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Gemini Division is an American science fiction television series created by Brent V. Friedman and produced by Electric Farm Entertainment about a detective who uncovers a global conspiracy involving the creation of simulated life forms known as "SiMS" that have assimilated themselves within the unsuspecting public, and a mysterious clandestine organisation called Gemini Division that is created to take them down.

Written and produced as an online series featuring webisodes of 5-7 minutes in length in Flash Video Format, it was packaged into half-hour episodes for international television distribution.

The series originally aired in the USA on in 2008. There are 50 short episodes in the web series.

Gemini Division premiered in South Africa on DStv's M-Net Action channel on Thursday 10 December 2009, at 19h00. There are nine half-hour episodes in the television series, which combines the short webisodes into longer television episodes.

New episodes air back-to-back in an hour-long block, weekly. There are nine half-hour episodes in the series.


(Double half-hour episodes)

Thursdays: 22h00
Fridays: 11h00
Sundays: 14h00


An NYPD undercover vice cop, Anna Diaz is used to walking the thin blue line between truth and fiction. One slip, her cover blown, and she could end up dead. That's why she always keeps the world at arm's length.

That is, until she meets Nick Korda...

Nick is everything Anna ever wanted. For the first time in her life, she finally feels safe enough to lower her guard, be herself. So safe, in fact, Anna's beginning to wonder if this guy's too good to be true. Especially after he whisks her to Paris for a romantic getaway and pops the question.

Though Anna can't deny her feelings for Nick, she also can't ignore those warning signs about his business, his health and his past - causing her to doubt whether or not this man is truly the person he claims to be.

But before she can get the answers she needs to commit, Anna witnesses Nick's gruesome murder...

Determined to bring the people responsible to justice, Anna discovers Nick was not the man she thought - in fact, he wasn't a man at all.

Nick Korda was a "Simulant" - a bio-engineered life form - connected to a global conspiracy involving covert military operations, bizarre genetic experiments... and a mysterious organisation known as Gemini Division.

Detective Diaz will have to draw upon all her experience to find the truth...and survive.

The creation of writer/producer Brent V. Friedman, Gemini Division stars Rosario Dawson and is produced by Jeff Sagansky and Stan Rogow of Electric Farm Entertainment in conjunction with NBC Universal and Sony International.

Half-Hour Episodes

(The numbers in parentheses represent the original production codes for the short webisodes)

Episode 1 (101-108): "Eyes Wide Open"

NYPD vice cop Anna Diaz travels to Paris with the man she loves, Nick Korda – where he asks her to marry him. Anna's natural cautiousness prevents her from saying yes – though she admits she's madly in love with him.

Nick then begins to act suspiciously, but before she can confront him, she witnesses a truly bizarre site: Nick strapped to a bed and a tall Doctor jamming a steel rod into his belly button.

The unthinkable happens next: two men (whom we'll learn are Gemini agents) interrupt Nick's "medical procedure," a flight ensues and Nick is killed. Anna nearly escapes the scene, but is later captured by Gemini Agents and interrogated about her involvement with Nick.

In her interrogation she learns Nick was really a Simulant – a pseudo-human grown in a lab and modified for military purposes.

Now she is hard set on learning the truth and vows to take on the case on her own.

Episode 2 (109–114): "Dead-End"

Anna arrives in New York to discover that Nick's apartment building was burned down by Gemini. In her own apartment, she finds dust like the dust left behind where Nick died.

Anna remembers Nick's storage facility keys and checks it out with NYPD partner Peter. Pete finds a Sim setting explosives that destroy the facility, including Pete. Anna escapes to her apartment to find someone waiting for her.

Her father Sal Diaz, an NYPD sergeant who adopted Anna as a baby, is shut down when Anna demands he and her Mom leave to escape danger.

Anna gets a phone call from the Sim that blew up the storage facility: "Amasso wants you." The Sim pursues her but he's killed by an Arc Gun blast.

Van Gogh appears and takes the Sim's Experience Core, a device that records everything the Sim saw, from what's left of the Sim, a puddle.

Anna volunteers to join the Gemini Division and she's in. The Sim's Experience Core tells Gemini about a Shanghai biotech firm called Baoshi Corp., which Anna is now supposed to infiltrate to gather information.

She meets Dr Nartin Ng there who soon becomes suspicious of Anna and sends security. Luckily, Dr Elizabeth Gavilan, a top-level geneticist working at Baoshi, vouches for Anna.

Anna's PDA identifies Galivan as Dr. Jill Sinclair, a DARPA engineer who was captured by the Sims and invented the Experience Core. She tells Anna she's being forced to partition the Core to be purged by the Sims and subsequently locks Anna in her lab.

Episode 3 (115–121): "To Catch A SIM"

In the lab Anna discovers that 63/271 Sims have had their Cores partitioned. As she hopes Nick's memory is intact, BEETANTS (beetle/driver ant hybrids) are unleashed into the lab, forcing Anna to drop the temperature to sub-zero.

Unfortunately the Gemini "fail-safe" countdown starts as Anna downloads the Baoshi computers' information. She drags Dr Ng with her just before Gemini blows up the whole facility.

Because Gemini wants Gavilan, Anna lures a Sim to Dr Ng's personal lab when he agrees to help. They catch a Sim and perform tests, finding the OFC chemical in the Sims' blood that gives them strength.

While she tracks down OFC history, she finds that Ng has butchered the Sim to learn some facts: Sim eyes are light enhancing fibers that can flicker and a severed Sim arm can still kill.

Anna then uses her PDA to "sniff"/track OFC to a storage facility in Shanghai's Pudong District that refuels Sims with OFC.

Anna spots Gavilan and starts shooting Sims while Gavilan escapes. Anna finds a disc with Amasso's message, naming Anna as the Sims' possible salvation.

Gemini sends Anna to Mexico City to follow a Shanghai facility trail and she meets Walken, a Sim whose eyes indicate OFC withdrawal. When he speaks, however, she realizes he's human.

Episode 4 (122–128): "La Mujer Dormida"

Walken turns out to be pushing a street drug called "Rosa", which is processed Sim blood. Anna realizes Walken slipped Rosa in her drink and she is beset with disturbing visions, mixing Nick and Amasso.

Walken steals her PDA and tries to interrogate her while she's tied up and it turns out he's an ex-Gemini agent who got too cozy with the Sims and became a middleman funding the Sim terror cause.

Anna promises to cut Walken in on the sale of a damaged Pudong Experience Core to the Sims.

Instead, the Sims attack trying to get the Core and Walken takes Anna to meet M&M, a young female ex-Rosa addict who can hack Cores. M&M demands server farms and canned Manwich.

Anna and Walken infiltrate a hospital looking for a "synaptic reader" to help track down the Pudong Core. Sims trap M&M and Anna inside the G-D Smart Car but their Arc Gun doesn't work.

They grab Walken and Gemini tells Anna to go to Anahuac Ranch where a control tower directs cattle via chip implants. M&M finds enough power there to download the Pudong Sim Core.

Anna realizes in one of Walken's stories that Nick the Sim tore off Van Gogh's ear. Commandos arrive but the new Gemini weapons aren't affecting the Sims anymore.

Walken sacrifices himself, blowing the tower as they storm in so that Anna and M&M can escape. M&M discovers in the Core that the Sims are now Arc Gun resistant.

Episode 5 (129–133): "Rendition"

Anna is then shipped to Northern Italy to train on new Gemini weapons but now they have to punch Sims through the mouths to get their Sim Cores. She is forced to team up with Van Gogh to make sure she doesn't wig out on the new "barbaric" tactics.

In practice Sim-hunting, Anna and VG realize that a Sim is trying to break into the Arms Factory. He reactivated his transponder to reveal the training ground location and he takes out the defense grid.

The Sims attack! None of the agents are prepared on the new weapons; and the Sims can destroy the new proto-weapons before they make it into the field. Van Gogh shoots them with a GenFlux rail gun, taking out Sims and G-D agents alike. He abducts Anna.

Anna's Sim kidnapper, Suleiman, takes her to a safe house – where he treats her with reverence. Anna realizes that Nick was going to get upgraded to Arc Gun resistance but he missed it for her birthday.

Suddenly, Van Gogh bursts in and kills Suleiman but instead of cutting Anna's bindings, he calls for G-D pick up. Torturing Anna, Van Gogh demands to know if she's a Sim sympathizer so she shows him the Amasso message (stating that she's the Sim salvation): I'm just as baffled as you are.

Van Gogh relents and says that a Gemini higher-up (Agent C) wants Anna to infiltrate the naval ship where all the Sims were made battle-ready.

Episode 6 (134–138): "Operation Heirloom"

Anna meets people on the warship – Col. Charles Black, searching for what went wrong during the Sim modification surgeries, and Cpl. Chuck Ryder, combing through the Sim battle footage for why the Sims went AWOL.

Watching the gruesome Sim modification videos, Anna can't help but react to the brutality.

Ryder believes he's found a Sim anomaly in the archival footage where a Sim saved another Sim. Anna realizes it is Nick saving Amasso. And maybe the evolutionary leap that explains why the Sims went AWOL.

Ryder reveals that he's part of a "Sim Underground" and then Col Black confronts her: "You're not who you say you are, Anna Diaz."

The USNS William McKinley is suddenly infiltrated by Van Gogh – only he's not here to save Anna; he's there to destroy the Archive. As Van Gogh gets blown up, Anna learns a disturbing truth – Van Gogh is a Sim 2.0...

Flying in to control patch things over with the military, Agent C tells Anna she needs to infiltrate the Sim Underground. Posing as Ryder's widow, Anna infiltrates the Underground by contacting Richard Kelso, presenting to him "Termination Dates" – the exact dates each Sim will die.

A hood is suddenly clamped over Anna's head and she finds herself in Sim Underground leader, Hans Dresner's mansion. A frequency using a Gemini bandwidth was transmitted soon after she arrived.

Though Anna convinces them she's not a Gemini agent, Dresner doesn't want to take any chances and moves Project Thanatos (the Sim terror plot) elsewhere. Anna volunteers to use herself as bait in a new plan to stop the project moving.

Episode 7 (139–143): "Anna's Got A Gun"

Anna draws out the Gemini Agent – gaining significant Underground cred and Dresner, reassured, announces that Project Thanatos will move forward – and that Amasso himself will arrive oversee Thanatos's launch.

To stop Thanatos once and for all, Anna's prepared to assassinate Amasso. Positioned with a sniper rifle, she beads down as Amasso arrives, Dr Gavilan by his side.

Suddenly, a series of shots ring out, and it's not Anna... there's a second assassin, it's Kelso, revealed to be Dr Gavilan's husband.

Amasso survives and they take Anna to interrogation. Amasso demands Nick's core although Anna thought he had it. Amasso decides to show Anna (and through her, Gemini) about Thanatos.

He shows Anna how serious the Termination Dates really are: Sims have started dropping dead and Thanatos needs to be implemented now. Thanatos is an instrument of mass reproduction.

Amasso pulls the Thanatos trigger, trying to make the first Sim clone. But – the clone dies. After Thanatos's failure, Dresner appeals to Amasso's darker side: set off a devastating plague that will leave humanity in waste.

Anna realizes Nick must've been searching for an answer to his Termination Date. She decides to track down Dr Laszlo – the doctor shot in the Paris Gemini attack.

Episode 8 (144–147): "Choose Your Enemy"

Anna arrives with Amasso in Tasmania – their gambit: Pretend she captured him in order to get through the front doors of the Gemini "Learning Centre".

Anna's not sure she can trust Amasso. Many of his Sim brothers are housed here, and he may be using the opportunity to help them escape.

Amasso rampages through the Learning Centre as Anna desperately searches for Laszlo. She finds him, nearly tortured to death and helps him escape.

It turns out when Nick was melted; Laszlo crawled to Nick's puddle and stuffed his core inside his own belly wound. Anna mercy kills the doctor to get Nick's Core out.

As the Sims travel to Antarctica to slow their metabolism and eke the last days of their existence, Anna is beset by terrible dreams and illness.

After contacting M&M to decode Nick's core she finds out Nick wasn't looking to extend his life – he was looking to become fertile. Anna may be pregnant.

Episode 9 (148–150): "Kill-Switch"

Amasso performs "Viking funerals" for his ever-dying Sim brothers. He names Anna and her possible baby the future of the Sims.

Then – word comes in: Gemini is attacking. Anna pieces together the devastation wrought by the Gemini attack. The Sims prove to be the pyrrhic victors.

Back on the Sim freighter, Anna receives a call from Agent C. He desperately wants Anna back, in order to "purge her" from the "infection" growing inside her. He also offers to re-grow Nick.

Anna's answer: she throws her PDA into the ocean. The PDA sinks into the blue...


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