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Season 1

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
kykNET 26 Mar 2024 23 Apr 2024 Tuesdays, 20h00 - 21h00 5

Season 1

Plan B is a South African, Afrikaans-language television miniseries based on the novel by Deon Meyer which tells the story of the hunt for a stolen painting by three people with different interests in it.

Plan B is the story of a man with a military background, Ivan Malan, and his partner, Paul Schmidt, who rob a gangster and steal The Fire Maiden – a painting by the Dutch master Vermeer worth €30-million.

Meanwhile, Ragel Bergh is swindled out of her inheritance by the slick conman Joshua Lansky.

All seems lost for her, but then she crosses paths with Ivan and Paul via an art appraiser.

All three of them want the same thing badly: The Fire Maiden.

Plan B is based on the novel of the same name by Deon Meyer, written for television by Tertius Kapp and produced by Scene 23.

The producers are Cobus van den Bergh, Tim Theron, Tracey Lange and Jorrie van der Walt; the executive producer is Deon Meyer.

The series is directed by Jozua Malherbe.

Original music is by Helmut Meijer.

Plan B was filmed in Cape Town and Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas.

Main Characters

Ragel Bergh (Amalia Uys)

Ragel is the owner of a bookstore swindled out of her inheritance by Joshua Lansky, the conman son of a gangster.

Ragel loves the finer things in life – good food, books and music - and when it comes to art she prefers older, classical works.

Ivan Malan (Tim Theron)

Ivan hides his dark past as a member of a secret intelligence unit behind a sharp sense of humour.

He had a difficult childhood and had to fend for himself from an early age and after almost ending up in prison, he was recruited by Schmidt to work for the unit.

Since the dissolution of the unit, the two men work together to track down stolen goods for wealthy clients.

Paul Schmidt (Arnold Vosloo)

Paul puts the knowledge and talents he acquired through his work with the intelligence unit to good use in his later years.

He is a widower and sees Ivan as the son he never had.

With a love for literature, art and theatre, he and Ragel quickly find common interests.

Joshua Lansky (Armand Aucamp)

Joshua is the conman who swindles Ragel out of her inheritance.

He is the son of a criminal mastermind and gang boss – a father who not only emotionally crippled his son but also stole him away from his mother.

Joshua had dreams of becoming an artist, but he lacked the necessary talent.

Margot Law (Rolanda Marais)

Margot and Joshua occasionally share a bed, but that's not the only thing they share – both are equally insecure.

Margo is the life of every party and a socialite, but she knows it's just a facade.

Zeev Lanksy (André Jacobs)

Zeev is a gangster and Joshua's father. He is a former war criminal and a man who thinks money can buy everything.

No matter how hard he tries, high society just won't accept him.

He had hoped Joshua would study law and help him gain political influence, but unfortunately, his son is a huge disappointment to him.

Joe Moroko (Sobantu Nqayi)

Joe is a former colleague of Ivan trying to lead a new life while hoping his past won't catch up with him.

Joe, like Ivan, is an experienced fighter and shooter and has a gift for taking on different personalities.

He is charming and comfortably fits into the world of the super-rich.

Kate Maponyane (Wanda Banda)

Kate is a computer whiz who can crack any computer and is undoubtedly the smartest in the team – something she likes to remind them of.

Her main goal in life is to make money and she sees friends as a danger to her safety.

So, she spends most of her time alone in her stylish apartment.

Hildegard Klaus (Dorette Potgieter)

Hildegard is an art lover who makes a living as an art appraiser.

She is stylish, attractive and has been married a few times.

She sets high standards for everything and everyone, and it takes her a long time to trust people.

Other cast members include Roberto Kyle, Devonecia Swartz, André Weideman, Anrich Herbst, Marguerite van Eeden and Dylan Williams.

Season 1 Cast

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Amalia Uys		...	Ragel Bergh
Tim Theron		...	Ivan Malan
Arnold Vosloo		...	Paul Schmidt
Wanda Banda		...	Kate Maponyane
Sobantu Nqayi		...	Joe Moroko (as Sobantu Nqay)
Dorette Potgieter	...	Hildegard Klaus
André Jacobs		...	Zeev Lanksy
Rolanda Marais		...	Margot Law
Armand Aucamp		...	Joshua Lansky

Recurring / Guests

Roberto Kyle		...	Frankie
Andre Weideman		...	Van Sitterd
Anrich Herbst		...	Captain Boef Beukes
Albert Maritz		...	Nico
Waldemar Schultz	...	Wouter Woudstra
Devonecia Swartz	...	Melodine
Lara Hattingh		...	Betsie
Liebschen Saal		...	Jane
Tamer Burjaq		...	Gorilla
Dylan Viljoen		...	Whippet
Johanna Wheeler		...	Estelle
Gavin Gomes		...	Ivan Double
Marisa Smit		...	Janine
Khadija Heeger		...	Jocelyn
Marciel Hopkins		...	Simonne
Dylan Williams		...	Lance
Aya Makubalo		...	Joe Double
Kiroshan Naidoo		...	Charlie
Marguerite van Eeden	...	Rene
Michael Solomon		...	Steak

Season 1 Cast

Ragel Bergh

Ivan Malan

Paul Schmidt

Joe Moroko (as Sobantu Nqay)

Hildegard Klaus

Zeev Lanksy

Margot Law

Joshua Lansky


Van Sitterd

Captain Boef Beukes


Wouter Woudstra




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