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Episode 1: Perfect Day

We meet our four Bedfordview wives who seemingly live the perfect lives. Despina "Dee" Giannopoulos is an ex-beauty queen, mother to two lovely children, wife of a wealthy restaurant owner, centre of the social scene and the envy of all.

The only cloud in her sky is that she fears that her husband, Marco, is drifting away from her. Is it possible he's having an affair?

But she isn't the only one with issues. Her best friend, Yvette, is a bored housewife in a loveless marriage, her neighbour, nosey Paulina, has a troubled relationship with her son and Marco's ex-wife, Gigi, is trying to worm her way back into his life.

It all starts off as a normal day in Bedfordview for our ladies until something happens that changes their lives forever.

Episode 2: This Too Shall Pass

In the wake of Marco's death, Dee is so busy keeping her family together and being strong for them that she's unable to process fully her terrible grief, or to fully understand what it was that Marco was up to in the weeks before his untimely death.

Gigi is behaving as if she is the grieving widow, grabbing the limelight from Dee. Yvette isn't being much help since she's too wrapped up in the speculation regarding Marco's death, and Dee also has to deal with her mother-in-law, Alecto, who arrives from Greece and her nosy neighbour, Paulina (who seems unduly fascinated with the goings on in the Giannopoulos household).

And then Detective Dlamini arrives with some news that turns her world upside down.

Episode 3: In Control

Dee discovers that it's one thing to take over the family business, it's another to learn how to run a restaurant while being sniped at by the restaurant manager who is also your late husband's ex-wife and your most bitter enemy for almost two decades.

Dee also has to learn about Marco's more secret illegal business and with this new business comes with some very intimidating Bedfordview Crime Bosses who are demanding delivery on something they call "The Falafel."

Yvette tries to be supportive of Dee but Dee has very little time for her, so Yvette focuses on her yoga classes and is noticed by the sexy Yoga instructor, James.

Back at the school, Paulina coerces the school's principle into conducting drug tests at school and the results of the test are quite shocking.

Episode 4: Obstacles Are Opportunities

Despite being attacked in the parking lot of her restaurant, Dee refuses to give up or back down, even when Detective Dlamini starts hanging around the restaurant, making it tough for Dee and Robbie to get Marco's criminal enterprise up and running again.

Now that she can no longer live vicariously through Dee, Yvette is pleased to find herself the target of the flattering attentions of James, her lecherous Yoga instructor.

Gigi deals with being fired by just ignoring Dee and pitching up for work anyway, but she has no idea the pressure Dee is under and this is certain not to end well.

Paulina's mysterious diplomat husband surprises his family when he returns home suddenly.

Episode 5: Drop the Guard

While Robbie and George battle to keep the restaurant open in the face of Dlamini's harassment, Dee is happy to accept an invitation to the opening of Raj's new, opulent "gentleman's club."

Yvette, who still remains oblivious to the distress her flirtation with James is causing her husband and her daughter, is persuaded to join Dee on a girls' night out.

Paulina's boss wants to shut down her investigation, but this means that she and her son will be parted again.

Gigi is able to freely walk back into Yiasou now that she's on the arm of Costa, but what price will she have to pay for this privilege?

Episode 6: Indesctructible

Paulina has convinced her boss that the investigation is still on and Dee is the target. Desperate to restore some balance in her life and get back in touch with her daughter, Mikaela, Dee tries to take up her old responsibilities with the school, but headmistress Astrid has other ideas.

After the wild party at the Raj Mahal, Yvette arrives home to deal with the consequences of her having mistakenly sent a selfie to Jasper instead of to James.

Gigi realises the downside of being Costa's girlfriend and she's looking for a way out.

Episode 7: What You Focus On Grows

Dee manages to temporarily solve the problem of the mysterious "falafel" and Costa is off her back for now, but Dee is facing major challenges on other fronts and she and Mikaela start getting ready for the annual Mothers and Daughters Pageant.

Meanwhile, Yvette makes a selfish decision that could destroy her relationship with her family. Gigi's relationship with Costa has impacted on her so much that Robbie offers to step in.

Paulina keeps as close to Dee as she can and makes a breakthrough in her investigation when Dee lets something slip.

Episode 8: Tell the Truth

In the wake of Costa's death Dee thinks her problems are all solved and now she can offer the mysterious "falafel" exclusively to Raj for millions.

Detective Dlamini seems to have decided that Gigi is the prime suspect in Costa's murder, but Gigi isn't easily intimidated and she has a new ally to help her out.

Yvette, having consummated her affair with James, realises that she's forgotten Antoinette's birthday and races home to mend her relationship with her family before it's too late.

And all the time Paulina keeps close to Dee, waiting for the break in the case that will take Dee down for good.

Episode 9: Two Way is the Best Way

Paulina's joy at having found Dee's secrets evaporates when her Boss still wants to shut down the case. Following a frightening meeting with Raj, Dee and Robbie agree to lay low for a while.

Dee takes this opportunity to focus on the pageant and friends; however things only get worse when Dee's status as pageant coach is threatened.

Yvette continues to struggle with being shut off from her daughter, Antoinette, after being kicked out as Antoinette's pageant partner and replaced with Jasper. A desperate and heart-broken Yvette takes matters into her own hands with some disastrous consequences.

Gigi is asked to take over as pageant coach after Astrid fires Despina.

Episode 10: Trust Your Gut

Paulina is delighted that her case has such newfound status and she has access to increased resources. Dee would love to focus on the Pageant but she's newly in the clutches of Paulina and the Commander, learning the limitations of her new role as a confidential informant.

Yvette is having a miserable time as she still can't connect with her family and James is becoming a real pest. Gigi continues to shine as the pageant coach. She's especially helpful with Jasper and Antoinette, which is observed by Yvette.

Episode 11: Explosive Blessings are Coming Your Way

In the wake of the Falafel explosion Dee and Paulina spring into action to defend their families and control the situation. The Commander arrives with a technical crew and they go about determining the cause of the explosion.

Paulina's scurrying as fast as she can, seemingly opposed at every turn by her boss. Fortunately, she and Dee are working together like clockwork.

Yvette at last finds that she's closer to her daughter but a rift that won't be so easy to mend is that between her and her husband, Jasper. Gigi is in heaven running the Raj Mahal, but Raj is mobilising his forces... for what?

Episode 12: See the Bigger Picture

With George kidnapped and the Falafel in the possession of Raj, it seems that Dee and Paulina have no more cards to play.

They're given fresh hope when Dlamini arrives with news, but their biggest challenge awaits when Robbie and Cecil rush off on a pointless quest and it's up to the four Bedford Wives to unite and save the day.

And united they are until Gigi reveals her outrageous plan.

Episode 13: What's the Lesson

The Bedford Wives have their work cut out for them, rescuing Robbie and George and dealing with Raj and his thugs, but even if they manage to pull this off they still have to deal with Paulina's corrupt boss and discover that The Deacon is headed for their homes and their children are in terrible danger.


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