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Written by TVSA Team from the blog Episode Teasers: Dr. Phil on 24 Jul 2006
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Broadcast Details

Dr Phil
Monday, 18 July - Friday 21 July 2006
Channel: SABC 2

Monday 24 July

New Year: Old Habits

Dr. Phil helps his guests eliminate unwanted old habits. Rebecca and her sisters have an extreme fear of driving. They have to be chauffeured around by family and friends and they are tired of being a burden to others. What’s behind this fear, and can they overcome it?

Then, Gail thought she’d never dig herself out of all the clutter in her home, until Dr. Phil gives her the surprise of a lifetime.

And meet a mom who is frustrated that her husband and kids leave their belongings all over the house.

Tuesday 25 July

Unforgettable Weight Stories

Have you ever stepped on the scale and thought, “That can’t be right”? Kristine stopped making excuses and lost over 100 pounds, thanks to Dr. Phil’s words of wisdom.

Then, Nicole is only 25, but she is morbidly obese. After a wake up call from her family, friends and Dr. Phil, will she have the courage and motivation to get healthy?

Find out why one woman is still miserable, even after losing her weight-loss goal. Dr. Phil has some surprises in store for her!

Wednesday 26 July

Pressured Into Marraige

Whether it’s personal guilt or family pressure, many couples feel a tremendous need to rush to the altar.

Heather and Jeff were virgins when they started dating. After their relationship started heating up, Heather feared judgement from her minister father and ran down the aisle with Jeff. Now their home is full of resentment. Why is she disappointed with Jeff and is there hope for their future?

Next, Michelle said she had doubts about marrying Steve as she was walking down the aisle. Find out what is causing the overwhelming conflict in their marriage nine years later? Plus, two best friends are plotting to make sure their kids get married! But what do the teens think?

Thursday 27 July

Love Resolutions

Whether you’re looking to put the spark back into your marriage, or find the relationship of your dreams, this is your year to turn your love life around.

Dr. Phil’s first guests say their marriage is struggling because they bicker about everything - from what to watch on TV to who should drive the car. Will they learn to become the stars of their marriage?

Then Dr. Phil follows up with Janet and Noelle, who are determined to find a man. After reading Love Smart and brushing up on their dating skills, how will their next dates go? Jeannie and Jo-Ann are back for more dating advice from Dr. Phil.

Friday 28 July

Racism Experiment

Charlie, a self-described racist, was struggling with the fact that his daughter was going to have a biracial baby. After speaking with Dr. Phil, he agreed to spend some time learning about African-American culture. How did he do when Dr. Phil set him up to live with a black family for two days? Did he change his insensitive ways?

And, Dave grew up believing he was white, but found out the family secret when he was 26 - he is actually biracial. In an effort to heal the pain of deceit throughout his childhood, Dave went public with his story, and encountered disastrous consequences. How can he heal and move on? Plus, Cene is biracial and says her mother accuses her of acting “too while”.


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