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Imbewu Teasers - October 2022

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Imbewu Teasers on 30 Sep 2022
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Coming up on Imbewu in October 2022:

Monday 3 October 2022
Episode 1166

The ice breaks between Phakade and Khanyo. But tension flares with her and Mzwandile when Phakade let's slip Zakithi was in the elevator. Lindo encourages Nomusa to fight for Emsamo. Shria enlists Jyothi's help in getting Nirupa to forgive Mira. 

Tuesday 4 October 2022
Episode 1167

The Bhengu household is surprised when maNlovu finally returns. Khanyo and Mzwandile make up and she suggests moving back home. Nirupa learns the truth about Jyothi involvement and she turns on Shria, whilst Nomusa agrees to the ritual.

Wednesday 5 October 2022
Episode 1168

Nomusa, Thu Sheleni and Yenzekile start the ritual to undo the dark magic. The lack of senior management causes Zakithi to take strain. Why didn't the Bhengu’s tell Nokuzola about Zithulele? 

Thursday 6 October 2022
Episode 1169

Nokuzola visits Zithulele in prison. When he tells her he's moved on, she tells him he can't have because she contested their divorce and they're still married. Thando and Mbali both have their sights set on winning the heart of the church deacon and they compete for his attention.

Friday 7 October 2022
Episode 1170

Nkululeko and Nokuzola talk for the first time in a long time and he tells her off for being selfish. Nomusa doesn't want to sell Emsamo, she tells her employees that everything will proceed as planned, she's not letting her business get derailed by Macingwane's prophesies

Monday 10 October 2022
Episode 1171

Nokuzola sees her, and Nokuzola is flabbergasted to learn that Sibongile is pregnant. Thu Sheleni ends his arrangement with Lindiwe thus making her angry. A rodent wreaks havoc at Emsamo.

Tuesday 11 October 2022
Episode 1172

Mandisa joins them, and reveals that she has some of Makhosazana's belongings. She hands them over to Nokuzola, who finds a burner phone amongst them. Nomusa argus with Thu Sheleni about the mouse, but then discovers that the pap is infested with cockroaches.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
Episode 1173

Thando learns about Mbali's dinner with Bhekisisa and vows to ask him out directly, but then chickens out. Phakade encourages Bhekisisa to date again. After Makhosazana's phone comes alive, Nokuzola comes face to face with Maharaj.

Thursday 13 October 2022
Episode 1174

A menacing Maharaj corners Nokuzola. Nomusa is left crushed once Thu is harsh with her business skills. Nirupa helps Thando gets some quality time with Bhekisisa.

Friday 14 October 2022
Episode 1175

Nkululeko checks up on Mandisa and finds that she is a ghost. Mbali sprains her ankle and Bhekisisa has to drive her home. Nkululeko thinks Nokuzola is acting nervous.

Monday 17 October 2022
Episode 1176

Nokuzola accuses Nkululeko of stealing their baby, leaving him stunned and perplexed. Nokuzola's bedroom is ransacked and Makhosazana's things are gone, and Maharaj calls off their deal.

Tuesday 18 October 2022
Episode 1177

Bhekisisa accepts a lunch invite from Mbali and a dinner invite from Thando. Mbali is disappointed when Bhekisisa wants to keep their relationship private.

Nkululeko's I.T. guy manages to get into Makhosazana's work computer but unbeknown to him, Maharaj has a hacker working on it who copies Makhosazana's laptop into a hard drive and then wipes it clean.

Wednesday 19 October 2022
Episode 1178

Nokuzola accepts Zakithi's offer to return to Maluju as their lawyer. Nkululeko is vehemently opposed to this but Zakithi sticks to her guns. Lindiwe is now stuck between a rock and a hard place, takes a job as a waitress at Emsamo, but still worries about her reputation. 

Thursday 20 October 2022
Episode 1179

Thando cooks for Bhekisisa, but Mbali sabotages her by drenching the food with chilli. Nokuzola takes pictures of Zakithi's documents, and Nkululeko speaks to the orphanage matron about Makhosazana and baby Nozi, but gets no answers.

Friday 21 October 2022
Episode 1180

Nkululeko tells maNdlovu that Makhosazana might have kidnapped Nozi and taken her to the orphanage. Bhekisisa refuses to eat more of Thando's food, leaving her mortified. Things are looking up at Emsamo until a new disaster strikes.  

Monday 24 October 2022
Episode 1181

Nomusa finally, and sadly, relents to selling Emsamo after the disaster. Thando is furious when she realizes what Mbali did and they have a heated confrontation. Maharaj manages to blackmail Nokuzola to asking for a favour to get him a pardon.

Tuesday 25 October 2022
Episode 1182 

Poppie blames Nomusa for their plight. Nirupa tells Thando to follow rules from a certain book in order to get her man with her dignity intact. Zakithi gets a strange warning from one of her board members.

Wednesday 26 October 2022
Episode 1183

A known criminal, Suleiman, is released on bail, and then meets with Maharaj. The Bhengu's negotiate inhlawulo for Sibongile. Thando and Mbali both go to the church meeting and Bhekisisa is shamed into leaving the meeting early.

Thursday 27 October 2022
Episode 1184 

Thu worries that he'll have to evict his friends if they don't get jobs. He is relieved when he gets a call from the business consultant, who tells him that they have a potential buyer. Zakithi learns the truth behind Maluju's angel investor, it's none other than Sunny Maharaj.

Friday 28 October 2022
Episode 1185

Thu Sheleni and Nomusa are intrigued by Fikile's return. The gang is excited when they all learn they'll keep their jobs. Nokuzola has a plan for how to get Maharaj free. Nokuzola pleads with Siya not to go to the police 

Monday 31 October 2022
Episode 1186

Zakithi unloads to Nokuzola about her fears around Maharaj owning a significant share of Maluju. Phunyuka tells Nkululeko that a child was registered at the orphanage by someone using the name "Violet Vilikazi".

The commune celebrates the sale of Emsamo. Thando and Mbali are thrown out of the church meeting for squabbling.

Premiere episodes of Imbewu air on from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.


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09 Oct 2022 19:04

Which Fikile is coming back? The only Fikile I know is dead

19 Oct 2022 19:09

Trequane, have you forgotten that this is Mzansi. It has become a norn for these shows to resurrect the dead. These creators take too much concept from video games; "Fikile defeated, insert a coin to continue" Heck, they even have more lives than a cat.

20 Oct 2022 01:28

Lol @SEA-WAVES 7de Laan just resurrected 3 people in a space of week. No one truly dies in a soap

25 Oct 2022 01:14

Afrikaners have zombies too...

Actually, I shouldn't be surprised. Zuma too rose from his death sickness once his jail term expired. I won't even be surprised when Mandela returns and re-elected president. Even Eskom keeps resurrecting loadshedding. We are a zombie country. Come to think of it, I have to check at Home Affairs if am still alive, no death certificates have been issued.

25 Oct 2022 16:32

Good one SEA-WAVES! - hopefully you're still aliiive.

Like Fikile. Yip, she's resurrecting like Judas, on 27 October, reprised by Phindile Gwala.

Here's an extended teaser: 

Let’s pick it up from where we left off.

Fikile dated Nkululeko and her mother Nompi revealed the uncomfortable truth - the man she’d been dating all along was her half-brother. The last time we saw Fikile on screen, audiences believed she was dead.
Fast forward to today, Fikile comes back and becomes the new owner of Emsamo.

We soon learn that her return is part of a sinister plot that she’s been cooking up with an old foe - Khemisi, MaNdlovu’s cynical brother. 

26 Oct 2022 08:39

Oops... we mean resurrected like Lazarus. Let's not get hung up on the details. 

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