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Task Force is a South African crime drama mystery thriller television series produced by Stepping Stone Pictures which follows Inspector Joseph Ndlovu of the Serious & Violent Crimes Unit as he investigates the increasingly suspicious circumstances surrounding the tragic death of his wife and uncovers a wider web of organised crime.

The series premiered on SABC1 on Thursday 6 February 2014, at 20h30. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 13 hour-long episodes in the series.

Episode Synopses


How does an average person recognise evil or crime? Does it have a badge; is it a certain look in a person's eye? Can it be told from the person's clothes, race, religion or gender?

What makes certain people challenge evil while some run away from it? Is it that people are born inherently good or evil or is it situations and society that makes them so; that moulds them into the being they are?

Are certain races or genders more inclined to certain crimes than others? What makes a man rape, kill or maim another human being and show no remorse?

These are the questions that Joseph Ndlovu asks himself on a daily basis, probably before he has finished his first of many cups of coffee.

The story is set in Johannesburg and revolves around the office of Inspector Joseph Ndlovu of the Serious & Violent Crimes Unit. Actual cases are explored and weaved into fictional narratives to keep the series relevant, fresh and resonant.

Early on in the series Joseph's wife tragically dies; the victim of a horrific accident. Her death sets the tone of the series. Initially nothing appears to be amiss regarding his wife's accident but slowly details regarding her accident and death are revealed.

Joseph receives intimate details of his wife's last minutes during the course of the series, details only someone who watched her die would know. Eventually there is just too much collaborating evidence and his wife's death is put down as murder and not an accident.

Suddenly Joseph's life is turned upside down. He is the primary suspect in his wife's murder case. His life spirals downwards, he starts losing control of his department at work, he becomes reclusive and loses his daughter as he also gets over protective over her.

Over and above his normal duties Joseph continues to trace and attempt to solve the one crime that has eluded him; his wife's murder.

He receives emails and items in the mailbox which belonged to his wife. Joseph realises that he is being stalked; he doesn't know who to trust anymore. The people he confides in die. Colleagues and close friends fall prey to the stalker.

Will Joseph clear his name and get the murderer behind bars?

Task Force stars Rapulana Seiphemo as Joseph Ndlovu, Florence Masebe as Lindiwe Ndlovu, Tsholo Maseko as Jackie Ndlovu, Lunga Shabalala as Zuko, John Lata as Moloi, Jonathan Pienaar as Mike Rabie, Themba Nofemele as Lwandle, Tumie Ngumla as Kamohelo, Mmarona Kgwele as Sandy, Japan Mthembu as Chief Darlington and Jeffrey Sekele as Sly Shabalala.

Produced by Stepping Stone Pictures, Task Force is produced by Rapulana Seiphemo and Kenneth Nkosi and directed by Shaft Moropane. The head writer was Richard Beynon and the music composer was Vusi Patrick Ndlovu.


Chief Darlington

Jackie Ndlovu

Joseph Ndlovu


Lindiwe Ndlovu

Lwandle Dladla

Mike Rabie

Sly Shabalala



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