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Muvhango Teasers - May 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Muvhango Teasers on 16 Apr 2019
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Coming up on Muvhango this May 2019:

Wednesday 1 May 2019
Episode 3284

The royal house resolves Lindeleni’s surrogacy issue. Moliehi is beaten by James at her own game. Vhangani is drowning is trouble, and he tries to undo the damage between him and Mpareni but it’s too late.

Thursday 2 May 2019
Episode 3285

Gizara shocks the elders when he reminds them that we still don’t have a wife who will give the chief sons. James comes to Moliehi with a suggestion that further threatens Moliehi position. Vhangani makes a decision that leaves Mpfareni speechless, he wants to tie the knot.

Friday 3 May 2019
Episode 3286

Mpho wakes up unknowingly in Mulimis’s hut. James and Marang’s relationship is like a dagger in Moliehi’s heart. Tenda’s jealousy takes a front seat, when he sees Sundani flirting with another man.

Monday 6 May 2019
Episode 3287

Strange things are happening to Mpho, and Mulimisi is to be blamed. Skhu pays a visit to Gugu, to make a truce and an unexpected goodbye. Tenda pulls out all the stops to have Sundani as his date for the president’s ball.

Tuesday 7 May 2019
Episode 3288

Mulimisi has a message from the ancestors for the royal house, this might lead to their final destruction. Gugu is conflicted when she is asked to stretch her hand and comfort her worst enemy. Tenda is shed of his ego and admits his flaws to a forgiving Sundani.

Wednesday 8 May 2019
Episode 3289

Mulimisi warns Mpho against making a wrong decision. KK makes Skhumbuzo an offer he can’t refuse. Sundani puts Tenda on the spot when she makes an unlawful demand.

Thursday 9 May 2019
Episode 3290

Mpho suffers another setback this time her health is deteriorating. Skhumbuzo drops an unpleasant bombshell on Moliehi. Tenda assure Sundani that she won’t be fighting for his attention.

Friday 10 May 2019 
Episode 3291

Mpho miraculously disappears on Azwindini’s account. Skhu refuses to reveal the buyer of his shares. Teboho deliberately gate crashes Sundani’s event.

Monday 13 May 2019
Episode 3292

Azwindini accuses Mulimisi for Mpho’s disappearance. Skhu bids his farewell, while Moliehi and James wonder who the new shareholder is. A hostile cat war culminates between Sundani and Teboho.

Tuesday 14 May 2019
Episode 3293

Azwindini is forced to crawl back to Mulimisi for the sake of his wife. Moliehi and KK form an unholy alliance. Sundani uses Thonifho to get back at Teboho, and Mulalo is affected.

Wednesday 15 May 2019
Episode 3294

Azwindini and Mulimisi have a personal showdown over the missing royal wife. A dinner evening has Gugu in a flurry when she is left alone with Seretse. Mulalo discovers the reason why Sundani refuses him access to see his son.

Thursday 16 May 2019
Episode 3295

Azwindini admits he is in a corner and he needs to do the right thing. Gugu turns down Seretse, but she is not sure of her decision. Teboho is up to her old tricks, and Waterside is in for an ugly surprise.

Friday 17 May 2019
Episode 3296

Mpho is back and warns the royal house of the storm that is coming. Seretse has devastating news for Imani concerning Lethu. A manmade crisis in Waterside turns Sundani’s life upside down.

Monday 20 May 2019
Episode 3297

Mpho’s secret is revealed, she has to leave Azwindini. Imani gears up for the fight of her life, she can’t afford to lose her only son. It finally hits Sundani who her saboteur is.

Tuesday 21 May 2019
Episode 3298

Mpho reveals her secret to Mulimisi, but she is not willing to leave Azwindini. A new romance threatens to bubble between Imani and Seretse. The cat war between Sundani and Teboho heats up.

Wednesday 22 May 2019
Episode 3299

Mpho’s fear of losing Azwindini propels her to act recklessly. Despite caution, Imani and Seretse are pulled in together by their mutual attraction. Sundani works towards repairing the damage Teboho’s onslaught caused.

Thursday 23 May 2019
Episode 3300

Mpho gets heavily chastised by Mulimisi for her transgressions. Imani spends a lot of time with Seretse unbeknown to Gugu. Tenda confronts Mulalo about Teboho’s behaviour.

Friday 24 May 2019
Episode 3301

Vho-Makhadzi threatens to expose Mpho’s secret which could destroy her marriage. Imani hides her new secret lover from Gugu. Waterside finally comes back to its feet.

Monday 27 May 2019
Episode 3302

Mpho attempts to leave the initiation school. Imani’s son lethu, returns to her. Tenda has a very pleasant surprise for Sundani.

Tuesday 28 May 2019
Episode 3303

Azwindini realises that the ancestors want Mpho to be with Mulimisi. Gugu almost finds out about Imani’s secret lover. Tenda and Sundani seem to have a bright future ahead of them.

Wednesday 29 May 2019
Episode 3304

Azwindini is betrayed by those closest to him and Mpho realises there’s no way out. Imani feels terrible for lying to her cousin. Sundani has second thoughts about Tenda.

Thursday 30 May 2019
Episode 3305

Mpho is faced with the worst fate of her life. Imani and Seretse’s relationship blossoms. Tenda and Sundani get an unpleasant surprise from Mulalo.

Friday 31 May 2019
Episode 3306

Azwindini makes a course-changing decision about his marriage to Mpho. Imani wants Seretse to spend a night. Sundani lets Tenda down, when he makes a requests concerning his deepest desires.
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Philly Dlamini
28 Apr 2019 20:12

Hmm Imani betraying her cousin again she never learn. For royal house Mpho was told from the first time that she belongs to Mulimisi and no one can deny the ancestors

30 Apr 2019 12:05

Haiiii Muvhango needs new writing....presenting Moliehi as a spineless wimp is just off form me. I thought she represented strong women out there...if this James thing aint working...she has to move on aiii

30 Apr 2019 17:36

These teasers can't give us what we really need only about royal house at Azwindini what about Moliehi and James

14 May 2019 22:55

I really don't like Moliehi and Teboho

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