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Marsio Juwono is a photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia best known as a contestant on the first season of the reality television competition The Amazing Race Asia, from 2006-2007.

His partner was brother Mardy Juwono.

Amazing Race Asia Bio

A bad case of sibling rivalry? Hardly - these two brothers will squabble amongst themselves, but there's definitely a connection between them that's different and stronger than you might get between two people who are just friends.

Work and their families have kept them from spending much time together, so The Amazing Race Asia is an opportunity for them to reconnect...

Mardy and Marsio, brothers from Jakarta, Indonesia, both have families and careers of their own. In their youth, they spent a great deal of time together but the pressures of life and love have kept them apart.

What they need is an excuse to spend some quality time for brotherly bonding. Their solution - apply to be contestants on The Amazing Race Asia.

When asked how they see themselves, Mardy (the older of the two) is quick to answer.

"I think I'm more outgoing," he says.

"I think he's the spoilt rich brat, and I'm more down to earth and down and dirty," Marsio says.

"I don't think so," says Mardy. "I like the outdoors, adventure stuff, going to the mountains."

"But he doesn't want to get dirty," Marsio says, and then the two of them are laughing.

Yet their very amusing sibling rivalry isn't the only thing that they have going for them. The brothers are the most different from the other teams. Physically, these are not small men, and they are hoping that the other teams will underestimate them.

Both brothers are quite sporty - one of the few things that they still manage to find time for is to go diving together. These two just might be the poster boys for those with less than perfect figures, particularly if they can compete effectively against the most obviously athletic teams.

Marsio says "Our biggest strength is our brain, and our perseverance."

It remains to be seen how their relationship will survive during the stresses of the Race, but they brothers are eager for the opportunity to spend more time together. They lived together for a while in the US, a time they remember fondly, and something that is a distant memory for them because of their fast-paced lives.

Currently, Mardy works as a general civil contractor in Jakarta and Marsio is a photographer. Their educations were similar, and both have risen to positions of some credibility within their own fields.

They both have a taste for the finer things in life - cars, watches, electronics - and they both have their families as their higher priorities, and their greatest motivation. Their motivation to win The Amazing Race Asia? Solely for their children and their wives.

Their strategy revolves around them taking each leg at a time, and for each brother to take the task most suited to him. Their biggest challenges will be coping with the extreme temperatures and the other extreme adventures that the Race will throw at them.

"Hopefully our brotherhood will keep us strong, and keep us going through the Race," says Marsio.

Neither one will predict how well they will do in the Race, but these brothers might win a lot of hearts or at least the sympathy of anyone who has had to put up with a brother or a sister!

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