Survivor SA: Immunity Island Recap - Episode 4

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 24 Jun 2021
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Puhlease. Paul has to go down as one of the most useless players in the history of Survivor... stretching himself out in bed all day, eating everyone's food, hiding under cover to avoid social contact. 

No amount of fancy footwork is enough to keep you in the game when you behave like this so he deserved to be whacked for it.

However, he didn't deserve to be called a misogynist. Neither him nor his bromance buddy Chappies deserved it and I bristled with anger when Wardah accused them of it because that was nasty.

Misogyny literally means a hatred of women so it's an unbelievably damning thing to accuse someone of just because they didn't listen to you.

You have to be sure that they're prejudiced against women to make the accusation but we've seen no proof of this amongst the Zamba men so far. 

Yes, the men didn't listen to the women during the Immunity Challenge. Do they ever? No. Does this mean that all men hate women when they don't listen to them? No. It's just how many of them are.

Also, Chappies and Paul didn't listen to anyone else except each other throughout the episode.  

Of course they should have done better, but it doesn't make them that word and it was a low blow to use it. 

Don't steal Marisha's soap!


While Zamba's implosion went from bad to worse, Vuna solidified their position as the Kumbaya Clan for these reasons:

1. Their raid of Zamba. Even though they only managed to get a pile of cushions as bounty, their raid was still psychologically damaging to Zamba. 

It was a real cringe-fest for Amy when the truth came out that she was responsible for it. She handled it well I thought, not too grovelling.

2. Shaun's pumpkin poisoning at Zamba. It lost them his contribution, which is best described as interesting, especially because the bottom of his fancy Tribal Council shoes match his top.

3. Everyone in Vuna gets along much better than in Zamba, because of their victories obviously, but also because they don't have to suffer Carla's dagger looks of rage all day.

4. Vuna has Marisha's continued jaw dropping strength. Where the others wear shoes, she goes bare feet.

It's truly astonishing to see. She delivered the funniest moment of the season so far when she pulverised Chappies and Wardah in that Reward Challenge as if they didn't exist - was hysterical.

My best is that she's a guest house owner when she could be so many other things. I just can't picture her welcoming people as if she didn't consist of all those muscles. My advice if you visit her guest house: don't steal her soap.

Things that go bump in the night


The dark horse. A wheeler dealer. I thought she was doing fabulously this week until Wardah mentioned her with suspicion in the teaser for next week. Suggests Santoni's being too obvious. Could bring her sleepless nights.

The nightmare challenges

I'm immensely troubled by what the show's doing with the Reward and Immunity Challenges - how they're making them all about the sponsors. It's undermining the concept of the show and I'm finding it very uncool.

If it were only one challenge per episode I might try to understand - probably not, but maybe - but two is totally overdone and extremely intrusive.

My biggest gripe is that it's removing an important thematic layer of the series, which was starkly highlighted in the Immunity Challenge when the word they had to puzzle together was the name of a hardware store.

Puzzles and words in Survivor always have a deeper meaning, something that relates to the ritual of the show, or a mind-set that you need, or a relevant concept, and now that's all gone. A shop has no sub-text or humanitarian meaning so the series lacks key traditional Survivor elements. 

The production needed to find much less intrusive ways of handling their sponsors and they should have had fewer of them and charged them more. 

I actually have no clue why they need so many because it's a series on a pay platform so you'd think they'd have a sufficient budget to pull off the show like they do in the American version. 

Orange night terrors

Someone else who must be having sleepless nights is sulky Qieän. I honestly don't know what she's going to do with those false nails as she gets further because we're weeks in now so they must be needing a salon pronto.

Did you see how she pushed the Immunity Challenge box with her palms while awkwardly holding her fingers out of the way? And her toes? They look the same as her fingers.


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