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Skeem Saam Teasers - July 2023

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Skeem Saam Teasers on 26 Jun 2023
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Coming up on Skeem Saam this July 2023:

Monday 3 July 2023
Episode 1 
Season 12 premiere!

When a colleague has a mental breakdown, Babeile is made to carry the blame and all that comes with it. A Maputla son returns and is not happy at the state of his son. Lehasa assures Francois that Level is in the right hands.

Tap here if you missed the memo about Hungani Ndlovu replacing Cornet Mamabolo as Tbose: Renewed! Skeem Saam premieres Season 12 with a new Tbose and title sequence

Tuesday 4 July 2023
Episode 2 

Mapitsi is shocked to learn what Tbose’s plans are regarding Pitsi. Mr Kgomo is humiliated beyond words when he endures a walk of shame. Lehasa realises that running Level Café is not as easy as he thought.

Wednesday 5 July 2023
Episode 3 

Tension surfaces between Pitsi’s parents and it’s not pretty. Turfloopers are happy about Mr Kgomo’s verdict. Khwezikazi reaches out to a cousin for assistance. 

Thursday 6 July 2023
Episode 4 

Tbose wants revenge for his son and is unwavering. Mr Kgomo is prepared to fight the hospital but the public humiliation is too much for him. Khwezikazi is set on making her mark with her business.

Friday 7 July 2023
Episode 5

There’s another suicide in Turf and a high school principal is suspected. Tbose is determined to make the Kunutus pay for hurting his son. Khwezi celebrates her small win but Lehasa bursts her bubble.

Monday 10 July 2023
Episode 6 

Mapitsi is knocked for six when she learns about her beau’s new living arrangements. Mrs Kgomo and Mr Kgomo’s marital problems escalate beyond measure. Francois gets his heart broken by his fiancée.

Tuesday 11 July 2023
Episode 7 

A former hospital superintendent finds comfort in the bottle. A young boy returns home to an elated family.

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Episode 8

The party animal in Tbose wants to be unleashed but his boys are resistant. Mr Kgomo realises how serious his situation is when he sees something in the newspaper. Khwezikazi rubs her newfound success in Pretty’s face.

Thursday 13 July 2023
Episode 9 

Tbose suggests something to spice up his marriage with Mapitsi and she is shocked. MaNtuli overhears a private conversation between two of her colleagues. Khwezikazi unwittingly offends Nokuthula with a certain request.

Friday 14 July 2023
Episode 10 

Mapitsi strikes back with an ultimatum of her own in response to Tbose’s scandalous request. Mr Kgomo and Mrs Kgomo’s divorce has a rippling effect on Pax. Lehasa is unsettled by Khwezikazi’s newfound independence. 

Monday 17 July 2023
Episode 11 

Two lovers realise that they want different things. A mother is spooked by her son’s insolence. Alfred returns to work to find his name stewing in some gossip.

Tuesday 18 July 2023
Episode 12 

Tbose blows a fuse when his wife takes something precious without asking. Pax decides to move out of home. Lehasa feels sidelined by Khwezikazi.

Wednesday 19 July 2023
Episode 13 

Mapitsi is stunned when she discovers damning evidence proving her suspicion. Turfloop wakes up to shocking news about a former hospital superintendent’s marital affair. Khwezi is bummed when Lehasa drops her in the last hour. 

Thursday 20 July 2023
Episode 14 

Tbose sends shockwaves to the family and his parents put their foot down. Lehasa instills some doubt in Khwezikazi regarding her choices on Khwezi Beauty. The Kgomos are having a hard time dealing with the pending divorce. 

Friday 21 July 2023
Episode 15 

Tbose makes a decision concerning Pitsi that disturbs his parents. Mr Kgomo is told to pay up or else... Pax wants to squash a rat but a brave learner defends it.

Monday 24 July 2023
Episode 16 

Tbose’s father-in-law is not happy and wants answers. A down and out Mr Kgomo asks Alfred for a very emasculating favour. Alfred announces the winners for the second round of the Maths Olympiad.

Tuesday 25 July 2023
Episode 17 

Seems like Tbose has left some serious problems over the ocean. Mrs Kgomo’s worry deepens for her son. Lehasa uses his charm to try and soften Khwezikazi.

Wednesday 26 July 2023
Episode 18 

Tbose makes amends with his beloveds in Turf. Pax’s behaviour calls for concern at home and at school.  Lehasa and Khwezikazi are at loggerheads about the past and their immediate future. 

Thursday 27 July 2023
Episode 19 

Lehasa throws the L word at Khwezi as a means to serve his mission. Tbose is caught between a rock and a hard place over his future. Pax learns about his father’s new living arrangements in the most embarrassing manner.

Friday 28 July 2023
Episode 20

Pax’s world collapses right before his eyes. Mapitsi receives a disturbing comment from Meikie. Lehasa has an evil surprise planned for Khwezikazi. 

Monday 31 July 2023
Episode 21 

Alfred pays the Maputlas an unwelcomed visit. Nokuthula feels betrayed by Khwezi. Pax turns down counselling.

Premiere episodes of Skeem Saam air on SABC1 from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


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26 Jun 2023 17:50

No mercy for the Kgomo's. Thank you for the turmoil in the Maphosa family

26 Jun 2023 18:43

Hungani is a great actor bt that Tbos's role is too old for him,only time will tell

27 Jun 2023 11:46

Hungani being great actor maybe they should have given him character more similar to Fannie maserumele

27 Jun 2023 14:34

Tsobi edited on
6/27/2023 2:48 PM

I knew all along that Lehasa is going to revenge for the stabbing. Lehasa never loved Khosi, LJ is what matters to him. I can't wait for the house of cards to start scrambling down. Hungani is a great actor I can't wait!!! Thanks Skeem Saam even though we wait the whole month for teasers. We used to get teasers during mid month.

28 Jun 2023 13:32

It's looking good. Shame Mapitsi waited so long to have her husband back then boom side chick

29 Jun 2023 06:40

Welcome Hungani ?

30 Jun 2023 10:19

I hope Skeem Saam has bigger plans for the Tbose character, can't be wasting Hungani's talents.  We need Shoki back or a replacement, the gap is greatly felt at the Mogongwa household.

30 Jun 2023 19:30

Now they leave us hanging about Babeile and Rathebe ai! Guess should just keep watching.
01 Jul 2023 10:38 edited on
7/1/2023 10:39 AM

Skeem saam has a fair storyline, but consequences management is not applicable in this show. Marothi was never punished for the evil deeds he had with all his cahoots including judge Mavimbela.what happened to Kgosi? Lehasa always get away with mudder! The evil deeds of Khwezi are always rewarded. Alfred got away with murder on the tender fraudulent activities in the university. Mobesjadi never got any justice for her work that was stolen by Paxton. Luc and that scanner who scammed the Principal got away with murder. So in a nutshell crime does pay!!

01 Jul 2023 13:22

I was kinda disappointed in the season 11 finale episode, thought the big finale making us wait in anticipation would be Pitsi getting shot (happened before the finale) or Rathebe getting arrested (also happened before the finale) or us being closer to finding out who the serial killer is. From this month's teasers it all quiet on that front and with another person dying it seems this storyline will drag on for longer. I'm not one to complain about shows dragging storylines but if this serial killer one is not solved then Skeem Saam need to consider a change of writers. The show has a lot of characters with potential there really is no need for a storyline to be longer than 3 weeks (This is where Scandal beats a lot of shows in SA). I mean the whole of S11 Zamokuhle had no storyline, he's literally their leading character, all he had was him unable to decide if he wants to work for Marothi or not, at this point I'm not even sure he still works? Sthoko hasn't been given a storyline since that disaster trip with Magonwa and the kids, other than that it's gossiping at the teachers staff room. It would also be nice if any of the teachers other than Magonwa at the school had a storyline. Carol, Manaka. And can we get a break from Paxton and focus on the other kids too? Poshoko has great potential can we see his naughtiness as well since that's what all teens do.

Lady SMS
04 Jul 2023 02:47

Why dont this writters learn from scandal, we cant always habe villains on a show who always get away with murder. Skeem Saam villains always gets away with everything. I dont know anymore what you are teaching us, why dont you guys learn from Scandal, There villains are always dealt with and New characters are introduced which is what we want in a soapie, not what you guys are showing US in skeem saam, you are ruining the show, just wrap Rathebe and Babeile story already. Hai man??stop confusing us, that is poor writing

07 Jul 2023 11:37

Guys please remind me Why is Mr Kgomo fired at his position... is it bcoz he had an affair with a colleague?

Kea vovo
08 Jul 2023 06:56

This station commendor looks like is serial killer or is working with rea he always defended her????

Kea vovo
08 Jul 2023 07:00

@Goku Melita made it look like it was Mr kgomo s fault when he gave her job and also 80 000 he took from hospital I didn't see others when were testifying

08 Jul 2023 10:06

tnx @Kea vovo.... bt I think with a good lawyer Mr Kgomo can win that case

08 Jul 2023 12:23

@Goku I think the R80k he "stole" was the final nail in his coffin, plus was also accused of mismanagement, mistreatment of staff and misusing his position for personal gain (hiring Melita and keeping her after she was supposed to be fired)

SA soapies lover
11 Jul 2023 20:27

I'm not feeling the new Tbose

27 Jul 2023 18:50

The guy who plays Thabo Maputla speaks a lot of English. Please rewrite his script and have Pedi language on it 

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