Police called to Idols after Qwabe family attacks Mzansi Magic publicist

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 22 Oct 2019
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Oh dear reader... what I've been told by Mzansi Magic about Sunday's Idols is far more shocking, dangerous and crazy than we could have imagined!

As you know, Viggy Qwabe withdrew from the competition after her twin sister Virginia was eliminated BUT there was so much more that happened you're gonna freak.

I've been snooping to find out what went on behind-the-scenes and I've discovered that it's a sordid reality TV story that's so insane you couldn't script it.

It involves a rage-filled family on the attack, a police emergency and Mzansi Magic staff fearing for their lives.

I've spoken to Mzansi Magic, who tell me that this Facebook post is true... it was posted yesterday by a member of the audience at the live show:

But wait.. there's more... what happened when the Qwabe family left their seats?

According to Mzansi Magic, they went outside the auditorium and attacked a member of their publicity team! - which is why the police had to be called because they got so aggressive.

"It was so bad I was scared for my life!" - these are the words of the person it happened to, who I spoke to this morning.

He was busy outside and they targeted him because he was from the channel. Thankfully he wasn't hurt but it's clear it was a terrifying, abusive incident.

He told me that they said things like: "I'll just make one call and that'll be the end of you," - the family included the twins' brothers, cousins and their father Lawrence Qwabe, who eventually tried to calm things down.

From the sounds of it he realised things were out of control - which you would when you're surrounded by police!

As for why the family reacted as they did... they claimed that Idols rigged Virginia's elimination because of Somizi making a prediction that one of the twins would leave this week. 

This is obviously what Viggy was referring to in her Facebook post yesterday where she said: "We were both aware that we both won't win and one of us would leave but not in the way it was done yesterday. I cannot stay when that has happened to my sister."

The family also wanted Viggy off the show immediately, while it was still live on air.

Word from Mzansi Magic is that the twins are now out of the picture completely, they took their things from the Idols house on Sunday night (it was an aggro affair too apparently) and are excommunicated from the series.

I asked to speak Viggy but the channel told me that they're not available for interviews. 

Mzansi Magic also told me that the social media accounts claiming the twins were bullied behind-the-scenes are fake accounts and that this isn't true. Idols made this post about it:

It's all intense stuff! Gives a whole new meaning to the term Double Trouble. 

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22 Oct 2019 15:46


22 Oct 2019 20:27

I wonder who will wanna work with these twins, very unprofessional

23 Oct 2019 11:31

First of all these twins' parents and supporters are ghetto, disruptive and have no tact. Did they not know that this was a competition? they cant go on attacking people, questioning votes and wanting to pull out midway in the show. I believe there may be a good offer for the twins in the works thats why they were quick to pull out, sadlly for them they'll have to wait until this season's winner releases material before they can release their own. Their dad is very unprofessional and if this is how he will be behaving himself through the girl's careers then he will shorten any possibilities of great opportunities for the twins! no one wants to work with such looneys!

23 Oct 2019 14:47

OMG, how unprofessional. If the father behaves this way in the early stages of his beautiful and talented daughters' early stage of their careers, then he will shorten the careers' of the twins' life span in the entertainment industry. The industry is cutthroat and spares no one. Just think of what Amanda Black went through but emerged out victorious in the courts.

The twins have great talent yes we agree...but as much as Idols is a talent competition, it also has elements of race and popularity contest. And that's just how viewers are. The father cannot come to a conclusion that because the entire Qwabe clan is voting, therefore the twins are going to win.

Shame man, this is sad. Viggy and Virginia's cell phones have been off the whole week and the father is the one doing media interviews, LOL!!

24 Oct 2019 09:43

This just in from Mzansi Magic:

“Mzansi Magic, is satisfied as to the credibility of the Idols SA Season 15 voting process. The vote count and ranking on contestants were independently computed by Deloitte and Touche and confirmed against the vote results determined by M-Net. While the judges provide predictions and commentary on the show, they can in no way alter the computation and outcomes of the public vote. Mzansi Magic is also satisfied that the show is managed in a manner that respects our talent and crew and that no bullying is tolerated.” Philly Kubheka HOD PR & Publicity, Local Entertainment Channels.

24 Oct 2019 09:43

They should release the voting stats to give weight and transparency to what they're saying.

24 Oct 2019 10:10

They should release the voting stats to give weight and transparency to what they're saying.

I agree Tashi. Why dont they make them public anyway? it would actually push fans to vote even more rigorously!


25 Oct 2019 09:13

True Taz! They'd vote madly if they saw their favourite wasn't coming first.

26 Oct 2019 09:33

Sembi kengoku lento, fana no wele.

26 Oct 2019 14:48

Those twins' careers are dead on arrival. They clearly behave just as rough as they look. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

15 Nov 2019 11:04

An update... you may have seen reports that the twins turned down an invite to the finale? I have it on good authority that only Virginia was invited and not Viggy so it's no surprise that "they" turned it down.

This is because the Idols policy is that anyone eliminated from the Top 10 gets invited back for the finale but Viggy wasn't because she chose to withdraw from the competition.

Which means there should be no police on Sunday. 


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