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Episode 1: Catering and Acting - Dineo Ranaka

Dineo has auditioned for both an acting role and perhaps her cooking and catering skills can also be available to David's movie? David's sister Leshae brings her best game forward – she thinks Dineo needs style advice! Watch Dineo's reaction..

Episode 2: Consultant - Chris Forrest

The Kau residence is visited by the wittingly funny Chris Forrest. David has asked Chris to come on as a BEE consultant for his movie as he knows the who's who of the industry which will greatly benefit David's endeavours. Chris reveals his global contact base. Basil nearly comes to blows with Chris – as David says he's afraid of two angry white men.

Episode 3: Talent Audition - Rori Motuba

David asks Rorisang Motuba to audition because she convinces him not only does she have a growing following because of her numerous roles in films but is actually what David needs to make his movie a top seller and unlike with Khanyi Mbau he won't have lighting issues with her.

Episode 4: Consultant - Chester Missing and Conrad Koch

David decides to approach Conrad Koch to be his new consultant because Chris Forrest is giving him the run around just before his big meeting in Cannes. Conrad decides to bring along his side kick Chester Missing, who takes all the shine from him.

Episode 5: Dance Audition - Lorcia Cooper

David invites Lorcia Cooper to give his movie a competitive edge with her choreography. Basil, David's father, hears about her electrifying moves so he decides to ask her to teach him how to dance.

Episode 6: The Indian Connection - Maeshni Naicker

David auditions The Keeping up with the Kandasamy's sensation Maeshni Naicker he feels that by bringing her on board he would be pulling in the Indian and Bollywood community. Leshae K - throughout Maeshni's visit - decides to nag her for tips about the Indian film industry, and how best to launch herself digitally in the Eastern market.

Episode 7: International Talent - Hakeem Kae-Kazim

David decides that he needs an African star in his film with a global footprint and he therefore asks Hakeem Kae-Kazim to audition for The Greatest South African Movie. David's sister makes serious moves on Hakeem.

Episode 8: Voice Talent - Soso Rungqu

David wants to cast the rising multi-talented starlet Soso Rungqu in the movie as his "female Benjamin Button" character. His aim through the interview is to test her ability to manipulate her voice into sounding like people of different age groups. But is David finding love...?

Episode 9: Stylist and Actress - Siya and Mona

David wants Siya Beyile on the movie to do wardrobe and styling. David also invites actress Mona Monyane - apart from being a huge fan of hers since watching her in the critically acclaimed film Kalushi, he thought she would add some oomph to his movie.

Episode 10: Comedic Talent - Kagiso Lediga

Since David is a firm believer of working with people he can rely on he approaches his old friend and confidante Kagiso Lediga. David has invited Kagiso over to talk about producing the movie with him. David's sister has other intentions with Kagiso Lediga and Basil is not a friend of brand Kagiso.

Episode 11: All The Goliaths! - The Goliaths

David invites the Goliaths - Kate, Donovan and Jason - to his residence for the role of marketing, as he knows that this is their forte. He believes that four heads are better than one, but his father really doesn't like the Goliaths – and lets them know.

Episode 12: Amu and Donald

David invites his close musician friends Amu (hip hop producer) and Donald (R&B superstar) to his residence. Both want to write the music exclusively for David's movie – Amu calls Donald a porn star and Donald says Amu is yesterday's man - David mediates the controversy.

Episode 13: Talent and Beauty - Thapelo Mokoena

Thapelo Mokoena hardly gets into David's house when his sister wants him to be her love interest. David, who has great admiration for Mokoena's movie work, wants him to be the male lead in The Greatest South African movie ever made.

Episode 14: Youthful acting - Shaleen Surtie-Richards

David wants Shaleen for a spicy young part – David is her way to movie stardom...

Episode 15: The Magic of the Movies - Riaad Moosa

David wants Riaad to come on board to create visual effects for the film using his skills as a magician. The activity at the end will be a mini magic show by Riaad.

Leshae K has a medical emergency when she pulls her lip muscles from over-pouting for all her selfies. Her lips are stuck in the pout position and she can hardly speak. Dr Moosa has to find a way to cure her lips from 'poutitis' before it's too late and she dies of starvation.

Episode 16: Fiona Ramsay

Episode 17: Kagiso Lediga

David has invited Kagiso over to talk about producing the movie with him. David and Kagiso go way back; conflict arises when Kagiso, thinking he was coming on board to co-direct, whips out his own storyboards for David's movie.
Episode 18: Akin Omotoso

David wants Akin's advice on securing an international distributor. Having been to Cannes many times with his movies, Akin has the right contact, a French billionaire named Thierry Le Louvre. The only problem with Thierry is that he lies a lot, so when David meets with him, he must be able to spot the truth from fiction.

Akin tests David's ability to spot a lie by saying random statements about him, while David has to guess whether the statement is true or false.

Finding out that Akin is quite prolific and successful in the documentary genre, Basil tries to convince Akin that he should be the subject of Akins's next documentary feature. There is so much about his life and family that would fascinate audiences the world over.

He is an apartheid struggle icon who married a coloured woman and adopted two black children in such a racialised society. He campaigns to save the world through his charities. He is an artist, writer, businessmen, philanthropist etc. His life story is an Oscar winner.

Episode 19: Skhumba Hlophe

Skhumba is just crazy about Lesahe - can  he even audition? The heat is on.

Episode 20: Sphe & Naves

David would like Sphe and Naves to go on a nationwide road show, tour bus and all, to promote David's movie. It will be called: Kau's of the Weekend.

LeShae wants Sphe and Naves to feature her as a celebrity guest DJ in one of their shows. She will pull in the crowds and it will be marketed as a star attraction...

Episode 21: Joey Rasdien

David wants Joey to come on board as a co-producer to focus on the financing and budget of the movie so that David can focus more on the creative aspects. He needs Joey's sharp maths and business skills to suggest new ways of getting more funding for the movie, but also figuring out where to cut costs to make the money 'spread further'.

Episode 22: Jessica Nkosi

David wants to cast Jessica in the movie, but as a twist he wants her to play a parody version of herself: A complete diva. Jessica: The Diva will be fussy, elite and have super high-standards.

Episode 23: Leroy Gopal & Sho Madjozi

David wants Leroy as his lead male villain for the movie, the boss of the Mzansi mafia hailing from the East.

Episode 24: Lebo Mashile

David invites artist Lebo Mashile over to the house for his movie. He would like Lebo to be the script editor for the movie to make sure that his movie has a solid African footprint.

Basil has written a book, Butternut Soup for the Divorced Father's Soul. As Lebo is a successful author, he will ask that she give him notes so that the book is a success.

Episode 25: Penny Lebyane

There is a quite a big science fiction element to David's film and with Penny's experience hosting 'Women in Science' and being an ambassador for the 'Connect SA Science Challenge', he wants Penny to be a technical advisor on the script, making sure that the scientific elements in the story has some authenticity.

He tests Penny's skills by having her impress him with a cool science experiment.

Episode 26: Skwatta Kamp

Music from the Godfathers – will they come on board? Have they got beef with Donald? Who doesn't?


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