Survivor SA: Immunity Island Recap - Episode 7

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 15 Jul 2021
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The Ice Queen melteth

One moment you're flying under the radar, the next you're eating a stale croissant in full view of starving people and boom! You're gone.

It's insane that Qieän actually thought she could survive that... she must have otherwise she would never have done it no matter how hungry she was.

My best was her embarrassing "Help me," plea at the Challenge - was even funnier than Dino's . 

But her former tribe mates were having none of it, choosing to save Anela instead of her after two seconds of indistinct chatter. 

I'm sure this was a big reason she became so tearful throughout because she was quite "in" with the mean girls when she was with them and yet it didn't count. That's mean girls for ya.

Still, it gave us the opportunity of seeing a different side to her as her sulky ice queen demeanour melted into heartfelt disappointment and feeling which turned out to be quite endearing.

At least she can go off and fix those nails of hers which ended up looking as bad as I knew they would. 

Missing loved ones 

And she can see her family, unlike the underdogs on Zamba who missed out - unfairly.

I've grown to really like the loved ones visits over seasons... I used to find them cheesy with all that blubbering they do, but over time I've realised how intense it must be to see your real world allies when you're surrounded by people who want to get you.

That's why I didn't like that Zamba didn't see their family too because it gives such added insight into each of them when we see who they belong to.

They usually all see their loved ones and then the winners of the challenge get extra time with them but this didn't happen.

Hopefully it wasn't the only loved ones contact they get all season because it'll suck if it is.

I suppose it depends on whether or not Outsurance wanted to fork out for another episode. I was so annoyed by the Outsurance insurance Anela won at Immunity Island, I blanked it out of my mind for my health and now I need to do it again.

I'll rather think about Amy's sister and their strikingly similar DNA. And Anesu's beau who understands her plant babies so well they're now cuddling with him instead of her.

And Chappies' wife... she's mad about him isn't she? Seemed very genuine in her glowing description of him. Of course she could just be after the winning million but I don't think so.

Unlike Renier, who definitely is. He continues to deliver the best sound bytes of the episode but I don't agree that it would be to his detriment if the castaways knew he has another baby on the way.

It would be if he used it to gain sympathy at the end, but if he'd told them now, they'd unconsciously see him as a "real family man" who would use the cash to take care of the lil' ones. People like that sort of thing.

The Dude abides

And I like Anela's attitude. It struck me bigtime this episode, especially when he was at Immunity Island, following the clues with abandonment, joyful, not letting anything get him down.

It's the same in all other contexts he finds himself in and it works for him because there he was at Tribal Council again, protected, without doing much of anything except being himself. Even when Wardah goes at him like she does, he doesn't take it personally. 

No-one and nothing seems to rattle him. Is there a snake amongst them who'll change this?

Probs not because as we know from the movie The Big Lebowski, no-one rattles The Dude.

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