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Amaza is a South African youth drama television series created by Lucilla Blankenberg and Jack Lewis, produced by Community Media Trust and set in a quaint Muizenberg street where a diverse group of students must come to terms with the cultural and historical legacies that mould each of them with life-changing decisions to make, challenges to face and growing up to do.

The series premiered on SABC1 on Monday 3 February 2014, at 20h30. New episodes broadcast weekly. There are 13 half-hour episodes in the series.


Amaza is a coming-of-age youth drama series set in a quaint Muizenberg street which runs from the beach front and the famous Surfers Corner to South Pen – the local college where a diverse group of students must come to terms with the cultural and historical legacies that mould each of them.

The series also builds and exposes the diverse world of Muizenberg as a neighbourhood and a place filled with constant change.

Amaza follows four main characters in their early twenties who all have life-changing decisions to make, challenges to face and growing up to do!

The story was first developed in 2006 by Jack Lewis and Lucilla Blankenberg and it deals with universal themes of growing up, family responsibility, dreams and facing reality.

The series stars Siyabonga Mayola as Bongani Mapanga, Shamilla Miller as Ayesha Ibrahim, Zikhona Mda as Thembi Kamva and Sean-Marco Vorster as Jaco du Toit.

Amaza was directed by Lucilla Blankenberg and Laddie Bosch with mentor Tim Spring. The producers were Blankenberg and Jacqui Jojo and the series was written by Tristram Atkins, Paul Cuba, Zulfah Otto Sallies and Gavin Sher. The theme music was by Daniel Eppel.


Episode 1: Unexpected Turns

Thembi learns about a journalism competition and her roommate Julia goes into pre-mature labor. The baby is on its way, Ayesha is forced to run an errand for Ridwaan, but by indulging in a swim, she winds up late and blows her assignment. Bongani wants his father to join him in honoring the anniversary of his mother's death, but Thobela avoids him and claims to have urgent business to attend to.

Episode 2: Deal With It

Jaco and Gwyneth finally get to have sex. Bongani, still angry about his father missing the anniversary of his mom's death, rebels by drinking and partying. Thembi is desperate to get Julia to the hospital before the baby comes.

Episode 3: Who's Your Daddy?

Thembi is determined to find the identity of Julia's baby's father, while Ayesha considers surfing. Julia confronts the father of her baby about supporting the child. Jaco makes a promise to Gwyneth about going to Hawaii.

Episode 4: True and False

Thembi discovers the truth of about Julia's baby. Ayesha is torn between faith and the desire to surf. Bongani goes too far and Thobela is forced to discipline him.

Episode 5: TBC

Ridwaan shows his true colours and Ayesha must face her darkest hour at home. Thembi is threatened with eviction and she decides to make the tenants take action. Bongani realises he must make his business work, while Jaco and Michelle step out of line which forces Karen to confront them.

Episode 6: Boiling Point

A desperate Bongani struggles to find money to give to Julia. Thembi tries to prevent the house tenants from being evicted. Ridwaan invades Ayesha's privacy and she is backed into a corner.

Episode 7: A Turn in the Road

A scared Ayesha runs away from home. Julia makes big decisions about her baby. Bongani is forced to take some responsibility for his actions.

Episode 8: No Place like Home

Bongani is fearful of his father and avoids home, with his baby in tow. Fatima attempts to get her daughter back from "The Wipe-Out" whilst Thembi and Mr. Mapanga are at loggerheads over an article.

Episode 9: Cut Off

Bongani gets a reality check when he tries to find work. Ayesha is determined to surf well and is asked by Karen to tutor Jaco. Michelle is jealous of Jaco and Ayesha's friendship.

Episode 10: All Fall Down

Thembi, Bongani and Vuyokazi are on the street and Thembi realises she has made a grave mistake with her article. Ridwaan and Fatima come to confront Ayesha at the bar.

Episode 11: No Time To Hide

Jaco finds evidence of Michelle smoking "tik". Ayesha attempts the surfing trials to get into the Rising Breaks competition. Bongani finally speaks with his father.

Episode 12: Around the Bend

Gwyneth spites Ayesha with a surprise for Jaco. Thobela Mapanga arrives at Granny B's looking for his granddaughter.

Episode 13: Count Down

Its competition day and Ayesha is hoping her mother will come see her compete. Bongani makes a decision to compromise with his father. No-one knows where Michelle is.


Ayesha Ibrahim

Bongani Mapanga

Jaco du Toit

Thembi Kamva


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