Obsession... The new South African Produced International Drama-Thriller TV Series!

"From a distance, Lakewood is represented like any other small community. However, when one takes a closer look they discover that it is a place buried under the ashes of deceit, secrets and dirty little lies. The series starts twenty years after an accident which shook the foundation of this quaint little town. Christal de Waal, a young aspiring fashion designer, moves back to Lakewood to uncover the mysteries of her family’s past. Her arrival attracts unwanted attention which stirs up a series of events. By default, Christal develops friendships and unlikely alliances with the local popular kids in town. Together they need to balance the brutal demands of their developing careers along with the untimely deaths and threats received by an unknown entity. Thrown into a plethora of crossroads, the group is forced to make decisions, which could drastically alter the course of their lives."
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Obsession is created by Nicho Barnard and produced by Dandelion Pictures in association with Obsessed Pictures. The new drama-thriller TV Series is produced by a South African production company, with South African Producers , Directors and Actors but will be distributed worldwide on Amazon Video. This marks the first show to ever accomplish this in South Africa. The show is set to premiere in May 2018.

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