Survivor SA: Immunity Island Recap - Episode 9

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 29 Jul 2021
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Picture this: Shaun and Marisha behind-the-scenes in juryville, gossiping about everyone after Shaun's ousting.

Makes me shudder! I can only imagine how judgmental and preachy Shaun would be about everyone who wasn't in his alliance. He wasn't too bitter in his parting words but that won't last once he's on that jury bench after days of brooding with Marisha.

His exit was quick and sweet, delivered by last week's heroes who stuck to their increasingly fragile alliance, which won't last much longer.

Things are getting awks and very competitive now which resulted in a jam packed episode of new revelations, topped with the most difficult challenges of the season so far.

Revelation 1 
Practice memory games before playing Survivor


That Immunity memory challenge was so intense I was stumped and impressed by how well everyone did.

Their minds are full of Survivor thoughts and yet they managed to concentrate on one thing only. They must have practised before surely?

I wasn't surprised at Anesu's dexterity because of her success with the memory game at Immunity Island but everyone else did much better than I thought they would. 

I played along each round but kept failing because I didn't have a strategy, which became an intrusive thought.

I kept trying to come up with a strategy while trying to remember the next tile colour at the same time, and only started developing a plan by Round 5.

I've always known you need to practice making a fire and fishing before going on Survivor and this made me see that you have to practise memory games too. 

Revelation 2
The cracks start to show


With two players in particular: Renier and Tyson.

Renier's become a shadow of his former self and he's uttering such nonsense it's becoming embarrassing now. 

He was a cringe-fest at the Reward Challenge feast, asking them to send him to Immunity Island when it was obvious they never would. He should have found another way of handling everyone in the situation because that made him seem way too desperate.

It's weird because it's clear he's a social guy and yet he's withdrawn since the merge.

Tyson's also got a social problem going on, which I didn't realise before. It came to light when Anesu mentioned that he's not warm with her like he used to be.

He's excellent at strategic gameplay and challenges, but he's only warm with Kiran and Wardah, and that's not enough of a social strategy to win. You also need to charm the jury and do it sincerely - you can't just turn it on at the end, you have to foster relationships throughout. 

Revelation 3
Subtle Strengths

Like The Dude does. Anela becomes more of a phenom each week with his infectious, unfrazzled likeability. Wardah's the only one who hasn't caught it. Even Kiran's feeling it, despite not being close to him over these past weeks.

Kiran's subtle strength is his perceptiveness, making him aware that his own challenge wins are a threat. Will he deliberately lose the next challenge because of it?

He's right to be concerned about The Dude - he's much more of a threat than Shaun was, but it was Santoni who got her way with the vote. 

Santoni who miraculously manages to keep herself in the position of swing vote while playing every side, with everyone knowing she's doing it. It's fascinating because she's established a situation whereby no-one wants to vote her out because they need her. 

Revelation 4
Make yourself needed


Clearly another key concept to remember if you plan on entering Survivor.

And right now the Losers need Amy more than ever. She's the only one who's keeping it together strategically. She's holding people back from freaking out and she's remaining positive.

She spoke sense about what might happen next and viewed things from multiple perspectives, and really came into her own.

She's a dark horse because no-one sees her as a threat and they also need her vote desperately. She thought she needed Renier at the start but it's turned out to be the other way round.

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