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Inconceivable is a South African television drama series which revolves around two women who have been best friends since high school and now find themselves at the centre of a circle of thirtysomething friends.

Together, these working professionals face the challenges of demanding careers and the first years of pregnancy and child-rearing - a balancing act that requires all the super-powers they can muster.

Will their friendship be strong enough to withstand life's raging storms, or will their bonds start dissolving at the first signs of nasty weather?

The friends have to deal with problems such as a lingering love affair, a struggle with infertility, fierce competitiveness, even fiercer love and a truly inconceivable act that will change their world.

The series poses the question: What is the price of parenting? And is there any force stronger than a mother's love?

Anel Alexander stars as Marieke Meyer, a qualified gynaecologist with two kids who may just need a little more love and attention from their always-in-crisis-mode mommy.

Marieke's bestie from high school and varsity, Rachel Bishop (played by Carine Rous), is an advocate who specialises in criminal law.

In contrast to Marieke, who is not always in touch with everything that's trendy and fashionable, Rachel is your prototype A-personality. For her, it's perfection at all costs. She is nine months pregnant.

Other characters include:

Sisanda Nkosi
played by Sisanda Henna

He had started a construction company on the side while studying Business at UCT. He met Busi, who was his tutor before he finally decided to drop out as he felt no need to complete his studies.

Years later, they were married, and he wouldn't mind having children of his own, despite the agreement he has with his wife.

Tamsin Watts
played by Jay Anstey

She is rebellious, comes from a middle-class family, and had a baby at a very young age. Now pregnant with her second baby, unmarried and must cope with a hard-drinking boyfriend Nick.

Wesley Meyer
played by Wayne van Rooyen

He is a Rhodes graduate who aspired to become a novelist but ended up stuck writing for TV. He has never been able to finish his novel even though he claims he is close to being done.

A doting father of two who is married to Marieke.

Busi Nkosi
played by Refilwe Madumo

She is ambitious, driven, blunt, and practical. Busi holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and an LL.B.

Unlike her friends, she has told her husband Sisanda in no uncertain terms that she never wants kids.

David Steyn
played by Craig Jackson

A computer programmer, a stable and loving husband to his wife, Natalie, David is best described as "beige".

He loves Nat passionately but is not that great at showing it, and he will always support her in all her dreams and wishes.

James Bishop
played by Langley Kirkwood

He is a charming, high-powered executive, and works in private equity. He is a devoted husband to Rachel but is secretly terrified that she might leave him.

He is excited to become a father for the first time.

Natalie Steyn
played by Nina Hastie

She is a naturally outgoing person, loves life, food, laughter, and friends.

Natalie works in the restaurant industry and has followed husband David up to Johannesburg for his job but is on her own adventure as she opens up a restaurant in Parktown North named Natalie's.

She has been struggling to fall pregnant and is yearning for a child.

Nick Ribeiro
played by Steven John Ward

His life has never been an easy one, and to make ends meet, he works in construction during the day and a bouncer at night.

He was certain life was looking good when he met his girlfriend Tamsin, even if she had a kid with another man. Now, they are pregnant, and Nick's contemplating leaving in-between bouts of drinking.

Inconceivable is an M-Net Original Production created, written and produced by Luke Rous, Josh Rous and Meren Reddy of Rous House Productions.

The head writer is Josh Rous, with storyliners Meren Reddy and Hélène Truter. The music composer is Chris Letcher.


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