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Jason Epperson is an American reality TV contestant on the reality show On The Lot.

Jason's On The Lot Q&A:

Location: Winchester, KY
Hometown: Winchester, KY
Occupation: Owner of Film Production Company
Age: 31

Why am I here?
A few months ago I would have answered this question with "I am here to have fun and do what I love...make films." Now I feel I'm here to prove to myself that I belong among the most talented filmmakers in the world!

Living in Kentucky doesn't allow much room to measure my work. I always felt that I was talented but was never sure if I could compete with the big boys in LA.

By making it this far in the competition, I have a newfound confidence level and I'm excited to show off what this Kentucky boy can do. I am a Christian and feel that God has blessed me and put me on this show for a purpose. I don't consider myself a Christian filmmaker necessarily, but a Christian who wants to make positive films.

A quick tour of my life
I was born and raised in Winchester, KY. I had it good as a kid, a tad on the spoiled side, but never took things for granted. I have a very close and loving family and have great memories growing up with all my cousins, aunts and uncles.

I started making movies around 10 years old with my dad's old school camera (the kind that you had to carry the entire VCR over your shoulder!). I got a little "buck wild" in college, but really began to focus all my energy on filmmaking my senior year.

In 2000, I Graduated with a degree in Broadcasting & Electronic Media and got married shortly thereafter. I worked in news, cable and for my church before finally venturing out and starting my own company "Eppic Films, Inc." in 2005.

I've been blessed to find myself working in the music video industry and to be working with such talented people. I'm still happily married to my beautiful wife Cindi and we have a sweet little 18 month old boy, Isaiah.

Describe yourself in one sentence...
I'm a guy with a fun personality and a laid back style who has big goals and works his tail off, but still likes to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Your theme song?
I'll go with "I Can't Wait" by Nu-Shooz (look it up, this is an old skool fave!).

First movie you ever saw?
Can't remember the first movie I ever saw, but the first movie that ever left a major impression with me was E.T. This was the movie that made me want to be a filmmaker.

Favourite line from a movie?
"Get busy livin', or get busy dying," Morgan Freeman (Shawshank Redemption)

What made you want to be a filmmaker?
I feel like I was a born storyteller. The only thing is, I seem to do a better job at showing my stories than verbally telling them. So I use my camera and let it do the talking. The words "Trust me" come out of my mouth a lot.

When you make a film what do you want the audience to leave with?
Each film is different...sometimes I want them to ask more questions than they came in with. Sometimes I want them to feel a sense of fulfillment. Sometimes I just hope they understand what the heck they're watching!

When I'm behind the camera...
When I'm behind the camera, I am IN MY HAPPY PLACE! I'm totally in the zone!

What do you think it will be like working with other Directors?
As long as they work on their projects and I work on mine, we should be good. If they throw us on a project together, there could be problems.

I seem to work well with almost anyone, but "directors" aren't just "anyone." We are unique creatures...we all have strong personalities and we have our own styles. It has the potential to get ugly.

Favorite joke about Directors/Actors?
Q: How many Directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Just one more, guys, I promise.

Movie that best encapsulates who you are?
"Pistol: Birth of a Legend"-For those of you who haven't seen this film, it is an awesome look at the life of Pistol Pete Maravich and his determination to be the best basketball player of his time.

Parts of his story resembles my life and how hard I've worked to get to where I am today. I can remember thinking after watching the movie how much Pete loved the game and how passionate he was for it. I am very competitive and passionate about everything I do.

I just needed to focus on one thing and be the very best at it. I'm glad I chose filmmaking. I don't think there is another job in the world that is a better fit for me.

While On The Lot you have a week to make a film every week. What's the biggest challenge?
Are you kidding? The biggest challenge is only having 1 week to do these films. If the other directors are anything like me, they are perfectionists and our biggest enemy is the clock!

There will be times where we have to make decisions and just go with it! But I have no worries, as I've worked under all types of pressures and deadlines. Bring it on!

When you get the power, how will you use it?
To conquer the film at a time! Seriously, when and if I get "the power," I would just be excited to get the chance to tell my stories to the world!

What's more important talent or ego?
A big ego is a big ZERO in my book. I try to stay humble and thank God for the talent he blessed me with. I thank him everyday that I'm able to have a successful career and do something I enjoy so much!

Jason's Favourites:

Hoop Dreams, Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Sixth Sense, War of the Worlds, Forrest Gump, American Beauty, A Christmas Story, National Lampoons Vacation, Groundhog Day

Mr. Spielberg, Brett Ratner, Wes Anderson, Dave Meyers, Hype Williams, Lil "X"

Mr. Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Frank Marshall, Jon Avnet

M. Night, Stephen King, Carrie Fisher, Andrew Stanton

Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray

Reese Witherspoon, Dakota Fanning, Julianne Moore, Hayden Panettiere

Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Back To The Future

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