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Game of Love Teasers - April 2021
Shivaansh hides his illness from his family.

Game of Love Teasers - March 2021
The story takes a 5 year leap and Anika visits the prison to bring Shivaay back home but receives a rude shock.

Game of Love Teasers - February 2021
Anika and Shivaay are devastated about their divorce.

Game of Love Teasers - January 2021
Veer beats up Shivaay. Shivaay beats up Viraj. Also, The Oberois fall unconscious.

Game of Love Teasers - December 2020
Veer is on a mission to destroy Shivaay.

Game of Love Teasers - November 2020
A plane crash! And a video causes uproar.

Game of Love Teasers - October 2020
Preparations for the Shivika wedding go ahead but on the day there are bad omens and a mystery woman.

Game of Love Teasers - September 2020
One handcuffed and one tied to a bed! All sorts of shenanigans happening.

Game of Love Teasers - August 2020
The story takes a leap. An anonymous baby turns up in a house.

Game of Love Teasers - July 2020
Murderrrr is on someone's mind - Anika has various attempts on her life and Tia conspires to kill Shivaay.

Game of Love Teasers - June 2020
Will Anika catch the mysterious girl in the video and help clear the Oberoi name?

Game of Love Teasers - May 2020
Star Life begins a run of Game of Love from the start this Thursday (28th) in the 21h00 timeslot...

Game of Love Teasers - December 2019
Finale! A fake marriage and a murderrrrrrr.

Game of Love Teasers - November 2019
Shivaansh and Aditi have the oddest relationship - on one minute and trying to betray each other the next.

Game of Love Teasers - October 2019
Shivaay and Anika's marriage is like a see-saw - up and down.

Game of Love Teasers - September 2019
Time change alert! A heads-up that Game of Love changes time from 18 September.

Game of Love Teasers - August 2019
An actor goes BAD this month. First he tries to take advantage of Gowri and then...

Game of Love Teasers - July 2019
Murderrrrrr on Valentine's Day!

Game of Love Teasers - June 2019
More lies and deceit! ALSO: Shivaay rescues children in a fatal bus accident.

Game of Love Teasers - May 2019
Abhay rejoices as his evil plans are working! Also: Shivaay proposes to Anika!


New on TV today: Saturday 10 April

Reality show Abazali starts on Wethu and Curiosity takes you down The World's Most Dangerous Roads.

New! It's Complicated Teasers - April 2021

Introducing the first teasers for Zee World's new weekend series about Jassi who loves two men.

King of Hearts Teasers - April 2021

Exposed: DD’s conniving plans. And Sid gets arrested for attempted murder.

Begusarai Teasers - April 2021

Begusarai reloads on Zee World on 10 April for weekend double bills at 17h00 and 18h00.

Queen of the South 2 Teasers - May 2021

Teresa and her team are kidnapped.

Ring of Fire Teasers - April 2021

Schedule alert! Ring of Fire loses Saturdays and Sundays from this weekend (10th) with the premieres of It's Complicated and Begusarai (repeat).

Law of the Heart Teasers - May 2021

Andres proposes to Catalina!

New on TV today: Friday 9 April

Four shows start on SABC3 tonight including the mockumentary Tali's Wedding Diary.

The Cost of Love Teasers - April 2021

A mother tries to stop her own daughter from being happy.

Promised Love Teasers - April 2021

Adil has evil plans for Azaan who, in turn, tries to set himself alight.


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