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Season 1

Invasion is an American science fiction television series produced by Shaun Cassidy Productions and Warner Bros. Television which tells the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures infiltrate a small Florida town and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through a cloning process.

The series aired in the USA on ABC from 21 September, 2005 to 17 May, 2006. There are 22 hour-long episodes in the series.

Invasion originally aired in South Africa on M-Net from 11 August, 2006 to 5 January, 2007, on Fridays at 19h30.

Invasion premiered on SABC2 on Saturday 4 April 2009, at 18h30.


For centuries man has searched the skies for signs of intelligent life forms. What if those life forms were already here? And what if some of the natural disasters we've been experiencing of late were merely smokescreens to mask something far more ominous?

For dedicated park ranger Russell Varon, a divorced father of two who is expecting a third child with his new wife, local television reporter Larkin Groves, the hurricane proves to be merely the beginning of a long journey into the unknown.

Always skeptical about the paranoid conspiracy theories of his wayward brother-in-law, Dave, Russell may have to revise his thinking when a number of bizarre occurrences start taking place in his community.

Though Russell's young daughter, Rose, claims to have seen hundreds of lights floating towards the water during the storm, Russell initially dismisses her claim - until he begins to suspect that something is very wrong with his ex-wife, Dr. Mariel Underlay.

The morning after the storm, Mariel is found naked in the water - with no memory of what transpired the night before.

As the tiny town of Homestead, Florida struggles to rebuild itself, Sheriff Tom Underlay - who is married to Russell's ex-wife - suspiciously orders the entire area quarantined.

Russell starts to investigate the strange goings-on and unknowingly begins a fight for the survival of his family, his community, and what might ultimately be the whole human race.


The story so far ...

Episode 1: Pilot
Broadcast date: Saturday, 4 April 2009

The series begins with a devastating hurricane called Hurricane Eve, which attacks the town of Homestead, Florida.

Park Ranger Russell Varon is at the centre of the action, which establishes that the hurricane has changed the town forever.

His young daughter Rose says she saw hundreds of lights floating towards the water during the storm and the morning after the storm, her mother Mariel is found naked in the water - with no memory of what happened to her the night before.

Russell and his brother Dave go out to investigate to see if the lights exist and Dave gets attacked by one of them, which leads Russell to realise and accept that very bizarre things are happening.

Amidst the chaos of the storm and lights Sheriff Underlay orders the whole area quarantined so that the town can rebuild itself - but his intentions seem suspiciously self-serving instead of communal.

Russell begins an investigation of his own and unwittingly begins a fight for the survival of his family, his community, and what might be the human race.
Episode 2: Lights Out
Broadcast date: Saturday, 11 April, 2009

At the ranger station, Russell discovers a barely alive Air Force officer named Paxton -who's wearing a wet suit.

After he notices Paxton's wounds are identical to Dave's, Russell wonders what happened to the man. He soon finds out that he's not the only one interested in Paxton when both Underlay and Larkin question the man about the mysterious circumstances surrounding him.

Meanwhile, Mariel finds something unexplainable protruding out of Paxton's wounds. Russell's curiosity grows about the strange skeleton Dave retrieved, and Underlay continues to lobby for a town quarantine.

Episode 3: Watershed
Broadcast date: Saturday, 18 April 2009

Russell must save Jesse after the teen is knocked unconscious by a mysterious, unknown force while checking out a submerged mobile home with Kira. Russell also worries about Mariel's strange behaviour.

Meanwhile, Larkin suspects that Underlay knows about a possible military cover-up, and Dave searches for the meaning of the inscription found on a wedding band.

Episode 4: Alpha Male
Broadcast date: 25 April 2009

Underlay might get the quarantine he has requested when Russell discovers that escaped laboratory animals may be responsible for a deadly flu virus that has spread throughout Homestead.

Meanwhile, Jesse becomes jealous when Kira flirts with a boy at a party, and Larkin is physically attacked by a woman who questions the reporter's identity.

Episode 5: Unnatural Selection
Boradcast date:  2 May 2009

One of Russell's fellow workers has been shot and killed by Underlay, and Russell questions the mysterious circumstances surrounding the shooting death.

Meanwhile, Larkin becomes suspicious of an old boyfriend's motives after he invites her to visit his military base.

Mariel worries that she hasn't been a good mother to her children since the hurricane and she also wonders what Father Scanlon's intentions are when he invites her to attend his church's survivors' group.

Episode 6: The Hunt
Broadcast date: 9 May 2009

After finding an old Cuban refugee who says he lost his family to "the lights," Russell goes fishing to catch one of the mysterious, orange luminescent beings. Transformed, Derek switches his interest in Kira to her stepmother, Mariel, incurring the wrath of Underlay.

Episode 7: Fish Story
Broadcast date: 16 May 2009

After barely surviving a car crash that has left her injured and the fate of her unborn baby uncertain, Larkin is picked up by a man whose suspicious actions cause her to question his motives. Meanwhile, Mariel desperately tries to emotionally reconnect with her son, Jesse.

Episode 8: The Cradle
Broadcast date: 23 May 2009

A baby is abandoned at Russell's ranger station. Underlay locates the mother, Christina, but she vehemently denies that the child is hers. However, Christina's mother-in-law recognizes her grandchild and explains that the baby's mother has been acting strange ever since Hurricane Eve hit town.

Meanwhile, Mariel - who questions why her own relationship with her children has changed, makes a shocking discovery in the water. Finally, Dave learns the identity of the owner of the wedding band.

Episode 9: The Dredge
Broadcast date: 30 May 2009

Larkin learns that Russell has a criminal record after he becomes a prime suspect in a double murder. She questions his integrity and investigates the circumstances surrounding the murder.

Meanwhile, Dave contacts Mariel in an attempt to find out what happened to her the night of the hurricane, and Mariel pleads with Underlay to dredge the bay to discover the true identity of the body she claims to have seen.

Episode 10: Origin of Species
Boradcast date: 6 June 2009

Dave is abducted by a couple who have a vested interest in learning what he knows about the circumstances surrounding the hurricane's aftermath. They find out about him by reading his blog about the strange happenings in Homestead.

Meanwhile, Underlay and Deputy Lewis Sirk learn the identity of the dead woman found in the bay, and Sirk gets his first look at one of the orange, luminescent beings.

Episode 11: Us Or Them
Broadcast date: 13 June 2009

Russell finally confronts Mariel about the changes she's undergone since the hurricane. Underlay invites a confused Deputy Sirk into his home to recuperate. Jesse meets a beautiful but strange girl while on vacation with Larkin and Rose.

Episode 12: Power
Broadcast date: 20 June 2009

Russell visits Mariel and discovers that Underlay has taken the children on an unscheduled vacation - without asking for her permission.

Also, Russell notices someone hiding in the shadows outside of Mariel's house, and Larkin becomes suspicious of her husband's intentions towards his ex-wife.

Episode 13: Redemption
Broadcast date: 27 June 2009

Underlay unconsciously drifts between the past and the present after he is shot by an unknown intruder, reliving the 1996 plane crash that led to his "rebirth."

Meanwhile, knowing that his wife and unborn child's life would be in danger, Russell must stop Larkin from reporting the truth about the hybrids.

Episode 14: All God's Creatures
Broadcast date: 4 July 2009

Russell, Larkin and Dave are in shock after discovering the identity of a mysterious creature that has been lurking around the Varon home. Meanwhile, Underlay is on a mission to find out who shot him, and Kira begins to question what really happened to her father and Mariel during their respective encounters in the water.

Season 1 Cast

Dave Groves

Dr. Mariel Underlay

Jesse Varon

Kira Underlay

Larkin Groves

Mona Gomez

Rose Varon

Russell Varon

Sheriff Tom Underlay



Colonel Sabrina Lopez

Deputy Buell

Deputy Lewis Sirk


Eli Szura




Helen Conrad

Josh Breims

Katie Paxton

Ms. Wade

Natl. Guard Driver

Natl. Guardsman





Terrence Gale

Valerie Shenkman


Hispanic Boy


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