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Episode 1: Things Fall Apart

Thula Mooreland is a beloved celebrity DJ in Johannesburg. But her life and career fall apart when her secret affair with a respected, married politician gets exposed by the media. She goes from the most loved to the most hated celebrity in SA. Seeing no escape from the wrath of the gossip rags, Thula flees to her childhood home to escape the fall out of the scandal. But when she arrives on the farm where she grew up, she learns that not everyone is willing to welcome her back with open arms.

Episode 2: The Wine

Thula hides out in the wine farm, not sure of her next move, until an old friend turns up with a solution that might just help Thula get back on her feet. Patricia makes a discovery about Jaco that sets to derail their marriage. Nkanyezi decides it's time to take the land back and goes out to recruit his co-workers.  

Episode 3: The Other Woman

Everyone is devastated by the aftermath of the fire. Nkanyezi is arrested for arson, and while Thula is trying to help her brother, Vusi arrives at the farm and awakens Thula's buried emotions. Ntombi and Thula have a bitter reunion while Gerard is upset by the fire that burnt his fence. Patricia is slowly falling apart but no one notices until things get out of control.  

Episode 4: Downing Tools

Thula realises her selfishness and lack of involvement in Patricia's life. And her drive to save the farm with her miracle wine recipe is intensified. Plus she works to mediate the fight between her brother and sister. But when Patricia learns of the land claim and docks the workers' pay in retaliation, it prompts Nkanyezi to retaliate by gathering the workers together and threatening to strike.

Episode 5: Warning Signs

Thula tries to get Nkanyezi and Patricia to co-own the farm. Gerhard's paranoia escalates when the new temporary workers fill the Mooreland farm. Ntombi gives Thula a handwritten recipe that she has been looking for. Thula confronts Patricia about her spiked coffees and her out of control drinking. The farm workers up rise and block the Mooreland's farm gate. Uncle Boy tells Thula the wine is poisoned.

Episode 6: A Little Help

Thula and Uncle Boy discover the vineyard is poisoned. Thula confronts Nkanyezi, thinking he's behind the poisoning. Thula discovers that Gerard has abused his wife Suzanne. She does a broadcast condemning him, and it leads to a fight with Ntombi. Patricia agrees to give Jaco a loan for the 25% deposit on his London restaurant, but she demands a 51% share of the business. Much to Patricia's chagrin, the exhumation of the bodies begins. She seeks refuge in the bottle, until she finally reaches rock bottom and asks for help. Nkanyezi gets confirmation that the exhumation will take place, and digging begins.

Episode 7: Bones

Thula digs out an old box that Koos gave to her containing photographs from the war. She considers giving it to his parents. At the same time, she realises how much Ntombi has done for her. She apologises to her and they reconnect. Gerard's paranoia grows after a farm murder. He accuses the temp workers and puts up electrical wiring and no trespassing signs. Nkanyezi receives news that the bones that were found belong to his ancestors.

Episode 8: Change Is Good

Siphiwe prepares to leave for Stellenbosch. Nkanyezi bribes the land claim official to speed up the process. Thula grows obsessed with cracking the wine recipe. And when the old farm workers and Nkanyezi take over the farm with tents, Patricia realizes that this place is no longer her home, and prepares to end her life. But fate has other things in mind.

Episode 9: After Tears

The aftermath of Siphiwe's death reverberate around the community. While Thula struggles with her guilt, Nkanyezi's anger boils over and he wants Gerard's blood. While Patricia deals with life post suicide.

Episode 10: Hope Springs

Thula is challenged about her decision to give up on her wine making dream while Patricia considers a new life outside of the farm. Things take an interesting turn when she makes an unexpected connection with Nkanyezi. The sparks are contagious as Uncle Boy finally proposes marriage to his love and Lindi gives birth under unusual circumstances. There is new life and hope on the farm.

Episode 11: The Wine

Farm workers are slaving extra hard and complain that Nkanyezi seems to be bossing them around these days when it's their land too. Thula finds out that Nkanyezi and Patricia have a thing going on. Even though she opposes it, Nkanyezi and Patricia decide to continue with their 'No string attached' fling. Sizwe and Jonas get into a fight and end up breaking one of the wine machines. Sizwe privately points out to Ezekiel and Joyce that he has a new job offer from another winery in the Western Cape. Gerard gives Thula a piece of art work that Siphiwe had made for him. Thula finally cracks the wine recipe.

Episode 12: Forgiveness

Excitement abounds as the farm prepares for the launch of Thula's wine. Thula looks forward to Sudesh's return, and is surprised to discover he's kept a big secret from her. Vusi shows up at the launch and Thula is thrown. Jaco sees Patricia and Nkanyezi kissing and stirs up trouble for them.

Episode 13: Blood is Thicker

It is three months after Jaco's death. Thula's wine is successful and Ntombi is proud of her daughter. Thula reveals to Ntombi that she shot Jaco. Thula is pregnant and in a relationship with Sudesh. She's unsure if he's the father but hides it. Sudesh convinces her to go commercial with her wine, causing Uncle Boy to take his own measures. Patricia returns for Uncle Boy's and Nothando's wedding and connects with an unlikely stranger.


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