but even then I wasn't as beside myself as I was on Saturday night.

There are noo words that can actually describe what a pathetic joke it is that Riaan got to stay instead of Tamara. I was so gobsmacked I was paralysed for half an hour after the show ended, flushing a red hot fury, deeply suspicious of absolutely everything.

Despite voters regularly being wankers in their choices I'm not fully convinced it’s only them who are to blame ‘cos thinking back over the show the entire thing seemed set-up to get the end result.

What I want to know is why the judges suddenly changed their tune this week by raving on about how brilliant Riaan’s dancing is and awarding him those incredibly high scores when all he did was stand in one spot and fling his arms around with a drill.

One moment Tyrone was telling Tamara she could be a professional dancer and the next he and everyone else was marking Riaan higher than her. How stupid do they think we are??

And why is it that the final two just so happen to be in SABC2 shows? And why is it that we don’t get to see anything by way of how the voting’s going? Where are the figures that say exactly how many votes each of them have gotten so that we can at least be assured that there is definitely a majority of loons out there who’ve spent millions on keeping Riaan in?

It all made me end up feeling that someone somewhere’s taking us for fools. The trouble is, if it is all true and the votes do favour Riaan with such a majority then it’s even worse than being cheated because we know he's not the best so it suggests his popularity is inspired by his culture and the whole Afrikaans thing he’s constantly got going on and that people have been voting along these lines.

If this is the case I think it’s the most narrow-minded, pathetic, destructive thing ever. To me voting for a favourite based on what someone’s culture is the same as choosing a favourite based on race or religion and I have such issues with mindlessly supporting someone for any of these reasons that I refuse to accept it as being legitimate.

It's the only possible reason I can think of for things working out as they have which horrifically makes Babs’s statement right at the beginning the truth when she said more black people must vote for black people because obviously this is the way many people choose to see things.

The idea that this could be true infuriates and upsets me to the point of driving me over the edge. It makes me want to scream and swear from the highest rise buildings at anyone who’d make decisions based on these reasons.

This show has become a perfect example of why it’s so unbelievably wrong because it’s directly responsible for getting the best whacked when they didn’t deserve to be.

I’ve had it with this type of fickle rubbish infiltrating reality shows and I’m at a point where I refuse to support something where people aren’t just seen as people - whether it's the public's fault or the shows, I don't care.

I said if the final two weren’t Freedom and Mary and Brandon and Tamara I wouldn’t watch the Finale and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

If I thought there was hope for Freedom and Mary I might consider it but I’ve been way too disillusioned and don’t for a moment reckon there is.


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