The Listener

Genres: Drama, Supernatural
Broadcast on: Fox Entertainment, FOX Africa



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The Listener is a Canadian supernatural drama television series created by Michael Amo, produced by Shaftesbury Films and set in Toronto, about a young paramedic named Toby Logan who has the ability to listen to people's most intimate thoughts.

Toby Logan is "The Listener". He's a charismatic twentysomething, a lone wolf whose external cool masks a difficult past and a stunning secret.

Toby is a telepath. He can tune in on the current thoughts of those around them. He has lived with this ability, sometimes a gift, sometimes a curse, for his whole life.

He keeps it a closely guarded secret, knowing full well that if it were to become public knowledge, he would become a scientific oddity and a public freak.

He tries to live his life as any guy his age might, pursuing women, fun, and a career that captivates him.

In Toby's case, that has led him to be a paramedic. The adrenalin rush of racing to a situation that could well be life or death is undeniable.

What's more, it points to a deep-seated urge – unrecognized even by Toby – to do something, to help, to make a difference.

The ensemble cast of The Listener includes Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan; Lauren Lee Smith as IIB Sergeant Michelle McCluskey; Ennis Esmer as paramedic Oz Bey; Rainbow Sun Francks as Corp. Dev Clark, McCluskey's computer maven partner; Peter Stebbings as Alvin Klein, the IIB's brilliant in-house legal expert; Mylène Dinh-Robic as Dr. Olivia Fawcett, Toby's confidante and colleague at St. Luke Hospital; Tara Spencer-Nairn as Sandy, St. Luke Hospital's triage nurse who runs the floor with military precision; and Arnold Pinnock as EMS supervisor George Ryder.

The Listener is produced by Shaftesbury in association with CTV and FOX International Channels. The series is executive produced by Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury, and Karen Troubetzkoy and Peter Mohan.

Broadcast Notes

The Listener premiered in South Africa on TopTV's FOX Entertainment channel on Saturday 22 January 2011, at 20h15. When FOX Entertainment became FOX in 2013 (on both the TopTV and DStv platforms) the series began airing from Season 2 again (simulcast in HD for the first time on DStv only).


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