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Kenny Luby is an American freelance director, painter and reality contestant who's a contestant on the filmmaking reality show On The Lot.

Kenny's On The Lot Q&A:

Location: Owego, NY
Hometown: Owego, NY
Occupation: Freelance Director and Painter
Age: 28

Why am I here?
I am here in this situation due to the passion I have for moving pictures. As all the contestants will attest, some sacrifices have been made in order to pursue this dream, which makes the desire to go far that much greater.

A quick tour of my life...
I was born on Long Island, NY, then moved Upstate when I was little. I have had a loving family since day one. Though my parents are divorced, they are friends. Normal sports were not my thing, so I fell in love with skateboarding and all of the outer interests involved with it, including watching skate videos over and over. I also love to surf.

Describe yourself in one sentence...
Dreaming as though I will live forever and living as though I will die tomorrow.

Your theme song?
"Lighten Up" by the Beastie Boys

First movie you ever saw?
"The Wizard of Oz"

Favourite line from a movie?
"Charley...Charley...........Charley.....," Marlon Brando's spontaneous prose style of acting in "On the Waterfront," masterpiece...

What made you want to be a filmmaker?
The fascination with motion picture - I can't really describe it. Like anything, it's just in you to bring visual storytelling to the world, whatever medium that might be. It's just freaking cool, man.

When you make a film what do you want the audience to leave with?
A feeling of fulfillment and appreciation for our lives, though at times I forget that. By watching a movie, it can bring it all back. So anything that I create I would like that to have the same feeling as the people that watch it.

When I'm behind the camera...
Look out because my blood is now flowing and the brain is exploding-look out.

What do you think it will be like working with other Directors?
We will all have something to learn and teach. If you can work along side other talented directors in a productive way, then I personally feel you can work with anyone. Keep your eye on the prize.

Favourite joke about Directors/Actors?
I don't have one, sorry, no jokes, haha...

Movie that best encapsulates who you are?
"Stand By Me"

While On The Lot you have a week to make a film every week. What's the biggest challenge?
To be able to continually come up with interesting creative ideas for each genre, visually and intellectually. ON THE FLY.

When you get the power, how will you use it?
By trying to get the most productive output from my directors, and creating a passion with everyone to believe that the project we are working on is special.

What's more important talent or ego?

Kenny's favourites:

Dogtown & Zboys, Rad, Thrashin, Riding Giants, The Warriors, The Life Aquatic, Jaws, Casablanca

Stacy Peralta, Spike Jonze, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese

Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Jason Lee, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart and many more...

Winona Ryder, Juliette Lewis, and many more...

Saturday Night Fever, The Virgin Suicides

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