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  • Long running V-Entertainment yanked from Vuzu
    28 Jun 2017 15:31 (7 replies)

    After eight years on air, Vuzu's signature show has gone. Disappeared. Poof!
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  • Vuzu Highlights: November 2014
    29 Oct 2014 11:59 (1 replies)

    Premieres on Vuzu in November include Mystery Girls - a new Tori Spelling/Jennie Garth series - Teen Wolf 4, The Sisterhood of Hip Hop and Jonas from Tonga.
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  • Vuzu Highlights - October 2014
    25 Sep 2014 15:53 (0 replies)

    Premieres on Vuzu in October include Season 4 of The Sing-Off, Dineo's Diary 3, comedy series Getting On and posh toff reality show Made In Chelsea.
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  • Vuzu Highlights: September 2014
    20 Aug 2014 12:10 (0 replies)

    Two new series premiere on Vuzu in September: Sirens - an adaptation by Rescue Me's Denis Leary; and Mom - a sitcom about a newly sober mother.
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  • Dineo‚Äôs Diary returns for Season 3
    3 Jun 2014 21:14 (3 replies)

    Dineo Ranaka and her Diary return to Vuzu this month with a new house, new offices, new business, new boyfriend, new rules.
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  • New faces join Vuzu and Channel O
    10 Apr 2014 00:00 (0 replies)

    Two new faces join Vuzu and Channel O this month. K-Naomi hosts the new season of iRequest and Shelton Forbez joins V-Prime. Here's a close-up on them ...
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  • Fly Chix step in after MoLove
    13 Jan 2013 00:00 (3 replies)

    What does it take to make a girl band a hit attraction in the local music industry? Vuzu explores the phenom. in a new 10-part reality series Fly Chix.
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  • Vuzu November Highlights 2012
    29 Oct 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    A Class Act-type reality show premieres on Vuzu soon, starring Blair Underwood. Also coming up: a reality check for Minnie Dlamini and Khanyi Mbau on Top Shayela.
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  • Vuzu October Highlights 2012
    4 Oct 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    LisaRaye: The Real McCoy continues on Vuzu this month, for Season 2 - starts Friday (5th). Also new this month: the next (16th!) season of The Bachelor.
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  • Vuzu September Highlights 2012
    7 Sep 2012 00:00 (3 replies)

    New seasons of Ru Paul's Drag Race and America's Next Top Model premiere once the current ones end. A rundown of all Vuzu premieres, finales and reunion shows.
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  • Top Shayela returns with a reality check
    5 Sep 2012 00:00 (9 replies)

    Thomas Gumede takes over from Siya Ngwekazi when Season 2 of Top Shayela premieres on Vuzu next Tuesday (11th). Other changes include a reality check for celebs.
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  • Dineo Ranaka to host Reps Reunion Special
    17 May 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    The crew from Running with the Reps re'unite on Vuzu next Wednesday (23rd) for a special half-hour Reunion Show hosted by Dineo Ranaka.
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  • Vuzu June Highlights 2012
    11 May 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    A new season of The Bacherlorette follows The Bachelor when it ends in June. Other new shows include: The World According To Paris, Mad Fashion and Allen Gregory.
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  • Vuzu May 2012 Highlights
    16 Apr 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    A new season of Top Model premieres on Vuzu in May, with the shortest schmodels out of any season. Also coming up: Lala's Full Court Life and Real Housewives of Atlanta 4.
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  • New on Vuzu in March 2012
    8 Mar 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    Coming up on Vuzu: Lungile Radu's new reality show Forever Young; and The Bachelor 15 - with a reloaded bachelor who was too fussy to choose anyone in Season 11.
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  • New on Vuzu in February 2012 (Updated)
    23 Feb 2012 00:00 (0 replies)

    The Reps run back onto Vuzu next Wednesday (29th) for Season 2. The action premieres with a recap and update. Also coming up: Mario Lopez in Saved by the Baby.
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  • New on Vuzu in December 2011
    30 Nov 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    A cool looking new art show premieres on Vuzu soon - from the producers of Top Chef. Also coming up: Miss SA Teen 2011; and America's Next Great Restaurant.
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  • New on Vuzu in November 2011
    3 Nov 2011 00:00 (1 replies)

    Starting on Vuzu soon: State of Georgia - starring Raven-Symone as an aspiring actress trying to make it in New York - and a run of So You Think You Can Dance 8.
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  • New on Vuzu in October 2011 (Updated)
    19 Oct 2011 00:00 (1 replies)

    A headsup that The Nine Lives of Chloe King has been re-scheduled on Vuzu and won't be starting on Monday (24th). It's been replaced with Tower Prep.
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  • New on Vuzu in September 2011
    18 Sep 2011 00:00 (3 replies)

    Season 3 of 90210 premieres on Vuzu this Wednesday (21st). Also starting soon: The Bachelorette 6; and the eighth and final season of Entourage.
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  • New on Vuzu in August 2011
    3 Aug 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    America's Next Top Model 10 premieres on Vuzu On Thursday (4th). Also new this month: MTV's supernatural series Teen Wolf, and Running Russell Simmons.
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  • New on Vuzu in July 2011
    7 Jul 2011 00:00 (5 replies)

    Glee returns for Season 2 on Monday, 18 July: it moves from M-Net to Vuzu. A rundown of Vuzu's premiere line-up, including a "Who's He?" on The Bachelor 14.
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  • New on Vuzu in June 2011 (Updated)
    9 Jun 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    Premieres on Vuzu this June include: Hellcats, The Real L Word, My Generation, Happy Endings; and a dance crew search Masters of Rhythm - based on the real world event.
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  • New on Vuzu in May, 2011
    4 May 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    New to Vuzu this May: America's Next Top Model. The channel picks up the series from Season 9. Other premieres coming up include: Brandy and Ray J; and Project Runway 8.
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  • New on Vuzu in April, 2011
    14 Apr 2011 00:00 (0 replies)

    Starting on Vuzu soon: Is She Really Going Out With Him? 3; and Fly Girls - a new docu-reality series that follows airhostesses who fly the Las Vegas/New York route.
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  • New on Vuzu in March 2011
    6 Mar 2011 00:00 (1 replies)

    The new South African reality show Running With The Reps premiered on Vuzu on Friday, feat. dance crew The Repertoires. Also new this month: The Rachel Zoe Project 2.
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  • New on Vuzu In February 2011 (Updated)
    2 Feb 2011 00:00 (3 replies)

    Vuzu February premieres: Project Runway 7, The Vampire Diaries 2, America's Best Dance Crew 5; and Nonhle Goes To Hollywood feat. Nonhle in Tinseltown.
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  • New on Vuzu in December 2010
    7 Dec 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    Starting on Vuzu soon: Make It Or Break It 2, Neighbors From Hell, Romantically Challenged (with all 6 episodes); and the reality show Confessions Of A Teen Idol.
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  • New on Vuzu in November 2010
    10 Nov 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    Starting on Vuzu next Wednesday (17th): the new mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars. Also new this month: Vixens 3; and The Cleveland Show.
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  • New on Vuzu In October, 2010
    20 Oct 2010 00:00 (1 replies)

    Back on Vuzu next Tuesday (26th) for Season 4: America's Best Dance Crew - premieres at 19h00. Other new shows include: Tim Gunn's Guide To Style 2.
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  • New On Vuzu In September 2010
    21 Sep 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    Highlights starting on Vuzu soon: Friday Night Lights 4; and Mark Wahlberg's new series How To Make It In America - starts next Tuesday (28th) at 21h00.
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  • On Hold: Romantically Challenged
    5 Jul 2010 00:00 (2 replies)

    The final two episodes of the comedy series Romantically Challenged have been put on hold on Vuzu. The replacement: Red Carpet Romance.
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  • New on Vuzu in July 2010
    23 Jun 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    Cream Cartel are back on Vuzu in July to deliver more fash. trash. Also starting: Smallville 9; and The T.O. Show - featuring Terrell Owens as himself, nude.
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  • New on Vuzu in June 2010
    15 Jun 2010 00:00 (4 replies)

    Ray J returns to Vuzu soon - to break another heart. He dumped his Cocktail from Season 1 and begins a search for someone new.
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  • New on Vuzu in May 2010 (Updated)
    13 May 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    New to Vuzu this month: 10 Things I Hate About You (based on the flik) and Entourage 6 (hott!). Starting soon: Legend Of The Seeker 2 and My Antonio.
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  • New on Vuzu in April 2010
    15 Apr 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    A rundown of new shows on Vuzu. Starting soon: America's Best Dance Crew 3; and Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew 2 featuring an American Idol addict.
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  • New On Vuzu in March 2010
    18 Mar 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    A new bunch of WannaDiddies vie for a job in I Want To Work For Diddy 2 - premieres on Vuzu on Monday (22nd) at 19h30. Also new: a galpal surfing reality show.
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  • New on Vuzu in February 2010
    3 Feb 2010 00:00 (0 replies)

    New to Vuzu this month: The Vampire Diaries (started Monday), Greek 2 - Chapter 4 , The Secret Life Of The American Teenager 3 and P Diddy's Starmaker.
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  • Lee-Ann Dumps Danny K For V
    20 Jul 2009 00:00 (7 replies)

    Ms Danny K aka Lee-Ann Liebenberg has temporarily taken over from Nonhle Thema on the Vuzu Channel's daily showbiz wrap V Entertainment.
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  • Live Today! Vuzu (Added: South Park Update)
    1 Jul 2009 00:00 (9 replies)

    The new channel Vuzu replaces GO on DStv Channel 123 - today (1 July). Here's a highlights package of all the premieres on the channel throughout July ...
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