Munya Chidzonga

Full / Real Name: Munyaradzi Chidzonga
Gender: Male



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Munya Chidzonga is a Zimbabwean actor from Harare best known as one of the 12 housemates on the third season of the reality television competition Big Brother Africa, in 2008.

He finished in third place on the 23rd of November 2008 (Day 91). During his stay in the Big Brother house Munya became romantically close with Botswanan housemate Tawana.

Midway through his stay Munya took part in a Big brother swap with Finnish housemate Johan. While in Finland Munya grew close to Finnish housemate Cheryll.

Towards the end of his stay he became friends with Angolan housemate Ricco.

He returned to Big Brother Africa in 2010 as one of the 14 "all stars" of Season 5, entitled Big Brother All Stars.

Big Brother Africa 3 Bio

Acting school graduate Munya is passionate about acting, film, television and the creative process. Determined and focused, this ambitious Zimbabwean wants to act and produce a short film soon and launch a production company.

Munya believes he was chosen to participate on Big Brother Africa because he has charm, enthusiasm, confidence and is likeable. He says that his special talent is his ability to read people though he admits to sometimes over analyzing situations and being tactless and moody.

He also reveals that he's an attention seeker and his message to Big Brother audiences is to "sit back and enjoy the ride".

Munya says that he dislikes cowardice and dishonesty, quoting 50 Cent as saying, "I hate a liar more than I hate a thief, a thief is only out to get my money (salary), but a liar is after my reality."

Citing his father as his hero for being "the epitome of a gentleman", Munya believes in the Voltaire quote, "There is no problem that can withstand the assault of sustained thought."

A fan of Lupe Fiasco, Staind, 340 ml, Wyclef Jean, Jay-z, Black Sunshine, Freshlyground, N.E.R.D, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys, Munya's favourite movies are Snatch, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars and Transformers.

His favourite actors are Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney and Vince Vaughn.

Talking about Zimbabwe, Munya says that the best places to visit in the country are Chimanimani Mountain and Kariba Dam.

Big Brother All Stars Bio

Harare resident, 24-year-old Munya has a BA Degree in Motion Picture Medium and is a film-maker, actor and small business owner whose current work includes starring in the Zimbabwean feature film Lobola.

The former Big Brother Africa 3 housemate says: "I have been acting and performing on stages since I was six years old. This passion evolved into film but my taste for live performance has always been in my blood."

Munya's favourite quote is: "Let's make history" and his motto is: "courage, integrity, faith." He also says he doesn't find lies funny and that cowards and liars make him angry. Asked his special talent and he replies: "My ability to read a situation."

He says his strategy in the house is to win and that he wanted to be on the new series of Big Brother to promote his film and re-connect with his fans. "Oh and to get my 200 000 dollars at the same time."

He identifies Hazel as his favourite housemate in his first season of Big Brother because: "I respected her self control and poise."

He says audiences should watch him in Big Brother because: "I am a charming, interesting and controversial person, with a cute smile."

And his message to viewers: "Give me a chance. All I need is a stage... only God can judge me."

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