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Forbidden Love Teasers - April 2019

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Forbidden Love Teasers on 01 Apr 2019
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Coming up on Forbidden Love this April 2018:

Monday 1 April 2019

Episode 159

Khushi yells at Arnav for ruining her New Year's Eve. Arnav asks her to keep quiet lest she wake up the entire family. Nanda Kishore knocks on Khushi's door to greet her, but Madhumati opens the door. In order to hide from Madhumati, Arnav lies down on Khushi's bed pretending to be Payal.

Episode 160

Arnav and Khushi blame each other for the unplanned meeting. Later, Arnav and Akash confront Nanda Kishore for sneaking into Khushi's house at midnight. While Anjali looks at Shyam's face at midnight, Shyam stares at Khushi's picture.

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Episode 161

Khushi vows to defeat the Raizadas at the Sangeet. She notices a mosquito sitting on Arnav's face when he is talking to Nand Kishore about the sangeeth and slaps him to kill the mosquito. Arnav gets angry and cancels the dance competition. Khushi tries to explain. Will Arnav change his mind?

Episode 162

Arnav informs Khushi that he cancelled the Sangeet because he doesn't like the loud noise. Khushi and the entire family start talking in sign language. Arnav assumes that Anjali skips her lunch because she is sad about the Sangeeth being cancelled. He goes to her room and sees her having her lunch.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Episode 163

Nani declares that the winner will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as the award. Khushi and Arnav vow to defeat each other. While practicing for the competition, Madhumati catches Shyam secretly looking at Khushi. She confronts him. Arnav gets angry on seeing Nand Kishore calling up Khushi to chat with her. 

Episode 164

Manorama claims that Payal had not only stolen Akash from her but also her position as the daughter-in-law of the Raizada family. Akash reassures her that he will always be her son. Payal is worried that Manorama will ill treat her after marriage.

Thursday 4 April 2019

Episode 165

Manorama insults Madhumati for gifting a silver puja plate to Anjali. Akash, however, praises Madhumati for the same. Payal gets worried about Manorama's dislike towards her, but Khushi reassures her. Shyam hides a poisonous scorpion in a sweet box in a move to kill Anjali. Will the scorpion sting Anjali?

Episode 166

Arnav is rich and arrogant; Khushi is bubbly and well- mannered. In their first meeting, their worlds clash into a war of words. But soon enough, their intense hatred for each other turns into blissful love.

Friday 5 April 2019

Episode 167

Shyam finds the sweet box that contains the poisonous scorpion in the kitchen. To defeat Madhumati in the dance competition, Manorama mixes liquor in the juice. After consuming the doctored juice, Madhumati gets dizzy and forgets the dance steps on the stage.

Episode 168

Nand Kishore boosts Khushi's confidence, but Arnav taunts her for being nervous. Manorama insults Payal in front of all the guests. Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all. She makes fun of Arnav on the stage.

Monday 8 April 2019

Episode 169

Arnav taunts Khushi. Shyam threatens Khushi for rejecting his love. Arnav thinks Khushi is crying to gain his sympathy. Madhumati confronts Manorama for lacing her drink with alcohol. Khushi's dance partner ditches her and she doesn't have a partner. What will Khushi do?

Episode 170

The Raizadas and the Guptas are stunned to see Arnav volunteering to dance with Khushi. The couple's performance leaves everyone speechless. Manorama and Shyam do not like Arnav and Khushi's closeness. Shyam yells at Nand Kishore for praising Khushi and Arnav's pair. 

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Episode 171

Khushi thanks Arnav for dancing with her and gets flustered when he compliments her. Khushi receives the gold Nataraj idol for best performance. Shyam is displeased to see Arnav and Khushi together. He puts the scorpion on Anjali's bed in a bid to kill her. 

Episode 172

Arnav becomes overprotective about Anjali after the scorpion incident. He asks her to conduct the Mehendi rasam at Raizada house. Akash sneaks into the room where the rasam is happening to get a glimpse of Payal. Nand Kishore also participates in the function in disguise. 

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Episode 173

Nand Kishore blames Arnav for getting caught. Anjali arranges for an exclusive mehendi designer for Payal. Arnav's name gets written on Khushi's hand by mistake. Nani gives a grand red saree and the family bridal necklace to Payal. Manorama gets disheartened on seeing it.

Episode 174

Khushi and Anjali berate Arnav for disappearing all of a sudden. Payal serves tea to Manorama in her room. Manorama warns her to be ready for a life of servitude to her after marriage. Khushi tries to get rid off the alphabet 'A' written on her hand.

Thursday 11 April 2019

Episode 175

Anjali sees the letter 'A' on Khushi's hand and plots with Nani to bring Arnav and Khushi close. Madhumati sends Khushi to the Raizada house to deliver Akash's suit. Khushi flirts with Nand Kishore to make Arnav jealous. Shyam sets another death trap for Anjali. What is Shyam's latest move against Anjali?

Friday 12 April 2019

Episode 176

Anjali sees the letter 'A' on Khushi's hand and plots with Nani to bring Arnav and Khushi close. Madhumati sends Khushi to the Raizada house to deliver Akash's suit. Khushi flirts with Nand Kishore to make Arnav jealous. Shyam sets another death trap for Anjali. What is Shyam's latest move against Anjali?

Episode 177

Anjali and Nani successfully fuel Arnav's feelings for Khushi. Arnav goes in search of Khushi. On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. He also happens to see Khushi's bangles and footwear on the road. Did Khushi meet with an accident?

Monday 15 April 2019

Episode 178

Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. Arnav is relieved on finding Khushi safe. He panics on seeing her injured. Akash apologises to Payal for hiding the truth about her broken wedding from Manorama. 

Episode 179

Arnav bandages Khushi's wounds. Shyam gets displeased on learning that Arnav and Khushi came home together. Anjali and Nani are delighted about the same. Khushi sees the bangles bought by Arnav and faints. Why does Khushi faint?

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Episode 180

Arnav is happy on seeing Khushi wearing the bangles that he had bought. He refuses to admit that he bought the pair. Khushi tells Anjali that she dislikes the bangles, to make him admit he bought them. Manorama taunts the Gupta family about not making any wedding arrangements. 

Episode 181

Arnav plans to deliver the bride's clothes in order to meet Khushi. Upon meeting, Arnav and Khushi share a romantic moment and get lost in each other. Meanwhile, Shyam cuts the brake wire of Anjali's car. Will Anjali be lucky to avert the ill-fate this time around?

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Episode 182

Khushi is surprised to see Arnav help her serve food to the guests. She then takes her relatives to the Raizada house and introduces them to Nani. Later, she packs a few memorable things for Payal to take with her. On the other side, Shyam is expectantly awaiting Anjali's death. Will Arnav propose to Khushi?

Episode 183

Payal gets emotional on seeing the memorable things packed by Khushi. Khushi wipes her tears with the handkerchief offered by Arnav and returns it to him. Arnav tries speaking with Khushi alone but Shyam interrupts them. Shyam rehearses grieving for Anjali's death.

Thursday 18 April 2019

Episode 184

Manorama insults the Gupta family. Akash panics when Nandkishore talks about his life after marriage. Nani gets anxious about Anjali and informs Arnav about it. Shyam anticipates Anjali's death and makes arrangements for her funeral.

Episode 185

Arnav tends to Anjali's injuries. He then decides to profess his love to Khushi. Meanwhile, Khushi reads a message on the mirror and goes to the terrace to meet Arnav. To her surprise, she finds Shyam, who forcefully embraces her as she tries to run away. Arnav notices this. 

Friday 19 April 2019

Episode 186

Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi. Khushi warns Shyam to stay away. Later, Shyam is shocked on learning that Anjali is alive. Meanwhile, Arnav decides to tell Anjali the truth about Shyam and Khushi. Shyam shamelessly challenges him to do so.

Episode 187

Shyam dares Arnav to tell the truth to Anjali. But just as Arnav prepares to do so, Anjali faints. Meanwhile, Khushi is looking for Arnav to tell him the truth about Shyam. Later, Shyam is worried about Arnav revealing the truth to Anjali.

Monday 22 April 2019

Episode 188

Anjali shares the news of her pregnancy with Shyam and Arnav. Shyam pretends to care for her and the baby. Meanwhile, Khushi changes her mind about informing Arnav about Shyam. Akash and Payal on the other hand, get ready for their wedding. Why does Khushi change her mind suddenly?

Episode 189

Upon Arnav's arrival, Payal and Akash exchange garlands. Arnav threatens to stop the wedding if Khushi doesn't obey him. Khushi agrees and the ceremony proceeds smoothly. Manorama unwillingly welcomes Payal into the house. Meanwhile, Shyam gets suspicious on seeing their grim faces.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Episode 190

Everyone is shocked on seeing Arnav and Khushi as the newly-wed couple. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding. But Arnav and Khushi remain silent. What is the secret behind their secret wedding?

Episode 191

Arnav refuses to answer any questions and locks himself in his room. He orders Khushi to stay in his house for six months as his wife. Manorama insults the Gupta family for Khush's actions. Nani and Anjali also berate her for demeaning the sanctity of marriage. Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone?

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Episode 192

Madhumati taunts Khushi for repaying the kindness with humiliation. Payal disowns Khushi for humiliating their family and refusing to give a reason for her actions. Raizada family is desolate after the wedding ceremony. Khushi tells Arnav that he has made her an orphan once again by forcing her to marry him.

Episode 193

Payal distributes puja prasadh to everyone except Khushi. Manorama taunts them. Shyam confronts Khushi for betraying him by marrying Arnav. Nani falls sick. Anjali blames Arnav for Nani's illness. Nani refuses to talk to Khushi.

Thursday 25 April 2019

Episode 194

Khushi recalls her dreams about her wedding. She thinks of the reality and cries. Anjali welcomes Arnav and Khushi while Manorama and Shyam fume in anger. Arnav is forced to carry Khushi into the house. Khushi's earring gets stuck in his coat.

Episode 195

Anjali takes Khushi to Arnav's room. Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family. Later, he sees Khushi shivering in cold weather and offers her a blanket. In the morning, Anjali takes Khushi to the kitchen, to which Manorama objects. Will the Raizadas accept Khushi?

Friday 26 April 2019

Episode 196

Khushi fights with Arnav for subjecting her to such misery. Arnav feels sad to see her being ignored by her family and insulted by Manorama. Meanwhile, Nani lets Khushi be a part of the family function despite Manorama's disapproval. Later, Khushi demands the truth from Arnav.

Episode 197

When Khushi's dress is spoiled, she wears Arnav's shirt, which also gets torn off. Meanwhile, Arnav finds Manorama spying on them and pretends to romance with Khushi. Later at the party, Arnav insults the guests for gossiping about him and Khushi. Will there be an end to Khushi's miseries?

Monday 29 April 2019

Episode 198

Khushi tries to cheer up Payal, but fails to do so. She then tries to find solace in Nani's pet goat, Lakshmi. Later, Madhumati arrives at the Raizada house to invite Payal for the rituals. However, she ignores Khushi. Anjali then asks Arnav to drop Khushi to Madhumati's house for the ritual. Will Arnav agree?

Episode 199

At Madhumati's house, Khushi apologises to everyone. But Madhumati throws her out of the house. Khushi goes to the temple for refuge. Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi. Arnav soon realises that Khushi is missing and sets out to search her. Will he be able to find her?

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Episode 200

Arnav forcefully brings Khushi home and warns her not to step out of the house without informing him. Meanwhile, Akash tells Anjali that Khushi wasn't allowed to perform the Bakh Pheri Rasam. Later, Arnav confronts Khushi for hurting him.

Episode 201

Manorama accuses Payal and Madhumati of purposely deleting her daughter from the wedding video. Payal's efforts to impress her with her favourite dishes fail. Meanwhile, Kushi suggests making sugar-free sweets.

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