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Young Love Teasers - December 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Young Love Teasers on 28 Nov 2019
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Coming up on Young Love this December 2019:

Monday 2 December 2019

Episode 1717

Shiv calls Palash to warn him to leave Anandi alone and later gets a call from the CM, who informs him that Palash will be leaving soon. What is he up to?

Episode 1718

Grandma Kalyani distributes sweets at the hospital on the festival of Diwali. Palash secretly watches Anandi, waiting for an opportunity to take her away with him. 

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Episode 1719

Palash brings Anandi to the guest house and keeps trying to convince her that they are meant to be together, but an enraged Anandi starts destroying his paintings. 

Episode 1720

Saanchi buys gifts for all her in-laws and they are delighted but Vivek feels increasingly insecure. Saanchi is delighted to receive a huge surprise bonus for Diwali. 

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Episode 1721

Jagdish sets up a grill at home and surprises everyone by cooking for them! 

Episode 1722

Anoop and Alok have another argument after reaching home and both storm off to their rooms. 

Thursday 5 December 2019

Episode 1723

Niranjan is told by Nandu’s teacher that he hasn’t come to school today. What will he do?

Episode 1724

Jhoomar is terrified of her class teacher, who is molesting her. Grandma Kalyani is concerned after seeing Jhoomar angrily throw away the candy that her teacher gave her. 

Friday 6 December 2019

Episode 1725

Anandi and Anoop are both excited when a customer makes a bigger order at the new price and Anoop praises Anandi at dinner.  

Episode 1726

Grandma Kalyani tells Jagdish about Jhoomar and they make a plan to catch the teacher red handed. Will they succeed?

Monday 9 December 2019

Episode 1727

Anoop gets worked up and walks out when Anandi defends her accountant’s refusal to use the revised rates.

Episode 1728

Ganga arrives with the police just in time to save Jagdish.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Episode 172

Subhadra further instigates Anoop against everyone and suggests that he should demand his share in the property to get money to start his own business. How will Anoop react?

Episode 1730

Rakhee is thrilled to get admission to The London University, which was her dream for years. Saanchi decides to sponsor Rakhee’s expenses but Vivek taunts her about it. How will Saanchi react?

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Episode 1731

Saanchi is in shock when Vivek returns home drunk. How will she handle the situation?

Episode 1732

Gehna is shocked as she realizes that Nandu has gone away with Niranjan.   

Thursday 12 December 2019

Episode 1733

Grandpa has a heart attack! Will he be okay?

Episode 1734

Everyone is shocked to hear Daddu’s decision to divide his properties equally between Alok and Anoop and to handover all his responsibilities to them. 

Friday 13 December 2019

Episode 1735

The lawyers read out the documents to the family and Alok tells Daddu that he does not want anything but Daddu says that it is his right.

Episode 1736

Jagdish and Ganga convince Nandu to accept his mother’s marriage to Niranjan. 

Monday 16 December 2019

Episode 1737

Saanchi resigns from her job thinking that it will solve all the problems between her and Vivek. 

Episode 1738

Niranjan asks Gehna if she is happy with the decision to marry him. What will Gehna say?

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Episode 1739

Sona tells Jagdish that her husband forced her into prostitution for his own interests. How will Jagdish react?

Episode 1740

Vivek comes home late and taunts Saanchi as he had seen her with Mittal. Saanchi is disgusted to know what Vivek thinks about her. 

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Episode 1741

Jagdish and Ganga decide to give Gehna and Niranjan a medical policy for the entire family as a gift. 

Episode 1742

Nandu, unaware of what happened at the temple, asks Gehna; Niranjan and Ganga if the auspicious time has been decided yet as he wishes to tell his friends. 

Thursday 19 December 2019

Episode 1743

The family is shocked to know that Anoop has started the same business as that of Alok. 

Episode 1744

When Anandi is dropping Amol off at school, her lehenga gets caught in the car door as the car starts moving. Trying to help her, Amol falls off his wheelchair but manages to stand up in order to help Anandi.

Friday 20 December 2019

Episode 1745

Everyone is happy about Amol walking and they all celebrate with a cake.  

Episode 1746

When Anandi arrives home she is surprised to find Mr Mathews there, meeting with Anoop. How will Alok react when he finds out?

Monday 23 December 2019 to Wednesday 1 January 2020

Please note: No new episodes of Young Love will be airing from 23 December to 1 January because of the festive season. It will return once the new year starts.

Young Love airs on Glow TV on StarSat and OpenView HD from Mondays to Fridays at 18h00 and 18h30.


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